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Monday, May 19, 2014

Why Should I Bother Commenting On Wordpress Blogs?

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       There are a number of Wordpress blogs that I follow and comment on with regularity.   These blogs have content that interests me.  However if I no longer saw this content, my world would not change significantly.  Actually I would not even notice that much.  There are more blogs that are not on Wordpress than I can possibly read everyday.

        I try to be fair in my blog reading and read some from Blogger and Wordpress, as well as a few other blogging platforms.   And guess what--I almost always comment on every post that I read no matter what blogging platform they're on.   I must be some kind of blogging genius to have figured out how to comment on all of these different platforms!

       Not really.  I'm pretty dumb when it comes to computer stuff.   I'm just persistent.  I figure out how to comment, sometimes making several tries until I've figured it out, and then I start leaving comments.  Most Wordpress bloggers that I've encountered either aren't as smart as dumb ol' me or not as persistent.  Or maybe they're just snobbish about their Wordpress community.

         Those bloggers certainly see my comments because they usually respond to them.  They're nice about that.  They seem to want me in their community just fine.   But when it comes to crossing over the tracks into the trashy neighborhood of Bloggerland, noooo! they're too good to read our blogs and comment on our blogs.

          Oh, there are a handful of Wordpress bloggers who do comment on my site on occasion, but it almost feels like a charitable gesture meant to appease me after so many visits I've made to their blogs.  Most of the Wordpress bloggers I visit most likely have never seen any of my blogs and probably not many other Blogger blogs.

          So screw you Wordpress bloggers!   And if you do see this post, I dare you to leave a comment.  Are you gutsy enough to leave a comment on this post?  Or can you even figure out how to do it like I figure out how to leave comments on your site?   Or maybe you're just too good for me.  Or think you're smarter than me.

           I not only dare you to leave a comment on this post, but better yet tell all your wimpie Wordpress weenies to come and prove that they can figure out how to comment here.

           You Wordpress bloggers think you're so hot.  Well, I think you're scared of me and all my friends on Blogger.  So there!  Nanny nanny pooh pooh!

           Do you ever like to just say things to get a rise out of people?    Why do so many people take things so seriously?    If something makes you upset or annoys you, can it be called humor?

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  1. Hi, Lee! Just to let you know, (in case you have been wondering) I have begun to blog again. The last few poems I wrote on the Challenge, were written from my hospital bed. I enjoyed the Challenge this year, as always. I took a two week break from blogging and am now back at it with a new story. Come see me if you have a chance. I know how very busy you are. Love from an old friend. Ruby

  2. Ooooh, a gauntlet post. I comment a lot less on Blogger blogs that I can't subscribe to by email. With those that only have an RSS feed subscription I use my Wordpress reader as the feed reader. Sometimes I catch those posts in my reader but more often I don't. The pick up seems hit and miss. So reading Blogger posts becomes more of a random exercise. I have no difficulty or resistence to commenting on them when I do catch them.

    I think there is more than just humour in this post, a bit more than tongue in cheek. We Wordpress warriors are more than prepared to cross the great divide and just to show you how generous we are, I would like to propose a Blogger/ Wordpress blogg off. 5 topics, 5 days, 5 bloggers each, posting on an event made blog, firstly on the Blogger platform, then on the WP platform. Let's see if we can coax our followers over to the other platform for our posts. Are you up for the challenge?

  3. I comment on blogs of all sort and rarely notice the platform. Once in a while I hit a comment form I can't figure out, but if I can master the Google+ comment box, I can handle anything.

  4. Wow Arlee! Whew! Ouch! I surely hope you don't count me in amongst the WP bloggers! Just getting my say in here ...
    The Blogger posts ... when I do comment on them it always says it may take a while for my comment to appear, and when I check later sometimes it's up and sometimes not (during the April A-Z).
    I doubt that you're as non techie as I am .. I am still unsure what an RSS feed is.
    Been away for several days .. just back in wintry Johannesburg - have much catching up to do and I hope to catch a Blogger or 6
    I think raisingthecurtain's challenge is a good one.
    Garden of Eden Blog ..

  5. Ruby -- I had been looking in my sidebar and noticed your post hadn't been changing. I figured you must be taking a break, but not in the hospital. Glad to hear that you're out.

    Judy -- This sounds intriguing. Let's see what we can come up with.

    Alex -- There are some like Disqus that sometimes I can comment fine on and other times I can't get through. It all keeps getting easier for me though.

    Susan Scott -- No, you're not included in this. There are a number of WP bloggers who do comment here. I'm just amazed about the ones on whose blogs I've commented for years and they've never commented on any of my posts. It's like a one-sided friendship. Judy (Curtain Raiser) does present an interesting Challenge. Would you be interested in doing something like this?

  6. I visit a blog and comment once. If they don't comment back, they'll likely never see me again unless I just happen upon their blog while looking for new ones to read and don't realize I've commented before. I'm much more likely to keep commenting a Blogger blog that doesn't reciprocate, simply because I follow them in my blog feed and I don't have a blog feed for WordPress. But if someone doesn't return the favor, eventually I'm even going to drop them from there. Life's too short--I'd rather read blogs of those who return the favor!

  7. I'm on Blogger! Woot! I love it. I don't get the whole WP is better than blogger. I have such a hard time commenting on WP sites but have made the effort for a handful who are nice and start up blogger friendships but a lot seem to really look down on Blogger which just baffles me. Ah well. I finally started doing a Blogger How To that focuses on how to do different things on the Blogger platform. There are SO many for wordpress and hardly any for us. So frustrating!

  8. I've noticed the same thing about most Wordpress bloggers but that is fine.
    I comment because something is interesting, entertaining, or valuable to me in some way.

    Sometimes, there is humor in the truth.

  9. Are you saying you have difficulty posting on Wordpress blogs or that the blogs you comment on that happen to use Wordpress, the blog owner does not reciprocate with a comment back? I've personally never had any issue commenting on Wordpress blogs. I use blogger because I'm used to it though Wordpress has more flexibility in customizing, so I still may switch at some point.

  10. I've avoided WP because I had heard there is less flexibility in the creative things we can do, and limitations on images (which I like to use) Hence, it has never drawn my interest.

    I have gone through the 'give us all your info' to comment routine and find it a bit of a pain. Most times, I do not comment on WP blogs. I have found most WP bloggers do not reciprocate, only a few take the trouble.

    Territorialism in the blogging world seems a bit out of place, but humans like to create pyramids of who is at top of the pile. This is especially true in the web world.

    Would a challenge prove anything? Perhaps only the versatility of the bloggers, not necessarily the blogging platform. It wouldn't change my mind.

    Question: The point of a challenge of blogging platforms is to prove 'what'?

    AT least you wake us up with the subjects you toss out, Lee!

  11. Arlee Bird - I see you're at it again :-)

    I post comments when I can and don't when I can't or don't have the patience to figure out how to comment. But haven't had too many problems with any platforms of late.

    Oy, now that I've typed that out, I can see the issues chugging my way lol!!

  12. Ha, this post didn't go where I thought it would go! I'm a WP'er and I comment everywhere (even on live journal--gads!)

    It's so easy. On blogger there is even a wordpress icon under the openID. Though I haven't tried it as I use my old blogger account. So, maybe it is harder than I think.

    It's funny how many people think it's so hard to comment on WP blogs too. You don't even need a real email account (was that a secret I wasn't suppose to share?). And once you posted once, it should autofill in the next time you visit.

