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Monday, September 28, 2009

In Honor of Great Explorers

       Halloween doesn't particularly inspire costumes depicting the great explorers of history.  For that matter, historical figures are generally excluded.  Perhaps there is the occasional president like Abe Lincoln.  And Richard Nixon probably still tops the list of most popular presidential mask. There are the American history generics like cowboys and indians. But great explorers are not typically thought of as dress-up fodder.  Then again when has there been a great explorer movie that has been a huge hit.  No licensing opportunities there so far.
       Actually a Christopher Columbus costume might be kind of cool.  And Hernando Cortez or any of the other conquistadors would make fine costuming with the metal helmets and all.  Lewis and Clark would be a bit more rustic and less exciting I suppose, but it would be a good buddy or couples costume selection-- or add Sacajawea and you got a group. Then there's Marco Polo.  Astronauts could probably fit with the explorers crowd, but I think that costume is fairly regularly represented each year. As for me, I think I might go for Cabeza de Vaca (Google him if you're curious), but maybe I'll go into that on some future post.
       So why in the world am I pontificating on famous explorers?  Well, I have spent a goodly portion of the past several days exploring the blogosphere.  It could take more than a lifetime to adequately check them all out. There is really a lot out there-- so many people, topics, styles.  What I want to do is figure out as much as I can about this whole realm of the internet.  What works?  Who reads?  Why do people come to your site?  How do you keep them coming back?  It's really a lot to deal with.  No wonder there are so many "courses" on how to do the various internet things.  I find myself going in circles in my research at times.  But I shall persist.  Please if any readers have any suggestions, recommendations, or comments toss them out to me.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.
         Oh, and by the way, don't forget:   Halloween is coming!


  1. Interesting thought about historical costumes for Halloween. There is much out there to choose from, that's why marketing is so hard for whatever it is a person is trying to sell.

    I've been a regular blogger for 2 years now and the first year was trial and error. What did I have that I could offer people w/o making it all a ramble and putting too much personal info on the Net that really didn't belong out there?

    I decided on my favorite subjects, the craft of writing & publishing on Mondays, book reviews and author interviews on Wednesdays, and historical subjects with an occasional devotional or update on my life on Fridays. I realized that a regular blog schedule and sticking to it helps b/c people need to know what to expect. We are creatures of habit.

    Also, giving people a chance to follow it as they chose is helpful to encourage readers. For that reason, I offer RSS feeds, Feedblitz, Facebook and Blogger feeds. It seems to be working, but it is a slow process to build followers.

    Not everyone is going to be interested in what I blog about, and I accept that. But for those who share my interests, they are more likely to be readers of my books and that is what I'm hoping for.

    Have fun in your Internet exploration!

  2. Well, Jennifer, thank you so much for your insight, encourgagement, and kind words . I agree about what you say about writing on your favorite subjects. As Robert Drake, my creative writing professor at the University of Tennessee, used to always emphasize, "Write what you know". I think the passion is more evident in your writing if you have a passion for what you're writing about. As far as the blog world I am going to continue to do my homework and I will check out the things you have recommended. I hope you will check out my progress from time to time and give me any more helpful advice that you can give.
    By the way-- there sure are a lot of different blogging styles out there!


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