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Monday, March 5, 2012

New A to Z Videos--Where's Yours?

         The A to Z Video Contest submissions have been rather slow and did not reach the volume that I had anticipated when the idea was conceived.  However we still have another few days left for you to submit your video.  We are accepting videos until this coming Sunday night March 11th.

         This year the video contest aspect was an experiment that I won't deem a failure because it did generate some very creative entries.  If you haven't watched all of these videos be sure to go to the video tab on the A to Z Blog page and watch the ones that have been sent in so far.

          On today's post I am happy to present the two latest videos  received yesterday (Sunday March 4th).
Take a look at these creative efforts and enjoy.

          First up, we have an arty look at A to Z that incorporates a literary approach to describing the Challenge accompanied by some lovely visuals.  This video comes from Reka at A Chronicle of Dreams.

        Next up a very different approach made by Tracy Jo Blowers from A Brand New Day.   She's assisted by her husband Terry whose blog  Introspection is well worth a visit.

          Hope you've enjoyed these new videos.  Please be sure to stop by all three of the blogs that I've linked to that are associated with the videos.  Let them know that you appreciate the efforts they put into making these.   And I hope I can be recognizing a few more of you video makers in the days to come.

          On Wednesday I'll be hosting a very special Insecure Writers Support Group stop from the group's founder and a co-host of the A to Z Challenge, Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh.  Be sure to join us then.   And don't forget to post your own entry of insecurity.


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  1. Love these videos man. Just wait and see how things go, you never know that entries could start flying in now!

  2. Interesting videos. I stink at stuff like that, so I give major Kudos for anyone who tried!! Nice job.

  3. I liked the second video. I thought it was absolutely adorable.

  4. Very nicely done :) The A-Z video challenge idea is a good one, and the talent so far has been great.

  5. Those are both so unique! There may not be a lot of entries, but choosing a winner will be difficult.

  6. Loved the videos Lee. I have something to show as the week progresses but not video.

    Look forward to Wednesday as I have a few insercurities I wish to air.


  7. I have no creative talents in this area. But these were great fun to watch.


  8. Thanks for posting our video and such a nice comment regarding Terry's blog! I bet the videos will continue to grow...just like the bloggers signing up. Hope you had a great day!

  9. Thanks posting our video, Lee! We had so much fun creating this for the A to Z Challenge. I have enjoyed reading all of your posts and it's real pleasure meeting you!

  10. Being technically inept, I am lucky to have figured out as much as I have so far...Lots of kudos to those creative video people.

  11. Thanks Lee for featuring my video and I liked the descriptive words.
    I enjoyed Tracy Jo's video, quite a talent.

  12. My guess is the video entries are less than you expected because it takes a lot to put one together coupled with the fact that the creator is putting more of themselves out there. I'm still trying to grapple with this myself. Hopefully one day. Ready for the challenge?

  13. I agree with bucksaver...its a lot more intimidating to do the video than to post something written. All I can say though, is try it, submit it, and enjoy the love :)

    My son and I may try to put together another one yet...we shall see how time goes.

  14. How is the voting done? Is it strictly done by the blog hosts or do the readers get a say? Ada Zdanowicz's is my favorite.

  15. Nice videos. I've never done a video before, so wouldn't know where to start. This is my first year doing the A to Z Challenge, so my main focus has been getting started on my blog posts.


  16. I'd love to enter, but I totally suck at making videos! I look forward to seeing who wins.

  17. Brave video makers.

    A to Z has become so high tech!

  18. The videos are a great way to market the A-Z. What a clever idea!

  19. The videos can be intimidating though they are easier done than some may think. Time is another factor--I was thinking about making one myself (just for the fun of it, not for entry) but I haven't been able to make the time to do it.

    Buck--I'm always open for a Challenge.

    Maurice-- A poll will appear for voting on the videos starting March 15th.



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