    Ok, there are two kinds of wordpress blogs self hosted and .com sites so I may be confusing as you may have to register for an account there. Honestly i don't remember - 'cause I have an account there too. :P

  13. Arlee - Disqus is horrible. It slows down sites using it.

  14. I really hate WordPress. Partly because commenting is so darn hard and partly because they only way I have figured out how to follow them is to copy/paste their URL into my dashboard. BUT, then I can't unfollow them... ever. Because I don't know how to delete them. However, that is also true for a blog on blogger that doesn't have the GFC on their site. If they have it, I will follow without too much thought about it (because I can unfollow if it turns out not be my cup of tea). HOWEVER, if they don't have a GFC option, I might not follow because it is the same darn problem. Once I commit, I don't know how to delete them out of my feed.

    Now... as for the topic of your rant. I have several WordPress blogs in my feed right now that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to delete. They never follow back. They might or might not respond to comments you leave. I have to KNOW YOU or be SUPER ENAMORED of your blog to put up with this crap. Ergo, I haven't followed a WordPress blog in a long time and I am not planning on doing it in the future... unless I figure out how to unfollow and then you can disregard everything I've just said.

  15. Stephanie -- I agree with you. Sometimes though I will subscribe to a WP blog because it looks interesting. After a while and I don't receive comments I may just keep getting the email notices about new posts. Periodically I clean out my WP follows of those who ignore me.

    Herding Cats -- This haughty WP attitude is baffling and annoying. If I like a blog or a post I don't mind making an effort to comment. After a few times of doing this, leaving comments is usually a breeze. I see this as kind of the same as the Mac vs PC thing.

    Jennifer - This post came from something really annoying that I encountered last week, but better to have fun with it than get mad and resentful.

    Steph --- At first I had problems with leaving WP comments and then for a short while I got on the Akismet bad boy list, but I fixed the broken stuff and learned how to deal with the hassles and now have no problems. My issue is WP bloggers who have stated that they will not comment on Blogger blogs for one reason or another. I find this to be rude especially if I am a regular to occasional commenter on their sites. This is not all WP bloggers by any means, but there are those who seem to look down on Blogger blogs and consider them not worth their time.

    DG -- Funny but your reasons for avoiding WP are the same reasons I've read that bloggers go to WP. I think it's a bunch of hooey, but I don't know the WP blogging experience either. Not sure about the Challenge of the Platforms, but I plan to check with Judy about that suggestion. I think it would be mostly to encourage bloggers to cross over to comment and bring the platforms closer.

    Angela -- I think the key is to break through the barrier to leave those initial comments and pretty soon the commenting process just gets easier.

    Southpaw-- You're more like me and just want to comment where you find something that catches your eyes. You are among those WP bloggers who often show up here and leave valued opinions and information. Thank you!


  16. Robin -- I don't use a feed--that's one reason why I have such time management problems with blogging I guess. If I'm interested in continuing to follow a WP blog then I'll subscribe to the blog if given that option. Then it is listed in some kind of WP reader or management file. I can go into that when I want and clear out the blogs I don't want to have there. Most of the blogs listed apparently have become inactive or just haven't posted in ages so I just leave them listed just in case they ever do post something then I'll know.

    I'm sure there must be a way to delete blogs from your reader. Maybe someone else will come through with an answer. I sure don't know.

    I follow less WP blogs than I used to because I usually don't seek them out and usually only find them when they are part of something like A to Z or some other blog networking event.


  17. I still have the hardest time leaving comments on Disqus. I'll have to start paying more attention to Wordpress comments. Now that you mention it, I probably don't get many visits from them either.


  18. Regarding DG's comment about the flexibility of Blogger...

    I was able to completely change the template of Blogger to match our company website (To make the point - not trying to advertise! - Main Site and Blogger Site). I think I pretty much disguised the fact that only the news is running on Blogger at all!

    Once I realised this flexibility I never even considered Wordpress.

    On your original point, I never had any problem with leaving comments on Wordpress. Can't say I've had many Wordpress visitors though.

    I think though, the Blogger community is starting to be in the minority. More and more companies are using Wordpress to host their entire websites.

    -Ed - Empire 500 5-star

  19. I had no idea there was a Blogger v Wordpress (which I dislike, BTW) issue. See, I'm just naive. That's okay. I prefer not to know.

  20. At the conference I was at, there was some discussion of blogger versus wordpress. People are loyal to their chosen platform.

  21. I don't follow many wordpress blogs at all, but I absolutely will not comment on any blog that has Captcha.

    Personally I would like to see A-Z not allow anyone but Blogger blogs into the challenge. Sorry to be exclusionary but Wordpress sucks. And I've encountered plenty of Blogger people who don't return comments on my blog, so I don't think it's just wordpress snobbery.

  22. Wow, Arlee, telling it like it is! Mea Culpa. I try to keep up on comments. Seriously, thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing. Happy Monday!

  23. When I got banned by Amazon.Scum, my buddy A-DogG suggested I start a blog at some other site.

    I didn't know a thing about blogging at that point, so I axed him to suggest a few sites. He gave me links to 3 different blogging sites, one of them being and another of the 3 being WordPress.

    After doing some research, I settled on Blogspot, even though I knew at that point that WordPress was considered the more "serious", more "intellectual" site (and I am nuttin' if not "seriouz" and "intelluktual"). Regardless, I decided to go with Blogspot.

    Now, Blogspot DEFINITELY has its issues, and they have OFTEN PISSED ME OFF(!), ...but not for awhile, anyway.

    Since then, based on things I've heard and read, I have NEVER regretted choosing Blogspot over the high and mighty, holier-than-thou WordPress.

    I have read plenty of WordPress blogs and there are, without question, just as many maroons at WordPress as there are at Blogspot. Plus, their commenting system SUCKS! And a lot of their bloggers suck, too! (YES!, WordPress blogger, I am ABSOLUTELY referring to YOU personally! Make no mistake about that, WordPress Punk!)

    [I'm not sure if WordPress now uses Disqus for their commenting system, but I will tell you that either way, Disqus SUCKS WORSE THAN ANYONE ELSE! I mean DISQUS ULTRA-SUCKS!!! Any site that uses Disqus for its Commenting format will NEVER hear from me a SECOND TIME! DISQUSSUX!]

    Lastly, Stephanie Faris said...

    >>... I visit a blog and comment once. If they don't comment back, they'll likely never see me again.

    I'm not exactly sure what she meant by that. But I will say that I pretty much ALWAYS respond to a comment left for me ON MY BLOG. And if it's a comment left by someone with a blog whom I'm not already aware of, I will ALWAYS visit their blog to see if it's something I'm interested in 'Following'. If so, I immediately sign up to 'Follow'. If not, I just go away, but I will ALWAYS continue to respond to their future comments left on my blog.

    As you already know, LEE, I consider it RUDE TO THE XTREME to fail to respond to a comment left on a blog installment.

    I may not feel I MUST reciprocate if a person signs up to 'Follow' my blog (if I'm REALLY not interested, do you REALLY want me 'Following' your blog?), but I appreciate EVERY comment my blog receives, and I will damn sure show that by replying to the Commenter, no matter how brief their comment might have been.

