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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Your Harry Potter Commenting Personality?

          One of the frequent commenters who really impressed me during the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge was Nicole from The Madlab Post.   She is a blogger who shows a similar comment philosophy to the one I have and even usually goes beyond the efforts that I make giving detailed well thought out comments.

           Impressed by her comments I asked Nicole to offer some tips about leaving relevant comments that add to the blog conversation.  In this guest post she takes a unique approach to examining the different styles of commenting.  I want to thank Nicole for joining us today.   Enjoy!

Harry? Hermione? What’s Your Harry Potter Commenting Personality?

         Blog comments are similar to Harry Potter movies when it comes to their tone, quality and effect that they have on readers, including the author of a particular post. These miniature pieces of valuable feedback can transform blogs into a more in-depth source of information or an entertaining and lighthearted escape from reality, if only for a brief moment. Much like the main characters in the film series including Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, each blog comment has its own set of characteristics depending on who wrote it. Here are three commenting personalities related to the Harry Potter series that reflect the commenting habits of blog readers who rarely leave a post without adding their two cents.


        The gifted one who was born with magical genius in his DNA but is constantly questioning his abilities while learning to embrace the power within, stand up for what he believes in and protects those he loves. Unfortunately, it's hard out here for a young wizard who sometimes doesn't know who to trust. So, Harry moves with caution and questions more in his surroundings during the journey to try to be all that he can be during a time when others want to bring him down. Going toe to toe with Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire he not only made the decision to stop running and fight for his life, but also performed the noble act of bringing Cedric’s body back to the deceased boy’s parents. This shows how much compassion Harry has for others and how powerful he can be when using all of his might to survive.

        Blog comments oozing that Harry Potter juice are likely to provide an aha moment that either the commenter realized or is offering to the author of a blog post and maybe even a compliment or two in there. Even with all of this good stuff, a commenter like Harry Potter still manages to back off of his or her blog comment by mentioning that this "is just my two cents," separating themselves from the post altogether with a comment that says "If it were me...."  or “Don’t take my word for it, but....” or “So and so said it must be true.” Comments that fall within Harry’s personality type may need a little reassurance to believe that what they have to say is as necessary or as useful as the rest in the comment section.

        The silly one who jumps in head first and often acts on impulse resulting in unpredictable and sometimes wild outcomes that cause others in his surroundings to find more sensible solutions. Ron’s attempt to put a spell on Malfoy in defense of Hermione, using a broken wand backfired and had him throwing up slugs in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is one example of the fact that he means well but it make take time for him to flesh out his ideas. Of all that Ron gives viewers and his Hogwarts friends, memorable WTH moments and giggles during times of uncertainty are what makes him a unique character in the Harry Potter films. The chess scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone shows that Ron can be an asset when it counts during times of uncertainty and rough circumstances where those around him are at a loss for answers.

         Ron may comment on a blog differently depending on his mood. He may find a way to add some humor to an otherwise bleak post or take the funny business going on inside the post up a notch. He may also punk out and not comment at all, agree with someone else's comment without adding anything to the conversation or just leave a quick one-liner and nothing else.


       The confident one that shines in light of any shortcomings or slack from others. Her spontaneous and risky escape plan from Gringott’s Wizarding Bank in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is an example of how she makes calculated decisions based on the information and resources available at the time, to achieve the best possible results in reaching her destination. Hermione may sometimes use sarcasm to get her point across but she often does it out of concern for others while on the path to exposing lies, shunning betrayal and finding truth and safety.

       Muggle magic is like no other with comments that have a Hermione type of flair within them. These comments will tell it like it is whether other readers and the blog author want to know about it or not. Each comment is almost always on-topic and may inform, enlighten and inspire not only the blogger who wrote the post but also fellow commenters as well as a few readers who after reading, wish they thought of a similar comment to write on the post. Comments sprinkled with Hermione's potion offer solutions to problems, acknowledge or reference good points made by other commenters and make a blogger proud that he or she wrote a particular post.

