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Friday, March 9, 2012

Comment Conundrum and More Comments About My Conundrum Post

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          Comments are one of the driving forces that motivates us as bloggers.  It's nice to get the encouragement that we usually find when we open up our surprise package that pours out sweet words from the readers.  This is something that makes me look forward to writing the next blog post.

           Even when the words aren't so adulating they can reassure me that someone is listening and often even be instructional and informative.  My favorite comment situation is when a dialogue opens up.  A reader who has commented has chosen to follow the conversation by requesting email notification of follow-up comments and they may come back to respond to my response or say something about another person's comments.  Alas, this seems to be no longer the case for some of us.

          Those of us on Blogger who use the pop-up window no longer have the email notification option so far as I can tell.  Now if the owner of the blog where I have left a comment decides to respond, I will probably not see that response since as I rule I don't keep going back to monitor the comment thread once I have left.  It's impractical to do if you're trying to follow many blogs.   Now I leave my comment and that's where my conversation usually ends.

         Lately I haven't been leaving comment responses like I used to because I figure that like in my case others don't return if they're not notified.  Odds are that most commenters weren't checking that notification box and never saw my responses, but still the option to have the possibility of dialogue was nice.  I still read my comments and in a few cases I do respond by e-mail, but that's not always an option and I don't always have the extra time that direct contact takes.    I'm not sure what to do.

           The notification option is still available on those blogs that have the embedded comment box.  I know that some have said they don't like this system.  For me the embedded comment box loads much more easily than it used to and I don't have much problem with it aside from Word Verification and even that I've just about mastered.  Should I switch back to the embedded comment box?  Would that deter you from commenting?

          I love comments.  Those who follow Tossing It Out will probably recall my series on the comments I received on a post at the beginning of this year.   I was so inspired by the comments I received on the post Where Am I Now Anyway? that I have been doing a series memorializing those comments and as a consequence that post has been receiving additional comments.  Here are the next two comments after where I last left off:

Blogger alexia said...

That's a cool way to look at things! I get what you mean.

As for me, I'm pretty happy with where I've been, am at and am going with my writing.
January 4, 2012 10:23 AM
Ah, Alexia!  Cool--that's what I want to be and you confidently assert your understanding of what I've said.  I find your positive reply uplifting and optimistic.   I makes me want to move forward as well.

       Please keep the comments coming my way--I love hearing from you.  What do you suggest about keeping the conversation option open?   Is the embedded comment box that bad?   Are you a fly-by commenter who would prefer to just have your quick say and then keep moving on?   If you are one who uses the pop-up window, do you reply to your comments and how will you handle this in the future if it less likely that visitors might be returning to see what you have said?

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  1. Hi Lee .. exactly my problem - so I'm glad you highlighted it. I can't comment on embedded comment boxes.

    However it looks like the only solution is to upgrade my blog and perhaps that way I will be able to

    a) comment

    b) and get comments flowing again to my gmail account

    I tried the Atom feed - but that's a nighmare - my Reader is overloaded and they don't aggregate as they do in gmail. Then I approve of the aggregation - otherwise I wish gmail would just leave it at calendar.

    I've a few other things I want to try ..

    I'll be back to read others' comments - thanks for giving us all something to think about. Cheers Hilary

  2. I too love comments usually if someone's isn't so nice I don't take any notice as critique is all part and parcel of blogging.However one on the Insecurities of Writers Group really go me going, saying people don't like reading "Just Poetry" but my blog needs variety, As my blog is called "Welcome To My World Of Poetry" I thought it obvious how I wrote.

    As usual I enjoyed reading your post.
    Have a good week-end.

  3. comments are the best, it gives us a warm feeling that someone is out there. i agree blogger doesn't need to improve, just maintain.

    all the best and happy day!


  4. I love your series of almost rewarding commenters by posting this kind of thing man. Comments are amazing and certainly help me too so I know the feeling. I don't even mind those automated ones that just say "great post!" or something even though I'm not sure why, a good, well thought out comment that makes me feel and engage myself is much better... Guess I just love comments!

  5. The thing I love most about the embedded comments is the "Reply" button - it makes commenting on other people's comments so much easier! I tried the pop-up window again for a while after a few people said they had problems with embedded but I returned to it because of the siren call of that sexy Reply button. Va-va-voom!

  6. I was the same for a long time when replying to comments. Now that Blogger has the reply in-line feature it's so much easier for me to respond. I'm a comment-reply Viking now!

