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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Should I? Shouldn't I? : #IWSG


            I'm kind of tired.   It's not just the April Challenge.  I was tired before that.

            Maybe I'm blogging too much, but when it comes to making rounds visiting and commenting I feel like it's never enough.  There are so many great blog posts to read, so many blog relationships to maintain, and so many things to learn about the art and science of blogging.  It can easily become a full-time preoccupation.

           Now I need to focus more on writing and income.  Full-time blogging could involve both of those, but I still haven't figured out how to satisfactorily reconcile these elements into a situation that would provide personal fulfillment and a blog product that would effectively generate income.

            No, the writing needs to be writing writing.   I think you know what I mean.  Blog writing is writing, but is it writing for the ages?  I mean, it can be, but if it just stays hidden away in the bowels of cyberspace who will read it once it fades into the archives.

             I suppose I can use the same argument if I finally finish a book and it fades into the obscurity of a listing on Amazon or some other purveyor of unknown literature.  Who will read it?

            Stop man!  Don't speak with such self-defeat.  You can do it.  Someone will read it if you write it.  Quit complaining and just get busy.  What's the deal anyway?

            Oh yeah, it's Insecure Writers Support Group day.   More whiny writers can be found at Alex J's blog.    Well maybe not as whiny as me.  I guess you'll just have to go over and find out for yourself.

           Have you felt whiny lately?   What do you do when self-defeat starts rattling you door handle to try to intrude on your dreams?



  1. Lee, I get periods of time where I feel exactly the same. No matter how much time and effort I devote to blogging I will always feel like there's more than I could do and sometimes I feel tempted, sorely tempted to take a long break. Every time I do desire a break though, I realise that there is so much I'd be missing out on if I left and quite often that keeps me there, maybe it's the same for you as well. Don't feel bad if you do take a break though buddy, there's nothing wrong with that in the slightest.

  2. I'm pretty new to blogging, and I've definitely felt overwhelmed at times. The A to Z challenge was my baptism-by-fire, and it cut into my writing time a LOT.

    I've always found myself struggling with the feeling of not doing enough, though. I put in as many hours as I can at the writing desk, but I still feel like I could be doing more.

    But, hey, that's a good thing. It means we still feel that drive to write, blogging or otherwise.


  3. There is never enough time to do it all. Do what you want to do.

  4. Blogging is a huge comittment. It sounds like you need a blog break. I find it helps to take them now and then, to re-charge the batteries and catch up on all those other aspects of life that get neglected when I'm tapping away commenting, following and posting.
    You are, after all,a mega-star blogger, so I'm not surprised you are tired. Take care.

  5. I agree with Donna! There just aren't enough hours in the day, and eventually, something has to give. Bloggers are pretty cool, so even if you take a step back, I doubt they will leave and forget you!

  6. With all the good advice you've given us, Lee, you could compile and published a book of your best blog posts. That counts as writing writing and it ticks all the boxes :)

  7. The A-Z Challenge took the wind out of my writer sails. You were sooo busy with it, I'm amazed you can even blog this week.

  8. Yes I agree with all you said. I've not been writing for very long and most of my writing is blogging which I didn't consider as real writing until a few writers told me otherwise. I'm loving writing and sometimes wish I could be left alone to just write. I do love visiting blogs and it's a learning curve as well but trying to comment and follow some blogs is harder than entering the USA without a passport, and very time consuming. Not this one though.

  9. Don't risk burning out. If you need to take a break your followers will understand. We all need to take pause to recharge sometimes. You'll feel so much better afterwards.

  10. I've cut back on my blog reading and writing to make more time for writing my stories. It's not always easy to maintain everything at once. Of course, here I am trying to catch up on everyone this morning. Lol

  11. You speak for many people.

    Currently, a friend and I are emailing back and forth discussing the future of our blogs. Extreme growth would parlay to income, but would be demanding and "a job." :)

    Maintain the status quo is a great outlet and hobby. It's benefit is having friends, people that you can actually get to know. And, I learn a LOT from such a diverse group of people.

    When I feel defeated, I give into it - just for the day - then wake up the next day and try it again. If it's an ongoing battle, I try to find another war. Actually, I try to find peace. :)

  12. oops... should have been "maintaining" and "its"

    probably a few more grammar issues there too


  13. Between writing books and social media, I hit burnout about two years ago. I pulled back on both, which wasn't a great idea as I've had a hard time doing either since then.

  14. My journals are filled with whiney pages, LoL. When I'm feeling defeated, chocolate and a good book boosts my spirits!

