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Monday, May 8, 2023

Singers and Stringers Showdown ( #BOTB Results )


       Keeping things short because I've got other more pressing things ahead of me.   I'll be a bit more offline in the coming weeks, but I guess it's like having a month with only one Battle.  My recent internet access issues are going to be increased to a great degree.  Just for a few weeks I think, and then maybe back to a routine.

       Speaking of routine, after a Battle of the Bands post must come....

Battle of the Bands Results

       I know I'm not the only one to have noticed a sparser turnout.  Mine might have been lower since I didn't combine the post with an Insecure Writer's Support Group post so traffic might have been lighter for BOTB.  Or maybe it had something to do with A to Z fatigue.  Or just maybe it's time to round up new followers for the BOTB posts.  Some things to think about I guess.

     In the meantime here's the outcome of the voting, including my own vote for the Swingle Singers....

Final Vote Tally

Swingle Singers       3 votes

40 Fingers               10 votes

Next Battle on Thursday June 1st

    Hopefully I'll manage this.  If I do then I might be a little late coming to your Battles, but I plan to do that.  I'll tell you readers more in June.   For now I'm going to become scarce for a while.  I think so at least.


  1. There are far fewer posts today than normal for a Monday. Possibly A to Z burnout. Although I often see less the week after IWSG post day as well.

  2. LEE ~

    This Battle was a lot closer than the final tally would seem to indicate. I really had to do some serious deliberating before casting my vote, and I'll bet plenty of other voters also felt this contest was far from a no-brainer, even though the outcome was pretty lopsided.

    See ya next time.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  3. So I was right: it was a runaway. Glad I voted for the Swingles.

  4. I was on the winning side. The Swingle Singers are good but I just loved 40 Fingers! Enjoy your down time. I'm gearing up for my summer semi-hiatus. I really need a total break away but can't seem to do that at the moment. Maybe, in time I can take total hiatus. I'll see you in June, my friend!

  5. Great battle, Lee. I enjoyed ;-) See ya soon.

  6. I missed the battle:( Sorry to hear you've been having internet access issues. Sandra


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