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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Gonna Change

         Something's going to change on this blog.  I don't know exactly what, but I have been tossing around some ideas.  Tossing It Out has been changing since it's inception and that's normal and that's a good thing.  Since the A to Z Challenge I have been seriously reassessing this blog and how it relates to my life, which is something I have been seeing with many other bloggers as well.  I do not plan to blog any less days--I am still aiming toward daily blogging until September 21.   The way I blog may change.

          One change coming up this week will be a switch from music to movies.  Some of you may be saying, "Thank you!".  If you've had enough music already, I'm still not done.  There is a bit more music coming so I can get it out of my system on this blog for a while.  But Monday I will be contributing my list to Alex J. Cavanaugh's Movie Dirty Dozen Blogfest -- twelve of my favorite movies.  Hope you'll check 'em out and let me know what you think.  And I'll busy all day checking up on all of the other lists.  This should be fun.

           During the rest of the week I'll be looking at some of the movies I didn't put on the first list.  And there will be a lot of them.  For one thing, on my Dirty Dozen list I'm not going to include anything less than twenty years old.  That really leaves it open for some great movies to be left off the Dirty Dozen list.  My reasoning in taking this approach is that some things need to stand the test of time.  If it still impacts me after twenty years then it is a film of merit--a classic.  That's the way I approached by favorite album list for the most part and when you're older like me this method works just fine.

             I hope you are going to participate in the Movie Blogfest so we can all share in the experience.  And if you don't contribute I hope you'll check out mine and tell me what you think.

            ....but back to this change thing.  And this has nothing to do with Obama or anything political.  This has to do with Tossing It Out.    I want to hear your opinion.  Is there anything you'd like to see me change on this blog?   What can I do better?   What do you want to see me get rid of?   I'm going to change things, but I don't want to lose readers.  I want to gain more readers.   Can you make a suggestion that might make more people want to read and interact with this blog?   Are you making any changes on your blog?

And Now, time for an award:

       This award was given to me by Swimmer at Books, Writing, and More, Oh My! .  
Since I received this award I have to do a few things.  Here are the award "rules":

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award (as I said this came from the fabulous blog, Swimmer at Books, Writing, and More, Oh My!)

2. Share seven things about yourself (look below)

3. Pass this award along to fifteen bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason! (Since this can be very time consuming I'm not going to check and see whoever already has this, or try to be extraordinarily discriminate, or even give it too much thought-- and as always if you feel like I should have passed this on to you, then feel free to take it and then follow these instructions).

4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award  (I'm going to change this rule for me.  I'm not going to contact 15 people--if I come up with that many.  If you see it, you got it.  If you missed it, well that's life.  Sorry, don't mean to sound callous or anything but I'm running out of time here.)

Seven things about me:

1. I like change.
2. I used to change my kids diapers sometimes (I don't like that kind of change)
3 I've never changed horses in the middle of a stream (not literally at least)
4. I usually signal when I change lanes on the highway.
5. I'm not afraid to change my mind if I see my plan is not the best.
6. I often carry a lot of change in my pocket.
7. My blog is going to change--stay tuned.

I bestow this award upon the following:

1.    Yvonne Welcome to My World of Poetry   -- she always gets my awards and she is very versatile.
2.    L. Diane Wolfe at Spunk on a Stick
3,    Alex J. Cavanaugh 
4.   Glen's Blog Spot
5.  Gregg at Gospel Driven Disciples
6.  Wolfie at Writer Person
7.  Trudy at Third Time's a Charm
8.  Ocean Girl
9.  Carol at Under the Tiki Hut
10.  Jemi at Just Jemi
11.  1 Wasabi Mommy
12.  Ruby at Blabbin' Grammy
13.   Rotten With Images
14.   Sig at Beadedbear's Nonsense and Complete Waste of Time
15.   Ellie at Ella's Edge


  1. congrts to You and all the winners ....enjoy :)

  2. Hey! I'm on the list! Thank you Arlee.

    Change is for the better, no matter what or how. I look forward to your change because I know it will be interesting. After all it is Arlee Tossing It Out.

    And for that seven things abut me.