  15. Oh, Lee, I feel your pain. Whine all you want. You deserve it.

  16. Hang in there Lee. I think you deserve some whine time with your blogging investment of late.

    I get more whiny after not sleeping enough for an extended period of time. For me, it is amazing what an 8 hour sleep cures in my life.

  17. Yeamie -- It's okay, I'm just writing something in the spirit of the IWSG.

    JW -- There never seems to be enough time for the things we want or need to do, but I guess that's what tomorrow is for.

    Donna --There are repercussions for anything we do and I guess I'll never be able to do all the things I want to do.

    Madeleine --Maybe not a blog break as much as a blog schedule readjustment. Mega-star blogger? Thank you for that compliment.

    Kyra -- Now that I know some of the ropes of blogging I can always reestablish myself if I choose to back off, but I'm probably not going far if I do go anywhere. I was just creating a whine post.

    Jamie -- I'm thinking, I'm thinking...this is one of the things I could consider.

    Em -- It seems like I can always blog even when I think I can't or try not to.

    Cassam -- Judging from all the people in the U.S. without passports I don't think it's all that difficult to get in this country. But that's another topic for another day.

    Elise -- What I need more than any break is a full night's sleep, but that again is another blog post.

    Miranda -- I probably need to just take some days off from visiting, but I hate that I might miss something good--I'm already doing that without taking a blog reading break.

    Anita -- Did I miss something? I think there is more to your comment than grammar issues.

    L. Diane-- I know how something like that can go. I guess it has something to do with habits and routines as much as it does passion and desire. Probably for me a reassessment is due.

    Laura -- I've been yearning to read a book lately. I think it's time.

    Karen -- I probably should dispense with the whine and break out the wine. Or maybe the bourbon and become a real writer.

    Slamdunk -- That sleep thing has become an issue with me. I could use an 8 hour stretch. I woke up at 3:50 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Just one night I'd like to go to bed at 10 and get up at 6 or 7. But actually this is another blog post. Everything's a blog post anymore.


  18. It is so hard to keep it all up and find a balance. I think we need to remember that the people we follow and follow us don't expect us to be there every minute, every post, every comment. We want each other to succeed and that means taking breaks and focusing. When I feel stuck, a lot of times I think of all of you out here and it motivates me and the support here brings my confidence right back up.

  19. I get like that . . .and I just have to pray, get outside, laugh with my family, pet my dogs and my cat, and just give myself something fun and silly to write. I have to find the joy again, and then it seems my confidence follows. So, I hope you find your joy today and your confidence. You can do it!

  20. Just pulled my old pom-pons out for you, Lee.

    You can do it ...
    You can do it ...
    You can do it ...

  21. I haven't read all the comments, but the A to Z challenge definitely cut into writing time -- for you, the head of it all, it must have been an enormous time-eater.

    I'm pulling back from a lot of the visiting and commenting I did during the challenge, and getting back to my writing in full force (and to my regular blogging. I have said ad nauseum on the A to Z posts that I've missed my normal blogging). If we don't do our regular writing, then there's not a lot of point to building a platform, or any of those things.

    So, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to write I go!

    All the best to you.

    Beth Stilborn

  22. Yup, I've been pretty whiny myself lately. I know it's not helpful but that doesn't seem to stop the whining.

  23. Remember the guy on the old Ed Sullivan who used to spin all those plates on poles? If you've just flat out got too many plates spinning, take a couple down to a while. You can always start them back up later.

  24. >> . . . No, the writing needs to be writing writing.

    Gee, LEE, where have I heard THAT before?

    Oh, yeah, that's right! I've written it dozens of times, directing it from my blog and comment sections at wannabe writers who spend the majority of their writing time writing ABOUT writing instead of just writing.

    It always went something like this:

    Stop writing about writing and WRITE!

    Seems I was on to something, eh? ;o)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  25. Tracy Jo--Excellent outlook. I need to remember this.

    Tyrean- Balance is where it's at. In fact as soon as I finish this block of responses I'm going to get dressed and go over to WalMart and buy stuff to make sandwiches later on. I'm so excited.

    Suze -- I can always use a cheer squad to prod me onward.

    Beth --- Sounds like a good plan.

    Southpaw -- Sometimes you gotta whine. It's like venting the steam on an old locomotive. If you don't let it out you'll explode.

    LD -- Oh gosh, now you've reminded me of another blog post I'll have to do someday. Spinning plates on poles--yes I remember more than I can say here. Thanks for reminding me.


