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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Debut and Some Questions for You

            Today I am pleased to share the debut of the cover art from Ciara Knight's upcoming novelette Weighted.  
Weighted is a young adult post-apocalyptic with paranormal elements. It is a prequel novelette toThe Neumarian Chronicles, and will be released August 2012. Book I, Escapement, will be released in 2013.
The Great War of 2185 is over, but my nightmare has just begun. I am being held captive in the Queen’s ship awaiting interrogation. My only possible ally is the princess, but I’m unsure if she is really my friend or a trap set by the Queen to fool me into sharing the secret of my gift. A gift I keep hidden even from myself.  It swirls inside my body begging for release, but it is the one thing the Queen can never discover. Will I have the strength to keep the secret? I’ll know the answer soon. If the stories are true about the interrogators, I’ll either be dead or a traitor to my people by morning.
Link to add Weighted to Goodreads shelf:

            The synopsis sounds intriguing and the artwork is stunning.   I wish Ciara great success with this release and the series to come.
And Now Some Questions For You:
           It's Memorial Day week-end!  I've got no plans.  I'll be staying home and continuing to catch up with my blogging activities.   What about you?  Do you have any special plans for this week-end?  How about this summer?    Are you doing anything special for the summer?   

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  1. Memorial Day weekend? I live in the wrong country to know what that is! This weekend I have a list of competition entries to tidy up and send in. This summer - ah, that would take a whole blog to answer!

  2. This cover is so incredibly beautiful, the book must be great as well, it certainly looks it!

  3. Arlee ~ Thank you so much for sharing the cover at Tossing It Out. You are always so supportive.

    Yeamiewaffles ~ I'm so excited that you like the cover.

    I'm going to try to get some sleep this weekend. That is honestly my goal.

  4. Love CIara's cover! :)

    We had our long weekend last weekend - it was nice and relaxing - hope yours is the same! :)

  5. I'm wondering if your Memorial Day is the same as our Remembrance Day where we honour those who have and who still do serve our country. We have ours in November.

  6. Ciara's cover is really something! Wishing her all the best.

    Weekend plans? Trying to catch up on odds and ends, perhaps a bbq with the kids.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. The blurb on Weighted really drew me in...which, of course, is the point.

    No big plans for the weekend. Attending a special flag ceremony with my Scout so I don't forget what the holiday is all about. Then just work in the yard and give the desk its spring cleaning.

    Have a nice weekend, Lee.

  8. Excited for Ciara!
    Couple movies and many hours working on my third book. Yes, I lead an exciting life.

  9. Gorgeous cover! Plans? Mow the lawn, see MIB 3, maybe watch a demolition derby Saturday (unless it's too hot).

  10. That is a powerful cover. Love it.

    Yes, I'll be busy this weekend. I'll go back to summer school next week. I've had a wonderful week off.


  11. The book sounds fascinating! The plan this weekend is a cookout at my parents'. It's also my sister's birthday next week, so we always celebrate that Memorial weekend. Fun times!!

    Have a happy weekend, Lee!

  12. We might go to a ball game. Always have a good time people watching.

  13. i plan to go tomorrow and find the perfect treasure for my son colin on his birthday this weekend--i already have kelli's ---i always think some great adventure or true life changing--for the better--thing or things are going to happen in the summer---most times they do---but no concrete plans---enjoy your blog catch-up time :)

  14. Sounds like a good book. We don't have Memorial Day but we do have fabulous summer weather here. I'm typing this on my swing seat in garden shade.

  15. Yay for Ciara!

    I'm working this weekend. Yay for me! (not) ;)

  16. This weekend I'm beta reading for a friend, and maybe doing some editing on a short story I wrote over last weekend. I'm hoping to do a lot of writing over the summer so I'll have to stay away from the internet.

    Maybe :)

    Have a good weekend Lee.


  17. Hey Lee,
    How you doing? That's very good of you to bring attention to Ciara's work.
    Of course, as I'm sure you realise, last Monday was "Victoria Day" in Canada. They celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. Yet in Britain, they do not.
    Anyway, y'all enjoy Memorial Day and an actual summer in Britain would be quite something.
    Enjoy your long weekend, Lee.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  18. I'm working all weekend. Gotta catch up from being gone for three weeks. This summer? I'm debuting a book :)

  19. Thanks, Jemi, Karen, Alex, Li, Journaling Woman, Rosalind, and lbdiamond,

    LD - I'm so excited the blurb drew you in.

    Laura - I'm so glad it sounds good to you.

  20. Thanks to all for stopping by today and congratulations Ciara. I think you made a pretty grand splash today.


  21. Ciara's writing sounds fantastic. Congrats to her.

    I am, sad to say, working this holiday weekend (and not fun working). My summer highlites will consist of a week long vacation aboard a dive boat in Belize that starts in 3 weeks and a trip to Lambeau Field in Wisconsin for the Family Night game in August. As part owner of the Green Bay Packers I am sure I'll get some cool perks :). That's all til a trip to the Caymans in late September.

  22. Hi Lee - I love Ciara's artwork for her novellette ..

    What a question for a Brit .. I could list for Africa probably .. but I won't - my blog will show much of it .. 2012 is an incredible year for this little island ..

    Happy Memorial Weekend .. cheers Hilary

  23. Love that cover. My husband is working most of the weekend, so I'll be mostly catching up on yard work.

  24. The cover artwork is riveting!

    Just kicking back this weekend and hopefully catching up on some to-do tasks around the house and garden.

    Hope you have a nice holiday weekend Lee. :)

  25. Nice to hear so many of you will be relaxing at home like I will be. There's no place like home.


  26. That's a gorgeous cover.

    Plans? I didn't even know it was Memorial Day weekend.

  27. Dear Lee, I've come over to visit this second blog of yours. I see that you most often end with questions, so I'll think about what to do for a guest posting that would involve questions.

    As to this weekend and this summer: I plan to spend tomorrow (Memorial Day) with friends at a cook out.
    On Friday I went with a friend to visit the graves of my parents.

    This summer I plan to keep the house clean so that I'll be ready when...and if....prospective buyers want to visit it. Oh, I so hope I sell the house this summer!


  28. I love the cover of this one.

    We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake.


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