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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Declare Your Independence!: an #IWSG Post

             The fireworks of insecurity are sounding because today is Alex J Cavanaugh's Insecure Writers Support Group day.   Gain independence from your insecurities as we lean on each to help us through tough times and rejoice together in the good times.   To read more from other participants check out the #IWSG List.  
What, Me Worry?
        Fans of Mad Magazine will probably recognize the slogan of Alfred E. Newman, spokesman of the wacky humor publication.   You don't have to be goofy to not worry, but it probably helps.  That's why I'm a great believer in getting nutty now and then.
A postcard with the public domain "me wor...
A postcard with the public domain "me worry?" face that later inspired Mad magazine's Alfred E. Neuman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
       Those who follow this blog here that you're reading now may notice now and then that I get a bit weird.  I actually think sometimes readers take me serious all of the time and don't notice when I'm being silly.  I'll concede that I take on some serious  topics much of the time, then suddenly I'm out in the ozone with a topic that could be taken seriously I suppose, but I put some twists in it.  Even the serious topics I'll throw in a monkey wrench now and then.  Why not?
        I'm one who thinks blogging should be fun.  I even have fun when we get down and dirty in controversy.  To me that's one form of entertainment.  I try not to offend, but I don't worry so much if readers get angry with me because of what I write.   Actually, if anyone gets angry with me because of what I've written it's because they probably haven't carefully read what I wrote and thought it through for themselves.  In that case I guess those people aren't really my readers.
         So I may say exactly what I think sometimes, present the opposite side other times, or I might just ramble to see if I say anything at all.   No matter what, don't get mad as in angry, but it's okay to get "mad" as in dopey like Mad magazine.  I just hope you read my blog and whatever else I may write and then let me know your thoughts.  I'm a proud writer and I declare my independence from insecurity!   Well, I'll try at least.
        If you're looking for someone to support you in your nuttiness, you can count on me.  I'll be your Nutty Buddy.  Be of Good Humor my friends.   Hope you're having a great summer!
        Do you like to get wacky in your writing sometimes?   Do you ever scratch your head when you read my posts and try to figure out where I'm coming from?    Are you or have you ever been a Mad Magazine fan?   What's your favorite--Nutty Buddies, Popsicles, or some other treat?


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  1. I'd never heard of that me worry thing before Lee, this post has been so interesting buddy, love your contributions to the ISWG every month, great job buddy.

  2. After all this time, I know when you're serious and you're not.
    And who hasn't heard of Mad Magazine? Or are we really that old?

  3. I wish I was one of those person's who did not worry. I have Never heard of Mad Magazine so Alex I am that old.


  4. It's sad when you have to explain yourself. I frequently send myself up and if people can't see that, too bad.
    I know of Mad magazine but Nutty Buddies?? and are popsicles ice lollies or sweet lollies? Yet more examples of two nations divided by a common language . . . ;-)

  5. I have heard about Mad Magazine. And yes, I do get wacky in my writing many times.

  6. We don't always agree, Lee, but I am a loyal follower and love to read what you write.

  7. There's nothing wrong with being the Devil's Advocate.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  8. We all need a nutty buddy sometimes--both in writing and in ice cream cones! Thanks for the laughs, Arlee!

  9. I have fun with the blog posting stuff. Sometimes I take on something more serious but I often play with fluff too. I touch on controversy from time to time and like it when others do too. Your more serious posts are always thought provoking and welcome.
    As for Mad Magazine - yup I am familiar but not so much a fan. I don't know Nutty Buddies and I don't have popsicles around but dark chocolate covered almonds - now those are worth the calories!

  10. I'm so gullible, I probably can't tell when you're not being serious. Mad Magazine reminds me of my cousins. They always had them so I got to read them at their house. Used to love the fold on the back page and the spy vs. spy .. what me worry?

  11. I tend to reel in my wacky, weirdness in my writing for fear of people having me committed. I like your wackiness, Lee. Keep it up.

