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Friday, May 23, 2014

Why I Love Wordpress Bloggers

A Blog Blitz Thank You!

           Firstly I want to thank D.L. Hammons for the Blog Blitz surprise this week.   And thanks to all of you who left your comments--especially to all who left more than just Blitz greetings.   The Blitz came on an ideal day since the main thrust of my post on that day was to promote the survey being conducted by M.J. Joachim on her blog M.J. Joachim's Writing Tips.   She's gotten a wonderful response so far thanks to the Blitz.   If any of you have not yet answered this very short five question survey, I encourage you to head on over and check it out in order to help us to make some improvements in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.   You can find the survey here.

I Thought You Said...

          Even before the early arrival Blitzers started showing up Tuesday night, my Monday post Why Should I Bother Commenting on Wordpress Blogs? had passed the 60 comment mark.   The topic certainly pushed some buttons.   And when visitors started arriving for the Blog Blitz, some of them even weighed in on the topic.  And the comments about that post have been continuing to come it.

         Now I'm saying I love Wordpress bloggers!   Well, what's up with that?  First I say one thing and then I say another.   What am I really saying?

         To begin with, I was tossing out a general aspersion on the Wordpress community of bloggers to get the Blogger bloggers to chime in with their own complaints and just check to see if any Wordpress bloggers were actually paying attention to what I was saying in my posts.

        Well guess what.   The Blogger bloggers had plenty to say.  After all some of my finger pointing did have some validity.   But then again I was making a blanket statement that did not necessarily cover all Wordpress bloggers.  The ones in our community came through to let us know my challenge had been heard and accepted.   My Wordpress post as of Thursday afternoon had received nearly 100 comments, 26 being from Wordpress bloggers.  If you remove my replies and a couple of other extraneous comments, the Wordpress bloggers made up nearly 1/3 of my comments on that post.  Let's hear a round of cheers for those fine bloggers!

         I make blanket statements on this blog sometimes because I find it stirs the pot better.   There are still a number of Wordpress bloggers who fit the description of arrogant, pompous, and self-centered, but there are also Blogger bloggers who are the same way.    My call is for all bloggers to be sure to show the love to the bloggers who leave comments.   I'll do that right now for all of you who left Blitz comments.  I'm going to try to make it to visit everybody, but if I don't then let it be known that I thanked you here and I love you all.  Even bloggers on Wordpress.

           If you were offended by my Monday Wordpress post, why were you offended?   Do you think it's bad to make blanket statements?    Why do you think that blog comments increase when the blog post is about blogging?

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  1. HI Arlee,
    What a pleasant surprise!
    Nice to be here after a bit gap,
    Though I am a survivor here like last year i could not participate actively here, I mean my commenting on other friends' pages was very less and of course that reflected in my posts too!!! The reason for this I mentioned it in my first and last and in my reflection post.
    Now comes about WP bloggers and blogger bloggers. both got their own good and bad!!
    Though my beginning in blogging was with Google's Knol pages and later it shifted to Wordpress and then to blogger, Knol pages migrated our contents to wordpress pages and the initial stage with wordpress was a bit complicated one and i shifted back to blogger pages and created several blogs in Malayalam and in English, and in the recent time again i shifted everything to a wordpress base and now i like it very much of course some of the reasons you already mentioned here. Lot of advantage is there at WP comparing to Blogger, though I am still in the basic level and learning things.
    Oh, i forgot to tell you i haven;t visited your Monday post i thought I will post small review here and then go there lo here I am the first commenter LOL
    Best Regards
    Have a good and blessed weekend
    ~ Philip

  2. I'm glad to see your stirring the pot resulted in lots of activity. Sorry I missed the blitz...but sounds like you had lots of good visits. Happy weekend.

  3. Your topic certainly caught people's attention. Need to talk about blogging at the IWSG site.
    It's fun to be Blitzed, isn't it? Even if it takes days to reply to all the comments...

  4. I think by commenting on WordPress blogs, you expand your readership. If you stick with Blogger, it's easier, but you miss out on a lot of great friendships and blogs. My first website was a WordPress site, so the blog was part of it... When I switched to Wix, it linked with Blogger more easily than WordPress, so I switched back. I understand people have to choose the format that's best for them...but I still find I have limited time to read blogs. If someone comments on my blog, I'll comment back. If I comment theirs first and they don't reciprocate, they won't see me again.

