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My A to Z Theme for 2022 is My Vinyl Record Collection. This will be about the music I still have on my shelf. Be sure to check the links for samples of the albums and music I'll be talking about. There will be a lot of interesting music ahead for your listening enjoyment.

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Truth about my Most Recent Battle of the Bands ( #BOTB Results )

I always hate it when I lose an hour, but seem to think little when I throw away hours upon hours in ultimately useless pursuits...

See the source image
         Last week was like going through a time warp.  Come to think of it my whole life seems to be going that way.  But it seems like life has always gone that way from the beginning except when I was younger everything seemed new and for me it really was. 

         Sometimes I think the progress of the world is moving too fast. Would we want or expect it any other way?

Battle of the Bands Results

          My most recent Battle was between young up-and-comer Dawnelle Elizabeth and rock-and-roll legend Dion.  I wasn't sure how this match would turn out, but I knew that Dion was my pick.  I've liked Dion's work in Christian music since I first came across it back in the eighties.  There's also something about the melody of Dion's song--a haunting quality that particularly appeals to me.

          Dawnelle's song is a rousing upbeat tune, but I usually go for the more introspective music.  I would have thought she'd have gotten more votes, but the tally tells the story...

Final Vote Tally

Dawnelle Elizabeth           3

Dion Dimucci                  11

 Next Battle on Sunday March 15th

         This Battle will be another kind of religious theme.  I'll be featuring two different songs about the same historical martyr.  And the Battle will have nothing to do with St. Patrick, but this saint will be a worthy companion...

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  1. I picked the winner!
    If by time warp you mean time is speeding up, that I will buy,

  2. I didn't pick the winner, and I'm okay with that.

  3. Lee,

    I went with Dion. The people loud and clear in this battle! As you know I’m one of the200 bloghets eho siignef on for another year of A to Z snd I’m working on my sketched. I’ll look forward to your next battle, my friend. Have a good evening.

  4. I would have chosen Dion regardless, but Dawnelle's video didn't help her any, in my view. (For a person singing a "Christian" song, it seemed, to me, rather... disturbing. I won't go into more detail, but some Christian readers might understand my meaning regardless.)

    ~ D-FensDogG

  5. I picked the winner this time.


  6. I'm on the A to Z list again this year. Looking forward to seeing some interesting stuff next month! Thanks for continuing the fun.

    Janet’s Smiles

  7. I love the A to Z, and I've asked on the site blog, and am asking here, do you mind if I set up a group on Goodreads for it?


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