         Comments featuring characteristics of Harry, Ron and Hermione are all likely to be mentioned by other commenters because what moves one doesn't always move another and vice versa. One of the most important aspects of the Harry Potter characters is their ability to learn from and benefit from each other’s different personalities, which is a factor that translates well in the blog commenting arena.

Which Harry Potter Character do YOUR blog comments reflect?

What is the most common Harry Potter personality type among the comments left on blog posts that YOU have written?



  1. Would you believe Lee I have never seen a Harry Potter film. Should anyone comment on them I think I ought to see one but though they have been on the TV I have never gotten round to see one.


  2. Love this post. I suppose I am more of a Ron poster. It really depends on my mood.

  3. Yvonne,

    Where have you been hiding? Harry Potter is one of the best film series and adaptations, ever! I haven't read the books and didn't become interested in the films until "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was released. At that time, I had a movie marathon, watching every single title that preceded this film over the course of several days, so I could catch up before watching Half Blood Prince in a movie theater. It didn't take long for me to get addicted to the series after watching the first one.

    The next time it comes on TV, you must watch them! In fact, I'd recommend that you pick them up if you use Netflix or Blockbuster, so that you can see them unedited.....and then come back here and read this post again. You'll love them, I swear!


    Thanks. I understand what you mean, as my moods tend
    to affect the blog comments that I make. If I am pressed for time, its not unusual for me to focus solely on an element of the post that stood out to me but if I get stirred up or energized by a topic or point made by the blogger, I can go on and on whether time is of the essence or not.

    I have also found that when I'm sad or angry, I leave more grateful comments, probably because a blogger either helped me look at something from a new perspective, offered something that made me feel better or at least, took my mind off of whatever is bothering me at the time.

    When I'm happy, chilling out or excited about something, I may leave comments that add to whatever was already stated in the blog post.

    That's that 'Ron' personality for ya! LOL

    The Madlab Post

  4. Call me Ron, I guess.
    I always try to leave a comment whenever I visit, just to assure the writer that his/her work is appreciated, but sometimes it's so hard! Especially when you're the 99th commenter and "everybody else has already stolen the good comments!" (You can tell I have siblings - "hey Ma, Little Jimmy took the last piece of comment and didn't save any for me!")
    Kudos to you and Nicole for taking the time to write such good comments.

  5. Being such an HP nerd, I love the comparison to the trio. Sometimes my comments depend upon how much time I've got. If like now, it's early in the morning and I need to get up and exercise in a few minutes yet I've got five blogs to read and comment on, I might be stingy in my comment. But it might also be that the post says it all, and I really don't have anything to add but a cyber pat on the back.

    Great post! (that a cyber pat, btw)

  6. Time, time, it's usually about time with me. I like to leave thoughtful comments, and some of them can be exceedingly long-winded. I'd rather leave comprehensive comments, but sometimes it's just a matter of checking in and saying "Hi! I've been away/or very quiet, but I AM still reading you."

  7. Personally, I'm generally Ron. I usually say something quick and funny, because I read so many blogs I don't have time for a long comment.

    Yet sometimes, particularly when a post inspires me, I'll leave something long and thoughtful. When I do I'm usually more Harry than Hermoine, trying to come from understanding and compassion more than trying to inform, but every once in a while I'll have some good new information to add to the conversation.

    Great analogy! Thanks Lee and Nicole.

  8. I think I am Ron. Certainly there are times when I do not leave a comment, especially if the existing commenters seem to be involved in a personal conversation with each other. I don't want to intrude. Perhaps there should be one more category, the "shy commenter". Is there a Harry Potter category for that?

  9. I try to be like Hermione with well thought out logic based on information and resources available. I love to do research, and consider it a compliment when someone compliments me on a particular area that they recognize as having been researched correctly.

  10. I confess that I have neither read any of the Harry Potter books nor seen any of the movie series. I do have the films on my Netflix queue and will see them eventually.
    If I were to compare myself to the commenter types I would go with Hermoine, or at least that what I often strive for.
    Nicole, this post has stimulated some excellent comments so far.