  5. Blogger is a lot friendlier, Arlee. Sorry I'm a bit late for the Blog Blitz. I'm off to do more snoozing!

  6. I liked being on Blogger and felt the community of it right away. Wordpress is a bit more limiting in that way, but it is more open in other ways. I switched because I bought a new website which works with wordpress. Also, my web designer told me that blogger has more glitches and is more prone to viruses. I don't know why you picked on wordpress. Maybe you just want to get people riled up. I notice that you only visit my blog when I stop here first, and that was when I was on blogger and now when I'm on word press. People are busy. Being part of a community on, or off, line takes work, energy, and a bit of understanding.
    Play off the Page

  7. And, one more thing. I'm getting a weird spam in my yahoo email that says that notifications are blocked from my google account, which is what I use to comment, on blogger blogs. I don't know what's up with that. I think some people don't get the notification that I even stopped by to say hello.
    Play off the Page

  8. I am so very intrigued by this. I didn't know there was a divide in the blogging community about blog hosts or that the communities might be different. I chose my wordpress site because I happened upon it, that was my grand reasoning. I am learning about blogging as I go, discovering the great blogging community. I comment on every comment I get and visit back too, but as most people don't subscribe to responses (on my blog anyway), I'm not sure they even know that I"m responding. So when I visit back I refer to their comment on my site. Tis the best I can glean from blogging community etiquette. - Jeri

  9. I wasn't offended by anything on that last post but I saw how many comments you got and I haven't read them as it's a tad overwhelming! I guess one thing I find with WP blogs is that they are more likely to have that 'read more' feature instead of having the whole blog post visible. I am not going to click on 'read more'. I find features like that and my major pet peeve of captcha are the ones I have completely lost patience with and will not comment on them. People need to make it easy for readers, not make them jump through hoops to see the posts or comment.

  10. PV-- Sounds like you've had some experiences with blogging platforms.

    Liza-- I guess there's a saying that says something like, "Sometimes you have to stir the pot to get the stew to boil". Or did I just make that up?

    Alex -- Blitzing is a fun way to boost comments and even better if visitors actually read the post and comment on that.

    Stephanie -- We have to invest time where we get the most return.

    Fanny -- I think I could use more snoozing too.

    Mary -- You left a lot to respond to there. In the past year or two I've gotten really bad about making blog visiting rounds, partly due to slow computer, and also issues of time and other things I have to do. Blogging was consuming so much of my time that I had to let go of that or create problems in other areas of my life. I start with responding to comments, then try to reciprocate visits as much as I can. Funny you mention that "spam" issue. I've been getting some strange messages lately from comments I leave--I still can't figure it out, but apparently it hasn't hindered my comments reaching the blogs where I've left them. And as far as "picking on Wordpress" I was mostly addressing a few bloggers who most likely didn't see my post, but I did get some great response to my "throwaway post"--that often happens like that.

    Jeri -- I always subscribe to comments to see just in case a blogger responds. I almost always respond to comments on my site but I don't whether most commenters subscribe and come back to see my words--it's probably mostly wasted time on my behalf, but worth it for the few who do follow the thread. No blogging platform or commenting system is perfect, but we live in an imperfect world so we make of things as we can and will.

    JoJo-- The complications are easier to deal with once you start getting used to them.


  11. >>... ...arrogant, pompous, and self-centered, but there are also Blogger bloggers who are the same way.

    Name 'em. I wanna know who they are so I can go tell them off!

    >>... If you were offended by my Monday Wordpress post, why were you offended?

    I was offended but... I didn't know I was supposed to have a reason. I didn't realize there was going to be a test later.

    >>... Do you think it's bad to make blanket statements?

    It's ALWAYS bad to make blanket statements.
    Oops. My bad.

    >>... Why do you think that blog comments increase when the blog post is about blogging?

    Blogged if I know!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  12. Yeah, well I would hate to be Blitzed, I couldn't deal with all the comments Alex get's anyway.

    Hilary Melton-Butcher is switching to Word Press apparently.

  13. You definitely are a pot-stirrer, Lee. My work friend was like that. She said she would stir a little and see what developed while she sat back and observed. . .hmmm. I did like her sense of humor, though.

    Discussions have to start somewhere, and you do start some interesting ones.

  14. Hi Lee .. well I hadn't realised you'd started an us v them, or a them v us .. discussion.

    I asked Elizabeth Spann Craig why she moved over blogger to WP .. and she answered fairly fully on my recent post ..

    Interesting how the fact I'm moving across to WP has spread out! Still I have to do it - but Elizabeth had a good point, which I've known about for years and took on board ... but am only now getting to grips with .. is that blogger/google owns everything .. we don't .. and I'd rather my stuff was on WP ... as I wrote it ...

    But I'm now off to chase around and read the other posts etc ..

