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Friday, September 13, 2013

What the World Needs Now

Nikka looking at the tree
Nikka looking at the tree (Photo credit: mturro)
If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate      Nikka - age 6 

        This quote came to me from one of those chain emails that someone sent me.  I thought what Nikka said was particularly relevant in light of things going on in our world today.  For that matter it's always been relevant, but not often heeded.   It might do us all well to try to find something positive about a person we don't particularly like.  Love everyone.  Difficult, but possible.

Battle of the Bands on Sunday

         I'm keeping today's post short since I'm sticking with the original Battle of the Bands schedule set by Far Away Series and Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends, the ones who started this blogging venture a few weeks ago.  I'll be presenting another what I hope will be interesting song pairing for you to vote on as will the aforementioned Battle collaborators.  

         For this round we have a common theme among the three of us.  To find out our theme you'll have to join us for the posts that go up on this Sunday September 15th.   Then vote on your favorites and we'll announce the winners and reveal our own preferences on September 21st.  

         In the last round some of you joined in with your own competing songs.   Feel free to join in again for this battle.   Don't worry about the theme.   Pick your own tunes.   If you want to join in with your own BOTB post let me know in the comments and I'll add your link to my Sunday post.

         See you Sunday!

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  1. Nikka is smart for her age. Too bad most people would never attempt that.
    I thought Battle of the Bands was on Fridays. Bummer.

  2. The post title made me think of the Burt Bacharach song... he wrote such awesome music and lots of his stuff has been revamped by various artists, over the years...
    Smart words for a 6 year old - as the saying goes: from the mouth of babes...
    Writer In Transit

  3. Out of the mouths of babes indeed! Too much hatred exists in this world. Battle of the Bands sounds interesting...

  4. I'll be posting something for BOTB on the 15th. Thanks Lee!

  5. It's nice to come across chain emails that are actually useful in our day-to-day life. I read somewhere that before you can love another person, you must love yourself first, so this is where Nikka's quote definitely come in handy. The more people love themselves, the more forgiving we can be to others, especially to those whom we may dislike.

    If we make more room for love toward ourselves, then they'll be less room for hate towards others, because they'll be enough love to share...or at least, that's my hope.

    The Battle of the Bands sounds like a fun bad I'll be playing catch-up on laundry and many other tasks that I know I won't get around to completing by the end of the week. If I come across posts by other participants though, I'll play along by voting.


  6. Nikka is a smart girl. Her words hold a depth of meaning.

    Lee, even my mom advises me that I should start loving the people I hate (very difficult to follow).

  7. Kids are smart. Best of luck with Battle of the Bands on Sunday.

  8. Alex -- The founders of BOTB decided on the 1st and 15th of each month other than if there was a special situation last time. I've decided to go with their program and adapt my scheduling to this for now to see how it works for me. Anyone is welcome to join us on a different day if they like.

    Michelle --I was thinking of the Bacharach song when I titled this though it has nothing to do with the BOTB theme this time.

    Em -- Yes it is.

    Steven --Anyone is welcome to join in BOTB. Visit the links I've mentioned in this post for more information.

    Yolanda -- If were so simple for all the peoples of the world.

    Robin -- I'll add your link to my BOTB post.

    Nicole -- Too many people don't love themselves in the proper way just as love for others is often confused. We need to identify true love that involves some giving and sacrifice and then love in that way.

    Rachna -- I find it difficult to hate or be angry at another for very long. It's a waste of my time and energy.

    Sheena-kay -- Hope you will cast your votes for your favorite song versions.


  9. That quote is brilliant Lee, that girl is wiser than people way older than her. Great post buddy, I'm a big fan of this Battle of the Bands concept.

  10. Very profound - thank you.
    Have fun with the BOTB's!

  11. Yeamie -- If more adults could be like kids we might have a better world.

    Susan -- BOTB has an irresistable appeal for me. I hope it appeals to others as much.


  12. It's too bad someone as young as six has any idea about hate.

  13. Susan GK -- That's why parents have to watch what they say.

    Christine -- More adults should be so smart.


  14. *sings* ' love sweet love...' I love when a song or quote is so powerful the mere mention of a few words starts me singing out loud. It's a shame we ever learn to hate each other or ourselves in the first place, but learning to love again is definitely the key, thanks for sharing and well said Nikka

  15. I have often found kid wisdom about relationships to seem so mature. Consider how grade-school-age children choose their friends on the basis of who they like to hang out with and not based on how they look. Somewhere on the way to adulthood, this gets lost as adults teach kids "discernment." Methinks they (the adults) go too far at times.


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