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Monday, September 19, 2011

Worst Movies Ever Blogfest

Happy Blogoversary to Tossing It Out!!!
Two great years starting with the first blog post on September 19, 2009

       And now for the Worst Film Blogfest:

      The ever amazing blogfest innovator Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting the Worst Movies Ever blog fest today.  You can click the link to pop on over to join up if you haven't done so yet.

Here's the scoop:
Worst Movies Ever Blogfest!
On Monday, September 19, post a list of up to ten of the worst movies you’ve ever had the misfortune to watch. Films that just oozed awfulness and featured plot holes so big you could drive a bus through them. Any genre or year, but only theater and straight to video/DVD titles. (Otherwise we’d all list every movie ever made by the SyFy Channel!) Sign up, grab the button, and on September 19, give us the worst! And be sure to visit others participating in the blogfest.

So, are you ready to warn the world about some really bad films?

A few of my Bad Film choices:

           I try to avoid bad films unless they have been labeled "The Worst" and then I often find those to be so bad that I actually kind of like them.   Of course sometimes you can't help but catch a real stinker.  I've found that many films that have received absolute raves are pretty darn bad in my opinion.

            Some bad films that I've seen I tend to just forget them because they were so bad they weren't worth remembering.  For this reason I'm sure I'll miss some films that I thought were bad when I saw them.   The films that I've listed are the ones to which I had a strong negative reaction of dislike, anger, disgust.

The Horror of Party Beach (1964)   --  FOR YOUR PROTECTION! We Will not permit you to see these shockers unless you agree to release this theatre of all responsibility for death by fright! (original newspaper ad).   With an advertising blurb like this you know it's going to be pretty bad, but it is one of those films that is almost so bad that it's good.  It's the monster costume that does it for me.  This is one terrible costume.  Plenty of bad acting and run of the mill beach music.  Okay, in the right frame of mind this could be an enjoyable flick for some.  I don't really hate this one, but it is pretty bad.   This is one of the better films of the ones I've chosen today.

            Death Tunnel  (2005) -- The set is the best thing about this film.  The best thing about the DVD is the special features.   They should have had more special features on the DVD and skipped the film.  Although in all fairness, if scenes of naked and skimpily clad college girls cavorting about before they are brutally killed is your cup of tea, then this film might be just what you were looking for.

 Marley and Me (2008)--  I know this film is much beloved among many film viewers, but I am not one of them.   This film drove me nuts.  My wife and I were screaming, "Get rid of the damn dog already!" throughout the movie.  There is no way I would keep a dog that did that much damage.   Did not care for this film and didn't like much of anything about it except when it was over.

Descent (2007) --  This film is not to be confused with The Descent, the film about the young women who get lost in the cave.  This Descent stars Rosario Dawson as a college co-ed who is raped and decides to get revenge.  Revenge films can be pretty good sometimes and I thought this film would be okay.  I was shocked by the perversity of it.    All I can say is that Descent is a pretty disgustingly bad film.

The English Patient (1996) --  Just because a film is beautifully filmed, has acclaimed acting, and won a bunch of awards doesn't certify that it's good.  Granted it's my opinion, but this movie is a load of pretentious bull crap.  For me it was a real borefest.    I not only hated this film but it kind of pissed me off.   

The Bridges of Madison County (1995) --  Okay so it was a bad time of life when I not only saw this film but also read the book.   I had recently gone through a divorce so this was not the kind of film I wanted to see at that time.  I actually went to the theater by myself to see this because so many people had raved about it. As I was leaving the theater I too was raving, but in a lunatic sort of way.  I absolutely hated this film then and I still hate what the film represents.  Oh, and did I mention that I hate this film?

          Those are my picks and I'll stand by them.  I'm sure there are some who will sharply disagree with me on a few of these.   What do you think?   What are some of your picks?




  1. For some reason I can't remember really bad movies, but I hate any movie that's stupid, slapdash, overly pretentious or uses old cheap tricks in an attempt to evoke my emotions...

