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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where Everyone Is a Winner: A to Z Video Challenge

          If you haven't heard who was the winner of the A to Z Video Challenge yet, I am proud to announce that the winner by popular vote was Rachel Morgan of Rachel Morgan Writes.   Here is the winning video for anyone who has not seen it yet or would like to see it again:

          Rachel's video is indeed a winner as you can see when you watch it.  As her prize she will be featured on various A to Z co-host blogs, which conveniently coincides with the release of her new book Guardian (Creepy Hollow #1).  You will be hearing from Rachel on Tossing It Out this coming Friday.  I'm looking forward to what surprises she will have in store as I asked her more questions than she could answer in one post.   Which ones will she choose to address?   We'll have to find out on Friday when our Video Challenge winner stops by.

         The winning video was chosen by those of you who were kind enough to vote and you are winners as well.   The votes were well distributed among the entrants making the contest a close race.  I want to put out a big thank you to everyone who voted, who tweeted, who posted videos on their sites, and who supported the Video Challenge in some way.  

         And you can continue to support us by posting these videos on your sites, marking them as favorites on YouTube and leaving comments, emailing them to friends, and sending them out on social media outlets.   These videos are commercials for the A to Z Challenge.   With one last week to push the A to Z event let's do it up big and make a media blitz.  You'll be helping the cause of the Challenge and also helping get the talents of the video makers out in the eyes of the world.   You'll be doing something special that will be greatly appreciated.

         Though Rachel is the winner of the contest, in this post I want to recognize the fabulous efforts of the other participants:

            Ron Easton of  Dads Unlimited was the inspiration for the Video Challenge.  He posted a video recap of his 2011 Challenge Reflections back in December that set off an idea alarm in my head.  When I mentioned my thoughts to him about having a contest for people to send in A to Z promo videos he immediately came up with his entry to start the ball rolling.

            Ada Zdanowicz is someone I'll be talking about more in later posts.   She is the designer of the official A to Z logo.  Since I knew that she was also involved in video making, I contacted Ada about making a second video entry and she jumped right on it with her slick creative presentation.  Ada doesn't have a blog but she can be found at her website .   

           Nicole Ayers is someone you have seen often on my blogs.  Nicole is a talented writer to whom I have frequently turned for guest posts.   Not only did she assist me in putting together the Video Challenge and offering suggestions about it, she also submitted 3 videos of her own.  A big Bravo! to Nicole who can be found at The Madlab Post.  

         Also I want to thank these others who submitted their wonderfully creative and entertaining videos:

  Marta Szemik                      Marta Szemik's Blog
 Kathleen Medina                  Living 2012
 Dale Smurthwaite                 Smurfin' the Web
 Tracy Jo Blowers                Brand New Day  
 Reka Sang                           A Chronicle of Dreams
  Jocelyn Rish                        Jocelyn Rish

       I am so appreciative of all of the efforts of these bloggers and talented artists.  I hope that my readers will stop by all of their blogs to say hello and follow if you aren't already.   And don't forget to watch their videos if you haven't already.

          After all, the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is all about us--you and me and everyone one else who will be putting forth the April effort and who has already been putting forth the effort to make the April Challenge a big success.  The Challenge is many things and many people and I extend a thanks to all of you.

                 Have you included any of the A to Z videos in your blog posts?  Have you visited the videos directly on YouTube to "Like" them and add your comment?   Have you tweeted or Facebooked any of these videos?    What are some other ways you can suggest to share the videos?

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  1. Congratulations on your win Rachel, it's much deserved! You're right that everybody's a winner though Lee considering the amount of effort these people all put in for their amazing entries!

  2. Sincere congratulations to Rachel on the release of her book.

  3. Whoa, nicely done Rachel!

    Glad you had so many talented folks give it a try Lee.