  26. StMc -- I heard you all along and know what you're saying. I'm playing a part today to participate in this IWSG thing. The first thing I thought about to write was whining and this seemed like a good topic to whine about. But yeah, I know what you're saying.


  27. Where do I sign up for this full time blogging? Hope the hours are flexible.

  28. yeah wish i could get paid for blogging--keep on trucking---now that's an oldie that should give ya a smile :)

  29. When I feel self defeat knocking on the door I remember one Thursday in February when I met a person at my hotel. He took the time to take my brother and myself around Hollywood, also talk to me about blogging. .......his name was Lee. You are an inspiration to many alongside of Alex.


  30. Jamie has a good idea there! I always think, if just one person has enjoyed one you've written, then that's pretty damn awesome :)

  31. So glad I saw this on your blog! I'm totally doing this, I'm a very insecure writer, which is why I hardly write anymore. I'm just so afraid of how people are going to react to my thoughts on life.

  32. Perhaps you need a break, Lee... just to refresh and rejuvenate the spirits... the A to Z has taken its toll on all of us... phew!
    I can't imagine how you're feeling after the rollercoaster ride...

  33. Absolutely, Lee. There isn't enough time to do all I want to do. Comes down to priorities.

    As for blogs...I enjoy what I do, but what's the purpose of your blog? is it for connections of friendship or is it for promotion of writing? Is it for imparting info?

    Each blogger has to decide that and how much time should be allotted for that. Time is finite and that means using it wisely, imo.

  34. the balance is exhausting!!! and then there is life and (for me) writing about life. best to YOu, monkeyME

  35. There's never enough time. Good post for IWSG day.
    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
    @thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

  36. Alex -- The "pro-blogging" is there and you make your own hours. Beyond that I have still not fathomed how to do what needs to be done, but I don't think the content would be what you or I do now.

    Lynn - I indeed recall "Keep on truckin'". I want to get paid for the kind of blogging I do now--wouldn't it be nice.

    Yvonne -- You are very sweet to say that. Thank you.

    Anna -- Who knows? It may come to pass. I wouldn't be the first to do what Jamie suggests.

    Quirk-- Don't stop! Keep on writing. Doubt can be okay as long as you defeat them and don't let them control you.

    Michelle -- Or maybe instead of a break take an alternate route for a while and get a change of scenery.

    Sia -- My main purpose in blogging is to write. I've been doing that and writing a whole lot of different things. Today's little piece is just my bit of contemplation as I consider possibilities.

    Green -- So onward I write and will continue to write. Thank you for stopping in.


  37. Maurice -- Thank you. You're right. There only enough time to realize there's not enough time and then the time runs out.


  38. Arlee, do the best you can with each day that the good Lord gives you. You can't do it all. Sometimes a little cutting back, backing off, or taking some down time does the trick.

    I definitely feel whiney at times. Was a bit whiney earlier today because of the housework that needs to get done. My son will be helping me get things caught up on his days off from work. Sometimes it pays to be a little bit whiney. : )

  39. I'm always tired too and it's very, very hard to find a balance that works. Keep at it - you'll figure it out!

  40. I have my moments every now and again wondering why I write and comment and put such effort in it. After I analyze it I realize that I love doing it, and I feel some how fulfilled when I do. I love the feedback that comes from comments and love the whole idea of it.
    Tomorrow will be a better day.

  41. When I was teaching, there was a plaque in my room: Thou Shalt Not Whine!

    Even if only a handful of people read my book, I think I will find pleasure that they may have smiled at the end of each chapter, and maybe, just maybe, regretted the turning of the last page.

    I live to hope!

  42. I have to back down on my blog reading as well as my blog writing or I'll never find time to work on my WIP. I haven't had time to read a book in two months...egad!!

  43. I know what you mean Lee. I always feel I'm letting my blogging buddies down, and I miss so many good posts; but man, I gotta go to the day job and write something besides a blog post or book review once in a while.

    Taking this short break during April has let me catch up on some personal stuff - but still, I didn't get any writing done. Being more organized has to eventually help that area too, right?

    And, congratulations on the success of your brain child A-Z challenge. I bet you never expected it to be such an awesome event. You have been an inspiration to many blogger/authors Lee.


  44. I've often complained about feeling this way. Some of the moments in which I felt overwhelmed and ready o give up so that I could give my full attention to other projects happened in your blog's comment form.

  45. Absolutely! A-Z is brilliant, but I'm so burned out, my blogs still hosts the z post. And I still feel like I owe 3,000 bloggers more comments.