    So: Dog movies, Adam Sandler movies, (Sorry people) 90% of horror movies, b-rated or lower action movies, movies with bad dubbing, movies with pointless action dumb dialogue, The New Pink Panther movies, most Steve Martin movies, come to think of it, all Will Farell movies except for Stranger Than Fiction, movies focusing more on sweeping epic camera shots than characterization and plot and on and on...

    But I guess because I know what I don't like, I've been able to avoid the worst for almost a decade... so I can't remember the pain.

  2. A varid choice here Lee, I think in the 60s whilst the music was great the films were not. Someone else chose The English Patient, I have seen it on TV and though it ok, but what suits one dosen't suit another,

    Have a good day.

  3. I haven't seen any movies on this list nor have I ever wanted to...or even heard of them! Thanks for the warning of movies to avoid! I need lists like that.

  4. That's what I love about people. Everybody has their own opinion about things. How dull it would be if we all absolutely adored and loved all the Disney movies.

  5. I haven't seen any of those! I'm kinda glad :)

  6. Nice selection of terrible movies. Bridges is particularly awful, even-a her accent-a canna save-a the film-a.

    Moody Writing

  7. LOL! I've only seen 2 of these and one of those is also on my hit list, as you know. I actually liked Bridges over Madison Co, but English Patient... ;O)

  8. I so agree with Bridges and English Patient. What incredibly pretentious and self-absorbed films they were. And I know so many people who loved them. Blech! I say. And I have to agree about Descent and Death Tunnel. Sickening.

  9. ahahaa I have a feeling many ladies will kill you after this one since THE ENGLISH PATIENT and THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY are two of the most beloved films among the female audience. But I must admit I totally agree with you. Those were two bad bad movies. I've never understood why THE ENGLISH PATIENT got Oscars. As Melssy above says, it's pretentious, self-obserbed and amazingly empty and boring with some really uninspired and monotonous acting.

    I must watch MARLEY AND ME, never saw that one :)

  10. Must admit I was very disappointed by 'Bridges'. Sigh. One of the silliest films I've seen recently was The Happening. Blah!

  11. I agree about Marley and Me. I couldn't finish it. And I'm not into watching women being abused and such. Never cared for films like that. And The English Patient has boring written all over it.

  12. Good choices. Wow, The English Patient is popping up all over the place. I've never seen it, and I doubt I ever will now. Did see Bridges of Madison County. I could never understand how two such talented actors could agree to make such a dumb film.

  13. Well, there's "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" but that has a cult following so maybe I'm missing something. Jerry Lewis films make me dreadfully uncomfortable because we are supposed to laugh at this gormless nebbish who means well. It seems cruel.

  14. Misha -- I tend to forget bad films like you do and I am pretty forgiving for most film efforts anyway--I can overlook a lot of things to the credit of whatever work and effort went into the films.

    Yvonne -- A lot of 60s and early 70s films had experimentation and artsy written all over them and they are pretty dated to watch now.

    Jennee -- I'm surprised you haven't heard of my last 3 choices since they were pretty major releases.

    Bish -- I usually like most Disney films but what a nightmare if those were all I had to watch.

    Jemi -- I'm not gonna be one to recommend any of them to you.

    Mood -- I don't remember much about the acting since I was so distracted by the story itself which I hated to the extreme.

    Madeleine -- It seems like a lot of the Academy Award nominees over the years have been pretentious bores.

    Melissa -- Are you saying you actually saw Death Tunnel and Descent? I'm betting there won't be many who will claim having seen either of these.

    Dezmond -- Thanks for backing me up on Bridges and English Patient. I usually disagree with many of the Oscar picks anyway. If you absolutely love dogs you might be a Marley and Me fan, but I was really annoyed by the damage caused by the dogs--I could never afford to keep a dog like that unless I was just overflowing with money.

    Talli -- The Happening was silly, but there were enough interesting premises and good scenes where I kind of liked it.

    Stephen -- Thanks for backing me up on the destructive dog movie.