    As for WordPress bloggers, however... don't bother, because I just don't have time to reply to you pseudo-intellectuals. Get smart enough to ditch WordPress and sign up with Blogger and then maybe - "MAYBE", mind you - I might be able to find enough time to waste in replying to you. (But don't hold your breath. ...Uhm... WAIT! Come to think of it... YES! BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE DO hold your breath!)

    [BOIDLEE~ I do, of course, realize what you were attempting to do with this blog bit. Please don't think I was just "playing along" with the "game". No, Sir. I really DO DISLIKE the pseudo-intellectuals at WordPress. I have visited MANY WordPress blogs over the years. How many do I currently 'Follow'? Zero. Oddly enough, that's the same number of brain cells you'll find in the smartest of the WordPress bloggers! How odd is THAT?! ...LEE, I hope I have been of some help in your current "science experiment".]

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  24. Julie -- Let me know what you discern about WP bloggers commenting on your posts.

    Ed-- I had noticed that your site looked very different than most Blogger sites. Good testimony.

    C.Lee -- The rivalry is out there, believe me, but I'd say the majority of us don't care that much except when it comes time to make that comment on WP that gives us a big hassle and vice versa.

    Susan GK -- It's like most things. It's mostly what we get used to and what we like.

    JoJo -- You are certainly correct about what I think of as lack of blogging etiquette. I've gotten so used to other commenting platforms and CAPTCHA that I don't pay much attention unless I run into a problem with it. Interesting point you make about a Blogger only A to Z. You are not the only one who thinks this. Or how about separate lists for Blogger and Wordpress blogs and maybe another list for Other?

    Kathleen -- I must confess to not commenting on your posts often, but they are of tremendous interest to me since I have my memoir blog Wrote By Rote.

    StMc -- Well, I was really hoping you'd express your opinion. Why don't you tell us how you really feel? Seriously, you make a lot of good points that I agree with. There are some WP blogs that I do enjoy and comment on, but some of them never seem to comment back. You definitely have one of the more conversational blogs. You respond with substance and commenters often return to continue the conversation. That is a goal I seem to achieve with less success, but many of my topics don't stimulate all that much conversation.


  25. Well now. You are on a roll today, Arlee. Not enough or too much coffee.

    Word Press used to make it impossible for me to leave any comments at all. During the A to Z, they straightened up. I have a few bloggers whom I really value and would hate to lose.

  26. I follow folk on blogger and wordpress, but I prefer blogger myself. I still think it looks better and works better, OK it has issues but I have come across one or two people who have had real problems with wordpress, so I guess its horses for courses. I like that . . . Nanny nanny pooh pooh! . . . big finish you dont get stuff like that on Wordpress. . . . . .

  27. Are you having a bad day, Lee?

    But to your point--I comment on all kinds of blogs if they don't make me jump through too many hoops. My personal blog is on Blogger, but my critique group's blog is Wordpress. And I'm an editor for that Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Wordpress blog you just commented on today. I'm sure Wordpress bloggers do visit my blog....well, pretty sure....

  28. Arlee, I recently cleaned out my WordPress reader and I still follow more than 180 blogs of which 28 are not on WordPress. I also try to keep up with one or two more via Google+.
    I do not find that it always follows that because I enjoy a particular blog, the blogger will enjoy either of mine. And of course the reverse is also true. One thing I like about WordPress is that it is possible to "Like" a post with a single click. It is not necessary to think of a helpful comment, but quickly lets the author know who has visited and enjoyed the post.
    I do not like having to log in to other sites to comment. WordPress insists on automatically linking to my first blog (not my A to Z blog).
    I am trying to do some writing other than blogging at the same time as cutting down on internet use. Something has to give.
    Comments on my blog are much appreciated. I try to answer each one. However sometimes I'd be quite happy for people to comment less often. The visits still show up in the stats!
    Do you really use playground chants in RL? :-) Sue

  29. I noticed Robin said something about the problem of unfollowing blogs. . .

    At the home page (the one that lists your individual blogs) where it says Reading list on the right hand side is one of those little cog things if you click on that it will take you to the list you can edit. All you need to do is select the unfollow option and save, it does not matter if its wordpress or blogger.

  30. Susan Kane -- I think the more you comment at WP the more readily your comments are accepted.

    Rob -- My blog is known for its intellect and high class.

    Patricia -- Since this post was composed Saturday night I guess I was miffed about something. Oh yeah, someone was complaining to me why they don't comment on my blogs and it rubbed me the wrong way.

    Sue -- Okay, this is the second time today that textspeak is baffling me. What does "RL" stand for? ---"Real Life" just occurred to me--is that right. If it's "real life" then I say I don't use playground chants often--only to figures of authority like policemen, judges, and political office holders.

    Rob -- Thank you for that info! My readers always manage to pull through when others need help. Another reason to visit Blogger instead of WP.


  31. I used to love to say things just to get a rise out of people, today; not so much. For the most part I don’t have the time and I don’t like to waste it on just anybody. I have some very good friends whom I might joke around with, and take a position that I know will ‘get them going’ just to see what happens, BUT keep in mind, I only do this with people I know really well, who in the end will laugh this off along with me.

    I don’t think being annoying is humorous, most often it is just…annoying.

    Now with regards to blogging platforms and blogging etiquette…I think it is rude to ignore comments made on my blog, just as it would be to ignore someone talking to you in an ‘in person’ social situation. I admit that sometimes it takes me awhile to get back to people, but I always try to reply even if it’s days later. I also admit that I didn’t always do this. At one time I felt that nobody looks back to see if you replied or not, BUT I have since repented of that error.

    I’m disappointed with so many bloggers who ONLY adhere to the ‘I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine’, policy. Sometimes I just don’t have a comment on a ‘friends’ blog post, sometimes I completely hijack their comment box, but with respect to my friends, I almost always read every post. With respect to ‘new people’ who find me out of the blue, and leave a comment, I always visit their blog and read it through. I will generally leave a comment and if I’m really interested or find them entertaining, I will follow.

    An interesting example is the ‘Blog Blitz’ started by DL Hammonds. When called upon to ‘Blitz’ someone, I go to their site and read their entire post. I try to leave an intelligent comment on the post and then say something clever or dumb (however you take me) about the ‘Blitz’. I see so many comments that simply say ‘Happy Blitz’ or something as inane. I mean what’s the point? Is this just about seeing X numbers of comments at the beginning of the comment box, or about really showing someone that you cared enough to stop by and ACTUALLY read what they have to say.

    Sometimes I get a little frustrated about what this whole blogging stuff is all about. I don’t really care that much about how many times you blew your nose today. Isn’t it enough to say you have a bad cold? More than once I’ve been embarrassed for someone, who goes on, and on, and on about some personal issue in the public forum of their blog. I suppose it’s therapy for some. For me, a confirmed recluse, and incurable hermit, I tend to get uncomfortable, for them. I hope nobody takes that wrong (what do you think are the chances of that?). I appreciate hearing about someone’s problems with health or some other difficult phase of their life and I don’t mind offering support or condolences (I try to do that immediately with close friends and even acquaintances), but it’s the constant whining that gets to me.

    Somehow (you know me,) I have managed to mess up my dashboard, and I don’t get notifications when something new is posted. So many people follow a regular schedule, but a lot of my friends are like me (go figure) only post when the spirit moves them, so I just need to keep checking. Sometimes, I visit a friend and spend quite a bit of time catching up, reading the posts that I missed.

