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Monday, March 21, 2011

Why Would I Want To Do That?

The Big Question

          I'm sure many bloggers look at the A to Z Challenge and ask themselves, "Why would I want to do that?"   In fact, some of you who have signed up already may be having second thoughts and asking the same question.   You might as well be asking yourself the question, "Why do I want to blog?" or perhaps even, "Why do I want to write?"

          The last two questions I have seen frequently asked in the blog posts of others.  It's easy to question our actions when we are tired or frustrated or just unsure what our efforts bring us. And yet we persist from whatever inner motive drives us onward.  So in answer to the "Why" question about the A to Z Challenge we might just as well ask, "Why not?".

Another Take On It

          Jeffrey Beesler's World of the Scribe addressed some very genuine concerns about participating in a blog event like the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.   It's interesting to see the varied reasons why people don't want to participate or do want to participate.  I left a reply to Jeffrey's post.

My reply to Jeffery's post:
This is a great post, Jeffrey.
You, Summer, and Bryan have all made excellent points that illustrate the way I see the Challenge. The comparison to NaNo is a good one. Blogging from A to Z is a personal challenge--it has different meaning and purpose to each participant. The best thing about a Challenge of this nature is that it allows us to make whatever connections we want--with ourselves and our own abilities, bloggers with similar interests, the blogging community in general, etc. The reasons for doing it are as varied as the bloggers participating.

The main thing is to have a good time and get what you need from it. Stressing or self-deprecation is not a good thing for anyone to do, so I hope the Challenge doesn't have this affect on anyone.

 I know a lot of other bloggers have reservations about participating because of some of the things you mention.

Love posts like these that stimulate thought. That's what blogging should be in my world.

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011
February 2, 2011 9:03 AM


Some Additional Points Of View
The Words Crafter from The Rainy Day Wanderer has a post which reviews some things we should remember during April and offers some new suggestions that I do not recall having seen before.  Her post is worth checking out.

Be sure to also check out the post by Nicki Elson where she will be delving a bit more into the subject of self-promotion through the press in her whimsically titled blog bit called Self-Promotion Sucks.  I think it will be worth your time since it comes from the voice of experience.

Marcus from Writing Investigated has an interesting A to Z navigation badge that some of you may want to check out.   See his post about it and you can direct any questions to him about this.

How About You?
Is there any news from any of you?   Anybody get press coverage yet besides Nicki?   Any major werewolf events after this past week-end's Supermoon?



  1. Why not, indeed? I've starting thinking about my A-Z posts, although not in detail. I think I will go for a 'on-the-fly' type approach. Blog in the moment if that makes sense. Looking forward to it! ;-)

  2. I have to be honest. When contemplating this blogfest, I did have thoughts of NaNo. LOL I think the most important point you've made is to have fun with it. I'm hoping my writing grows and I can show the real me...for me. Thanks for hosting.

  3. There is someone out there who sent a comment that was put in the "Spam" I read it but it didn't have a name of the blog just a number, the comment was"DON'T TAKE PART IN THE ATO Z", I clicked on the number but noting appeared, to me it's very strange, I thought the stupid comments had stopped now it's reared it's ugly head again.
    It hasn't put me off of the challenge as I have already compiled what I am going to write.


  4. Thoughtful post, Lee. I figure, if I didn't feel much trepidation, it wouldn't exactly be a "challenge", would it?

    Yvonne...don't be discouraged. I've had to block a follower for unsavoury pictures (and prob links, although I didn't click on them). They do pop up time to time, just as in life. Fortunately, it DID go to spam. But thanks for posting it here, so we can all keep an eye out for the troll.

  5. No werewolf's but I was finally able to get a good night's sleep. Lately I been finding myself thinking of giving up blogging. I don't think that I actually would but I've been getting very tired of it.
    Love Di ♥

  6. Yvonne, maybe it's the same person who doesn't want us to date American women.

  7. Why not indeed. And I now know the definition of the word challenge. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. I can see the challenge having so many more advantages than disadvantages. Even if you can't visit all the blogs participating, just think of all the fun you'll have trying. Plus, you get to promote your own blog and writing to so many. It's a win, win. Hope next time I can participate.

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. sounds like an age-old Shakespearean question :))
    Have you noticed that the Supermoon always causes huge natural disasters - first the Tsunami in Asia a few years ago when it was in its perigee and now the disaster in Japan ... :(

  10. There must be something mystical about this challenge because ever since I signed up for it, complications around here have increased exponentially. And that makes me even more determined to do it!

  11. I'm one of those having second thoughts. I think in order to be successful in a blogfest like this, one has to devote a tremendous amount of time to visit as many new blogs as possible and leave thoughtful comments. I am concerned I won't be able to do that to the extent I would like. I have decided to just do as much as possible each day and let go.

