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Monday, March 7, 2011

Prescheduled Posting

           When I first started blogging I had no idea that there was an ability to preschedule my blog articles to autopost.   At that time I was determined to post daily--yes, seven days per week.  Each piece that I composed was done on the day it appeared.  It became kind of nerve-racking.

           Posts would appear at various times during the day and night, undoubtedly giving my blog an appearance of unpredictability.  After the first few weeks I realized that I was able to compose my blog piece and save it until I could print it manually.  I dutifully began writing my blog bits the day before they were to appear and then wake up at about 2 AM each morning to publish what I had written.

           This still seemed ridiculous and became rather tedious for me.  I was certain that there had to be a better way to post at specific times without actually having to be there to do it.  Knowing that I was going to be going away on vacation soon it became more of an issue for me to figure it out.

           Then I noticed at the bottom of my Blogger compose page that there was a link labeled "Post Options".   When I clicked on that I saw that I had the option to schedule my post and put in on automatic.
If you use this option don't forget to click "Save Now" and then when you return to the list of posts, check the box and click "Publish".   You will then see that particular post marked as "Scheduled"

           I still try to check each day that my post has gone up as scheduled.  Occasionally I have done something wrong to where it hasn't posted and I have to go ahead and manually post the article for that day.  This has become a rare occurrence now that I have become more adept at using the autopost feature.  I am currently writing my April posts and scheduling them for automatic posting.   And if I ever need to change them it is no problem to do so.  I just go back to edit them and repost as I did before.

           I'm guessing that WordPress and other blog hosts have similar features.  If you don't know how to do it yet, do a bit of exploring on your site and I'm sure that you will probably find it. 

            On my last post, a blogger's comment asked if I was a night owl because my post time read 2:00 AM.   No--it was an autopost.  You will notice that nearly all of my posts show 2:00 AM as the posting time.   Autopost is a convenient way to be consistent in posting your blog bits.  I've used it whenever I've been away on vacation.  It will be a tremendous help in April.  


Be sure to visit Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog today as he visits with two of the participants of last year's A to Z Challenge.  I'm anxious to read this one.

Stephen Tremp at Breakthrough Blogs posted Saturday about his plans for A to Z in April and offers some excellent tips for those who are still trying to figure out what to do.

Talli Roland is busy this week as she celebrates the release of the paperback version of her most recent book, The Hating Game.  She has a humongous book giveaway that you won't want to miss.   Talli will be providing readers with A to Z topics as we get closer to April.

Be also watching the sites of the other Blogging from A to Z co-hosts for additional Challenge tips as well as other always entertaining and informative topics.  These co-hosts are:  Jeffrey BeeslerKaren Gowen, Candace Ganger, and Jen Daiker.

And don't forget to keep telling others about the challenge.  500 HERE WE COME!



  1. Howzit Lee. Thank you so much for this piece of advice. I've been stressing about how I was going to manage your challenge because I don't always have access to a computer or the net. This solves my problem completely. 2am your time is 12pm my time. God bless you my friend and thanks for your visit by the way. Geoff.

  2. I've always wanted to write my post then save it to the appropriate time to be posted on line, but not being a techincal sort of being can't figure it out, someone did explain , I tried it but it didn't work but will certainly try again as it will be invailiable for the Ato Z In April.


  3. Prescheduled posting is great isn't it?
    I've started planning my A-Z posts and composed the first 3 already :O)

  4. i use this feature though sometimes it has failed me but totally love it

  5. Thank you for this timely tip. To a non-techie person like me, it is much appreciated.
    love and peace,

  6. I preschedule almost all of my posts. No way I could put together something that makes sense at six in the morning!

  7. The nature of my schedule doesn't make it necessary to pre-schedule very often, but when I have to, it is nice to have the option.

  8. As I just mentioned to your friend Alex J. Cavanaugh, we are all on the crazy train heading to crazy town and the bar is open!
    I just did a pre-scheduled post for the first time last night and checked first thing this morning to see if it worked. Trust issues? Not me.
    Thanks for all the advice to get us new kids through. It's appreciated.