    My final complaint are the blog platforms that require my email to comment, follow, or whatever. I really don’t need my email all clogged up with the constant reminders that someone posted every single day (in some cases more than once a day). I’m not computer savvy enough to know if this is Disquis or not, but I do know most of the Word Press blogs I’ve be$n to, do require this. ALSO, what’s with these blogs that make it so hard to comment or follow? I personally feel that they really don’t want my comment or for me to follow them, so often no matter how interesting or entertaining they might be, I’m outta there!

    Talk about ‘OUTTA HERE’, I’ve gone on longer than most of my own blog posts. Sorry about that. You must have hit a nerve.

  32. I am not a fan of Wordpress at all, and I hate its commenting system. I do leave comments on the wordpress blogs I follow, but I kind of resent every time. I suppose no one ever told those guys that the way to "sell" things is to make it easy. There's shouldn't be multiple steps to leaving a comment.

    And, just to say it, almost none of the wordpress bloggers I follow ever comment on my blog.
    Maybe it's just me.

  33. BWah-hah-hah!!!!

    The Great Blogger-Wordpress War began here... bookmark it for posterity...

  34. FAE --- Did you say something? I guess I did hit a nerve--or maybe two or three. But I'd say that's mission accomplished as that is what I was setting out to do.

    I don’t think being annoying is humorous...

    Humor as well as what is annoying is a matter of context I think. I don't mind getting quirky on my blog and if some people find some things I do here annoying, then I'd say it's mostly a "them" thing and not me or anyone else. If people can't take things in good nature or be up for debate getting upset instead, then what can I do. I blog about things I think about.
    I'm very careful about who I might annoy in daily in-person life since I have to deal with some of these people on a regular basis.

    Now with regards to blogging platforms and blogging etiquette

    This topic has been covered by me and so many others, but it's always worth repeating for those who don't get it. Social media is partly about being social. I heard blogging referred to as a virtual cocktail party where you meet others and chat with those you find interesting. Engagement is a two way thing and bloggers who only write for the world to read them are being a bit egotistical. It's like something I saw today on an authors discussion thread where one writer said something like, "I don't have time to read other peoples' books" and then invited everyone to read his book. Really?

    Blog Blitz

    It's a nice gesture and maybe a thrill for bloggers who don't often get many comments. But you're right. Most of the comments are pretty hollow and I don't know how many of those visitors come back. A to Z can be a bit like that too at times although we do strongly promote and encourage engagement and relationship building.

    Sometimes I get a little frustrated about what this whole blogging stuff is all about

    The nice thing is that there are blogs for everyone. A wide range of topics and styles. Sometimes it's weird, but what's weird to me may be the the precise cup of tea that someone else is looking for.

    blog platforms that require my email to comment, follow, or whatever

    I don't think that most of these will use your email to bug you later unless you sign up for comments or future posts. I do think this is optional. At least I don't recall receiving stuff that I didn't ask for. But my email box is so jammed full that it could be difficult to say.

    Thanks for the comment. That was quite the tirade, but it was fun.


  35. I find Blogger so much easier for everything, particularly commenting.

    Why make it so difficult for people?

  36. Andrew -- It's not just you. And now I see it's not just you and me either. From the comments I'm receiving I guess everyone on non-WP blogs gets snubbed by a lot of WP bloggers.

    CW -- I didn't start the fire. It's been always burning since blogs started churning. Okay, I'm fanning the flames a bit with this post.


  37. Jo -- The odd thing is that many WP bloggers say they don't comment on Blogger blogs because it's too difficult. Go figure.


  38. I comment on Word Press and don't worry about it. It just bums me out sometimes that I can't follow a lovely blog and have it show up in my Blogger reading list... Maybe there is a way? I zip down my reading list to read and comment on blogger...but it's search and dig for the Wordpress ones I like, unless I subscribe...I guess that's just one more step that I'm a little reluctant to take.

  39. This was too funny! You know, I never really thought about Wordpress vs. Blogger. I just generally comment on a post when I find the content intriguing. But I guess there's a war a-brewin' that I've been unaware of all this time. Who knew?

  40. I actually go the mile and sign into wordpress to comment on wordpress blogs but WP always changes my website link (because it's a blogger link) so I have to change it back every time. Seriously annoying.

  41. hehehehehe. Way to start a blogwar, Arlee. :)

    I like commenting on Worpress blogs because it's the only place my pink pumps & lacy socks show up anymore. Worpressers must leave me comments because these days the only way I discover new blogs is if they've left me a comment, and I know I've been leaving pink pumps around the internets.

    Thank you for joining the Then & Now blogfest -- I feel so honored to have your name on zee list.

  42. Now that is the way to generate discussion Lee. I have always used blogger, but experimented with WP. I decided it was not worth my time to learn a new system when blogger did what I needed it to.

    In terms of comments, I enjoy reading and surfing blogs, and as your users have stated, eventually have conquered all the formats. I do like the way that WP highlights its blogs with a well done homepage. They also have excellent search capabilities so that I can see relevant blogs based on my interests. I had some hiccups with their commenting system, but like it now.

    I really don't worry too much about those who leave comments at my place just so that I will return the favor. I am grateful for those who take the time to comment, but there are blogs that I comment on regularly who have never commented on mine--and that is just peachy in my opinion.

    Enjoy your evening.

  43. Liza -- Subscribing is not all that much trouble, but it does add one more thing coming into your email box regularly.

    Quanie -- Just Google Wordpress vs Blogger and you'll see plenty of contentious listings. They're mostly in favor of Wordpress--what an aggressive contentious bunch.

    Lynda -- I comment so much on WP that I rarely have to fix anything. Although I sometimes do change my URL depending on what post I'm promoting at the time.

    Nicki -- It's a blogfest that resonates with me.


  44. Slamdunk -- I've been contemplating moving one of my underperforming blogs to Wordpress just to compare performance. And I am an administrator on a Wordpress blog website, but I've yet to really do very much on it.


  45. I didn't know there was a problem commenting on WP sites. I am a WP peep and had problems commenting on Blogspot but I have it figured out now...thanks to you. I will say I dread it when I see the captcha thing. If I don't get it right the first time I leave.

    As for following...I don't follow someone because they follow me. I do always go to their blog to see what they are about and if it is in my interest zone I follow if not I don't. But I always check em out whenever they comment and I always respond to comments.

    I will tell you that I read parts of many blogs. Parts because anything over 500 words or so I just leave it. I limit my time on the computer which means I can only do so much. So often longer posts are skipped.

    Now that I have made my comment longer than most posts I write...or read... I will go.

    One more thing...please don't ban WP from the A to Z Challenge. I love it!

  46. >>... "One more thing...please don't ban WP from the A to Z Challenge. I love it!"

    I say... BAN IT!
    But don't just ban it... make a big deal out of it by announcing the ban with a 4-part blog installment.

    I think you should also ban all the 'SOUNDBITE BLOGS' (i.e., bloggers who are so shallow that they can't think deeper than 500 words on any one subject).

    How'm I doin', Lee? Am I stirring the pot enough? Because, as you know, I can definitely "turn up the heat" and stir it even more vigorously.


    [This is the most fun I've had with one of your blog bits in quite awhile!]