  12. Talei-- I did many of my posts "on-the-fly" last year. Some I had already scheduled and then changed them at the last minute.

    S.A. -- Fun is the priority I think. It's not like we're competing against others so that element of stress shouldn't exist.

    Yvonne -- I wonder if anyone else got an email like that, but I guess for something popular it's to be expected. I hope the email has deterred anyone. Did the mailer give a reason why not to participate?

    Li -- Great observation! If something's overly easy it's not that memorable and you don't get as much out of it.

    Diana -- I certainly have days when I feel like stopping blogging, but I don't see it happening--cutting back perhaps, but not quitting.

    Alex -- That guy was my first reaction as well since he always has the numbers as the sender.

    Jules -- It's the same reason why people climb mountains, eh?

    Mason -- Good words. You still have time to do it this year.

    Dezmond -- Hopefully Supermoon will leave us intact in California. They need to make a "Supermoon" movie--great title!

    Walk -- I hope your situation of complications isn't too prevalent. Glad you're going to persist in the challenge.

    Karen -- I think you have the right outlook. Some people will make the Challenge a triathalon or a marathon, while others will make it a contemplative stroll through the woods and stop to smell the flowers. Like you, I will be probably inclined to take the second more leisurely approach. I think the thoughtful comments are more treasured, although the brief acknowledgements are appreciated as well. The main thing is to enjoy the Challenge in the way that is best for each of us.

  13. I haven't got any press but I'm so ready to do this! Can't wait.

  14. I certainly won´t get any press coverage but I´m ready to go....:-D

  15. This challenge does remind me of NaNoWriMo--the way there's a set amount of time and a certain number you have to shoot for.

    I'll have to read the posts you mentioned.

  16. i'm looking forward to the a to z blog challenge

  17. Well, Roland Yoemans is doing a book blog tour and I'm hosting him on my blog today. Does that count as "press?"

    Those links look interesting Arlee. Thanks, I'll go check them out.


  18. This has to be thee most talked about blogfest ever! Kudos to you. Thanks for the links, I'm going to check them out. I can see A to Z wouldn't be for everyone. I nearly didn't join until I gave it more thought and realized it's just what I need to instill in myself some much needed blogging discipline (both writing and visiting). I like what you say about the many and varied reasons for joining. Very true.

  19. Clarissa & Paul-- It'll be here before you know it.

    Golden Eagle -- The writing goal is probably easier than NaNo, but the biggest challenge is in visiting and commenting.

    becca -- Less than two weeks!

    Donna -- Blog coverage is not exactly "press", but it certainly counts as publicity.

    Nicki -- It is a versatile challenge that be adapted to suit many needs.

  20. I am looking forward to this challenge. I had already laid out each day and now I have written posts already for A-L. I think I will be ready!

  21. This person who commented which was put into spam, was most insulting and things \I couldn't possibly write here. I deleted it .What I couldn't understand why a number instead of a name and blog.
    But it won't stop me.

  22. Gregg -- I need to start writing so I will be ready as well -- I have 7 posts done so far.

    Yvonne -- That's sad that someone would do that. If anyone else gets that message I hope they will send it to me so I can see if I can figure out where it came from and why.

  23. I'm looking forward to the challenge! While I have identified several of the days/letters already, some have given me pause (as opposed to paws. That would be my dog). But, it should be a hoot. As a matter of fact, in order to get myself ready, I'll be announcing that "Penwasser Place" will be taking a brief intermission starting Saturday so that I may have a week to prepare.

  24. Looking forward to the challenge. Don't know yet if I'll participate, but it'll be fun to read and follow! :)

  25. Lee-

    "Why would I want to do that?"

    What, do you WANNA give people second thoughts?

    I just left a comment on Alex's blog-the amount of time some bloggers devote boggles my mind.

    I would love to follow and comment on everyone's blog, but after twelve or more hours at my day job, some nights I just cannot look at a computer.

    If I did not already have the posts for April pretty much ready to go, the time committment would be a big concern to me.

    I'm afraid I am not championing your cause, am I? Maybe this will be better...

    Blog, everyone! Blog like the wind!


  26. I've hesitated to do the A to Z because I'm leaving for Ireland on March 31st and won't be back until late on April 11th. However, I found out yesterday that for part of the time I'll have Internet access, so I hope it's okay to combine days 'cuz that's the only way this will work for me, but I want to do it.

    Great idea.

  27. Al -- A week of rest before April doesn't sound too bad.

    Karen -- C'mon Karen--take the plunge! You'll love it!

    Larry -- You're not thinking straight. You can blog 12 hours a day like the serious bloggers. It's simple--just quit your job. What do you need money for anyway? Bills?

