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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Here's some awards and stuff:

From everyone's favorite world traveler and poetry wiz, Yvonne Lewis, of Welcome to My World of Poetry comes this Stylish Blogger Award.    Thank you, Yvonne.  You are one of my sweetest and most consistent commenters.

       This award is from Jeffrey Beesler at World of the Scribe, who had some wise words of advice in the same post that delivered this award to me.   I also want to thank Jeffrey for the fantastic job he has been doing with the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  You have made a lot of us smile.

The Words Crafter at Rainy Day Wanderer gave my this Through The Keyhole Award for making a correct guess on a blogfest.   I had missed this one.  She passed to me on December 17th.  Talk about getting behind.


From Elizabeth Mueller at her Author Blog comes still another Stylish Blogger Award.


        My good blog buddy and fellow host of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Alex J. Cavanaugh very kindly passed this Friends for the Journey award my way.  The award is the creation of
Michelle Gregory at Beautiful Chaos in honor of those who have helped on the blogging journey.

The Rules for Passing It On:

1. Pass it on to 7 other bloggers and tell how they've encouraged you.

2. Please let your recipients know that it started at Beautiful Chaos.

3. Leave a comment on this post when you've posted on your blog.

        My distribution of this award is based on those who gave me comments early in my blogging career. They let me know that somebody out there was reading what I had to say.  Without those early comments I might have gotten frustrated and hung it all up.  There are several who don't have blogs so I will limit the award to those who do have blogs in case they might wish to display it on their site.

Patricia Stoltey was among my earliest commenters who inspired me to keep the posts coming.

Stephen T. McCarthy is the guy who got me started blogging and encouraged me and inspired me from the beginning.   I usually don't particularly like it when people have more than one blog, but Stephen does and I can forgive that since his have good content and good writing.  You can visit him at the blog he'd like you to read, Stuffs, or at the blog he really wants you to read, Ferret-Faced Facist Friends.   He doesn't accept these awards but I still like to give him some well-deserved recognition now and then.

Ada Zdanowicz doesn't have a blog, but she and her sister Emilee were among my earliest commenters and followers.   You can visit her at her website CollagePodge.  I think she'll at least put up the award on her site.and maybe she'll even eventually start a blog.

Judy at Sixty Is Just the Beginning frequently encouraged me with her comments at the start of my blog days.

Diana at Rotten With Images didn't have a blog when she left her comments on some of my early posts, but partly through my encouragement she now has one.  She still doesn't post very often, but perhaps with some more encouragement from other bloggers she might post more in the future.   Hope you'll at least stop by her blog to say hello.

Tom at Ocean's Six Group Blog had left comments and provided support in other ways.  He has a very helpful blog about real estate.  If you are buying, selling, or just keeping up with what's happening in the housing market, you  might enjoy checking out his informative blog.

Gregg at Gospel Driven Disciples has continually offered support, encouragement, and enlightenment to me.

Stephen Tremp was an early follower and consistently leaves me comments to make my efforts feel worthwhile.  You can find Stephen at Breakthrough Blogs.


             My thanks to the above bloggers for these thoughtful awards.   It's possible that I have missed other awards and if that's the case I will put them in a future post.   Now I hope you'll pay a visit to the above links and give them a nice hello.



  1. Congrats on the've got a lot going on, easy to get a little behind. I see you posted at 2AM. Are you late-to-bed or early-to-rise or, like me, can't-sleep-most of the time? Just curious. I'm finding a lot of bloggers writing in the wee hours.

  2. Congrats on all the awards, they are well deserved as you have helped us fellow bloggers gain more followers but most importantly friends,

    Have a good week=end.