  7. Comments are definitely a reward to the blogger!


  8. I miss getting the emails that kept me up to date with my fave blog posts. Even if I didn't go back it was still nice to see what other peeps said :)

    Universal Gibberish

  9. I agree - it's almost impossible to follow comment threads any more. Even when I got email missives, it often became too much, as my email box in the AM had far too many to read before work. I do keep tabs if a particular conversation develops by bookmarking that blog. I've had one-on-one email convos with a few blog authors as well :-)

  10. I'm with Cathy. I love the new reply button in Blogger. I really wish there was an easy way to track those replies, though.

  11. I've never subscribed to a comment thread because I get too many emails already. And sorry, not a fan of the embedded comment box. It's faster, but on a page with heavy graphics, it takes a moment to reload.

  12. I used to subscribe to nearly all the comment threads, but lets face it, that's a LOT! I LOVE getting comments on my blog, its a warm fuzzy feeling to know that someone is actually reading it. Now I don't subscribe unless I'm really really really intrested in the replys

    With that said, I read a lot of blogs, if there is already a string of comments, 20+ (gulp) I tend to not comment myself a lot of the times (bad me, I knoww)

  13. I enjoy getting comments!

    I started using the embedded comment box on my blog because the whole time stamp thing was messed up otherwise. I don't use the word verification but I do moderate comments.

    My system for returning to comments/blogs, etc is that I usually jot a note on a post-it of where I left a comment and then at the end of the day or once the next day, I check back to see if there's any reply. This way, I don't have a lot of stuff clogging my email. So far, so good. :)

  14. I often reply to comments via email, but I guess I'm guilty of not continuing the dialogue most times. I am grateful for every comment I receive though, and try to comment in depth when I can...but I do run out of time... As for embedded, not embedded...sadly, I'm not sure what you mean...but the new(est) word verification is quite tedious!

  15. I went back to the old style comment box embedded under the post because I was hearing that people liked to use the email notification option. No problem. I always follow comments on my own posts by using the dashboard comments tab and through the day, once or twice, I revisit blogs I've visited and commented on by scanning down the reading list on my dashboard. A tad time consuming but worth the effort.

  16. when I see a post i really like from you I just keep the comment window open and refresh it throughout the day. You can't do it with 30 different blogs though. Another possibility (at least from my blog) is to send people email responses to their comments when warranted.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  17. I have the pop up form right now and am still getting email notifications of new comments. So it might be something else that is stopping you from getting them. Sometimes the little boxes we click on our settings can get unclicked without us even knowing it. I prefer embedded comment form. The pop up isn't my friend, but I like to go back and forth to help those commenters who can't use the embedded form. I do notice I get more spam with the pop up than I do with the embedded.

  18. I love comments. Unfortunately I'm bad at leaving comments on other blogs.
    Stopping over from the A to Z Challenge. I can't wait to start!!
    P.S. Of course I'm your newest follower
    Giggle, Laugh, Cry

  19. I hate that they've removed the subscribe option. It doesn't make any sense. Unless it was an oversight, and, if it was, they've had plenty of time to fix it. I don't use the embedded window, because blogger broke it at one point, too, and it was almost impossible to get it to be available at all on some blogs. It seems that at any given time, it's impossible for blogger to have all of their comment systems working smoothly, and it's problematic to have to constantly be changing that stuff.

  20. Although I have moved my blog to WordPress, I was happy to see the blogger now has the threaded comment feature. It was one of the things that drew me to WordPress. I must say I hate the new long verification for blogger. I am always getting it wrong. Like you I tend not to go back to read replies unless I posed a question but I never really subscribed to the comments either though.

  21. I don't often respond to comments on my blog posts, usually because there is an email address and so I reply by email (and then after that I forget to add the response into the actual comments!). I prefer the pop-up window because it makes it easier to read multiple posts on someone's blog. Otherwise I have to then click back to the Home page after I've commented on one post, in order to see the other posts again.

    PS - I am still planning to get a video in before Sunday night!

  22. It can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster counting comments and comparing other people's comments especially if you are new to all this..lovely to have a comment left - a bit upsetting not to...even though I know you have to read and comment on others as much as write your own to keep it all rolling along...

  23. I don't click that 'follow by email' box often, but it really irritates me that it's gone. I hadn't realized it was available for embedded comments. I do find some blogs load so slowly that way, but I don't remember if yours was slow or not. Frustrating!

  24. I like reading your responses to previous comments, Lee. Maybe the person you are talking to doesn't come back, but I always enjoy the follow up and I think its a great part of what you do here. 2 cents.

  25. I don't like the embedded comment form. Why is it places like blogger and facebook and other social sites are always changing things and not always for the better.