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Troublemaker'

  47. I use WordPress, and to tell the truth I have no idea how difficult it is to comment on from another platform. I do get comments from other platforms. When I started I had an awful time commenting on Blogger sites because while they supposedly would accept WordPress under Open ID, they actually wouldn't. That's been fixed, now. I will make at most one try on a captcha (I have a vision problem which doesn't help) and then no comment. I'll use name/URL if it's available which it sometimes is on Blogger.

  48. Yikes! There are a lot of Wordpress Haters out there! Why?? What exactly is wrong with us WPers? I comment on other people's blogs, no matter the platform. I'm kind and I reciprocate. Please don't lump all Wordpressers together. It's like what a lot of people say about New Yorkers, about them being rude. I'm a New Yorker too == and I'm NICE!

  49. There are way too many things to get prideful about these days, but I wasn't aware that choice of blog platforms was one of them, how sad. I started on blogger, had some problems that they couldn't fix (I guess...?)and switched to WP but neither one of them was that hard to figure out. When I read a good post I comment and couldn't care less which site they are on. And everyone shows up in my WP Reader.

  50. Patricia -- I am totally against banning WP blogs from A to Z--I have too many friends on that platform, not to mention some our co-hosts and minion teams. I will typically follow any blog on Blogger if they have Friend Connect because it is no real bother to me. On the other hand I limit myself to blogs I subscribe to on WP because it fills up my mailbox too much. Thank you for coming over to comment.

    StMc -- Glad you're having fun. I've been having fun too. And early this morning I figured I wouldn't get many comments because I'd pissed people off. They've been rolling in all day since late morning.

    Sue Ann-- Everyone who has to deal with CAPTCHA has a vision problem. I think CAPTCHA causes vision problems.

    Angel-- I think you're nice. I'm just stereotyping WP based on the preconceptions out there. Just check the debates on Google. Some of the WP people are on a really high horse.

    Shirley -- There you are. Where there's a will there's a way and some like you and me have figured it out. It has been rather delightful today to see so many WP bloggers visiting my site and leaving comments.


  51. Hi Lee,
    Not sure what I should say here, though I have tended to go to wordpress blogs because it is so easy for me to comment.
    I got very frustrated for a while trying to work out how to successfully leave comments on blogger sites - even my son's! I think I have it worked out now, so I am much more likely to go to a non-wordpress blog and comment.
    However I only comment if I have something worthwhile to say, and sometimes I don't.
    Another thing about blogger sites is there is no 'like' button. When I don't leave a comment, I still like to indicate that I have visited, especially if the post was a good one.
    Too often though, it is time constraints that stop me following new blogs - unless they are especially worthwhile to me and my interests.
    I don't like to think that there is a battle between blogger and WP - perhaps it's just a reluctance to go through the hoops in order to comment (at least for the first time or so, and in either direction) that puts people off.

  52. Lee, you're fantastical! Lol. Been a long time, sure have missed you and everyone else! Thanks for the smile!

  53. I think it's too soon to really tell but I get frustrated with wordpress. Time will tell.

  54. I do have one or two regular visitors from WordPress who comment on my blog, but overall, except for those bloggers who comment on mine, I usually don't read WordPress blogs.

    Over the years I've found most WordPress bloggers (as well as their regular commenters) to be somewhat arrogant on their blog, and arrogant in dealing with first time commenters as well.

    As for saying stuff to get a rise out of people, I usually do that stuff on Facebook and exclusively keep it on those topical discussion threads where tunnel vision is the rule (i.e. gay rights, gay marriage).

    I've been hoisted by my own petard from time to time on Facebook, but I still come back ticking.

    Father Nature's Corner

  55. I just made the switch from blogger to WP a few days ago (I wanted to have complete control of my content, as I'm planning on using my blog as a platform for the book I'm currently writing)... I had NO idea on the rivalry between Blogger and WP, until I made the switch and then I started getting comments from readers, going on and on about how much better WP was and how lame Blogger was etc etc. And then I stumbled onto some posts on other (blogger) blogs trashing WP etc. (and they weren't being tongue in cheek lol)

    The whole thing seems a bit silly to me :p I see the positives and negatives of both platforms. And really, it's the content of a blog that should matter!

    As for commenting-I comment on both platforms, using google+, Disqus, WP, name/url, and a few other random ones. I also follow over two hundred blogs, all through bloglovin or email subscription, and I don't even know half the time what platform a blog is using, that I'm commenting on :)

    Fun post today :)

  56. Hi Lee! I'm from wordpress and was just stopping by for Post A to Z Road Trip!
    I do like to say things sometimes to get a rise out of people, but usually do it in person.
    I'm not adventurous enough to see how people I don't really know are going to react to something I say. I play on the safe side. So, call me a wimp, but I will stand up for

  57. Hey Arlee,

    Dang, I can tell you're a little upset. Hey, don't lump everyone in that category. That's just not fair.

    I comment if I enjoyed the post and feel I have something to say and it doesn't matter what platform it's on. My blog is on WordPress because I own my content and when you're building a business then that's pretty darn important. I'm sorry you feel some people think they're better than others. I guess you've had some bad experiences from what you shared here.

    Well anyway, wanted to stop by and check out your blog and of course comment. So there, I've done it and I'm proud of that fact.

    Have an awesome day okay!


  58. Wangi-- I think you make the best point in that just taking the brief period to learn the systems will bring greater peace to the blogging world. I've rarely bothered with the "Like" buttons other than on Facebook.

    Elizabeth -- Good to see you again!

    Novel Love -- I used to get frustrated with WP and other platforms but experience has made it all easier.

    GB -- I try to avoid controversy on FB because there are too many different kinds of people among my friends and I'd rather just keep that platform for social sharing. My blog is where I write and I do try to keep my tone rational so anyone reading might be at least receptive to hearing what I have to say. Some things I do totally avoid though.

    Finley --- I'm like you. There is good and bad and I want to read and comment on the things that interest me. I think the haughtiness mostly comes from certain WP users. Those on Blogger don't seem to care about platform as much other than the difficulty they might have in leaving comments.

    Debra -- I come from a family of teasers so it's part of my nature to try to tickle the cringeable sides of others. I don't want to make people angry, but just stir them enough to get them thinking and discussing.


  59. Um, okay...all pov's considered, familiarity breeds contempt. It's no doubt easier to comment on the platform we're most familiar with, which doesn't excuse the lack of community involvement, because at the end of the day, we're all bloggers and we all like getting comments on our blogs, right?