  11. Donna K Weaver and li,

    I just tried to post my comments to the both of you and blogger had a hicuup, so now they are gone (*sigh*). I didn't forget either of you though and will return soon.

    Matthew MacNish,

    Quick and funny beats short (or long, for that matter) and dull any day of the week, so it looks like you're on to something steady and worthwhile that gives bloggers something to expect and look forward to.

    So, you're the one hogging all of that polyjuice potion that the kids used to turn themselves into identical versions of Harry in the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and that Hermione used to become Bellatrix Lestrange in Deathly Hallows Part 2! LOL

    Having comments that vary in personality type depending on the blog post makes sense. It is something that many blog readers may aspire to possess, yet, it may also be something that a lot of blog readers already show unintentionally and thus are not aware of this practice.

    Your ability to be Ron, Harry and Hermione during times when one seems more fitting than the other is an example of how you really pay attention to the content that you are reading, so much that the feedback is based on what type of effect the post had on you rather than what type of impact you want to make on the post or the impact that you want to make as a reader. All three effects can work within the comments section of almost any post....I guess this particular one is your strong suit.

    I'm glad that you liked this post. Thank you also for your kind words :)

    The Madlab Post

  12. Donna K Weaver,

    Quick and funny beats short (or long, for that matter) and dull any day of the week. I understand how the task of reading and commenting on several blogs when there are additional tasks that one must complete offline can be difficult. You could record your comments while exercising and then type them in later, lol. When a blogger has pretty much said all that there is to say in a post, leaving a compliment or other forms of positive feedback is one of the best things that we as blog readers can do because it helps to let a blog author know that he or she has not written the post in vein.

    Thanks for your cyber pat! I sure did/do need it :)

    So, Donna....which HP personality are you?

    Speak up!


    You're preaching to the Choir on this Time factor issue that many readers experience, so I'm right there with you on this, lol.

    Time is one thing though...You haven't seen anything yet...try reading and commenting on like 10 (no, really. My goal was to read and comment on 10-20 daily during the A-Z challenge) blogs early in the morning when you were supposed to leave for work like 20 minutes ago and you would have if you could but your computer's processor is so slow that what should normally take about 15 minutes to complete now takes about an hour to complete...if the darn thing doesn't freeze....welcome to my life!

    Your magic seems to lay in the area of helping bloggers feel like they are noticed, which is something worthwhile. I'd be willing to bet that there is a blogger somewhere who did not give up on their blog when times were tough or a blogger who is working to publish their best work because they know someone is looking and "AM still reading" their stuff.....all because of you!

    I surely wish you were around and knew about my blog back in July during NaBloPoMo when no one from that event commented on my posts. That's not a shot at NaBloPoMo though, I still think it rocks :) Maybe it just wasn't for me.

    The Madlab Post

  13. When I was younger and more energetic I was an avid forum poster and I would leave great definitely a Hermione. Now I'm a bit older and tired I'm a Ron. It all depends on my mood, lol. This was a really cute post.

  14. Oh dear. Based on your insightful descriptions, I decided I'm a Ron. But pretty much everyone else said they were a Ron, so that leaves me just agreeing with everyone else. Wait a minute, agreeing with everyone else is a Ron trait. Okay, then I guess I can safely say I'm a Ron.

    Wow, that was the hardest decision I'm made all day.

  15. I'm a Hermoine mostly, but I have been a Ron commenter before :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  16. Well, I believe I am most often a certain one of those types mentioned above. But I think other bloggers and other commenters most often think I'm simply... Hermionnoying.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  17. Stephen McC -- I wouldn't be one to argue with you on that point.


  18. Diane Heath,

    Isn't it amazing how time and energy plays a part in how comments are left on a blog?! It looks like you started off strong back when you were active in forums but then had some of that polyjuice potion that Matthew has been sipping on but just for a different reason and/or purpose. Thanks for your compliment on this post :)

    LD Masterson,

    Yep, Ron's personality trait seems to be the one that the majority of readers are identifying with so far. Your quick assessment of your commenting style goes to show that at least you know where you fit in. That's better than being lost and if this is the hardest decision you made all day, then we're onto something great here because things have been a breeze up until today and you've now been forced to think, compare and contrast your habits in the blogging universe. That's probably the first step in the path to becoming a commenting King or Queen!


