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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get Healthy!

Original Tabasco red pepper sauce
Original Tabasco red pepper sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I'm out visiting today!

        Be sure to drop by Nutschell's The Writing Nut where I'm showing off my writing space and telling a bit about myself.   It's a fun little visit that I hope you'll enjoy.

Get Healthy Bloghop:
Get Healthy Blog Hop: 

Alex J. Cavanaugh, L. Diane Wolfe, Michael Di Gesu, and Stephen Tremp have teamed up for a Blog Hop that focuses  on health.  

The Objective: Share with everyone something you have done that affected your health in a positive way. You can share an awesome low cal low fat tasty recipe. Post simple tips to lose weight. Or a testimony on what has helped like joining Weight Watchers. Recommend a routine like P90X or Insanity. Or stretches one can do while sitting in their office chair working or writing. I'm sure people have countless great tips and ideas they would love to share. 

Here's what I do:

        Believe me, I'm no paragon of good health.  I've been fortunate to have always been relatively healthy, but I'll mostly attribute that to good genes and the providence of God.   But I have made some efforts in my life and despite all of my bad habits I'm hanging in there.  Here are a few of the things that might contribute my relatively good health:

  • Juggling-- It's a skill that develops good hand and eye coordination.  A quick little toss up now and then can be a relaxing stress-reducing exercise.  And since I'm not all that great of a juggler I drop a lot so that means I frequently have to bend over to pick up the props.    It's exercise.
  • Stop smoking -- I've been a relatively heavy smoker in certain times of my life--at times as much as 3 packs a day.  I finally quit for good in 1997.  I'm sure it's been very good for my health, not to mention that I save a bundle of money.
  • Moderate alcohol consumption -- I've never been a real heavy drinker, but I do find a drink now and then to be good for me.  It's fairly rare for me to drink, but I've heard that it can be healthful so I don't take any chances and take my medicine now and then.
  • Dark chocolate--I've heard that this is good for you too.  How could I ever argue with that?   I try to eat dark chocolate at least once every day or so.
  • Hot peppers-- I usually start every day with a small glass of Clamato juice with a few splashes of Tabasco Sauce.  Somehow, spicy food and hot peppers seem healthy to me.  They don't always rest well with my digestive system these days, but I'm standing by my love of hot peppers.
  • Walking -- I've always enjoyed walking and still do.  I need to walk more, but I do try to find a reason to take some kind of walk a few times each day.  I once had a plan to walk from Tennessee to California.  Now that I'm in California I think I need to walk back someday.  For the sake of good health.  Plus, it would be an adventure.
         Which of these do you do?   What is your biggest tip for good health?   Are pizzas with anchovies, onions, and hot peppers healthy for you?  (Please tell me they are.)

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  1. *Claps* Congrats on not smoking anymore Arlee and you take some unconventional but great steps to staying healthy. Juggling huh?

  2. Good for you for not smoking!!
    I don't drink much either. (And as a result, I'm a bit of a lightweight.)
    Peppers are great for the sinuses as well.
    Good tips, Lee!!! Thanks for participating in our blogfest.

  3. Very positive ways to get healthy, I can testify you walk a lot as I recall walking around Hollywood when we met up, but it was a great day,
    Enjoyed your post.

  4. Hi Lee .. I agree about the stopping smoking - good for you. The rest good ideas .. not so sure about the Clamato juice in the morning .. but tabasco would make a better choice than butter or cheese sauce ...

    Most of these I do - I don't eat much chocolate, thankfully never smoked, I juggle - but not your sort!!!

    Cheers and I'm off to see you at Nutschell's .. Hilary

  5. I definitely eat my chocolate and go for walks. Don't drink alcohol, but I drink plenty of water.

    Saw your interview at the Nut. Coolio.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. Love hot peppers and pretty much anything spicy! It does feel healthy for some reason, like sweating out the toxins without having to actually exercise. :)

    And good for you for quitting smoking!

  7. Unfortunately, I can't do anything hot. But my husband and I do walk after dinner every night, in addition to our workout routines.

  8. Walking is prob the best form of exercise one can do.

  9. 3 packs a day! congrats on kicking that

  10. I quit smoking a long time ago so am always glad when anyone else does. At the time I was walking every day and lost 40lbs. Wish I could do that now.


  11. Sheena -- Not sure if my steps really work, but I guess I'll find out someday.

    Alex -- Peppers clear the head! Thanks for hosting.

    Yvonne -- Yes we did some walking. I was concerned that I was wearing your brother Keith out!

    Hilary -- I think the clam nectar is supposedly good for me and the tomato juice has benefit. Tabasco is one of the zings of life. It all sounds good for me (except for the sodium maybe).

    Shelly -- I left out water. I usually drink several glasses a day.

    Madeline -- I've eaten hot peppers all my life. It's like an addiction.

    Diane --My wife doesn't like spicy stuff either. I need to walk more than I do.