    M. J.

    Writing Tips

  60. Oh, Arlee, this makes me sad :(
    I'm a new blogger, and I just finished your glorious A to Z challenge. When I decided to start a blog, I did have to choose a platform. We all do, right? We look at the pros and cons of each, and make a decision about which one will be best for us. I chose WP because it looked easy, it seemed to require less knowledge on my part...a couple reasons. I didn't choose blogger simply because I kind of find google to be rather "invasive", and I don't want a G+ account. There isn't anything wrong with it, it's just not me. (FWIW I'm not really a fan of FB either)
    I use Apple products for my hardware needs (I know, let's just open yet another can of worms here), but my husband, whom I of course love very much, uses a PC.
    I guess what I'm trying to say here is that each platform has pros and cons, but at the heart of it, we're all bloggers! Writer, photographers, artists...all sorts of people! I don't want to be a Wp-er in a WP world, I just want to be a writer in a writer's world. That's what I love about A to Z...I would be heartbroken if you did, as one commenter suggested, limit A to Z to those who have blogger blogs. I follow two of your blogs plus the A to Z by email, and as you can see, I'll comment if I think I have something interesting to say. I'm really a very quiet person.
    It really shouldn't matter the platform. Yes, there are difficulties between the two, but I think we should hold the software companies accountable for that, we shouldn't blame each other.
    I don't think we are purposefully trying to not comment on the other platform, it's just easier on the same one. (in fact, I wonder if you comment on a post of mine, and I reply to that on my own blog, do you see the reply? I really don't know that answer)
    It's like being in school, isn't it? When I was in school, most of my friends went to my school. It's not that I didn't like the kids in the other school, or that I didn't have anything in common with them, it's just that on a daily basis, I didn't come into contact with them. The friends I had from other schools, I met at functions outside of school, like church groups, or piano lessons, or summer programs, things like that. It just takes a bit more effort to keep in touch, that's all. We're all in the same grade, we just don't see each other every day. It's ok, isn't it? WP or Blogger, we're all just people trying to connect with the world, right?
    I comment on many blogger sites...and I have tried putting them on my WP reader with mixed results. I subscribe to quite a few by email. OpenID makes it easy to comment, and I do, when I feel I have something worthwhile to say...I'm not sure this comment is "worthwhile" but I do want you to know that this WP blogger loves your sites, and that I appreciate A to Z very much because I met a lot of cool people "from the school across town." It's why I join up with writing challenges and bloghops. I have no delusions that I'm a great writer, but joining a writing challenge gives me the opportunity to meet others who are!

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Please keep inviting us WP people to your events...I for one, think you're awesome.
    jetgirlcos visiting via Forty, c'est Fantastique

  61. I think this is a very harsh post. The problem is the providers who don't particularly want to make it easy for us to keep crossing over. They want us to stick within their software. I use wordpress. I've found the easiest way to comment on blogger is to just use my google account but that makes it difficult for you Bloggers to find me in return without looking up my profile. It works both ways.

    Instead of a "tongue in cheek" go at the users, maybe it should be aimed at the platform providers.

  62. MJ-- That's the way I feel about it!

    JetGirlcos-- Don't be sad. I was trying to nudge a smile, or get a laugh, or even just make certain bloggers reconsider how they blog. I'm not down on WP (not like I used to be before it became easy for me to comment) and I want to be inclusive of all bloggers no matter where they are. If you respond to a comment on your blog I will almost always see it and sometimes even continue the conversation if warranted. Be happy and let's enjoy our blogging community. And hopefully the WP snobs will stop dissing Blogger blogs. To me it's more about content or the individual blogger than platform.

    Rebecca - If I were going at the providers then it wouldn't be all that humorous. And if you didn't see any humor in what I said then I'm not overly surprised because I knew some people would take my post from less than a humorous perspective. Actually, I'm surprised that this post generated the appreciative responses that it did from my WP blogger friends. I wasn't intending to come across as "harsh" in a real way, but in a playful sort of way. After all, how harsh can a post be that ends with "Nanny nanny pooh pooh".


  63. Adrienne -- I almost passed by your comment and it's an important one. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. If this is your first visit here I hope you didn't get the wrong or a bad impression. I tend to put up silly provocative posts like this on occasion to get some discussion going. This one worked better than I had anticipated.

    I tend to comment on nearly every post I visit whether I like it or not and I usually stick to a positive leaning comment. I figure that if I've taken the time to read the post I can find something to say.

    As far as the better than thou sentiments it's just what I've picked up from some of the things I've read while researching the WP platform on Google. Some of those people are really harsh. I saw it as my target for satire while bringing up a relevant issue. Judging from the comments here, I guess I'm not the only one who finds relevance in what I said in my post.

    So please don't take this post in the wrong way. The spirit of the post is merely in keeping with my blog's mission to toss out ideas to my readers and let them toss me back their thoughts whether they be good or bad. That's what I do on a blog where my niche is eclecticism.


  64. I don't say thing intentionally to get a rise out of people - I'm blunt enough to do it by accident often enough.

  65. Hi Arlee, you've been blitzed! Good thing I'm at work and got word of the blitz. PC and laptop at home are still on the kaputz.

  66. Hey Lee,

    Good to see you farting around some. I like to get involved with some good natured humour, not humor. Yes and you can take it, you spell words in the wrong kind of English!

    You know that you and I have some good natured fun. I could make out that you are desperate for superficial follower totals, but that would be just wrong.

    I could make out that the A to Z is some bloated ego trip thing, but that would be just wrong.

    I could make mention that the upcoming blog blitz on your site is just a cynical way of folks coming here to get attention, only to state, "happy blog blitz" and completely ignore your actual posting. I could mention that, but I wont.

    Wordpress, actually, is a pain in the butt to comment on. You need to pass on your name, rank and serial number to just leave a comment. Think how difficult that is for Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar as she has to paw away on Wordpress.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I actually loved this post, good sir.

    And of course, Lee, you wont take my comment seriously because you have a great sense of humor, um, humour.

    Your starstruck fan,

    Penny's fictional human,


  67. Happy Blog Blitz day!... have a great week :)

  68. "Do you ever like to just say things to get a rise out of people? Why do so many people take things so seriously? If something makes you upset or annoys you, can it be called humor?"

    Well, no, I don't like to get a rise out of people with without giving them something to chew about.

    I don't think my blog is so serious. I have a sense of humor.

    Your post seems to have achieved the audience of comments you desired.

    I don't comment on all blogs I read. I tend to comment on posts that give me a hmm or a ha!

    So, Wordpresslandians have shown up, I'm sure. I'm not going to read the 67 comments previous to check.

    I did the A-Z challenge for 2014, saved the participants' links to a Word file so I can continue to see how the blogs develop and, in truth, get to the few hundred I haven't made it to yet!


  69. L.Diane -- Yeah, sometimes I put my foot in other peoples' mouths and they get kind of pissed about that.

    Stephen Tremp -- Early warning system comment. I guess the brunt of the blitz will hit tomorrow and they'll miss this post that could upset them--if they have read it.

    Gary -- Actually England is still living with old English. We Americans have modernized the language by eliminating the unnecessary U's in words like "colour". We're saving the letters for a future blogging event. Of course, we'll end up with a surplus of U's. Better U than me I suppose.

    Seumas -- Thanks for visiting. Are you on Wordpress?

    Sandra -- Yes, I did get an impressive showing of Wordpress bloggers. They took me up on my challenge to help create a respectful body of comments.


  70. Hi Lee, this is my first visit to your blog. There are just so many blogs & so little time. Still, I distract myself w/ Facebook when I could be reading blogs. Also, I rarely know what to say unless a post spurs something in me be it funny or serious or seriously funny. But, I do like a challenge. (I don't comment on blogs that require me to jump through hoops.)

    I have both a WP & a Blogger blog. They each have their uses. WP is for my book, Blogger was my original that I keep up once in awhile. I prefer WP because I can be logged in to my gmail account & my blog at the same time. With Blogger, I must choose between gmail & my blog.

    It was good to find your blog. I look forward to reading more.

  71. As you know, Lee, I have a blog each on both platforms, Blogger and WP.

    I faced the same problem with Blogger blogs in 2011, when I did my first AZ challenge--most AZers were on Blogger and my participating blog was WP, so not many people returned my comments.