  9. he he you were waking up at 2AM to publish your posts ... hilarious :))) I can imagine you lurking through a dark house in the middle of the night like a spy :)

  10. I'm going to need to start preparing posts ahead of time for at least the first part of April. It only recently occurred to me that I signed up for this challenge... completely forgetting that I'm due to have a baby on April 4th. How do you forget something like that? I have no idea. I must have just been caught up in the moment. Anyway, thank God for this option to schedule posts!

  11. Geoff -- Some of the great tools like auto-post help eliminate blog stress. It's helpful to discover them.

    Yvonne- It took me much longer to discover this feature than it probably does technical minded types. Like you, it helps me to have someone show me and explain it, otherwise it takes me a long tome to find on my own, if ever.

    Madeleine -- I'm working on mine too and already have some scheduled to post on their own.

    becca -- So far I've found that when it's failed it was because I did something wrong.

    Manzanita - I like to try to help if I can. Hope I made this relatively clear.

    Alex-- I was sometimes in the wee hours typing up some of my earlier blog entries and it was ridiculous.
    Love you post today!

    Matthew -- Real time posting does keep things more timely.

    Heather -- I always check to make sure my post is up unless I'm traveling and am not able to do it first thing in the morning.

    Dezmond -- I actually did write a post about walking around the house in the dark.

    Sarah-- Baby? What baby? That is too funny.

  12. Aha! Now I know why I could never get this to work for me:
    "If you use this option don't forget to click "Save Now" and then when you return to the list of posts, check the box and click "Publish".

    I didn't know the 'click Publish' thing.

    Thank you!!!

  13. Dude, you are too funny! I will admit at first I didn't see the post option button either and I would post the day of my post. Within days I discovered that little button and began posting up to two weeks in advance.

    I never got up at 2:00 AM or in my case 3:00 AM to hit the publish button. That is too funny!

    What I hate is forgetting to put in the date I want and then hit publish. I can delete the post but then I have "false advertising" until the post actually posts.

  14. Nice how-to Lee and yes, it is a must for the month of April :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. I see we're up to 393 and four hundred should come this week. I'm excited to see how this has taken off in only its second year. Could there be 1,000 participants for next year?

  16. I was really glad when I found this feature. Now most all of my posts are scheduled. (I'm up to M on the challenge!)

  17. Fortunately, I learned that trick early on, while being tutored on a Yahoo Group about building traffic and posting regularly on a blog. I have spurts where I am especially creative so during those I put several posts together and either preschedule or store them.

    Helpful post to lots of bloggers, I'll bet, Lee! :-)

  18. Hi Lee,
    Great tip, I do sometimes post ahead, but haven't been out of town yet other than a couple of days, to run into that issue. It will soon happen. This will be a big help with the A-Z posting~ Thanks for sharing!

  19. Ha! I get asked the same thing... "Why is your blog up at 3:00 am?" I started the same as you... blogging in the morning before work... but then if I didn't finish, I had to patch together the rest during my work breaks... messy.

    I chose 3am because of my European readers. Plus, that means when I get up at 6, there is a chance to respond to my early comments before going to work. I still advertise it then... though I hear you can schedule THOSE, too... (oh, the things I have yet to learn on Twitter)

  20. Thanks for the tip. I knew about scheduling posts, but never used it. but, since my comments are slowly dwindling day by day I know need to be more predictable with my posts and I think this will help.

  21. I was aware of the autopost feature but usually when my post goes up at 2:00 AM, it's because I wrote it at 2:00 AM. Getting posts done ahead of time isn't my strong suit. I'm always impressed by you more organized types.

  22. Carol-- At first I wondered why some of my posts didn't go up at the time I had prescheduled them to auto-post and then I discovered I had to save the option if in case it didn't happen automatically.

    Gregg -- It takes me a while to figure things out sometimes. And yes I have accidentally published things when I didn't intend to.

    Jules -- I hope it helped those who didn't know about this feature.

    Stephen Tremp-- Next year very well could turn into 1000. I'm pretty sure we'll hit 500 this year from the looks of the way things are going.