  3. Congratulations Lee. I admire your arduous efforts to accept and pass on the awards. This is what blogging is all about as I finally realised it. And so true how the early commenters that kept us going that without them, I guess we wouldn't have our 100th posts;)

  4. Ooooh so many awards, hope you're not drinking too much at the aftershow parties ;) Congrats!

  5. Congrats on all of your rewards!!!! It's awesome to see bloggers supporting other bloggers.

  6. Kudos on all the awards. You are in very good Blogger company, Lee!

  7. Congratulations on your awards. Sounds like you have the support of a lot of great bloggers.

  8. Congrats on awards and to the awardees. I like how you give a personal summary of those who are to receive the award. :O)

  9. First, congrats on all those awards! Good job to you! Your blog is always a pleasure to read.

    Second, thank you for passing the last award to me and you kind comments.

    Third, and really looking forward to the A-Z Challenge! Thanks for all you have done to promote this.

  10. BTW Lee, in accordance with the rules I am posting this on my Monday, March 6th posting.

  11. Li -- I'm glad you noticed this. I will be posting about this very subject on Monday 3/7.

    Yvonne -- It's been a mutual effort. Without other bloggers I would not have made it very far in blogging.

    Ocean Girl -- The awards do take some time, but I guess it's worth it in more ways than one.

    Dezmond -- What parties? I'm so soused by the end of the awards I never make it to any parties.

    Kristin, Marvin, Liza -- A big thanks to each of you and all of the bloggers who have supported me in the past.

    Alex --They are the bloggers who were there at the beginning and remain with me. You would have been on the list if you hadn't handed the award to me first.

    Baygirl-- Thanks! It's quite a haul indeed.

    Madeleine -- I like to give an introduction in case some out there are not familiar and might be inspired to visit them. Please do stop and tell them hello.

    Gregg-- You have been a strong presence in my blog world for the past year. A to Z is going to be a biggie to manage this year, but it should be interesting. We'll look for your March 6 post.

    Jules -- Thanks for that and all the support you continue to give me.

  12. Will there be an after party?
    Congratulations Arlee!
    Love Di ♥

  13. Congrats on the wonderful awards!

  14. BOID ~
    Thankz for the plugz. I thank you, Stuffz thankz you, and Ferret-Fazed Faszist Friendz thankz you.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Undergroundz'

  15. Hi Arlee .. gosh congratulations on the award and the way you've passed them on.

    A-Z is going to be big .. brilliantly organised ..

    Here's to a relatively peaceful March ..! cheers Hilary

  16. Diana --Yes there is a world wide party scheduled in honor of these awards. I put you in charge of festivities in Southern Illinois.

    Fredamans -- Thank you!

    StMc-- I know you are happy to receive this award. I will be looking forward to your awards post in which you graciously accept the award and pass it on to others. I know I will be waiting for a very long, long time.

  17. Hilary -- And thanks to you as well. So many wonderful bloggers are encouraging others to join A to Z that it can't help but be a success.

  18. Congrats on all of your awards! You deserve all of these and more! Cheers!

  19. congrats on all of them. more blogs to visit. fun.

  20. Congrats on the awards - love the way you passed the last one along! :)

  21. Even though it wasn't mentioned in this post, I humbly accept my "Greatest Blog EVER" award....
    Thank you.

  22. I get behind on passing along awards, too. And some require a lot of work...

    Congrats on all of yours, and I loved reading about the people you picked for the Journey one. The people that support us, that are there for us, and who inspire us....they're what makes this community special.

  23. Congrats on the awards, Lee!


  24. Thank you so much for the follow. Your visit pre-empted my posting up of the A to Z Challenge. It's now up on my blog and ready for the off.

  25. Well, I'm a new follower and will be signing up for the A-Z April shortly. I'm from England but have been living in Malaysia for around 7 years. I currently reside in Kuantan, Malaysia and blog about my life here. So you can come and follow me at:

  26. Hi Arlee,
    Just wanted to say hello - I'm a new follower after finding your comment on Fiona Robyn's blog. Come visit me on


  27. Congrats on your many awards -- especially the Friends for the Journey one :)

  28. congratulations on the awards!

    ...just found out about your a-z blogging challenge and am joining! also a new follower ;)

    My bric-a-brac

  29. Awesome Lee! Congratulations!! All well deserved!!

  30. Congratulations to you and to those you passed the awards on to!


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