    LG -- I'm glad I'm not the only one who disliked those two overrated films. I thought I would get tons of popcorn thrown at me.


  15. Roxie -- I have a story behind Killer Tomatoes which endears it to me and it would never be on my list of movies I hate even though I haven't seen it in over 30 years. I grew up with Jerry Lewis films and acquired a taste for them as a kid. Maybe I'm part French.


  16. It's been fun checking out everyone's choices. Thanks for the advice - I'll avoid these!

    Happy Monday!

  17. Yes! Five of us in the world who hated the English Patient. That movie annoyed me to no end. And I refuse to watch Marley and Me - the dog dies! Now that's a crappy ending.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  18. Oh, I had forgotten all about Marley and Me! It was all about the dog and so boring. :P


    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?

    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  19. I never liked Bridges of Madison County either.

  20. Fortunately I have not had the displeasure of watching any of these malifluous cinematic efforts, lol...

  21. Hey, Lee,

    I love the passion in your comments. Such strong feelings for bad movies...

    I can relate. I cringe about bad movies made from spectacular books.

  22. I'm glad Marley and Me made the list. I refused to go see Marley and Me when it was out and I made the mistake of renting it one night. I think it was the only new release at the video store. I started crying at the end but I'm sure it was just an allergy attack.

  23. Oh Arlee, your post gave me such a great laugh today :-) Marley and Me: I only read the book and thought they should get rid of the dog, too.
    I am with you on Bridges of Madison County. I am sure The English Patient was bad. I absolutely hated the book, so there was no chance I was going to see the movie in this lifetime.

  24. I like your philosophy on so bad they are good movies.

  25. I didn't hate the Bridges of Madison County. Some of the rest I haven't seen, some I agree with.

  26. My friend the BOIDMAN...

    I have not seen a single movie on your list and consider myself probably the better for it.

    >>...I not only hated this film but it kind of pissed me off.

    Ah, yes, man, I could name a few movies like that for myself as well. You know a movie is REALLY, REALLY BAD when you not only hate it but it actually pisses you off too!

    I try to keep a few of those types of movies always on hand, should I ever find myself slipping into a state of joy.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  27. Haven't seen any of these. I know BRIDGES and THE ENGLISH PATIENT got rave reviews, but they both looked so boring.

  28. Karen - Thanks for stopping. You won't be missing much if you don't see these films.

    Alex -- I hate to say this but when the dog died it was a relief.

    Elizabeth -- It was all about a really destructive dog and that's what bothered me. I just couldn't find a place in my heart for this critter.

    Tim -- There really isn't that much to like about the Bridges story if you really give it some serious and honest thought.

    Marvin -- The Horror of Party Beach doesn't provide all that much displeasure, but it does use a very poor monster costume.

    Michael -- I rarely get very passionate about bad movies, but when a film hits me the wrong way I can go off the edge sometimes.

    Carrie -- I almost cried too realizing I had wasted my time to watch this film.

    Susan -- If you really hate a book that's probably a good sign to avoid the film.

    Budd -- A lot of films that are bad for one reason or another can provide a great deal of entertainment value in just making fun of them and laughing. That's how a lot of cult films come about.

    Wendy -- Technically speaking Bridges had some merit, but morally I found the film abhorrent.

    Stephen McC-- Actually I can picture you doing that. Gotta keep the fervent fires burning somehow.

    RaShelle -- I have a difficult time understanding how some films get such rave reviews. I think some people say they like these films because critics say they're supposed to like them.


  29. I have not seen one movie on your list, but it's nice to see some different choices. I did hear a lot of good things about Marley & Me, but I can't bring myself to watch it.

  30. There are a couple I haven't heard of, but I agree with the ones I have. Marley and Me... sad movie, kinda sweet. But I agree, get rid of that dog!!!! Drove me nuts too. lol!

  31. Sometimes it depends on when I see a movie whether I will like it, or not. I liked the Bridges of Madison County partly due to a broken heart at the time. It let me let the tears flow! And I liked the scenery in the film.