    Pat -- I've heard swimming is the best, but give me walking any day. Besides, I can't swim to the store or the bank.

    Baygirl -- My cigarette smoking got pretty absurd for a few years there.

    Jo -- Now I have to lose some weight too. Since I eat less than I used to I'm not sure why I haven't been losing.


  12. Sounds like you're doing some good stuff! I am really good on the exercise piece, but seem to fluctuate on the intake. I've been really good this year, but my history is a lot foggier...

  13. I've heard smoking is the toughest habit to kick-- good for you! I too love walking, hiking and yes, a lovely piece of dark chocolate. :)

  14. I drink rarely, but when I do, I enjoy a nice glass of wine. I love chocolate, but it doesn't love me. I do walk and mostly, I dance for exercise.

  15. There's some seriously kooky but awesome advice in here Lee, I wasn't expecting you to say that juggling was a good way for exercise but I don't know why, I should have seen it coming! The chilli one is some interesting but helpful advice though.

  16. My hand-eye coordination is very poor. I should practise more, but I'm too busy eating dark chocolate!

  17. I've been healthy most of my life - an athlete and a vegetarian. Never did drugs never smoked. alcohol I have done in moderation so when I got cancer a number of years ago I was in shock.

    Stress I found out would have been my killer - laugh and play often and write poetry (it's a good place to put the negatives)

  18. I'm a Tabasco junkie. Glad to hear it's so healthy.

  19. Hart -- I have a very foggy health history.

    Julie -- Quitting smoking was a breeze for me--I just decided and did. Now if only I could cut back on my sugar intake.

    Karen -- No dancing for me unless I've had too much to drink or have to go to the bathroom really bad.

    Yeamie -- Juggling can be excellent exercise for brain and body.

    Annalisa -- Dark chocolate could be a priority.

    Moondust-- I've heard that stress is our number one enemy for good health. I try to avoid stress as much as I can.

    Johanna -- Greetings fellow Tabasco fan. Don't take my word on it being healthy, but it just seems like it could be. Maybe Tabasco should hire me as a spokesman.


  20. Congratulations on quitting smoking!
    I love Tabasco too I'm only glad its okay to eat it, since these days almost everything needs to be eliminated lol

  21. You should mix your hot peppers with your dark chocolate for an awesome treat.

  22. Lee, you probably won't believe this, but my dad used to drink Clamato juice almost every morning. I think he picked it up from the Navy or something.

    Congrats on giving up smoking, I know that's a tough one, but the health benefits gained from doing so are enormous.

    Well done :)

  23. Yea on not smoking anymore! My husband likes hot sauce. Puts it on a lot of different things.

  24. I must have inherited all of these things from you because I stick to all of these rules except the smoking (never took it up). I do need to juggle more though! And I definitely get my fair share of dark chocolate!
    <3, your daughter

  25. Great life choice on giving up the smokes. I'm not much of a chocolate fan at all but the occasional drink sounds healthy to me.

  26. I quit smoking years ago. It's one of the best decisions I ever made. Really cool that you're a juggler. That sounds like so much fun. Moderate alcohol, dark chocolate and walking - sounds like a plan to me! :)

  27. SK -- I hope Tabasco is okay! I think it is.

    Andrew --I've been seeing dark chocolate with hot chili candy bars in the store and have been tempted.

    Mark -- I don't know where I picked up my Clamato habit, but it's the best. I like it better than V8.

    Susanne -- I've cut back on my hot sauce consumption, but still I use it a lot.

    Ada Z -- Be sure to teach Lillee and the upcoming babe to juggle so it stays part of the heritage. Love you Sweetie!

    Susan GK -- I'd probably drink a lot more if I were single. Thank goodness my wife keeps me in check.

    Tami -- Yes. El Scorcho!

    MJ -- Smoking got so expensive too. Quitting was good for my bank account.


  28. I love tobasco. Spicy is good for you. I also use quite a bit of cayenne pepper in foods I prepare. Even in cookies--yes, it adds a nice touch.

    I crochet. It's calming and allows my mind to roam free. I sip a nice whiskey now and then.

    I've never learned to juggle objects. Just can't seem to pull the rhythm together, lol!


  29. Can't handle the Tabasco. My stomach definitely hates spicy, and I have a touchy digestive system.

    But walking and some of the others are do-able. I like a glass of wine every now and then. (purely for health you know). Will check out the Writing Nut!

  30. Congrats on your smoke-free life. I've know a lot of people who've quit and they've all said it's one the hardest (and healthiest things) they've ever done. Go, Lee!

  31. I love spice and walking! I am happy you quit smoking! It is a process isn't it! Sounds like you are good at juggling, in real life :D

  32. Sia -- Being calm and relieving stress is a very good health practice.

    DG -- I handle Tabasco better than any other hot sauce. I've even drank it straight (in small doses). It has a high vinegar content and I've heard that vinegar is supposed to be good for you.

