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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween costumes, halloween masks, halloween candy, halloween decorations, halloween cards. Halloween cards? Okay nothing new, but today I walked into the Hallmark store at the mall near where I live and I was struck by the quantity of Halloween cards on display. Total display racks devoted to nothing but this "holiday". Perhaps later I can expound upon my wonderment, but I just thought it seemed kind of weird.
Halloween is coming. So is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. And of course right after Christmas the Valentine's merchandise will start appearing on store shelves. Today I heard mention of EID which is something to do with Ramadan or something like that-- I don't really keep up with the ethnic (to me) deals. But I did not see any EID or Ramadan displays in the Hallmark store-- and I am happy for that. So one might look at my words here and think to themself, "this guy seems rather holiday obsessive," and I might say in reply, "Okay I've been unemployed for the last 6 months or so and, yeah, it pops into my mind now and then." And it does, but not that much. But enough of that already.
I'm just thinking about blogging. Have been for several months. I guess unemployment does that sometimes. I started this blog awhile back, but this is my first entry. It's an experiment so I'm just writing stuff. I guess that partly what a lot of blogs are, right. I'm just formulating random thoughts and ideas and tossing them out there. Maybe some of them will stick. So anyway please bear with me. This may also be my last post or it may be the beginning of a long exercise in randomness. Or this all may become organized and come together as a fruitbearing farm of thought. I used to fantasize about being a farmer someday. That seems like a lot of work though--but, hey, it is employment.
So what do you think? Obama, Michael Jackson, NFL, Armageddon, Facebook, crochet, cycling, cyclones, cyclotrons, randomness, organized thought, nihilism? I don't know right now. This is my first post and I just tossing it out, seeing if it sticks to the wall. And if it does-- well, if it does I'll figure out what comes next cause right now I don't really know exactly what is going on exactly with this blogging thing.


  1. Well you certainly found your way Arlee!
    Love Di ♥

  2. At last! I finally got a comment on my very first post. Thanks Diana.

  3. An exceptionally SEO-rich first post! Way to go Lee! :)


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