  32. as i haven't seen any of those i can not agree or disagree with you

  33. I like your list. Just bacause a movie earns a lot of bling, doesn't mean that it didn't suck! I thought the Bridges of Madison County sucked and glorified cheating...

  34. I haven't seen any of them. Although I'm an odd woman in that I don't like chick flicks. Never seen Steel Magnolias or anything.

  35. I read the book of Marley and Me and didn't particularly enjoy it. It was interesting (and amusing at times) but not one of my favorite books. Not sure if I'll ever try the movie . . .

  36. I refused to see Marley and Me because I read the book and hated it. I was screaming at them to get rid of the dog, too. Not to mention that the writing was pretty bad.

    I love The English Patient, but like I just told Alex, it's definitely not a movie for everyone. Mostly, it's not for men.

  37. Paul -- I know a lot of folks love Marley and Me and for dog lovers it does have the "awww" factor. For me it was cringe worthy.

    Caledonia -- There was a certain sweetness to the ending, but by then I was so exasperated that I just couldn't feel it that much.

    Lynn -- You are so right about timing and also who you see a film with and other events related to watching the film. Bridges hit me at a really bad time in my life, but even at that I don't know if I would have liked it under different circumstances. But I can't deny that the cinematography was very well done.

    becca -- Well then take my word for it.

    Pat -- Bingo! You nailed the exact reason why was so upset about this movie. Can you imagine if you were that lady's kid and find that diary? I think I would have lost a lot of respect for my mother.

    L.Diane -- I'm usually not a big chick flick fan, but I have seen some that I liked.

    Golden Eagle -- I don't know about the book, but if you didn't like it then it might be best to avoid the film.


  38. Karen -- Glad everybody's not hating me for disliking Marley and Me. It could have been very cute I guess if the dog had more redeeming qualities. I just kept thinking about all the damage and costs incurred.
    Like I read somewhere, The English Patient is one of those films you either love or hate. That's sounds like an accurate assessment.


  39. Thanks Lee...I am putting Death Tunnel on my queue immediately...for purely sociological study. I have Marley and Me on DVD only because I would watch Jen Aniston recite War and Peace. I saw one scene somewhere that looked like the dog was going to I am not sure I can watch it if that is the case.

  40. good choices, I hate movies that drag on forever (Bridges of Madison County and The English Patient) haven't seen the others

  41. I'm not a dog person, but I liked Marley & Me. I kept wondering why they kept the dog too but the ending made it all worth it. I got all teary-eyed even.

  42. Lee,
    I agree with you on Marley and Me -- The book was good. The movie stunk.

    Here is the movie I love to hate:

    Milo and Otis (narrated by Dudley Moore)

    This is one of my daughter's favorite movies and I have to tell her how much I hate it whenever I get the chance (she is 12 and can take it). ;0) I just can't stand Dudley Moore's monotonous narration.

  43. I'm feeling lucky. I missed all those.

    Hope this makes you feel lucky: I have an award waiting for you on my blog. Hop over and pick it up when you get a chance.

  44. Chuck -- I understand your motivation for wanting to watch Death Tunnel. I often watch films for the pure purpose of studying them for some noble reason.

    Baygirl-- Yes, if they drag on forever and I don't like them from the start it can be pretty tedious, but I rarely stop watching a movie just in case there is something that redeems its badness.

    Lynda -- By the end of Marley and Me my wife and I no longer cared about anything in the film. We were just glad that it was over and that we had wasted our time watching it.

    Dawn -- Milo and Otis is a film that I missed. I'll try to keep it that way.

    LD - Thanks for thinking of me.


  45. I don't like The English Patient or Bridges either... awful movies that I'll never watch again.

    But I do want to see "The Horror of Party Beach!" The warning alone compels me to check it out. (I miss the days when publicity was pure schlock! It had a sort of innocence.)

  46. Happy 2nd anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment.

    This is the third blog I've seen 'The English Patient' on! I actually haven't caught any of the films on your list.