    1. I don't normally make a list. I just do
    2. I would love to think of myself as a versatile blogger
    3. I like to break rules too
    4. I really don't know whatelse to tell about myself
    5. I am 5feet 1inch
    6. I change my my easily, because I think it is my prerogative
    7. I am so glad I made it to 7

    Have a good weekend Arlee.

  3. You know what 'they' say: if it ain't going through some change, it's dead.

  4. Change is good! Good luck with that! Love you pick of songs in the player! VERY appropriate :o)

    I don't think I should say particular things I want to see, because I just want to read about attributes of you that aren't influenced by other people's opinions. What makes people's blogs interesting is reading stuff from the heart. Write what you believe in and people will follow.

  5. Thanks Arlee! I love your list of change related info. I may have to do a theme as well ... I'll think on it. :)

    I like change - one of the reasons I became a teacher. I get very frustrated when things stay the same for too long. Have fun with it!

  6. I, for one have sure enjoyed reading your site. Change is a good thing; I am interested to know when you get it worked out how it relates to your life.

    Excited to see what is new on the horizon especially Sept 21.

    That Sam Cooke song is a good song isn't it? He can sing!

    Can't wait to see your list of movies. This was hard. How do you choose 12 movies out of thousand and thousands? Irene and I watch alot of movies.

    Thanks for the award. I don't know if I am really a versatile blogger or not or you just ran out of names to pick. Thanks! I have sever posts in queque so when the run their course I will list the 7 things about me and pick 15 others.

    Hope you had a good father's day.

  7. Thank you for the award Lee, I do feel honoured to recieve it,

    As for your change, change is a good thing for many reasons, I really enjoy your blog and these challenges has done me the world of good in more ways than one.
    If you feel you want to change your blog content that's fine but one thing please don't change....Your good self.


  8. Thanks for the award, Arlee!

    And after the initial twelve movies, I will also post my second twelve. I left off so many great movies and just keep thinking of new ones. And while I didn't restrict myself in terms of the movie's release date (especially as the 90's boast the greatest portion of my favorite movies) I didn't include any really recent films. I want to see if they stand the test of time as well.

    I kicked it off with a review of Toy Story III today, plus I'll host a Hollywood expert and list the July movies next week.

  9. Congrats to you on the award. You're definitely very versatile. I like your take on the seven things. Best of luck with the upcoming changes.

  10. Congrats on the award! Don't have anything in the way of suggestions. Have been enjoying the blog as it is:)
    Happy weekend,

  11. Congrats on your awards!

    No one can tell you what to do with your blog, it's yours. :)

  12. Thanks to all of you for your support. The change in my blog will not be a change in who I am or how this blog reflects me. I plan to stay true to myself. I will continue to look for suggestions on how to improve.

  13. Lee

    I recently changed my blog template.I've noticed several bloggers have made the change. Maybe a fresh new look might be part of the change you're looking for. The new blogger "design" (located on your dashboard) offers some nice looking templates with a lot of preferences that make it easy to customize your blog.


  14. Change means growth; I like the way you do things, so I will be curious to how you will change it up. I look forward to it!

    This movie one, is tough, I rattled off 30 movies, then had to narrow them down and I'm still torn. What is it with M', movies and
    our Muses that make it tough! ;-D

  15. Ron -- I've been seeing a lot of template changes, not to mention Blogger's insistent "advertising" about it. Hadn't been considering that sort of change, but maybe that's something else I should check out.

    Ellie -- I'm hoping my changes will be in a growth direction. I know what you mean about the movies. That why I'm going to restrict my picks to movies made prior to 1990-- I've got so many that come after 1990 that I could do a whole dozen there.

  16. Hey Lee!!

    Thanks for the blog award!! :)

    I would like to see you go back to more of the thought provoking commentary on current issues, politics etc! But your thoughts on music are good too.


  17. I'll be interested to see what changes you make, Arlee, but I have no brilliant ideas for you.

    My own changes include my new Blogger template experiment, a decrease in the number of days I post (MWF now), and a new Thursday guest blogger feature that allows published or about-to-be published authors a chance to tell us about their paths to publication. Later I may add a Tuesday feature, but haven't decided on a specific topic yet, but it will be writing related.

  18. Sig -- I like some of those thought provoking challenges, but sometimes I think it scares some people off. But I'm sure I'll do some of that again soon when I get the music out of my system.

    Patricia --Sounds like you've got a lot underway.


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