    Sometimes I find that Hermione style comments work best when they reflect the commenter's area of expertise or topics that he or she has vast knowledge of through research and/or experience. These types of comments are needed in all blogs no matter the subject.

    Steven T. McCarthy

    Hermionnoying, she (and you) is not! least the "annoying" part, lol. Have you ever noticed that more often than not, Herimone is the one still standing after many other characters at Hogwarts have gotten themselves into some kind of trouble, whether it's harmless mischief or something more serious related to the Dark Lord and his Allies? She is rarely one to worry about because this little wizard lady knows what she's talking about. I'd rather be annoying than hanging on for dear life like Malfoy and his Slytherin friends trying to escape a room that went up in flames in Deathly Hallows Part 2!

    Wear your HP Hermione personality with pride every time you comment on a blog!

    The Madlab Post

  19. Delores,

    Now don't go trying to make up extra HP categories just because you haven't left comments at times, lol. It's all good. Being shy is understandable but other commenter probably won't think you are an intruder because that is what a conversation is about, after all...the sharing and discussing of ideas. Do I have to come pull you off of the wall or out of the corner at a dance party? One thing you could try if you feel like an intruder or feel shy is to just ignore the other commenters altogether and ignore whatever conversation you think they are having and just address the blog author directly in your comment.

    For example, if I noticed all of the commenters in Arlee's previous post on Monday suddenly started discussing blog templates and I felt out of place (which I rarely ever feel like by the way, but stay with me for the sake of this point) making a comment, I would just leave one that is directly to Arlee, talking about whatever it is that I have to say about what he wrote. See....easy, breezy lemon squeezy! (compliments of the girl who does the "My Drunk Kitchen" series on YouTube)

    Ron seems to be the more common personality type so far and the morning isn't over yet, so you're in good company :)

    Stephen Tremp,

    You sound like the type of commenter who makes bloggers go "oooh, I didn't know that"!

    Hermione's commenting personality is fun and useful because if the information is of interest, it will likely cause bloggers to do additional research on a quest to find out more about what you brought to them, which can help the blogosphere in the long-run and help people in their everyday life since learning is essential for progress.


    I think I remember you mentioning on my blog never having read or watched the Harry Potter books or films. I hope you get to checking out the movies one of these days. I don't know if I'll get around to reading the books, myself, but someone told me that they are available on audiobook so I may go that route, just to compare the movies to the books.

    Hermione suits you, I think, so it is a fitting choice. It is an honor to know that you are pleased with the quality and types of comments that you are receiving on this post. Thank you again for allowing me to write a guest post for your Tossing It Out blog.

    You Rock!


    Based on your comment, you surely do keep it real....real short, that is, lol. Thanks for stopping by.

    The Madlab Post

  20. What a clever idea! I think I am more of a Ron, not just in commenting, but in all aspects of life. Great post.

  21. Ha! That was great. I'm definitely a Ron. I'm not very deep.

  22. Alex -- You're visiting over 100 blogs a day! You've got to keep comments terse. Ron sounds cool to me.


  23. I think most of my comments fall in to the Harry or Hermione personality; I sometimes leave one-liners, but they're rarely humorous.

    Great post!

    (Now I'm going to be analyzing all the comments I leave and read . . .)

  24. I think I lean towards Hermione, which isn't always a good thing. My husband says I need to keep working on my tact.

  25. This is an awesome post :) I guess I would be a Harry blog commenter although I would really like to be a Hermoine...

  26. More for Yvonne than Lee-

    I've only seen one Harry Potter film (the first) and found it to be...well a film made out of a children's book.

    In my opinion you have not missed much, although I would say they are mindless entertainment that you might enjoy.

    I've watched an awful lot of movies that certainly would not qualify as "high-brow."

    In middle school and high school I read every fantasy book I could get my hands "Lord Of The Rings" several times.

