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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Mysterious Letter in My Mailbox

        An old old friend from far far away wanted me to share a bit of news with my readers.  You may even know this mystery fellow who for here and now prefers to be known by his pseudonym.   Read on through the attached letter and then visit his blog to find out more about the fanciful happenings from Far Far Away...


My name is Far Far Away and I write to you today from Arlee's tavern. While Tossing It Out may not sound a particularly friendly watering hole, Arlee has always made me feel very welcome and I am delighted to be able to write to so many of his patrons at the same time.

Before I get onto the point of my visit, please allow me to explain a little bit about myself. A few months ago I was involved in a conversation with two gentlemen who claimed they had visited a circular world. They alleged they were able to travel all the way around in a matter of hours... by flying of all methods! I heartily laughed along with them before slowly inching my way to the safety of the door.

Regardless, their imaginations made me realise that there is plenty of entertainment to be gained from real life. From that moment, I vowed to see what stories could be published by simply retelling the lives of those in my world.

I wrote literally thousands of letters, asking my countryfolk to send me stories of their daily lives and destroying my tongue to stamp-licking in the process. Many of them wrote back and, after many months of compiling the letters into chronological order, I have finally been able to form several short stories.

I will be releasing these letters every Monday and Friday over at my newly-built tavern, starting on June 2, 2014. I would be eternally grateful if you could join me on release day to celebrate the release of these stories, the first of which I recently announced was entitled The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People.

I hope to see you there and, once again, my utmost respects to Arlee for being such a gracious landlord.


Far Far Away.


             Tales from Far Far Away is a parody of popular fairy tales written from the perspective of the main characters and taking the form of many letters all written in some truly dreadful handwriting. Your fond childhood memories of popular folklore will be erased when you enter a world of poisoned apples, hapless heroes and drunken horses, with the occasional nod towards pop culture. The first letter is due for release on 2 June, 2014 and a new letter will be released every Monday and Friday thereafter. Visit the blog at Tales from Far Far Away.

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  1. Hi Arlee,
    Yet another new venture from tossing it out LOL
    Nice to know about it.
    Eagerly waiting to read those mysterious posts/letters.
    May you have a wonderful time ahead
    Keep informed

  2. Now that's a really unique concept.

  3. I'm sure I'm overthinking this as this new blog one of yours or someone else's?

  4. Wonderful concept and fun way of telling tales like Maleficent.

  5. Ha! What are you up to now, LEE?
    This sounds like it might be a bit like 'FRACTURED FAIRY TALES' from the old 'Rocky And Bullwinkle Show'.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. PV-- You never know what you might find on my blog.

    Alex -- It seems a bit different.

    JoJo-- It's a secret I guess, but I can tell you that it is not my blog--only the blog of a blogging friend who will remain unnamed until such time as he wishes to reveal himself.

    Roland -- Blogger creativity.

    StMc -- It's not me, but I do see the "Fractured Fairy Tales" comparison.


  7. That sounds like a really fun idea!

  8. Hope he has a Happy Hour. Oh, and by the way the clues point that he's from across the pond, based on the s in realize.

  9. HI Arlee,
    That is again a surprise!!
    Anyways I am closely watching!!
    Hey, I am not getting any intimation of your blog publishing note in my inbox. Do I need to subscribe again?
    I picked up from the blog notification page, though I am not getting any information via email since few posts I am lucky? enough to be your first commentor LOL
    Keep informed
    Best My id is pvariel at gmail dot com
    Thanks Arlee
    May you have a nice DAY :-)

  10. Hmmm. Intriguing. I'll head over and check it out.

  11. Carrie-Anne-- Yes could be fun!

    Eve-- Then again he might just be writing in old style English in keeping with his theme.

    PV -- You already did leave the first comment. Not sure what you are referring to here. Maybe it's in your settings.

    Southpaw-- Hope it's fun for someone.

    Susan Scott -- I'm sure the mystery blogger will be glad to see you.

    Liza -- Thanks for check it out.


  12. Arlee,
    I was talking about the mail notification when a person post their post i am already subscribed to your page and immediately after publishing you post I must get an intimation according to this subscription thing, i was just mentioning about it is not coming thru my mail, hope you got it, I just read this and the earlier post from the googles direct notification
    may you have a good day
    Keep in touch

  13. PV-- Maybe it was a temporary Blogger glitch. I've been getting notifications okay.


  14. This is such a creative idea, and I love a good mystery! Looking forward to tuning in!


  15. Now I like the look of this and am now following. . . . This is my kind of blog I do love a good twisting fairy tale or two myself so am looking forward to it with great anticipation and my lawyer. . .

    Only kidding

    Good luck to all involved.

  16. Really!!! So excited. The short story is my favorite genre, maybe my only genre.

    So it will be up...? Is it up soon?

  17. I can't wait to check it out!


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