  47. Marley and Me was the only one on your list that I have seen and I completely agree with you on it. I was screaming the same.

  48. Thank You Lee! Sometimes I think I am just plain crazy when I find I hate an acclaimed film. Nice to know I am not the only one!
    I hated Arthur (the original) I didn't think a film about a bumbling alcoholic was funny at all.
    Blessings, Joanne

    ohmygoodness! i haven't seen any of these but marley and me, and your review there is the funniest thing i've ever read about that movie! ha! we have naughty dogs, but we keep them and love them... one pushed my little boy out of his room when an electrical fire started back there in the middle of the night, though. naughty dogs are loyal too, and they'll surprise you from time to time as well. :)

  50. Congratulations on your 2 year Blogoversary! I also had a tough time sitting through The English Patient and thought that there was no chemistry between the leads. Speaking of chemistry, I had no desire to see The Bridges of Madison County for the same reason. Julie

  51. Dora -- They don't have those over-the-top advertising campaigns like they used to. They promised so much for films that delivered so little.

    Suze -- I was a bit relieved to see that others were in agreement with me about The English Patient.

    Rhonda -- I found Marley and Me to be a very frustrating film.

    Joanne -- Just because a movie is acclaimed and wins awards doesn't necessarily mean its good. We all have our opinions.

    Vic -- Glad you found my mini-review funny and thank you for sharing your dog story.


  52. Julie --I'm a big Eastwood fan, but not so much a fan of Streep. I don't recall their chemistry in the film, but my biggest issue was the wife cheating on her husband.


  53. Marley and Me drove me nuts because they continued to RUIN the dog. I love when people get a dog, don't train it and then GET RID OF IT. Awesome. You CREATED the problem. YOU should be fixing it. If you have a dog that wreaks things, you're a horrible owner and it's all on you. They did EVERYTHING wrong when it came to the dog, but they did the one thing right that they should have - they stuck by the dog. That is the only thing I can commend them for. Far too many goldens and labs turn up in the shelter around a year old because their owners don't do anything (they're a blank slate as puppies just like kids), then decide they don't want to deal with the horror they themselves have created. I tell adults all the time - if your dog is "bad", that's on you. A dog is only as good as their owner.

  54. I never got the appeal of Marley and Me - it just kind of dragged for me. I did kind of like Bridges, but I know what you mean.

  55. OUCH....
    I must respectfully disagree with your list there, Lee.

    The English Patient was a GREAT movie, and c'mon -- Marley and Me wasn't THAT bad.


  56. I thought those movies were awful too! What a fun blogfest.

  57. Jennie -- Thank you for your in depth analysis of the responsibilities of dog ownership. If the owners of Marley had taken your advice the movie would have taken a much different direction and wouldn't have been so annoying.

    Jennifer -- Aside from the presence of Streep, who I find cloying, my biggest issue was the romanticizing of the woman's infidelity.

    Sand and Snow -- Let's start a boycott!

    Andrew -- For me just about any film you've ever reviewed on your site were better than those two. As you can see by the comments here a lot of folks agreed with my assessment.

    Clarissa --Thanks for the agreement. Yeah, I always have a difficult time not joining in on a blogfest like this.


  58. I'm adding up all the hours it took to see these and it's a lot. Did you sit through to the end of each one? I have so little patience that after ten minutes if a movie hasn't grabbed me, I'm out of there.

  59. 2 years? I've been barely going at this for 2 months. :P

    Worst movies... hmm...Twilight. Cannot stand anything from this series.

  60. Hey Lee! Great list...I haven't seen the English Patient, but I remember when it came out the hype about it was so huge, and everyone seemed to love me it looked over-long and under-good..this has been a fun fest!

  61. I haven't seen any of the movies on your list and don't really want to.

    The only movie I almost walked out of the theater during was The Thin Red Line.

  62. "Marley and Me" was ridiculous. Based on a true story, but they didn't really give any reasons why they put up with that mutt. Now comes the sequel. They have her as a puppy and she talks! Talk about random.