    Bish -- Yes, I really needed a solution to posting when I was away from the computer when I was on vacation and this was a blogsend. I'm just randomly writing my posts as I think of them and scheduling them to auto-post.

    Marvin -- sometimes I get those creative spurts as well. I knew so little about computers and all, but fortunately there is a lot of help online.

    Ella -- Love the auto-post feature!

    Hart -- I went for the 2 AM post time for the same reason. When I get up I usually have several comments already. Being on the west coast I like to be there posted when the east coast people check in the morning.

    Emily -- It really helped to boost my comments when my posting schedule was predictable.

    Linda -- I try to be organized, but believe me I could do a whole lot better!

  23. I schedule my posts just about every day.

    It's my understanding that WordPress doesn't have this feature, which is one of many reasons why I won't even consider switching. might want to stop by and check out my blog post from yesterday. There might be something of interest to you. Maybe...

  24. Great tip, Lee. I didn't realise for the longest time about the auto-post, either!

    And thank you so much for the shout-out for my giveaway and release! :)

  25. Karen --Auto-post scheduling is such a useful tool I'd be surprised if other blogging formats didn't offer it. It only makes sense.
    Thank you so much for the honor bestowed upon my blog and thank you for letting me know--I've been getting a bit behind in getting around to everyone's blogs.

    Talli --Auto-post was a feature that never even occurred to me until I started wondering how I was going to handle being away on vacation. Now it's just a regular routine for me. Good luck with the paperback release and the give-aways.

  26. I've never used the auto posting as oftentimes I edit one final time before putting it online. It's good to know though that it works well.

  27. Wow, you just totally introduced something that could come in very handy! Thank you!

    It is odd how blogging can become pretty tedious at times.

  28. Oh my gosh! This is brilliant! I am about to leave on a trip with my college choir and I wasn't looking forward to telling my loyal readers I would be gone! :) Thanks!
    I'm new here by the way. I stumbledupon your blogg and I thought the challenge seemed cool! I have 2 bloggs. 1 is my rant/journal Which is and the other is where I post all my writing and short stories which is

  29. I always use the auto post – that way I’m sure I have a blog prepared and it gets posted at the same time each week.

    Congratulations on all the A to Z participants. You guys are amazing.

  30. I've thought about auto-posting, but something about the lack of spontaneity keeps me from it. I guess I enjoy having that freedom, even if it gets tedious!

  31. LOVE auto-posting! :) I just stopped by to beg you to to the A to Z challenge again (I've been MIA from blogland lately and need some motivation to get blogging again!) and was so happy to see that you are already up and running with another challenge! There are a lot of people participating this year! :) Looking forward to it and to getting back into writing mode again...

  32. Paula -- I use the auto-post feature when I feel I'm down to my final edit, but I have been known to go back and add things or re-edit. For me auto-post serves as a just-in-case-I-forget-to-post measure.

    Frisky -- Blogging became tedious to me when I felt like I was on a rigid schedule. Composing posts ahead of time when I'm in more of a mood is more relaxing.

    Jane -- I'm impressed by the numbers of bloggers who are up for the Challenge.

    Michelle -- There is still an element of spontaneity in composing posts ahead of time. For example just today I came up with two posts off the top of my head and just wrote them up for letters "H" and "M". It was just improvisational writing inspired at those moments and scheduled to post over a month from now. It was pretty cool.

    Melody -- Glad to have you back! We've really ramped things up this year with the early start. Look forward to your posts.

  33. Hi, Arlee! I know how you feel about them pre-autoposting days. I went through that too. I have mine set up for midnight of the day.

    Whoa! 500 already? Wow, the last I checked it was over 300. I need to go over and visit the newcomers! It's getting big! :)

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  34. I must say this is my lucky day! This post has totally saved me. I never knew i could set to post! I have signed for the challenge and with this tip im certain i will manage.Thanks for this..lets hope i live up to the Challenge.I am a new follower, my blog is Her World:

  35. Hi Arlee I am your newest follower. I came across the A-Z challenge on KarenG's blog (as I was "coming down the mountain". I am very excited, and have started making an alphabet list (and have recruited a few family members to help me with suggestions). thanks for the tips about "scheduled posts" I will be using them!
    My blog is
    and I would love it if you stopped by for a visit!