    I hear you on the problems of jumping hoops on WP blogs, name, id, email etc-- but that's easily sorted. Create a simple WP blog, just the page and post-- which will link to your Blogger blog. Stay signed in to that WP id (just click 'keep me signed in')-- and you won't have to type all your info in every time you comment on a WP blog.

    Since I have both kinds of blogs I can't stick my tongue out at either, and find myself laughing with you on your post.

    I find some bloggers on Blogspot make it very difficult to comment too, by leaving a G+ link, and then not making the link to their blog prominent on their G+ pages. Or they enable Google comments, don't get me started on that-- I personally have no issues cos I have a G+ account, but I have had cribs from all over about this Google comments thing this April.

    I prefer WP to Blogger simply cos it has a better SEO and comment notification system-- I see comments, responses immediately as they are made on WP blogs, I have to subscribe to comments on Blogger-- and then have my email clogged up-- sigh.

    Bottomline, both WP and blogger have their disadvantages, we just have to find the bloggers we click with, and comment on them, irrespective of their platforms. I did that this AZ, and I find WP comments on my Blogger blog now, and blogger comments on my WP.

    This is a very interesting discussion, one that I was thinking of starting off on my blog-- and perhaps I will, as a response to your post-- taking up the WP point of view :)

    And, congratulations! This post will get truckloads more comments, cos you're being Blitzed today!!

  72. WTF? Do I live in a vacuum that simply has never noticed this rivalry? Even after reading this I am confused about the hierarchy. Do the bloggers think they are better because they are smart enough to blog for free, or is it those of us on Wordpress that think we are superior - and does .com or .org play into it? Or is it that bloggers think that those on WP not superior, but rather they are snobs - or is it the other way? Or, does this only apply to those blogs with difficult comment boxes? Finally, was this tongue in cheek or a real rant?

    Either way, happy blitz day.

  73. I'm the kind of person who's just on Blogger, period. I never understood Wordpress.

  74. Drusilla-- So happy you stopped in and left a comment. I'm seriously considering migrating one of my blogs to Wordpress so I can experience it firsthand.

    Damyanti -- Hope most of the Blitz gets distributed to my post for tomorrow since I was trying to monitor the number of WP bloggers who commented on this. I have no problem commenting on most platforms these days, but I have had WP bloggers say they won't comment on Blogger blogs because it's too difficult. I find that excuse strange and perhaps lazy. And in some cases arrogant.

    Rhonda -- This was a tongue-in-cheek rant based on real life experience. Google the WP vs Blogger topic and you'll see the haughtiness exhibited by the WP users if you run across the same debates that I have.

    Gina -- WP is really not that complicated in essence but the commenting takes some getting used to for those not on it.


  75. A difference between wordpress and blogger bloggers never occured to me, and actually- I always felt teh contrary. Wordpress always felt a bit stuffy and difficult to navigate, so I prefered commenting on blogs through blogger. I'd still try to follow some wp blogs, but yeah, blogger takes the cake. Happy Blitz Day.

  76. It can be fun to say things just to get a rise out of people. I think a sense of humor is crucial to living a good life.

    Happy Blitz Day!

  77. LOL! I'm thinking - what is he saying really? Do people actually make the distinction of what platform is used? I don't get it. I'm glad you said something at the end... I was completely confused! For the record, I use Bloglovin' and they all show up there - regardless of platform so I've never even paid any attention. :D

  78. We inhabit a world where disparate systems routinely interact, a world where I can receive a notification on my phone as soon as my bank account slips into the red. Yet the two main blogging platforms can't talk to each other.
    I comment on blogger/blogspot blogs, but chose to do so with my WordPress/OpenID identity, because my Blogger ID links only to my Blogger blog, which is a small thing I do for someone else. My chosen platform is WordPress. Even tere, I have to mantain a blog on, because the OpenID thing doesn't recognise my sites. I can list my Blogger site in my WP profile, but my Blogger profile won't list any of my WP sites.
    Joined up? I don't think so!
    Anyway - enough of my counter-rant.
    Happy Blitz Day!

  79. Let me try again, without FFS (fat finger syndrome, FFS, not the other one). Blogger doesn't allow me to edit or delete a comment once posted.
    We inhabit a world where disparate systems routinely interact, a world where I can receive a notification on my phone as soon as my bank account slips into the red. Yet the two main blogging platforms can't talk to each other.
    I comment on Blogger/Blogspot blogs, but choose to do so with my WordPress/OpenID identity, because my Blogger ID links only to a small Blogger blog that I do for someone else. My chosen platform is WordPress. Even there, I have to maintain a blog on, because the OpenID thing doesn't recognise my sites. I can list my Blogger site in my WordPress (Gravatar) profile, but my Blogger profile won't list any of my WordPress sites.
    Joined up? I don't think so!
    Anyway - enough of my counter-rant.
    Happy Blitz Day!

  80. Creepy-- Did we say the same thing?

    LG -- I try laugh as often as I can. There's plenty out there to make us want to cry.

    Walkersville-- This Bloglovin' sounds good. Maybe we should all be on it.

    Keith-- Everything is getting so complicated it seems.


  81. Happy Blitz day.

    I started out in yet another blog platform, which stopped existing last month. (Screwing up my blog-life during the precious A to Z!) They said the migration to wordpress would be easy. They said.

    Maybe there's something to this "community," maybe not. I don't know. Fellow wordpress users do seem to light up a little icon on the blog dashboard. Maybe that is why the comments go more often to other wordpressers? I don't know. I'm still new here in the WP land. Living in the help forums where people speak in a magic code that they all learned from some wizard.

    What's worse- being a squib or being a muggle that accidentally attended Hogwarts?

  82. Hello Lee
    Well, having finished all the popcorn in my box I think I'd better say something.

    Thanks for today's laugh!

    Now with regard to the blogger/wordpress comparison just remember you cant please all the people all of the time - only some of the people some of the time.

    Take care

  83. I took your challenge!

    I just comment wherever I go, whether weenies like it or not.

  84. Wa ha ha ha! And you got me mid slurp of coffee as well. Glad no one was around to see that one. But titter I did. Seriously (just for a fraction of a second) you make a very good point about the WP/blogger basic incompatibility though... Like you, I have struggled on and found a way... Oh, and happy BLITZ day!

  85. J Lenni -- It's good if the community helps, but they need to make it easy for newbies.

    Cathy -- I try my darndest to please everybody, but in the end I'm the one who ends up on the short side. Maybe some Randian self-interest might be the best road to take.

    Elizabeth -- Yay! I'm pleased to see so many Wordpressers meet my challenge.

    Southpaw --- The color gives you a glow.

    HJ-- I try to entertain as well as provide thought food to go along with coffee.


  86. I just liked the look of WordPress more when I lost my old Angelfire site and needed a new place to write on the Internet. It just seems cleaner physically, with less potential for an ultra-crowded sidebar teeming with flash, endless graphics, and other things. (I'm talking like 20-30+ items on the sidebar, not the normal amount of things on your sidebar.) I also like how more text fits in the blog area, with more words per line in most templates. It just fit who I am as a serious intellectual.

  87. I'm still here, Arlee. I may not comment much, but this WP blogger still reads what you post. Nanu Nanu ;-)

  88. Wow, I didn't even know there was a blogspot vs. wordpress controversy. But what a great way to get a lot of people to post on your blog!

  89. Carrie-Anne-- I see what you're saying. Thank goodness all blogs don't look exactly alike. I'm not a big fan of the light print on a dark page though.