    Maybe I overdosed because I quit cold turkey. I tried to read a "Sword Of Shannara" sequel that had been done in the last decade or so and just could not get into it.

    I've often wondered would I embrace "Lord Of The Rings" if I was reading it now for the first time.

    Many adults seem fascinated with things like "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" and I've often wondered why juvenile fiction has found an older audience.

    Larry's $.02

  27. Lee, Thanks for hosting Nicole. I did love her comments on my posts on A to Z.

    Nicole, this was an interesting, fun way of describing comment types! I'd love to be Hermione, I think, but end up being Ron most times. Like you and others have pointed out, it is not easy to leave long, thoughtful comments when pressed for time.

  28. I don't think I've ever seen anyone analyze commenting style through Harry Potter. Love it!

    I would say that I'm mostly a Harry-type, but could occasionally be Ron or Hermione. Lots of fun.

  29. Julie,

    Thanks for the love on the idea and execution of this post. I am happy to be able to bring the HP concept within the context of blog comments to fruition.

    Having Ron's personality from commenting all the way into the offline world can make it easier to navigate the unpredictable circumstances that one faces from minor things such as road traffic and unskilled or rude drivers to major things such as the telephone company cashing your payment to another customer's account and then telling you that you never paid your bill, so they are suspending it...but I digress, lol...Thanks for commenting. A little Ron in the world never hurt anybody.

    L.G. Smith,

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback on this post. It's quick and to the point. Ron seems to have it easy by not being that deep....except for when Hermione went to that Ball looking all snazzy with another date and in the Half Blood Prince (or was it Deathly Hallows Pt. 1? I forgot) when Ron thought that there was something going on between Hermione and Harry.

    Now that I think about it, it seems like Ron isn't that deep unless it comes to something that is dear to him like his family and Hermione.

    Alex J. Cavanaugh,

    Geeze louise, You claim Ron as if you're dissapointed, lol. Comments can't be everything to everybody (read: every blogger) so it's usually best to leave the kind of comments that fit no matter what mood you're in. Hey, at least they received a comment. I'd rather have a Ron type of comment than no comment at all or worse....stupid comments, which I'll touch on in an upcoming post on my blog...stay tuned :)

    The Golden Eagle,

    Oh here we go again...another person sipping on that polyjuice potion. First you're Harry and then you're Hermione...what's next? I'll tell you what's next....your going to be leading a pack of commenters who all want to do it like you do. If you've been doing the Harry and Hemione thing on blogs for some time, then you probably have posted some of the best comments a blogger could ever receive. Be proud.

    Let me know what you find or what kind of trends you notice are of interest while you analyze all the comments you come across and leave :) I'd be glad to learn your findings.

    L. Diane Wolfe,

    Does your husband blog or read and comment on blogs? If he doesn't, tell him to let you do your thing and mind his business, lol. If he does blog or read and comment, feel good about the fact that he's just probably jealous because you've mastered the art of what can only be described as Hermione's magically unbeatable comments and he secrectly wants a piece of that action!

    On a serious note though, I understand how Herimone style comments may sometimes be less than a good thing, especially since they may often be lengthy but so long as your comments provide value and/or depth to them, I see nothing wrong with that picture. Keep on commenting the way that you see fit or until a blogger starts complaining about them, lol.

    The Madlab Post

  30. Tizzy,

    You're definitely one who thinks quick on her feet. That's a good trait to could lead a group of soldiers in the military making fast decisions like that. I get the impression that your comments are fast, take no time and require little planning....a key characteristic that works in emergency settings when a decision needs to be made fast, like yesterday!


    Thank you, thank you and thank you again for the compliment, as it is greatly appreciated and then some! If you're comfortable commenting like Harry, then keep on keeping on like you've never commented before. Wanna know a secret?.....I think that we all can pull a Harry or Ron with our eyes closed but deep down, everybody wants to be like Hermione but many of us just don't want to admit it...but shhh, don't tell anybody I said that! :)

    As Michael Jackson once are not alone!