    This is a good time for reflection and that might include a better balance between blogging and writing.

    Wagging Tales

  46. Enjoy your whine, take a break and then re-assess what's working for you. Blogging's fun but when it becomes a chain round your neck then things needs to be reconsidered.
    True fans have probably felt the same way at times and will understand, if the others drop away, then you've less blogs to visit and --- dare I say it --- more time.

  47. I get like that sometimes, wait a lot of the times. I think anymore life seems too fast paced, not enough hours of daylight to do everything I want/need to do.

  48. LOL, more whiny writers? Yep, I guess I fit in that category this month. Great job with the A-Z challenge. Next year I'm going to be prepared in advance. I'm afraid some things got in my way. :( I tried though. I finished the challenge. I just didn't visit as many blogs as I had hoped.

  49. Susanne -- I've already started reading a book as part of my getting away.

    Jemi -- I think teaching can be draining. My wife is always tired when she comes home from school.

    Kathy -- I agree. After all we could be doing some useless activity like watching mindless TV programs and not have the fulfillment of that time spent.

    Susan -- A sense of accomplishing something can be a big reward. A million dollars would be another reward. I'll hope too.

    Donna -- That's what I'm saying. We all need more time.

    Donna -- It's funny how when you make time for something there's always something else that comes along to fill that time.

    Nellie -- I guess if we didn't feel this way it would because we'd become complacent and didn't have anything left to do. It's probably good to have things to keep looking forward to.

    Charmaine -- I guess maybe it's better to feel like we own a ton of comments than to be waiting to receive a comment.

    Sherry -- When I find a job that may seem like a chain around my neck too. I hope I find that happy medium.

    Gossip Girl -- Maybe having too many ideas is a curse as well as a blessing. Is it time to stop thinking and just take a nap?

    Ciara -- I think most of us didn't visit as many blogs as we had hoped. But there's only so much each of us can do.


  50. The only time I get feelings of being overwhelmed is when,I put to much on myself/trying to juggle too many balls at one time.

    Stepping back from things that are outside of me and retreating within is my refuge/my connection to the Supreme Being; that retreat brings me back into balance.

    There's nothing within me that can defeat me since I have control over the things within; it is only the outer things that can cause the need for retreat; and when the outer things rattle my inner door handle, that's like a warning that reveals to me that - I've gone outside of myself.

    Bringing things within to the outer is balance; trying to juggle balls outside of me is chaos.

  51. I have felt a little frustrated at not getting more writing done in the hours I have.

  52. Betty -- Sometimes we need to step back to reassess our lives before we step back into the crazy arena of life.

    Susan GK -- It is frustrating but we only have so much time.


  53. Hi Lee .. You certainly have a lot on your plate .. and I admire you for your blogs, your ideas and your energy in the blogging world - let alone setting up the A - Z each year .. it's great .. however life is life - but it is your decision - and it will be interesting to see where you go .. with thoughts and thanks - Hilary

  54. could just tap into your extremely creative side and go a little crazy. That's what I like to do instead of whining anyway:) Happy Friday to you. A - Z was featured in Blogging Destinations Episode 1 today - as opposed to the pilate episode that you already read and commented's the link, in case you're curious...

  55. As I was reading your posts during the Challenge, I kept thinking Lee that you have a ready made framework for a "How to" eBook on marketing. Jamie Gibbs comment reflected a similar line of thought.

  56. Hilary -- I will be giving my upcoming moves careful consideration.

    MJ- I'm always going off in crazy tangents. Thanks for the mention.

    Paula-- It is a framework, but there is so much that could be added! I'm considering this possibility.


  57. A schedule readjustment sounds like a good plan. There's definitely some kind of balance that must be maintained, and it's different for everybody.

    Currently, blogging is still firing up my writing rather than impeding it. it forces me to start writing SOMETHING and once I'm in write-mode, I can transition pretty easily into novel-writing-mode.

    I do get that sort of self-defeat every so often though. When you just feel tired. When you wake up in the morning, and the things you used to love just feel like chores that you *have* to do. What I like to do in those cases is take a break and do something different. Change my routine up. You'll find your "thing," Lee :)

    In the mean time, can you do the post about the spinning plates sooner rather than later? (If you're not terribly tired by blogging, I mean) I love your posts about juggling and life. My dad used to juggle with work buddies on their lunch break, and I always send him your posts about juggling. They're very insightful and just plain cool.

  58. Follow-up note: I see you've been doing memoir at one of your spin-off blogs. I shall peruse that. Clearly there are more juggling posts to be had.


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