  63. C Lee -- Keep in mind my viewing of these films occurred over a period of several years. I watch an average of 1 to 2 movies a week and very little television. So when you think about it the time I invest in these entertainment media is relatively small. If I start watching something I almost always stick with it until the end since some movies start off poorly but end well just as some start off being good and then fall apart. Either way it's a crap shoot.

    Dwei - And my during my first year I blogged daily. I've stayed pretty consistent so far and still enjoying it.

    Eve -- I always get a kick out of these fests. It's fun to see how different people's taste can be.

    Carol-- I don't remember much about Thin Red Line but I think I liked it okay.

    Jason -- Thanks for the visit.

    Maurice -- Please tell me you are making a joke. Of course a movie about a talking dog might be fun.


  64. You have some very interesting choices. Yes, I thought the whole concept for The Descent was incredibly stupid. I couldn't bring myself to watch. Glad I didn't.

    Graet blog by the way. I'm follownig you now.

  65. I haven't seen Marly and Me. My daughter loved it. She saw it at a friend's house. Good thing I didn't see it from what I'm reading here because my daughter is advocating for a dog.

  66. I actually liked Marlee and Me. It was a lot better than Solaris!


  67. Hi Lee, First, we share a blogoversary. My premiere post was 9/22/09, so you beat me by a few days. Happy blogoversary! Otherwise, I am with you on The English Patient. Totally with you. Spoiled white people. Such a bore. In fact, within the year of seeing that, I had a terrible office job, and round about 2:00, I'd look at the clock, and I'd think, "If I could get through The English Patient, I can get through this." I since passed along that mantra to the protagonist of my second novel.

  68. Happy Blogaversary.

  69. Ms Mariah -- The movie about the cave was excellent, but Rosario Dawson's Descent was depraved. Welcome to my blog.

    Theresa -- Marley and Me made me not want a dog--ever.

    Joyce -- I will say the dog kept me awake--that is the Marley dog. The Solaris dog was sheer tedium.

    Katie -- Happy Blogoversary to you as well. Love the mantra.

    Delores -- Thank you!!!! I almost missed it. Time sure does fly doesn't it!


  70. Hi Lee .. congratulations on your mega achievement and success with the blog .. you've given us some wonderful ideas and thoughts - while creating a blog that's fun and stimulating ..

    I do not want to see your worst movies .. so I'll skip the next bit! and send you a glass of champers and mucho greetings over the airwaves .. cheers Hilary

  71. I forgot The Bridges Of Madison County! That one should have definitely been on my list.

    I've never seen The English Patient but after noticing it on several “worst” lists, I probably never will. I have enough things in my life that piss me off.

  72. I loved Marley, did not watch English Patient and hated Madison County.

  73. Normally, I like weird atomic beast movies, the campier and badder the effects, the better. They amuse me. :)

    Marley & Me seemed like a dumb idea for a movie to me. Great book, not great idea for film.

  74. Aw, c'mon, Lee-yer tellin' me ya didn't sniffle a little when Marley died?

    Somehow I missed this 'fest even though McCarthy told me about it.

    My all-time worst film-"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" with Peter Frampton.

    A close second-"Dreamgirls" with Jennifer Hudson. It's a movie for a while, and then without any warning it becomes a musical, then back to a movie.

    And I love music!

    There are many more, but these were pretty awful for me.


  75. Hilary -- Thank you for the effusion of complimentary words.

    Lisa -- The English Patient may be more beloved by females than males and may not piss them off as much as it did me, but then again...

    OceanGirl -- I guess a lot of folks loved Marley the dog. One of my granddaughters is named Marley and I love her--she was not named after that dog.

    Mary -- I'm with you on the atomic beast movies and any other mutation situation caused by nuclear exposure.

    Larry --Sorry, I more like cheered at the end of the dog movie. Call me cold. My sister loves Dreamgirls and insists that I watch it. It's on my NetFlix queue but I keep shoving lots of stuff in front of it. I have a feeling I'll dislike it a great deal.



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