    While reading your comment, I was guessing that you probably have a commenting personality that fits in line with Hermione until I came to the end of the there seems to be some Harry mixed in there :)

    If we knew the answer to why juvenile fiction has found an older audience, I supposed we'd be millionaires and the publishing and production houses wouldn't be too happy with us, especially if we started steering adults away from that stuff.

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to everybody liking what they like. I can't stand vampire movies or TV shows but I would probably be hesitant to say that "Twilight" isn't a good film series, even if it is a film series that I have no interest in watching. That Taylor Lautner guy is kind of cute though, so he may be able to convince me to rent one of them, just to see what all the hype is about. Actually, when I found out that Dakota Fanning was in one of them, I considered watching it at that time but didn't get around to it. I guess none of them truly moved me. Oh well, such is life :)

    Harry Potter to the End baby!


    It is a pleasure to see you here today. Thank you for reading this post and leaving a comment. I enjoyed our dialogue during the A to Z challenge and appreciate the comments that you left.

    On the matter of leaving well thought out comments on a frequent basis, TIME will get you every time!

    I'm glad you consider this post to be fun. I figure, if we're not having fun than why do anything at all? We must find the fun somewhere because that's where a lot of the good stuff happens :)

    SP Sipal,

    I love that you love my analyzation of commenting styles via the Harry Potter film franchise! Thank you for your support of this post. So, while Harry is your staple and go-to personality when leaving blog comments, you still find the time and energy to transform into Ron AND Hermione? Hey...can SOMEBODY pass the polyjuice over here to ME, please?!!

    By your ability to switch up your commenting style, I'd be willing to bet that you can adapt to almost any blog topic and leave feedback on almost any post, whether it is a useful post or not. If a blogger published a single photo of an old work boot hanging out in the rain for Wordless Wednesdays, I could see how you might want to leave a Ron styled comment on that but if the same blogger posted a restrospective of the evolution of consumers' attitudes toward purchasing music between 1960 and today, you'd probably leave more of a Harry or Hermione style comment, right? I probably would or would want to at least :)

    Thank you again for the positive energy bestowed upon the comments section of this post. That in and of itself is the magic that keeps on giving and keeps us all thriving within this blogging community!

    The Madlab Post

  31. Larry Disc.-- I enjoy science fiction but I have never gotten into fantasy even when I was younger. I like horror films, but I usually don't read horror. The YA literature I've read so far has been more of the real life type stuff and it's been pretty good. Over all I prefer to stay grounded in real life stories or stories that could be real in another time or dimension. I like to relate. I know what you are saying.

    Nicole -- Enjoyed day one of the comments, but I don't think it's over yet. We should see some more comments in day 2 so stay tuned. You're doing a great job of responding to commenters.


  32. Oh I am a "Ron" fer sure!! Why are you asking me such a complicated question when I've had so little sleep?
    See, I'm a "Ron"!!!
    Love Di ♥

  33. It would appear, from eyeballing the comments, that a lot of us (including me) consider ourselves Rons. I'm not sure I realized until now how much his character contributed to the series -- sort of an "everyman" character, without Harry's annointment (is that a word?) or Hermione's brilliance. Ron is just normal and true.

    Fun post that generated a lot of conversation! Reminds me of the other night when hubby and I were discussing a possible name change for my upcoming novel. The running joke was to include Harry Potter in the title.

  34. Hi, Lee,

    This is such a fun post. Since I am such a Potter FREAK, I can so relate to this.

    As for myself I range between all three characters. Sometimes I'm Harry or Ron, but mostly I believe I am a Hermione. It mostly depends on the post and whose blog it is.

    I do try to keep positive on commenting unless something grates on my nerves, which doesn't happen too often.

  35. I think I'm a hybrid Harry/Ron. Depending on my mood of course. :D

  36. Michael -- I was hoping you'd stop by to check out this Potter post. I think most of us would fall into the different character categories depending on the post. Fortunately we don't have to resort to much negativity since there is so much niceness on blogs.


  37. I am one of the 5 or 6 people on the planet how has never seen a HP movie or read a HP book, believe it or not. But going by your character synopsis, I'd be closest to Ron I guess, lol, but even there not quite the perfect fit.

