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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Which Was Worst or Which Was Better Than Really Bad? ( #BOTB Results )

      Generally I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as "bad" music, but there is music that some of us don't like as much as others might like it.  

       Typically I cannot stand most rap music.  To me it is often harsh listening from a musical standpoint as well as having little positive value as far as lyrical content.  Of course, that may be the point of rap music:  If it offends others than the audience of this music then that audience finds gratification in having offended a certain group with which they have little identification.  It's kind of like the early rock music or jazz or any popular musical trend decried by those who fancy themselves in a more elitist group.  

        So, as with anything, it's all a matter of taste.  What I like might not be quite to your liking and visa versa.  Music can divide us into camps, sometimes extreme, sometimes with little preference, but almost always with some kind of opinion one way or another.  That's why we do these Battle of the Bands posts.  And with every Battle there is an outcome and so here we are...

Battle of the Bands Results

Battle of Delilah

       My most recent Battle consisted of two versions of that now old Tom Jones chestnut "Delilah".  Some voters like the song while others not so much.  And as for the performances I chose there was not anything that I would call exuberance regarding either.  As for me, I have always liked the song and I find either of my chosen versions to be agreeable in one way or another.  However, as is often the case, one of the artists has some special interest to me.  In the case of these two artists, my relationship with the Sensational Alex Harvey Band (SAHB) goes back nearly fifty years.

       The first time I saw SAHB was in 1974 on the television show The Midnight Special.  I'd never heard of the group prior to that, but the sound and look of the band immediately caught my attention. They reminded me of other theatrical performance groups such as Alice Cooper, Jethro Tull, and The Hello People--groups who played music I enjoyed and performed them live in a very entertaining manner akin to traditional vaudeville and variety shows.  Just my thing!  

        The following spring of 1975 I was invited by a friend with front row tickets to a concert by Jethro Tull in the Knoxville TN Civic Coliseum.  Initially I was thrilled at the invite, but elated when I saw that SAHB was the opening act.  They delivered a performance beyond my expectations based on what I had seen them do on TV.  

          With the darkening of the arena came the sound of bagpipes from the rear of the hall.  Two pipers in kilts and full regalia came marching through the crowd and onto the stage where SAHB had entered while the audience eyes were diverted.  What then proceeded was one heck of an outstanding show.  From that time since I have considered SAHB to be one of the best shows I have seen live.  Add to that list Jethro Tull and that one concert was the best I have attended.  If SAHB had been the only band in that concert I would still name it as one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

         Now here's the peculiarity:  I have never owned or even heard an album by SAHB, but still I would name them as one of my favorite bands.   This assessment based on their television performances I have seen and that concert.  I can't think of another band or artist of which I can say the same.  For this reason my pick in this Battle is The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.  Still, my vote is not enough to bring them to a win.  Don't write off SAHB as creepy, crappy, campy, or just plain bad.  In Europe they were huge.  They just didn't make it as big in the U.S.A.   But it's all a matter of taste.


Final Vote Tally

Metal Scent                                      7 votes

Sensational Alex Harvey Band        5 votes

Next Battle on Saturday October 1

         Should I do Halloween themed Battles?  Or not?   I'll have to sift through my Battle queue and see what I got.  Hopefully it will be to your liking.  Have a happy Autumn!


  1. Sorry they didn't win. Interesting you enjoyed them but don't own any albums.

  2. I still prefer Tom Jones. nearly into October, must go out and get my broomstick.

  3. I dislike rap music and consider most of it crap. Rap seems to have many things in it that are truly offensive but no one admonishes this musi . The kids rather attack, Baby it's cold outside.

    I can't recall whom I voted for. I have to go check but it looks like it was a good battle plus you have great memories.

    I'm all for Halloween music and you should go for it

  4. Most of my favorite bands have never made it huge in America but they are in Europe.

  5. 'Delilah' is a bad song. So, if a band is inclined to cover what is a bad song to begin with, at least they shouldn't take it very seriously, and should try to have some fun with it, somehow. And that's what the Sensational Alex Harvey Band did, which is why I voted for them. I'm not sure if I'd want to see / hear an entire nonstop hour of them, but that video was pretty entertaining in a very silly kind of way.

    One of the best, truest things that has ever been said in the history of BOTB was written by dIEDRE in the comment section of this Battle. She wrote: Metal Scent was not music to my ears. IT'S JUST NOT SINGING IF YOU'RE SHOUTING.

    I couldn't agree more, and that succinctly sums up the reason I do not like any of that Heavy Metal / Death Metal stuff. It ALL sounds like angry, negative, demonic shouting to me. That emperor is naked. However, that's all just my matter of taste. Beethoven & Bach might've thought it was terrific.

    And in addition to dIEDRE's great observation, I would like to tack on this: IT'S JUST NOT SINGING IF YOU'RE TALKING. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsprung!!)

    ~ D-FensDogG

  6. I've never been a huge rap fan either, though since I discovered The Rap Critic about ten years ago, I've come to appreciate and enjoy more songs in that genre. Many of his regular viewers feel the same way, that he helped them to learn about good examples of rap and see that it isn't all brag raps, gangsta rap, and generic, simplistic rhymes over a basic beat. The Rap Critic remains hopeful that intelligent, thoughtful songs will someday become more mainstream.

    Bring on the Halloween-themed Battles! It's such an awesome time of year.


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