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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is Country Music Low Class?

I won't say much today--I'll leave it up to you.

Here's the premise:   Country music is often condemned, criticized and looked down upon.  A lot of people say they don't like country music, but maybe they haven't really listened to enough of it or are basing their opinions on what they've heard about the music from other sources.

Some of the derogatory epithets or negative descriptions of country music:   Hillbilly music, backward, corny, white trashy, ignorant, barroom beer-drinkin' music, boring, stupid, old timey, trailer park muzak, farm fodder, songs sung through missing teeth, and the worst music there is.  I'm sure I've missed many other terms, but you get the idea.

So what do you think?

Is country music low class?


  1. Hi, Friend,
    Thanks for leaving the really sweet comments on my posting yesterday. I appreciate them and thanks for the reminder that I have so badly neglected other bloggers' postings. I feel bad about that.
    Now, about your country music posting. Man! I grew up on country music, and never missed the Midday Merry-go-round radio show. I am sure you never missed it either. I keep up with the newer artists as well. I love Rascal Flatts (sp?) and Carrie Underwood and Billy Currington (God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy). Josh Turner, etc. But I also love hearing "Possum" George Jones, Johnny Cash, et. al. The people who knock country music just don't know from beans.
    Thanks for the visit.

  2. I love Country music, Kenny Rogers being my all-time favourite (but I also love Johnny Cash). We tend to celebrate country music in Australia with festivals etc, but my husband is one of those people who thinks the music's rubbish. I can't listen to his music when I'm driving because it's like having people abusing you through song. Leaves me all agitated :-l

  3. I am not a great country music fan, but having said that I love Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Rait, Faith Hill, Patsy Cline. I am shocked, there are a lot more names wanting to make their way into this comment!!! I think, I need to think this one out again.LOL

  4. I grew up on 70's rock, loved equally new wave and hair band music through the 80's, and preferred alternative in the 90's (Nine Inch Nails, anyone?). I never got into country, considering it 'cry in your beer' hick music. Then I met my husband overseas, a Frenchman who thought country music was exotic. (Really?) Now we live in the States together -- in Georgia, no less. Country is still not my favorite genre of music, but I have more of an appreciation for it. It's only when the in-your-face conservative, gun-slinging, redneck patriot rears its ugly head that I absolutely must change the station. (Toby Keith, ugh.)

  5. I am very open minded about all types of music. My 15 year old listens to Screamo. And believe it or not I have fun with some of it. Although I would never choose to listen to it.
    Contrary to how many people feel, my husband included, I will give anything a try at least once.
    Music feeds the soul. And how can any music be bad or low class if it feeds your soul. Too many different tastes for me to condemn any one type of music.
    I like Greek, French, lively Mexican and Spanish music.
    I guess the best thing to me about music is that there is something for every mood. Love Di ♥

  6. Well, fantasy writing is often looked down upon as not being of any particular value and that hasn't stopped me from loving reading it and loving writing it. I don't like country music but I don't like most kinds of music. To each their own and every thing has some value if you look for it.

  7. Country music low class - no way!!
    Rap and the old punk rock type of stuff maybe but not country

  8. As you know Lee I appreciate all kinds of music, to answer your question No, I don't think Country music is low class as Opera is high class, It is up to each idividual whether or not a kind of genre suits them or not. Music is music the world over and one can communicate through music where language may not be possible, albiet Jazz, opera, rock, ballads or counrty . As they say"If music be the food of love play on".

    Have a nice day.

  9. I've not heard of too many people looking down on country. Of course, a lot of people where I live listen to it.
    I've heard a lot of country music. Just not my style, Lee.

  10. I did not grow up listening to country music, but I do now. I call it emotional, evocative, touching; based in current times with echoes and stirrings of celtic and other music from the past. I love it.

  11. I think those who call it low-class have never actually listened to it. Or maybe they just don't like the twang.

    Sure, there are country songs that are silly, weird, or just...odd (most of them are like that for the fun value). But most of them actually tell a story, unlike pop or rock.