  36. Hi Arlee,
    I have used auto post in the past. And your right about checking to see if it posted. There has been a time or two when it didn't. Don't know if it was my fault or not.
    Usually though I don't have to use this option. Love Di ♥

  37. Auto Post is incredibly helpful, and a necessity for anyone who posts on a regular basis.

  38. Hi Arlee,

    I just found your blog through a fellow Crusader from Rachel Harrie's blog. She was talking about the A-Z challenge. I haven't decided for sure if I'm up to it
    (going to read more about it now), but I'm very impressed with your blog and the amount of people you have on board already. Also, had no idea about the Auto Post option. You just changed my life. Good luck!

    ~ Bess

  39. Elizabeth -- We're hoping to reach 500 as we now pass the 400 mark.

    Murugi -- Welcome to the Challenge! I think you'll really like autopost.

    Kim -- Welcome! I will be by to visit you.

    Diana -- Whenever I thought something was on autopost and it didn't post, I've usually discovered that it was because I didn't "save" my time and automatic request.

    Austin -- When I was posting daily it was a huge relief to discover the autopost option.

  40. Auto post is awesome and such a time saver! I'm happy to say I know most of the folks you mentioned in this post. Those that I don't, I'll be checking out...

  41. Yes, scheduled posts can be our friend! Used to do them all the time but got away from it. I'm planning on getting back to it soon. Good post, thanks!

  42. I use autopost almost exclusively. Everyday at 11AM is what I shoot for. I like that it gives each of my posts a full 24 hours at the top of the page. I feel like I'm not being fair to each of them if they don't get their allotted time to shine. And yes, I do think of my posts like children.

  43. I sometimes schedule my posts a week in advance. My week is usually chaotic, so I don't like to leave a post until the last minute. It won't happen then!

  44. Thanks for this little bit of advice! I am going to check it out!
    I am a new follower, and just signed up to do the A to Z blogging challenge!! I am so excited and nervous at the same time!
    Please feel free to hop on over to my little blog!


  45. Wow, for a while I was excited, but, I'm on Wordpress and from one of these comments I gather that Wordpress doesn't have this feature. You're lucky! I do plan to write my A to Z posts ahead at least. I've got all my ideas in a spreadsheet, ready to roll. Love this challenge, come visit at

  46. Hi Arlee .. thanks for the tip - I will do this for the A-Z ..

    Cheers .. Hilary

  47. Hi! I'm a new follower. I spotted the "A to Z" challenge on another blog and had to come see what it's all about. Have to say, too, I totally agree with you about pre-scheduling posts. It's such a huge time saver.

    Anyway, glad to meet you. And stop by and say hi sometime :)

  48. Oh by the way, @Ivy, Wordpress does also have the 'scheduling' feature.In the same box where you'd click "publish," there's a line that reads "publish immediately" with an "edit" link after it. Click on edit and you can choose another day/time to publish that post. You can even publish it in the past. Just make sure you click "ok" after you've adjusted the date/time. When you do, the blue "publish" button below will change to "schedule" and you'll know it worked :) Hope that helps. Feel free to visit/email me if you'd like to know more!

  49. Pat -- Auto-post is the most logical option for achieving posting consistency.

    Karen -- Thank you for stopping by.

    Christopher -- I have a similar outlook about my posts and I do like to give them equal exposure on the blog.

    L. Diane-- Prior to my Christmas vacation I scheduled posts as much as a month in advance. It really took the pressure off of me.

    Tiffani -- Glad you're here. I'll be by to visit you.

    Ivy -- Check some of the other comments from WordPress users. Apparently autopost is available--see Gwenelle's comment.

    Hilary -- If you haven't used it yet, I think you'll become a big fan once you do.

    Gwenelle -- Thanks for the clarification about WordPress. I'll come by to visit you blog.

  50. For those Wordpress users, they do have something similar, as well. I'm intending to use for the A-Z as I'll be out of town the very first starting days.



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