  4. I see why this one won! (For the record, if I haven't mentioned it, my commenting and writing has slacked off as my book project nears a critical point. I'm working, which is wonderful --and you're one of a few bloggers I'm trying to make time for when I can!)

  5. There's talent all over this place.

    Congrats to Rachel on her win. I'll definitely be putting her video up. It's delightful.

  6. Congratulations, Rachel! And bummer, Lass' video was removed.

  7. Congratulations to Rachel! Her video was fantastic.

  8. Yeamie -- I like it when everyone wins.

    Teresa -- Thanks

    Suze -- The book is a nice accomplishment.

    Slamdunk -- I was please with the quality of the videos.

    Kelly-- I've missed you, but I appreciate that you've made time for me. I look forward to your project.

    C.Lee -- Promotion of A to Z is appreciated.

    Alex -- I hated to see the Lass's video gone. It was very unique.

    Christine -- Rachel did a wonderful job.


  9. Congratulations to Rachel! The video was so cute. :)

  10. What a great video! A well-deserved win :)

  11. Awesome videos! Congrats to everyone on their hard work - well done! :)

  12. A huge congrats to Morgan! It's a brilliant video.
    And congrats to everyone who entered. Truth be told, they are all great videos.

    I'm looking forward to the challenge

  13. Congratulations Rachel, I love the video. It was cute & entertaining. I will add it to my next blog post. Congratulations to all who entered. There were some great videos submitted. I will be back Arlee, for your interview with Rachel.

  14. Thanks for listing my entries among those recognized in this post. I haven't included any A to Z videos in my blog posts but I did visit the videos directly on YouTube to boost views. You'll (hopefully) never find me with a Facebook page, if I can help it, but I have mentioned the A to Z videos in my comments on blog posts by other A to Z participants.

    Some other ways that the videos can be shared, I guess, are through Google+ and Tumblr. Oh, and Pinterest, maybe, if there are some A to Z participants who use that website.


    Blogging at The Madlab Post while socializing @MadlabPost on Twitter.

  15. Cherie, Denise, Jemi, Lynda -- Thank you all for stopping by. There were some wonderful videos.

    Melissa -- We appreciate all who use the videos in their posts. They are intended to act as commercials for the Challenge so we encourage all to add them into posts.

    Charmaine -- I hope several people will go directly to YouTube and leave a comment.

    Nicole -- I'm sure there are many forums to share that I don't even know about.


  16. Thanks for the link, Lee. A well deserved win by Rachel. One last push before the birth now everyone :)

  17. CONGRATS Rachel! Cute A to Z Challenge video.

  18. Well done Rachel, and thanks to all who entered and entertained :-)

  19. I think that each A-Z Video entry had something special... it was very difficult to choose...
    Congrats to Rachael - her vid was simple but very effective...

  20. Amazing post as always :) I have taken action is sponsoring the A-Z Challenge videos. Liked them on YouTube, spoke about them, tweeted, posted on Facebook, and voted :)

    Congrats to Rachel on her amazing job :)


  21. That really is a great video. Well done and inspiring. All the videos were great, but that deserved to win.
    The Geek Twins

  22. Congratulations to Rachel! And thank you to everyone who made a video. They were all awesome!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  23. Congrats! Creative video and catchy music. Someone likes Mandarin oranges I take it? Wow, how many entries did you get Lee? Are you delving more into video blogging?

  24. Congrats again Rachel! Your video is amazing! I can't believe April is almost here! Julie

  25. Ron -- No problem! You were a real inspiration and I think the new direction of your blog will also be an inspiration to many.

    Suzanne, Sarah, and Mish-- Thank you for leaving the comment. Yes Rachel did well with her video, as did everyone who entered.

    Yadin -- Appreciate your efforts.

    Maurice and Shannon -- thanks! The video makers deserve recognition.

    Buck- Only 12 entries by 9 video artists, but it's a start. I'd like to do some videos on my blog. Maybe in the future.

    Julie -- We are getting close!



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