  12. Sometimes, to offset my insecurity, I write silly, wacky things, just o make others smile. Then, I feel better!

  13. @Alex: I'm pretty sure that at least 2/3 of my kids don't have any real idea of what Mad Magazine is. I haven't seen one of those for sale anywhere in years.

    I am quite certain that people don't always read carefully what I am saying. I'm pretty sure it's because I sometimes/often use complex sentence structures that people aren't used to seeing anymore. Sentences that have to worked at. People don't tend to like to work at them. It amazes me most when it's a writer, but, then, usually, it's from a person that only ever reads YA books with sentences no longer than four words.

    And, yeah, jokes... what can you do?

  14. I still remember my brother getting his Mad Magazine as a kid and stealing it out of his closet so I could read it too!

    I'm new to your blog (and IWSG), well blogging in general really. I was insecure just about starting a blog, but that's another story.

    I look forward to reading more. I apparently have a bit of a dry sense of humor. I think I'm funny, but there are some that miss my humor at times. Of course, I think it's not my humor it's the fact that some take things too seriously :)

    Meredith's Musings

  15. I loved Mad magazine when I was a teenager.

    Depending on the company I'm with I have to be careful about what I say as some people sometimes don't get the fact that I'm not serious when I say certain things - never mind that I'm laughing when I say them.

  16. You've just given me a flashback. I remember loving Mad as a kid. The price was, according to the cover, "25 cents - Cheap!" Then it went up to "35 cents - Still Cheap". I saw a copy in my grandson's room not long ago. I don't remember the cost (much higher, of course) but it still said "Cheap!"

  17. I like the balance of serious and silly on your blog. I don't always comment, but you've given me a chuckle a time or two. And things to ponder. ;)

  18. Another nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookie!! I hear you! :)

  19. I never really paid much attention to Mad Magazine. And worry, I didn't know what I was until I had children.

  20. I love being silly! There's time for being serious, but not all the time. Otherwise our blogs would probably get boring.

  21. Yeamie -- I think Mad is a matter of time and place and you were not in either. I'm sure you have your own similar publications in the UK though.

    Alex -- We might be that old. The last time I looked at a Mad magazine was about 40 years ago.

    Yvonne -- Mad probably never caught on across the pond and it was mostly a boys thing I think.

    Jabblog-- Don't know how some of these regional names come about, but different countries often have similar things called by different monikers.

    Rachna -- If we didn't act wacky sometimes we might really become wacky.

    Karen -- I appreciate the loyalty whether in agreement or not.

    Shelly -- Sometimes we need to look at the other side in order to stimulate the conversation.

    Pam -- Nutty Buddies are the best on a hot day. Laughing is good for ones health.

    Gracie-- Dark chocolate covered almonds have to be healthy!

  22. Thea -- You're not the only one who's gullible. Sometimes I even fool myself.

    Sydney -- Thanks for the vote of confidence! May we always have a wacky side.

    Ink -- If I can make myself smile then I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

    Andrew - I try to write so everyone will get what I'm saying but sometimes I get caught up in my own personal world of humor that a lot of readers don't get. But that's okay as long as they get something out of what I've written.

    Meredith -- Yeah, join my missed-the-humor club. I know what you're saying. In any case welcome to my blog and please do visit often.

    LD -- Nothing's "cheap" anymore except a few of my attempts at humor.

    Mel -- And what you've said is exactly what I aim for.

    DL -- Good to know that you get what I'm doing. Sometimes at least.

    Susan GK -- Worry is usually fruitless, but it's difficult to avoid.

    Sarah -- I'm insecure that a blog post of mine could become boring. It can happen though.


  23. Wacky? Yes. I love wacky. I also love serious and informative. You give both, so that's why I show up.

    I loved Mad Mag. In fact, I had a friend who wrote for them. She was MAD. A perfect fit.

  24. Mad rules. I just think your posts are awesome. My fave frozen treat would be the ice-cream cake. You can be serious and funny if you really want to. Happy 4th.

  25. I always take you seriously...maybe I should come around more often :)

    I used to love Mad Magazine when I was a kid. It was one of the main reasons I liked going to the grocery store with my mom.


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