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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's Going On?

Reflections Post List Still Open!

       I've been making my way through the Reflections Posts for the A to Z Challenge.   Have you checked some of them out?   There are some excellent insights offered and some interesting commentary.  If you haven't added your own Reflections Post to the list, you can still add your link.  The Reflections Linky list will be open until Friday night May 10th.

       Did you pick up your "Survivor Badge" for the A to Z Challenge yet?   If not then be sure to save the image and then add it to your site.  Please link the image to the A to Z Blog.

Which Was Your Best A to Z Post?

        If you have a favorite post from the month of April or one that you think is particularly good that you'd like for more people to read, The Woven Tale Press is going to be putting out a special A to Z edition. They are looking for the best posts of the Challenge and yours might be one of them.  Find out more at the A to Z Blog.

Here's an update from the publisher:

      The Woven Tale Press has been blessed with so many terrific submissions! However, 
despite so many submissions, many are duplicate letters.

So A-Z challengers who have not already submitted, consider submitting your best of letters:

B, D, G, H, L, O, Q, S, T, U, W

Calling All Potty Mouths!

       My thanks to those who dropped by to comment on my previous post at Tossing It Out.  The topic was Why Is Swearing Important? and there were some great comments from many readers.  If you missed this post I hope you will go back to check it out and by all means read through the comments.   This post is the beginning of a three part series on the topic of "blue language".   I want to hear as many thoughts on this topic as I can find.   I would especially like to hear from anyone who likes to use blue language, thinks it's a positive contribution to our society, and would like to hear more of it used in the media.

A Reminder

Don't forget your Mom on Sunday!   Just a reminder for those who may have forgotten that May 12th is Mother's Day here in the U.S.

        Were there any particular Reflections Posts that stood out for you?   Did you get through the entire list?  Do you have an A to Z post that you'd like to submit to Woven Tale Press?

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  1. Someone who wants to hear more swearing? Let them watch Reservoir Dogs a few times for a fix.
    Lots of great themes for the Challenge. Would be hard pressed to select just one post though.

  2. Hi Lee - once again a great great challenge - and I've met some fabulous blogging friends, while many others I continue to enjoy.

    Not too keen on swearing, so I'll stick around here ..

    ... and yes I'll be toddling along route 66 having a few picnics as I journey round other bloggers ..

    Your American Mother's Day .. thanks for reminding me .. cheers Hilary

  3. Thanks for the reminder about Mother's Day...I'll have to remind my daughters.

  4. We're moving my son to Colorado this weekend so Mother's Day is going to be bittersweet for me. Happy to see him getting what he wants and missing him already.

  5. I'm hoping to get back from St. Louis on Sunday to spend time with my mom and my daughter. My son and his family usually stop by sometime on Mother's Day, too.

    I'm not sure if I commented on your :) I'm not a swearer unless I need to: bad drivers, bad people, hurt myself. Pain makes me swear mostly.

  6. Great A to Z challenge this year. I'm posting my reflections this morning and am linking to you. Thank you so much for starting the challenge. I had a blast with it!

    I think swearing is a turn-off. I think people use it to show power, and it pushes some people away. As a writer, I often think, you could pack a better punch with a better word or phrase.

    Cheers to the challenge!

    Play off the Page

  7. Alex -- Maybe the swearing is why I've never watched Reservoir Dogs all the way through. Bests for the Challenge would be a tough call.

    Hilary-- Road Trip begins!

    Em- I reminded my granddaughter last night before she left to go back to New Jersey. At 4 1/2 she doesn't seem all that aware though.

    Susan GK -- Watching the kids go is kind of sad for the parents, but exciting for them.

    Teresa-- You have a happy Mother's Day and hope nothing happens where you feel like you have to swear.

    Mary -- Thank you for an added thought about swearing that I had not yet considered. I'll add that one to my Monday post.


  8. Missed the swearing post...will have to check it out. I think you know why ;-)
    Thanks for reminding everyone about all the opportunities out there. I've been enjoying reading the reflections, and plan to make them the first leg of my road trip.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  9. I did check out some reflections posts and genuinely loved every one of them that I read. This year's challenge was the best yet and that's saying a lot because every year it seems to get better and better, I'm excited for 2014 already haha!

  10. I'm ordering a cake for my Mom, she's excited and wants to choose the design. I'm giving her free reign on that. Did my reflection post and I'm certain others are readying theirs as well.

  11. Though it's not Mothers day over here you have reminded me to visit her grave on the 13th when her birthday was.
    Now on my roadtrip.

  12. We had our Mother's Day here in the UK here in March,it was just another day to me.

    I have read so many reflection posts this week I had a day off,Yes there have been many good ideas for the future and some who did not like a few things this year,


  13. No mother and my step kids never seemed to equate a step mom with Mother's Day.

    I cannot imagine anyone wanting to hear more swearing in movies. Some of the movies seem to use the f word continuously, after 20 times in the first few minutes, I turn it off, I do like some proper dialogue in my movies LOL.


  14. I would never use swear words in my blog, or out in public but working on the house doing DIY I do have my moments....

  15. Tina - Thanks for visiting the swearing post and leaving your comment.

    Yeamie -- I think the overall quality and innovation keeps improving every year.

    Sheena -- Still a couple more days to reflect then the list will be accessible for the next many months.

    Bill -- Happy roadtrippin'.

    Yvonne -- Most event days are just another day to me any more.

    Jo-- I'm with you on the movie dialogue.

    Rob -- I know what you're saying. I may have even said it myself.


  16. I'll have to check out the swearing post as I'm a potty mouth. Can't say I always think it is right in media, but when it is bleeped out, I get frustrated. Bleeping out a word - or several words - doesn't keep the viewer/reader mind from filling it in.



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