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Friday, May 10, 2013

What Makes You Smile?

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     I was sitting here just smiling to myself as I was pondering what to write about for this post.  The reason for my smile was that I started thinking about things that make me happy or feel good.  Just thinking about this made me smile.  

         Here are a few things that bring a smile to my face:

  • Watching my grandchildren or talking to them on the phone.
  • Good news.
  • A movie with a happy ending or a positive message.
  • A compliment or a good word from someone else.
  • Paying a compliment to another or saying something nice to them.
  • "Say cheese!"
  • Seeing someone I love.
  • Reading a blog post that is funny.
  • Reading a blog post that says something nice about me.
  • Walking into my mother's house.
  • Being served a meal that looks really good.
  • Dessert!
  • Thinking about happy memories.
  • Just feeling silly.
  • Hearing laughter.
  • Seeing other people having a joyous time.
  • Me having a joyous time
  • When someone smiles at me!
        What are some things that make you smile?    Do you make a conscious effort to bring smiles into the lives of others?

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  1. What makes me smile?

    Having my photo taken with Daniel.

    Remembering our day in LA last year.

    Waking up each morning to another day.

    Remembering the time I got a birthday card and phone call from my family.......not so today.

    Wedding Day memories.

    All the wonderful places I have seen.

    Have a great week-end.

  2. This FB post makes me smile - I am smiling now. Thank you for the smile!

  3. Those kinds of movies make me smile as well.
    What else?
    My wife.
    Nailing a song on my guitar.
    And knowing I've done something nice for another person.

  4. This post made me smile. Also friends, books, a laughing baby, goofy pics, happy people and so much more. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. My gratitude for all the blessings in my life;
    Having my children and their partners as part of my life;
    Listening to my sons' band play;
    Knowing how close my siblings and I are;
    That aroma of coffee first thing in the morning;
    My cats tapping my face to get me to wake up;
    A wet nose or two with wagging tails greeting me as I awake;
    A little dachsie boy burrowing his way under the duvet to my feet to get warm;
    Catching up with news and a sundowner at the end of each day;
    Walking in my garden with my animals and listening to the birds singing;
    Knowing that the love and care I give may change a life;
    Being, because that's all that we can be.

  6. Kids and baby's laughter. Also people tripping but not getting hurt. Maybe it's my NY upbringing.

  7. Songs like, "Happy Together", "Victory in Jesus", and "Hukilau".

  8. Animated movies, kittens, and my husband's smile. And a good roller coaster gets even more than a smile.

  9. my husband's face, my son smiling, singing and seeing someone connect to it, dancing, playing guitar and singing with friends, flowers blooming, babies

  10. Pretty much everything on your list works for me. I'll add...

    Seeing my dad
    Birds at the feeder in my backyard
    Writing something I'm pleased with
    Sophie bounding through the tall grass
    Getting an unexpected call from an old friend
    My husband's laugh

  11. Pretty much all the things you mention bring a smile to my face... except grandchildren, because my kids are too young to have kids and the thought they would get somebody pregnant would NOT make me smile!!!!! :)

  12. I love laughter too, especially when it is a toddler.

    Spotting a cardinal or heron or bunny makes me smile too!

  13. I love it when my kids try to make me laugh! And they usually succeed.

  14. So many things, but two just off the top of my head would include a young couple holding hands making goo-goo eyes at each other walking through the park. And an older couple holding hands making goo-goo eyes at each other walking through the park.

  15. What makes me smile.

    Seeing a funny picture, reading a joke, meeting a loved one, watching a love story :)

  16. I am Mr Grumpypants. I never smile.

  17. I love making people smile or laugh. It's twofold because it does the same for me. :-)

    Today my smile came from seeing sunshine. Today is one of those mix bag days. On the northwestern horizon is dark clouds--we're due more rain--but the lush green, bight yellow mustard, that crystal clean view that comes after rain. It made me smile.

    Standing out in the sunshine watching my horses play and toss their heads made me grin.

    Catching sight of two bright flashes of blue. My Bluebird couple are home and it looks like another set is here, too. I worried because their normal nesting place was no longer there. But they found another place one the west side of my back yard. The other couple seem to be more on the northern boundary.

    Feeling the warm spongy ground under my feet made me smile.

    The caress of the warm, fresh smelling breeze and the kiss of the sun made me smile.

    Once you find things that make you smile it stays with you.

    It's a good day. :-)


  18. I'm known in my office for being the one to make people laugh. My team members appreciate me for it. Some things that make me happy:
    spending time outside on a gorgeous day
    watching and listening to the birds outside my window (particularly wrens)
    Star Wars (you knew that was coming)
    going to anime and geek cons with my daughter
    watching NCIS and West Wing reruns with my hubby
    music in general
    writing (duh!)
    oh my goodness- list could go on and on...