  26. The whole comment thing is a real problem, Lee -- I do go back to a couple of the blogs where I know the blogger always responds, but each time we return to a blog, it takes time away from another blogger we might have visited with that time. I don't know what to do either.

  27. Thank you all for your comments. Whew! A lot of different opinions and approaches. And I'm still not sure where to go with this.

    Not having the email notification sure has reduced mail for me, but I also feel more alienated from those blogs where I used to get notification and no longer do.

    I need to think about this more.


  28. I don't subscribe to comments because too many emails flood my inbox... but I usually go back and check responses when I'm on the blogger's blog next:)

  29. Damn. I feel like I don't belong. I am not a blogger, just a person who crashes the party and posts when I can find the time. I have started to follow some amazing writers, but I don't get the rush when I receive a comment. The rush comes as I write and when I publish my post.

  30. I've been having a heck of a time commenting on some people's blogs as of late. I'm not sure what the deal-io is with that but it's making it a lot harder to comment. It asks me to log in with my account. When I go to log in to Google and then post my comment, the comment fades and I'm not sure my comment even gets read.

  31. I don't have a preference on which comment system people use. I do go back and visit blogs where I've left a comment, but sometimes it takes a while to get back :-)

  32. Hi Lee
    I have turned off my word verification. I can see in my gmail when I've had comments on my blog. I don't always reply specifically to each comment, though if there's an email linked to the person's comment then I may reply if I have anything to say.

    I love comments and have just checked my stats. I see that two of my posts have received over 500 pageviews and yet the number of comments is less than 50. However, if I had that many comments as well I'd be here all day following up on reciprocal blog visits and commenting back on their blogs LOL!

  33. Whichever method to settle upon Lee, I'll respond as usual.

  34. I don't like subscribing to comments, and I don't use email for reply.

    I use the embedded form and I do like the reply button. Then I don't have to search through all the comments to see if there was a reply. Those that don't ever reply, I don't usually return to, but there are exceptions, Lee. I try to always reply to my readers.

    I'm surprised at the number of new authors who don't reply to comments on their blogs. It's a two way street and bloggers and authors should remember that.

    I take the time to go back and check those blogs that I comment on but that may be different when you're wildly popular.

  35. I usually go back to check if you answered me. Anyway, why is Blogger making all these crazy changes?

  36. I don't care much for the way Blogspot comments work. Each time I comment on a Blogspot post it reminds me why I get so few on my travel blog. I do like my new blogs at Wordpress though, especially the email notification of follow-up comments. Few (or no) comments on a post that you've worked so hard to produce is very discouraging. Sometimes I ask myself if it's even worth it anymore... But, I keep plugging along, hoping I'll figure out how to get the readers engaged.

  37. Hi Lee - our own blogs are fine .. we get the comments and can reply.

    Others' blogs - such as this post - I've kept unread in Reader, so I see the follow-up comments - as it's a particularly relevant conversation and ?understanding (lack of) what blogger is doing ..

    I also don't understand - why some people can comment, others can't on embedded comment boxes, or even on my own pop up one now I've removed the anonymous option.

    It's a muddle ... and following and keeping up with friends in the blogosphere is what it's all about - otherwise we're up the river without a paddle ... and as you say - completely lost ...

    It is really strange - thanks for keeping the thread going .. cheers Hilary

  38. I prefer a popup window for blogs I comment on and for my own blog.
    It makes it easier for me when I am leaving a comment because sometimes I go back and look over the post while i'm commenting. If I'm on an embedded one it's a lot of go way back up and then way back down. It's easier to just go from one window to the other.
    For my blog there are times-especially when I write a review-that I have a read more option and if the reader doesn't want to read more, they can comment without doing so. (For instance-My reviews have spoilers and if the reader doesn't want to see them, they can comment with out seeing the spoilers)
    Everyone won't agree with one option, so I think it's what you like and what you think fits best for your blog. Yes it's nice to be able to do what our readers want, but you can't please them all. :)

  39. Well, I love comments like everyone. I have so little (and I mean LITTLE) time to read blogs that I am rarely able to go back (though I do on Hilary's because she's always responded so kindly to comments)so I usually leave a comment not expecting any response. Hope you find an option that works well for ya' cuz you get lotsa comments! :)

  40. It's my own vanity that makes me LOVE comments. But, it's also what makes me think I have something to write worth reading :D

  41. I am preparing (with a bit of fear and trepidation) for the A to Z Challenge, and have recently been pondering how to inspire 'conversation' via the comments on my blog. Thank you for the ideas and links that might increase comment activity.

    I look forward to the upcoming challenge!


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