    Leopard-- Glad to see you're still checking my stuff out now and then. If you have something to say I'm always glad to hear it.

    Blanca -- Funny how that works. These kinds of posts tend to generate comment activity. I guess bloggers like to read about blogging issues.


  90. I had no idea that Bloggers didn't like Wordpressers or vice versa. Can you tell I'm a Wordpresser? I'm logged in with my Blogger account for easier commenting on Blogger blogs, just like you suggested a couple of years ago, Lee :)

    I have 2 (well, 5 but you don't want to know about the others) WP sites and one Blogspot site. They both have their good points and bad points. Mostly different ones :)


  91. Oooohhh, the gauntlet has been thrown down! I'm a WordPress blogger and am NOT afraid to comment on Blogger blogs! Take that! In fact, I used to have a Blogger blog, but switched it to WordPress and now my blog is even more awesome than ever! So there! And if you don't believe me, you'll just have to come over and visit, if you dare. In fact, I challenge to to follow my blog. Please. Because I'd really like more followers. And also because you're amazing. Thank you Arlee!!! :D

    Cheers, marci from

  92. OMG!!! And I was just going to do a post about the sheer difficulty of commenting on blogger blogs.

    And having said that, most of the bloggers I follow regularly are on blogger. LOL Which is strange, because commenting on wordpress blogs is so much easier for me because of the wordpress reader.

  93. Jemima-- If all Wordpress bloggers took the step you did then they could comment more easily on Blogger sites. You're proof that it can be done and I'm glad you did it.

    Marci-- How kind of you to flatter me like that. I enjoyed the posts I read on your site and I'm now subscribed to follow your blog.

    Sonia -- You should go ahead and do that post. You can link to my post. Funny about how you mostly comment on Blogger blogs--it must not be all that difficult for you.


  94. You've given me a good chuckle. I read more than I comment, but I do find that I have trouble with leaving comments on some blogs that are NOT WP. I don't know what to think about that. Is it me? Or is it more insidious than that--I don't know. But I just had to stop by and at least say hello. You do keep it stimulating!

  95. LMAO!! Too funny, Mr. Arlee Bird! ☺ I just saw this on my Twitter feed and had to respond. (BTW, clever ruse - daring people to comment!) I use self-hosted, which has even more embellishments than the free During the recent AtoZ Challenge, several people from Blogger, including you, seemed to have trouble commenting on MY site. Many of my friends in the Blogosphere do use the Blogger platform, so I took it upon myself to set up a Google account and a one page Blogspot blog which has an RSS feed to my blog posts on Wordpress and includes all of my social networking links. I just use that account when commenting and it works like a charm. People don't have to go to that extent - just having a Google account should suffice, yes? You know what? When I have the time, I'm going to write an article about this very issue. Thanks for the inspiration!

  96. Debra -- Just keep commenting. I think it usually gets easier. And drop by here again sometimes.

    Debbie --A to Z started with a dare. I've found the dare to be a tactic that gets action. Yes, write a post. This is the sort of topic bloggers need to hear about.


  97. Hi Arlee,
    your reactions are showing, I means many are responding very interestingly, good going Arlee, As I said in your today's (23.05.15 post it is really interesting to note that there is a slight change in the opinion here as well today's. Of course many do not like to post comments at wp due different comment options like DISQUS, CommenLuv etc. of course some options give you a back link to your page. that is an interesting thing to note and many on the other side like that option especially the advantage of CmmentLuv etc. give.
    Good to read the serious and not so serious reactions.
    Whatever it is as someone said here,if someone comment on my page surely i will make a visit and check and if it pleases me with my subjects surely i will join in and will comment back. I don't mind if they visit again or not. that is the policy i use at my commenting method.
    Good going Arlee.
    Have a happy and blessed weekend
    Best Regard

  98. Aloha Lee,

    I'm late, but I ABSOLUTELY agree with Robin whayyyyy up there ^^^

    In my opinion, commenting on WP is *too* complicated - and to me, it doesn't matter WHY, I just wish it were easier - like Blogger :)

    Happy several days past BB day :)

  99. Hi Lee .. one thing Blogger bloggers need to remember that under that platform we do not own our content ..

    I learnt about this years ago - and have been intending to move to WP ever since .. just take my time over things.

    Elizabeth Spann Craig confirmed this on my latest Blog Sandwich post ...

    I still think both platforms work fine .. once we work our way round .. and we're each entitled to chose .. and we can move to another platform ...

    I have a WP account - so haven't had any hassles with commenting on WP blogs ..

    Discus is the maggots though!!!!

    Cheers Hilary

  100. Huh? Wow. What prompted this? Did someone hijack your blog? Did Charles Barkley invade your body and encourage you to say outrageous things just to get a rise out of people? (If you haven't been following the "all San Antonio women are fat" thing he's been spouting from the TNT NBA GameTime desk, I'll forgive you for not understanding what I'm talking about.)

    I prefer WordPress for blogging, but I also blog regularly on Blogger blogs. Both work very well, thank you very much. Commenting is usually pretty straight-forward on both platforms, but every once in awhile I stumble on a layout where it isn't particularly intuitive.

  101. Phil-- I guess I stimulated some discussion.

    Mark-- Many agree with your side of the discussion.

    Hilary --I've checked on that "ownership" thing and saw no reason to be concerned. I've heard that mentioned several times over the years but I had forgotten about that issue.

    Jean -- They've been playing the Charles Barkley clips on talk radio here in L.A. I wonder what the reaction might have been if someone other than Barkley had said that. As it was I thought it was kind of funny--I mean his defense and all. Good thing one of those Duck Dynasty fellows hadn't made that remark.
    Re the blogging platforms debate, I was just lifting it from other people to put into my words. Actually I no longer have much problem with WP, but I know there are some who do and some WP bloggers who are highly critical of Blogger. Not really my fight, but I took it on in order to "toss it out" to the hungry lions. It's been fun listening to the debate.


  102. Happy belated blog blitz day, Arlee!

    Funny, I hadn't really noticed this WordPress/Blogger dichotomy. I can sign in to WordPress and comment just fine and usually - usually - figure out how to get to a WordPress blogger's site through the comment they leave on my blog.

    The ones that bug the heck out of me are:
    Bloggers who don't update their profiles across all platforms. I can see that you're not a Blogger, but if you have a blog on another platform, link to it on your Blogger profile so that I can find you when you comment on my blog!

    Commenters who have locked profiles or otherwise empty profiles. Who are you? You were kind enough to come by my blog. I'd like to return the favour. How do I find you?!

    Those other sites. The ones where no matter how many places you might be logged in to (Blogger, WordPress, Disqus, etc.) you STILL have to fill in your bloody name, url, email and a captcha before you can leave a comment. Come on, people, do you want visitors or not?


  103. Phew! That's a lot of comments. :-) Morning Arlee. First let me say, I just started following you on twitter. I am K_Einsel. And evidently I follow your blog. Actually have been for quite some time. I have 3 blogger blogs and 2 wordpress ones. My email inbox is always full with; Someone commented on your blog, someone replied to your comment, and someone has posted a new blog post, but all of those are all for wordpress. I never get blogger updates. Not even when someone comments on my blog, so...Maybe it's my settings?
    Hope you have a great day. Looks like it's going to be warm again here in SoCal. And stop by my blog and say hello!


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