    Beverly -- I don't think I was ever a real smoker at heart, but there was a period where I just enjoyed doing it. Maybe there's a blog post about this in the future.


  33. Ella -- For me quitting smoking was not a process at all. I just said I wasn't going to buy any cigarettes after I polished off my last pack and I didn't. It really didn't bother me at all.


  34. Good for you for quitting smoking! I quit in 2005. It was my first step in turning my health around. Not smoking and going easy on the alcohol are two of the best things you can do for yourself. And the walking..that's great too. Watch, you'll outlive us all!

  35. Hi,Lee,

    Glad to hear you are HEALTHY....

    Yes, there are health benefits to RED WINE.... only ONE glass a day. Any more and it works against you.

    Dark Chocolate... A MUST! a piece a day is perfect!

    SO glad you stopped smoking! It truly is a killer!

    Juggling... How cool! I remember you mentioning this ages ago. Glad to hear you still keep it up.

    Hot peppers. Yes, spices are also healthy.

    WALKING.. a must, and SOOO enjoyable.

    Now, as for the Pizza... well the cheese has minimal protein, but the crust is BAD... WHITE FLOUR is NEVER GOOD. LOL. SO try to keep that at bay.

    Thanks for joining the hop!

  36. We all like hot spices in this house, me the tiniest shake to add flavour and one of the boys prefers habanjero (?sp!)but it all helps make food taste better - especially bland foods!
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

  37. I smoked and drank and did other things back in the day. Now I just drink wine. If there is one thing I really regret and wish I could go back in time and change was smoking.

  38. And I heard spicy stuff like tobasco and hot peppers are great for preventing colon cancer too.

  39. Eve-- I hope I have many years ahead of me--if I can afford to keep living.

    Michael -- Glad to hear the good news, but the pizza is as I suspected. I will keep that in moderation since my wife doesn't like pizza that much and I don't get it often.

    Suzanne -- I don't use the hot spices as much as I used to, but I still need them here and there.

    Stephen -- I wish I could have all the money back that I burned up in cigarettes. Also, the tomato in the Clamato juice is good to prevent prostate cancer--so I've heard.


  40. Congrats on working on your health!

  41. Congrats on quitting smoking! That's a habit I never desired to have. I sure wish I could get my sister to quit :( Any tips are how to encourage loved ones to quit smoking?? She's only 5 years older than I, so every now and then I tell her she's going to feel really sorry in twenty years when people think she's my mother. That makes her pause for a moment, but she still looks young now so it's not yet enough incentive to get her to quit. Sigh.

    I love exercise! I've always been active since I was a kid, and though I no longer do organized sports now (just for fun!) I make sure to exercise 5 or 6 days a week. I have an elliptical and I often read while I'm on that. I use weights and I have a couple exercise DVDs I like; Cindy Whitmarsh is my favorite. I see good results pretty quick when I do her workouts!

    My husband and I eat pretty well, too. I make sure we have fruit and/or vegetables with each meal. We have the NutriBullet, which is awesome. I love making a healthy veggie/fruit drink for breakfast after my workouts!

    But I never ever say no to chocolate!! :)

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  42. I love hot peppers and eat them almost everyday and add them to most recipes. I hope they are good for me too.

  43. Gina -- I'm not sure I can actually call it "working".

    Laura -- I never desired to have a smoking habit and then I started. Oh yeah, I think I'll do a post on this in the future.

    Desert Rocks-- I salivate whenever I think of hot peppers. It's kind of weird.


  44. Hi, Despite all the disparaging things you've said about WordPress in the past, I've decided to include you in my list of nominees for the WordPress Family blog. It's for fellow bloggers who have supported other bloggers, like you have me. Thank you. If you're up for posting a WP logo on your blog, come get it from me. :-)

  45. There was one time when I was riding with my dad as we traveled to another pipelining jobsite that I wanted to eat one of the sandwiches that mom had made for him to eat as he drove. I think I was around 7 years old at the time, and I thought he was just being mean for telling me that I could not have one. Well, I could be rather irritating, and he finally let me have a bite out of one. That was my first taste of Tabasco Sauce, and it took several years before I could stand to even get a whiff of the stuff. Yeah, my dad had a good laugh after he "convinced" me to quit crying. Sigh.

  46. Jagoda -- Thank you! I'm feeling better about WP of late since it seems like I'm off the spammer list and my comments are getting accepted now. I'll check out the logo and consider it. Actually I keep meaning to clean most of the stuff off my side bar to make my page load faster. Haven't been adding much to the page lately.

    Jerry -- I don't recall exactly how I acquired my taste for the piquant but I've loved hot peppers since I was a kid.


  47. This is timely for me, as I'm working on my health, too. I've lost twelve pounds since getting back from Ireland, and feel like I'm really on track.

  48. Kelly -- Twelve pounds is excellent. I'd like to lose, but my weight has stayed about the same for the past 5 years or so. At least I'm not gaining and that's good.



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