  38. Hmmmm very interesting! If I have to pick I'd say I was a Hermione, I think too much instead of letting it just flow...I want to be more like Ron!
    Blessings, Joanne

  39. Diana,

    It often happens that way....when we're well rested, energetic and ready to tackle the world, no one comes a-knocking but when we've been up into the wee hours of the night, missed several meals and am running on empty, then that is when we're requested to provide deep insight into the methods behind our actions and behavior. Please don't be mad at me. It's for your own good :)

    Hi Nadine. LOVE your profile tells readers where to go without any need for further instruction. I like your assessment of Ron's contributions to the HP series as an "everyman" among the magical cast of characters. That sums about sums him up nicely.

    I'm curious about how Harry Potter would fit in the title of your book. If you decide on using it, let me know. Actually, even if you don't decide to use it in the title of your book, you could write a blog post that lists all of the titles that you were considering based on the conversation and jokes between you and your husband. That would probably be an enjoyable read and a lesson for other writers who want to publish a novel or something of that sort, on the process of selecting the right title for a book!

    Michael Di Gesu,

    It's nice to meet you and as a fellow HP "Freak," I am delighted that you found enjoyment in reading this post. You hit it out of the ball park with your range of HP style commenting personalities. It's always good to have comments that fit the tone of the post, even at times when the comment (or post, even.) may not necessarily fit the overall tone of the blog. After getting to know some bloggers, I can understand how your HP commenting personality also depends on who wrote the post. Some bloggers are funny people who don't take life too seriously while other bloggers are all about business and then there are those bloggers in between whose posts vary from day to day between funny to serious to shocking or laid back and casual..... these are probably the types of bloggers who might actually have a specific preference for or unconsciously favor blog comments glistening with Ron's personality.

    Like you, I too am all about positivity unless the topic is something that sets me off such as drivers whose foolish behavior on the road cause other drivers to get into unecessary accidents...oh and unruly kids!

    Angela Felsted,

    Oooh, I like your "hybrid" label. This has me wondering if someone out there could do a nice spoof on the HP films by featuring one main character that turns into one of the three, depending on the circumstances in play. Hmm....maybe I should try to do one. Nah! Not enough time on my schedule but I would surely watch something like that, even if it was just a little afternoon skit that someone put up on YouTube, lol.


    Thanks for playing along. For someone who has not seen a HP movie or read the books, you are a true team player here and I appreciate that. Guess're not in small company...There are way more than 5 or 6 people who have not watched Harry Potter movies (This is where I sigh...*sigh*! lol). Just in my circle of friends, acquaintances and family members alone, I can name 5 or 6 people who are pretty clueless when it comes to Harry Potter land and they are proud to say it loud because they're just not that into him.

    You say not quite the perfect fit?! That sounds like a Ron personality, so your comments may fit in there just right, no, just perfectly :)

    I mean, Ron is not quite the perfect wizardry student (reread my reference to his spell on Malfoy that backfired and had him throwing up slugs) so it little magical wonder you!


    I have to run out now, so I'll get with you upon my retun, unless I can find WiFi out in the street somewhere.

    Peace out...for now :)

    The Madlab Post

  40. What a great job of classifying comments! Definitely made me smile. If pressed I'd probably say I mostly resemble HP - I'm just learning and don't always feel too confident in my opinions :)

  41. I am pretty much a milkshake of the three, but if I had more choices--I would be Mrs. Beasley.

  42. Ha! This is great. I tend to keep comments short and simple...not sure who that would be, LOL!

  43. Cute post! I think the type of comment I leave depends on the post, and I also think the types of comments I receive also depend on the post. I think we all have a little bit of Harry, Ron, and Hermione in us. :)

  44. I don't know, you tell me :D

    I aspire to comment as Fred and George ;P

    Leaving way too many of these ;-)

  45. Brilliant post! What a way to analyse bloggers comments.

    I'm probably Ron. A bit of a mixed bag, depending on how I'm feeling on the day or in the moment. I can either leave a one liner if I'm tired/short of time, or I can ramble for an age and not really know what it is I'm trying to say!