  12. You missed my description! 'Sounds like singing candy.' :) I don't 'hate' country music, but I definitely wouldn't choose to listen to it in my own home. :)
    I would never put any kind of music down, and I don't think anyone should. Every art form and craft requires a skill that should be respected. Yes, I respect country musician's, but I just prefer to suck on something a little less sugary - if you get my drift. :)

  13. I've never been a fan of Country music, but there are a few songs that I REALLY like that are considered Country. I think the main thing is I don't care for the twanginess of much of it. I know it's not all that way, but a lot of it is, so I tend to put it ALL in the category of "don't like".

    Funny thing is, both my boys like it. My oldest son (22) likes it A LOT!

  14. ABSOLUTELY NOT! And as Forest Gump would say, "That is all I have to say about that."

  15. I have to weigh in on this. As you know I am a big country music fan. I've come to see that the people who don't seem to like it is people who have never listened to it. I listen to other types of music and I've never been able to relate to any sort of music like I do with country. The songs never get played out and I'll still love the song a year from now.

  16. I used to listen to country music once upon a time. There are some songs I like and many more that I don't. Modern country is not my style, but to call one type of music low class is to also call people who love it low class. I just don't go there. People are people and deserve respect and the country music singers also deserve respect.

  17. I think I better jump in and say something since the comments are stacking up here. Appreciate all of the input on this one. I'm sure most of you know I was talking about some people's opinions and not my own. I really like country music a lot. There's not many forms of music I don't like.

    Grammy -- You really have your hands full I know and I already explained on your blog my error in commenting on your blog.
    I remember hearing about "Midday Merry-Go-Round" when I lived in Maryville, but I don't think it was on when I lived there. I like all the artists you mentioned. People that knock country are unenlightened.

    Charmaine -- I've liked Kenny Rogers since he was with First Edition. Saw him in concert in the 80s when he was touring with Dolly Parton.

    Ann -- You are not alone. There are a lot of people who say they don't like country until they start naming artists and then discover they really do like country.

    Nicole -- I think it will grow on you just like it did on me when I first moved to Tennessee. Country music covers a lot of different topics and even the patrtiotic stuff can be pretty good.

    Diana -- You and I look at music in a similar way.

    Cassandra -- I'm intrigued that you don't like most kinds of music. I'd like to hear more about that. That's worth a blog post in itself.

  18. Cathy -- I agree with you about country and I won't say you're wrong about the other "music" you mentioned.

    Yvonne-- You as a lover of music have stated it correctly.

    Diane -- You need to listen to a little more country, after all it's often pretty spunky music.

    Liza -- Yay, Liza! You get it.

    Justine -- You are right. People need to get educated about something in order to appreciate it.

    Jessica, Jessica --- Keep on trying. Remember Joni and jazz? It's not all sugary and all that, there is some really good and deep stuff to be found in country music. You just need to find the right ones. Gram Parsons? Try that. Or early k d lang.

    Lisa -- The "twang" used to turn me off, but I got used to it and now I don't mind it much at all. Actually I kind of like it now.

    Gregg -- I already know that you don't like country music-- yeah, right!

    Emilee -- You know what's good-- you must take after your dad.

    Marjorie -- That's a very good sentiment.

  19. I don't think there's any such as thing as low class or high class when it comes to music ... or anything else for that matter. It's all about personal taste - and I don't think there's any ranking for that!

  20. As readers and writers, certain genres resonate with us. I think that applies to music as well. Even within a particular category, there are likes and dislikes.

    I don't think broad generalizations are helpful to anyone.

    Susan :)

  21. Well, I have to use the qualifier that I don't know much country music. This doesn't mean that I am not a fan, it just means that I haven't really explored enough of country music. Having said that, I don't understand why people do make these types of associations for different music genres. If you listen to punk, you are this. If you listen to rap, you are that. It seems like talking about music can get somewhat territorial. I don't have any answers for this, but I thought I would throw it out there.

  22. Oh, and one last comment. The only bit that I do know about country music (and like) was introduced to me by Emilee :) Thanks, Em!

  23. Jemi -- I guess we all have the right to decide what we like.

    Susan -- that's right and you said it a bit more eloquently than I did.

    RwImages--Keep in mind (if you read my post from yesterday) country music is related to Irish music. Yes, people get pretty wrapped up in their own music territories and don't give other styles a chance. Yes Emilee knows her country music.


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