    Donna -- And don't forget you can write the posts now and preschedule them for autopost.

  28. I'm pretty psyched about the challenge, myself. I love pushing myself, and it'll be fun reading other people's posts!

  29. My biggest concern was always doing justice to all the other participants. I want to visit each one but was concerned I may not get anything else done.

  30. No werewolf sightings here in mid-Michigan, lol. As for the "why" or not of A to Z, well ... like any challenge, if the timing is right and the challenge is one that would benefit your growth in an area you want to excel in, then - 'tis a good and meritous thing, and go for it! If it is just an additional element to add more stress to your already overloaded daily regimen, I say choose another battle, one that you can win while having fun and enjoying the ride and stretch of your capabilities.

  31. Justed signed up for A-Z Challenge after being challenged? dared? cajoled? by fellow members of our newbie writers' group, First Writes( I love to learn and blogging is a new world for me. Couldn't let my buds venture out without joining them, so here I am. My blog is called Seeds of Encouragement for Christian Writers and can be found at I think the challenge will fan the embers of creativity and provide kindling for future stories and articles. Looking forward to the 1st!

  32. I'm excited to read all the posts, and wish the participants good luck and happy writing!

  33. Only about a week to go. Can't believe it's so close!

    Also, you have an award on my blog. Stop by when you can! :)

  34. I actually did a press release! I've submitted it to our local paper and should hear back within the next couple of days. In the meantime, I'm going to look for alternative papers to submit the press release to in case it's rejected.

  35. Paul -- Being pushed can be exiting sometimes. The challenge should be fun whichever way we choose to do it.

    Holly -- With so many participants we'll just have to pick favorites and randomly visit others as the month goes on. Everybody will have to find the system that works best for them.

    Marvin -- I don't recommend added stress to anyone's life unless it's positive stress that inspires creativity.

    Pam -- Glad you've joined. I'll be by to check your site.

    Jess -- Thank you!

    Liz- I'll check on that award. Thanks!

    Brianna -- Great! I tried to go to visit your blog but when I click on your name I get the "Blogger Profile Not Available" page. I don't know which blog you belong to.

  36. Arlee, I goofed when posting my comment. I'm not on blogger. You should be able to reach my blog now.

    Just wanted to let you know that I received a response on my PR - they want to assign a writer to discuss it further!

  37. Great information to get us all inspired! Thanks! Trying to narrow down ideas and make if fun! Looking forward to seeing what others do with this challenge! Almost at 600.... fabulous!!!

  38. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Best of Sci/Fi Award.

    Go to and pick up your award.


  39. I've begun to plan my A-Z. Looking forward to it. Mine are going to be short and sweet. But, it's gonna be a BLAST!!!

  40. Hello,

    I started following your blog a few days ago, and I joined the challenge. I forget if I commented before or not. But here I am introducing myself.

    I'm quite looking forward to the April A-Z Challenge. I don't foresee myself taking part in a lot of blogging events, but this seems nice, social, and above all STRUCTURED. I'm pretty sure lack of structure is what caused me to fail spectacularly in the last three consecutive NaNoWriMos. It's too open. It's overwhelming. I start in October with passion, participating in conversations on the chat rooms, getting buddies, planning my novel. But then in November, I freak out. I can't write. It's too much.

    The A-Z Challenge is, I think, a good one for me. All I have to do is write one blog post six times a week. I can do that. And you all are ENCOURAGING us to keep them short. So I'm feeling like the whole thing is rather doable.

    I'm looking forward to it as an opportunity to find other writers like me and other writers I admire, and possibly gain some followers and some feedback along the way.

    So, looking forward to April!


  41. Brianna -- I'm looking forward to seeing an article.

    Sand Castles -- Getting organized now is a good plan.

    Deirdra -- Thank you--I will be by.

    RaShelle -- I'm trying to go for short and sweet as well. So far good although I do have one guest post that is kind of long, but interesting.

    Callie -- So happy that you chose this challenge. It's a good one and you can make it into what suits you best.

  42. I've been trying to post every day, so this is a perfect challenge for me! Thanks, and I'm number 596. OMG!

  43. Glad to have you with us Kristine.

  44. *waves* I'm new to your blog--I'm following you now and found my way here by way of the A-Z challenge. I also signed up for the challenge--it's terrifying, but sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for having it! :D

  45. Hey Lee,
    Congratulations on getting 600 entrants, wicked awesome accomplishment.

  46. Laura -- Don't worry none, you're gonna have fun.

    Mooderino -- Lookout 700! We're on our way.

  47. Hi Arlee! I've just discovered the A-Z Challenge and I'm so excited about participating in it. I'm very glad I discovered it just in time! I'm also happy to have found your blog and look forward to following it. :)


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