  46. I'm definitely a Ron and I don't mind it at all. As long as I don't have to burp up slugs.

  47. Joanne,

    I'm back now....later than expected though, lol.

    One of the best things about Hermione's personality as far as blog comments are concerned are that thinking more often than not can help readers leave a comment that others may use for reference because it's just soooo good!

    If you want to be more like Ron, try commenting on a blog post by writing whatever first comes to mind as soon as you think about leaving a comment. Don't wait until you've compared possible comments between each other or tried to figure out which angle you want to take with your comment or how your comment may or may not be perceived by readers or the blogger....just post it....that's probably one of the easiest ways to comment along the lines of Ron's personality type. Going with the flow will get you a ticket to Weasley-ville!

    Thanks for commenting and I'm glad to know that you find this post to be interesting.

    Blessings to you as well, Nicole.


    Oh, Thank you so much for your feedback on my classification of blog comments. I am even more happy to learn that it put a smile on your face. That little tidbit definitely makes my day a little brighter :)

    So, it looks like you're saying that you are unsure of your magical commenting abilities when under pressure because of the learning stage that you are at, at this point in the game.

    The more blog posts that you comment on, the more confident you may become, I believe. Maybe it will take an encouraging statement from a blogger or fellow reader to get you to realize your commenting potential but once you do...just like Harry was able to locate and destroy those Horcruxes using his magical abilities, you will be able to read and add more uplifting content in the comment section of blogs using the magic of your well thought out and welcome opinions.

    Susan Kane,

    A milkshake, huh? How cool!!! It is helpful to possess the ability to comment under one of all three personalities at once or simultaneously (if that is even possible) because that offers a bit of flexibility in the comments but even when one must be chosen, being Mrs. Weasley allows you to maintain flexibility in your comments by just shooting from the hip and going with whatever you feel like saying at the moment.

    By the way, you and I may have to move to Utah because if you didn't already know....I AM Mrs. Weasley! LOL Ron has been my man since The Sorcerer's Stone, so I guess we'll have to share him :)

    The Madlab Post

  48. lbdiamond,
    I feel great that you think it's great! Hmm, short and simple comments could fall into line with either of the three HP commenting personalities depending on what is said in those short and simple comments.

    If they are just short but include something informative, corrective, enlightening or inspiring, that's a Hermione personality type right there but if it's short and appears shy, uneasy or giving with a little hesitation in there, then it may be leaning toward Harry's personality type. Now, if the short comment is just simple.....that could be Ron all the way!

    I think you'll know by paying close attention to some of the comments that you've left so far on different blogs and also by realizing your commenting habits.
    Thanks for reading this post and thank you for commenting on it as well.

    Susan Fields,

    If you leave a variety of comments that span all of the HP personalities, then you definitely have that milkshake magic going on that Susan Kane mentioned earlier.
    I agree with you on the point that there is a bit of Harry, Ron and Hermione in all of us. I guess the trick is in when and how we use those personality types when leaving a comment.

    Jolene Perry,

    Really? Do I have to tell you? Why make me work! LOL. Ok, I'll try.
    Based on the information in your comment, it looks like you tend to have fun when leaving comments. That would be Ron, my dearest Jolene!

    Rebecca Bradley,

    Oh, thank you very much for the positive reception on this post.
    A lot of readers seem to identify with and relate to Ron, so you're in good company. I understand how commenting includes a mixture of type, length and quality depending on how we as readers are feeling at the time. Talk about rambling though.....there were days when after leaving a comment, I wondered if the blogger or other readers would think that I'm nuts or unfocused because I was all over the place in my comment, talking about one thing and then moving on to another with no main point. Ah well, at least we leave a comment!

    Karen Peterson,

    It's honorable to claim the Ron clan as your own. Right on with that comment about burping slugs.....that's one aspect of his character that surely does not have to come with the territory, lol.

    Thank you for your comment.

    The Madlab Post

  49. Ron, here!!!

    But if I can put on my Hermione hat on for a moment, I post more like Luna.

    But that's just my opinion.

    Never mind.


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