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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mission Statement

      Halloween is going to be put on the back burner for today.  Oh man, here's this guy obsessing on Halloween again!  Be patient.  It will all come together in the future as I carry on with this blog.  I just want to get some things straight--to lay out ground rules in a sense.

        As most of you know, any business, company, organization these days likes to identify itself with a mission statement.  A mission statement is a pronouncement that seeks to clarify an entity's purpose in being, belief system, and intended course. So here I wish to proclaim my intentions and my identity as it all pertains to this blog which I have called "TOSSING IT OUT".  Firstly, keep in mind that this endeavor is a personal exercise in the disciplines of written communication and an experiment in communicating in this medium with which I am still somewhat unfamiliar.  So the first rule is that any rules that I make on this post may change in the future and in essence there are no precise and absolute rules.  The mission statement for this blog is like planning a vacation where I am not limited by time, money, boundaries, or the needs of other people.  I might start with a map, a vehicle, a tank of gas, and an idea of where I might want to go, but at any time I might take a detour, stop and stay in place that I like for a while, turn around and go back to a place that I've already been, visit a friend, meditate at a scenic overlook, or even break down by the side of the road.  I might leave my car and start walking.  I might catch a plane, a boat, or a train. And whether I've decided to listen to Bacharach, Bach, or the Beatles, you the reader are along for the ride (if we're riding) or walk or whatever. My hope is that I am good company.  I will try not to bore you. If you have something to say, I think you can leave comments.  I'll be looking for them.  Of course, I have to realize that I might be on this journey by myself.  I hope not.  Let me know you're there sometimes.

        I am looking at this blog as a business of sorts.  If you've read my previous posts you are aware that I am currently unemployed in the traditional sense of the way we look at this sort of thing. So this will be a part time job for me.  Or perhaps it will be like taking a class. It will indeed be another one of life's many learning experiences and I always enjoy learning. This will be one of my forums for disseminating my ideas, my random thoughts, and my perspectives on our wonderful world and universe and putting it all into writing and tossing it out there to you (I hope there's a you somewhere out there) and hoping that perhaps you will toss it back to me.

       Now what's with all this "tossing it out" business? A bit of background presented now for explanatory purposes.  I am a juggler.  I have worked professionally as a juggler at times in my past. I'm not a great juggler like Rastelli or Frances Brunn ("Who? you may say. Google it).  But I have been paid to juggle at times in my past so that makes me a professional.  The imagery of tossing things in the air and keeping them going and me tossing them to you and you tossing them back to me and all this juggling words and ideas just seemed so appropriate.  Thus, the title "TOSSING IT OUT".  So it's not like throwing out the trash or discarding junk I no longer want.  I'm not inviting you to my garage sale hoping to carry off what I don't want.  I am hoping to share an experience with you the reader and have us involved in a communal activity that is entertaining and stimulating. I hope to demonstrate skill and showmanship. I don't expect to become the Ringling Brothers of the Blogosphere, The Greatest Show on Earth.  No, I just want to be like a little travelling show playing one-nighters or maybe the street performer gathering the passing crowds.  Then it would be cool to have a following of fans who keep coming back to see what I'll do next.  But we shall see.
        In any case, that should suffice for background for the time being. Now to formulate that mission statemtent.  And here it is:

The "Tossing It Out" blog is here to entertain, stimulate, and inform whenever possible. The author will make every attempt to be accurate and fair at all times and will be open to the input of any readership the blog may develop. There is no set course, no absolute purpose, and the content, though at times random, will strive for cohesion and clarity.

            If you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions I'd love to hear from you.

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