    Cheers Hilary

  15. I'm glad you were blitzed! I don't think that you could ever offend anyone who really knows you. You proved your point by turning heads with your catchy title!


  16. Sometimes, Lee, it's not for lack of trying that I don't leave a comment. I try to comment using my Wordpress account, for example, and the blog won't allow Wordpress as a way to log in. Other times, I'll get all the way through leaving a comment and identifying myself wih my Wordpress account, and Blogger has a fit because it can't validate my account. My eyesight gives me trouble sometimes, and reading the damn CAPTCHA gives me fits. I try switching it, and the CAPTCHA is even less legible. And sometimes using the verbal version, where it "reads" you the code, doesn't get it right. And I've run into a few blogs where, even after I've managed to get through the CAPTCHA and identify myself in a manner which Blogger will accept, the comment pulls a Mandrake with no explanation as to why. Is it in moderation? Then it should tell me. When that happens I ask whether it was worth spending twenty minutes leaving a comment and accomplishing the Twelve Trials of Hercules to identify myself and prove that I'm not a spambot.

    I use Feedly as my feed aggregator. Feedly is great in that it's easy to follow an RSS feed, regardless of where it comes from. It's not so great in that one can easily find oneself overwhelmed by too many posts from too many blogs, especially when you let it sit for a few days. I apologize if you think I've been avoiding you; I've now got Feedly under control and I hope I don't miss any more of them.

    I used to use Blogger, by the way, but found the interface to be an enormous pain in the backside. Wordpress has its faults, but I think it's easier to use. De gustibus etc.

    Now, I'm looking fo the "Email follow-up comments" box that I'm supposed to check...

  17. Now I have to revisit that old blog and check out the comments.... ha!

  18. StMc -- Is there ever an instance when you aren't able to find something by which to be offended?

    Jo-- Hilary's got some major changes underway.

    DG -- I enjoy finding something to talk about. Pushing a few buttons can be fun as long as people aren't mean about it.

    Hilary--I don't know about that "Google owns everything" argument. I looked into that some time ago and it seemed to me that this was being misinterpreted by many. Besides whether Google owns it or someone else does, there's always someone out there with more money and brains and lawyers and guns who can take my stuff away from me if they really want it badly enough. I'm not overly concerned about any of that.

    Julie -- The catchy titles can make a big difference in visits.

    One Hand--- The audio CAPTCHA's are the scariest. I used to just check them out to hear them. They're like those otherworldly voices from some paranormal movie.

    Robin -- I thought you were there and commented already! Well, if not then leave a comment when you visit.


  19. That's what Tossing it Out is all about, right? Putting an idea or a statement out there and letting people react and interact.

    I remember reading that you created this blog based on what you did with friends in your home. Sounded like a great idea to me. Discussion is always a way to understanding and learning and appreciating. Glad you got the reaction you did.

  20. Stopping in a bit late on the blitz because of vacation. I'm headed back to read the other controversial article on Wordpress. I have t agree with one of the comments above. Though I knew there was a difference and people have their preferences, didn't realize there was such a divide. Always learning! Maria, Delight Directed Living

  21. I had read your article on Monday via my phone, so I couldn't leave a good response, but I had wondered if you were poking at users or just the ones, since Wordpress covers both host and framework. I use the framework with my blog, but not the host.

    I'm glad you had fun stirring the pot. I'm the exact opposite, and avoid confrontation and debate. Tends to make my skin crawl.

  22. I prefer blogger to wordpress and I do follow and comment regularly on some WP blogs but it is a bit of extra effort so I have to really like the blog to do it.

  23. C.Lee -- I like to blog in order to stimulate my mind and it helps when other minds get stimulated along with mine.

    Maria - The divide is not with all bloggers thank goodness, but there are a few who are very open about it.

    Loni -- I didn't pay attention to the issue of .com or .org, but just the WP identity. I saw the debates while doing a Google search and thought what some WP bloggers were saying was outrageous. I don't like to think of the debates here as confrontation, but discussion with a goal to either learn or be entertained and hopefully both.

    Susan GK -- If commenting is too much trouble and the blogger doesn't pay me the time of day then I will eventually give up on them.


  24. The post had me laughing. I've never had a problem posting on any type of blog. It's just not that complicated. Well, except when captcha is turned on. Blanket statements are kind of fun. They get people all riled up.

    I think blogging posts garner the most comments 'cause it's the one thing we all have in common AND have an opinion on.

  25. I think the only two beefs I have with WordPress is that I lost my avatar at when WordPress took it over, and that I can't leave an extra link to my blog. It gives me an error message, which in turn has forced me to, on at least one blog, not to link up my profile to my blog (I think I got some kind of permanent error on that blog).