  19. Loved reading this Lee, it's always good to kind of stop and take stock of all the good that we have in our life and appreciate it, great little positive way to enhance everybody's Fridays. If it's okay I think I'll make a post soon about what makes me happy giving you full credit of course, just love this concept man.

  20. I'm glad I did this post today because I've been smiling all morning reading all of your comments. A lot there to smile about!

    Matthew, I'd love to see you do a post about this. It's good to see the happiness get spread around.


  21. Your blog mad me smile for a start. Something always guaranteed to make me smile "Who's on First". I like to make people laugh too although my writing isn't funny usually.


  22. I've been working on smiling for no good reason. Just because. I'm getting better at it.

  23. I have to smile when my 135 lb. dane plops herself in my lap. (After I catch my breath, that is.)

  24. Great pick me up post Lee! Nice list you got there. Thinking about my son smiling his goofy, toothy grin. Learning something new. Solving a problem. Reflecting on a happy moment from the past. Laughter and smiling is contagious. Let's spread it like a virus!

  25. I wrote a blog post about this a week or two ago. All we have to do is open ourselves up for happiness (a smile) and we'll get there. It's a lovely thing.

  26. Kids make me smile. My students make me smile, sometimes even when I'm trying to be very stern with them. My own children make me smile.

  27. My nieces and nephews make me smile. My cat makes me smile. A pretty day makes me smile. Having my favorite cup of tea makes me smile.

    I have a really long list, actually. :-)

  28. Just about everything makes me smile or laugh. My hubby, our kids and grandchildren, our cats, blogging, reading, writing, living. Yep, living. Every day my hubby and I wake up on the topside of the sod is a good one. And it doesn't cost a thing to smile.

  29. I do try to make others smile. And feel better about their day. Doesn't always work.

    Some things that make me smile:
    My grandkids
    Ice cream,
    Diet Pepsi
    Red Licorice
    My son's good grades
    A smile from my kids

    Just to name a few :)

    Have a great weekend Lee


  30. My kids make me smile spending time with them is my joy.
    attending my church and fellowship with friends makes me smile too.

  31. Thinking of the things that make me smile makes me smile!
    Everyone should keep their lists handy for times when they need to smile.

  32. I'm still smiling! It's so good to see so many smiling visitors to my blog with your uplifting comments. I agree, Donna Smith, it might not be a bad idea to keep a happy list at hand to remind us how much we have to smile about.


  33. Watching my kids learn and play makes me smile. Accomplishing something I've been meaning to do whether it is writing related or something else entirely makes me smile :) I love trying to get others to smile. One of my favorite ways to do it is by making someone something tasty!

  34. Like many of the others...this post made me smile!! It reminds me that smiles are everywhere, we just have to open our eyes and hearts. :)

  35. I laugh at anything. I try to bring smiles to someone every day through words of encouragement and a simple tidbit of insight to something they are trying to work out. People appreciate these and usually brings a smile to their face.

  36. It's starting off as a smiling Saturday! No downside to that! Thank you for the comments to start off my day.


  37. Great post!

    What makes me smile?
    - an "I love you" text from my husband or son
    - When our dog, Bentley, snuggles with me on the couch while I'm reading
    - Ice cream
    - When I hear a favorite song
    - Happy news
    - Walking barefoot in soft grass
    - So many other things!!!

  38. Just thinking of God's goodness makes me smile.

  39. Hi Lee,

    A nice, smiley post, my friend :) What makes me smile is the fact that I make even people who are having a lousy day, smile. Which makes me smile even more.

    I smile in the knowledge that I'm part of a sharing, caring community where there's so much two-way interaction. A community where we learn so much from each other in the diversity that is blogging.

    Have a peaceful and smiling rest of your weekend, Lee.


  40. What makes me smile? A hug from a child, a book with an inspiring ending, and looking at my wedding photos.

    Denise at Organization and Inspiration for Fellow Writers
    Denise Reashore on Facebook

  41. I smile easily, but some of the things that never fail to bring a wide grin to my face:
    When I see an old couple holding hands or sitting close together on a park bench
    When my kids wake up in a good mood
    When my kids do something sweet like clean the kitchen or walk the dogs without being asked
    When my husband hugs me after a long day of work
    When my dad is feeling well enough to attend one of my kids events
    When my kids get great report cards
    Anytime I am splashing in the pool or ocean
    Looking at old family photos
    When my mom tells me how proud she is of me or that I am a good mother

    Thanks for making me smile today

  42. Talking with my husband...being with my gr-kids...watching my daughter be a mother...seeing photos of people long gone...prayer...having no pain....lots of stuff makes me smile:)

  43. I will have do a post like this on a Friday more often. Your comments made for one nice smiley weekend for me.

    Thank you all!



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