    Father Nature's Corner

  26. Happy Belated blitz

  27. arrogant, pompous, and self-centered

    You say that as if it were a bad thing...

    I took a look at Word Press last night and found it a little cumbersome to get a blog started.

    For my level of interest, Blogger is simply easier. I work in front of a computer nine hours a day-I really do not want to add much more time in front of one.

    I still think if your ultimate goal is publication, I'd worry less about which blogging platform to use, write like a madman, find an agent to represent you, and get your manuscripts in his or her hands.


  28. Lee-

    Does that comment come off as snooty or pushy?

    I don't mean it to, and if it does, I apologize in advance.

    I still remember that short story you posted about and office that everyone loved, and I think you've got a lot to offer over and above your blog content.


  29. Hi Arlee. You like to be a bit controversial, eh? Stir the pot?
    Well, it is a fact that some WP bloggers don't set their comments up so bloggers can comment. I get messed around again and again, until when I see a WP blog I cringe - I often have to use my facebook profile to comment. No one has that much time to waste. Comments should be easily done, but they're not.


  30. Lee, I'm so glad you like us Wordpressers now! Reading the comments in your " pot-stirring" post shows that blog platforms are as polarizing as politics! It was eye-opening, to say the least. I'm glad that your post allowed you to see some of the good in Wordpress folks.

  31. Southpaw -- Blanket statements are not the best debate tactic, but they sure do get some folks a bit riled.

    GB -- Sometimes weird quirks happen on WP but also on some Blogger blogs as well.

    Cricket -- Thanks

    Larry-- I have let my priorities be replaced by blogging I'm afraid. It's kind of like an addiction.

    Denise -- Time is of essence when trying to make a lot of blog rounds and I seem to waste plenty of it for many different reasons.


  32. Angel-- My point was to show that the polarization is there and need not be. Learning the blog ropes helps bring all sides together.


  33. Amen to that Lee!

  34. I started on blogger and there I remain. I found my community and made friends...both in cyber space and real life. One thing I enjoyed from the A to Z Challenge was being forced out of my usual community. Like taking a trip to a foreign land, I was introduced to a lot of new ideas. That said, one reason I like Blogger is because it's familiar.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following!

  35. I was one of the WordPress bloggers who chimed in and I wasn't offended at all by your post-I knew it was tongue and cheek :) I started in Blogger and then switched to WP and I have no regrets-love where I'm at now, but I didn't mind Blogger either. Both have pluses and negatives and I chose to make the switch, based on my evolving blogging goals :)

  36. My best ever blogging experience was on AOL Journals. My second best here at Blogger. But I like several blogs on Wordpress, and next to Blogger it the next easiest to leave a comment on. Stir that pot! It's the only way to make sure it doesn't scorch on the bottom.

  37. I like Blogger. There were a few glitches along the way, but in general, I'm very pleased with it. I don't have experience with Wordpress, so I can't comment on that.

    I think people respond to posts about blogging, because it's something everybody can talk about and relate to.

    Sorry to see you're shutting down your dream blog. I enjoyed that one (even though I didn't visit all that much). I hope you decide to post again on it.

  38. I have actually thought about moving my blog to Wordpress because of the benefits over Blogger (or so I've heard) but feel I would get lost there. I like variety but the focus should always be on the content.

    I'm glad this topic received a good amount of comments for you.

  39. I don't have a preference really... I use Blogger for my personal blog, but WP for the industry one I write for. Both have advantages and disadvantages. But anything that slows a reader down from making a comment is going to be a turn off whether it is having to sign in or captcha.

  40. Stir the pot as much as you want, good sir. Nothing you do ever offends me. Okay, maybe I find a certain um, alphabet challenge rather offensive. You know I'm kidding.

    My blog comments, despite a way lower follower total than you good self, attracts a large amount of comments no matter what I, or Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar posts about. It's all good, Lee.

    Take care,


  41. Nana - Familiar is comfy and there are enough blogs on Blogger where no one ever need stray.

    Finley -- There are good and bad sides to most everything.

    Barbara-- I'm not familiar with AOL Journals, but my main email is on AOL.

    Sherry --I'm still up in the air about shutting down the dream blog. I'll probably just go dormant for the summer and then reevaluate later.

    Jennifer - Those touting the benefits of WP may be the WP snobs or those who drink the Koolaid.

    Kate --It would be nice if all commenting were fast and simple.

    Gary -- I think you probably do far more networking than I do. Even with your slow computer you are pretty much of a marvel when it comes to making blog rounds.



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