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Monday, November 8, 2021

Microdisney AND Dave Clark Five BECAUSE ( #BOTB Results)

    So as I was saying, I'm here and doing this thing.  You know the thing.  It's the post to tell how the votes came in for my Battle of the Bands.  I call this post...

Battle of the Bands Results

         My most recent Battle of the Bands was between the groups Microdisney and Dave Clark Five with different songs having one word titles that are conjunctions.  Coming as no surprise to me is that Dave Clark Five won this Battle.  However, I did not expect the overwhelming sweep that comprised this win.  I really thought there might be a few more votes for Microdisney.  Thanks to Cathy (the Curious) for saving this Battle from being a shut-out.

        My vote would have prevented the shut-out as I chose the Microdisney song as my favorite.  Keep in mind that it was a very close choice for me as Dave Clark Five was among my favorites of the British Invasion groups of the sixties.  And "Because" is one of my favorite songs in their catalog. It's a charming song with a lovely melody, but it is a bit trite as romantic pop songs often tend to be.

       When I first obtained the Microdisney album The Clock Comes Down the Stairs on cassette in the mid-eighties, I was initially a bit off put by the strangeness of the album, but I was also so intrigued that I kept it in regular rotation on my cassette player until it became a favorite of sorts.  Then I set the album aside for thirty years or so until this Battle.  I like it more now than I did back then.  

        The song "And" not only has a unique sound, but I like the production of the male and female vocals relating a narrative that comes across in a conversational manner.  The loping dreamy pace of the song is almost trance inducing.  Maybe that's why I always liked listening to this song and the rest of the album late at night.  There is a haunting nature to the group's sound.

        That being said, Microdisney lost this round and Dave Clark Five was the big winner.  

Final Vote Tally

Microdisney  "And"                       2 votes

Dave Clark Five "Because"          13 votes

Next Battle????

       Probably on December 1st unless I get inspired to do a midmonth Battle.  The Battles on the 15th haven't been doing so well so right now I'm not too enthused to do one this month.   But, whatever.  And. Because.  







  1. No surprise they won.
    I think as we edge closer to Thanksgiving, less people will be online.

  2. That keyboard solo on "Because" makes me want to lace up a pair of roller skates and head out on the floor with Cathy (whose Dad owned our local Skateland.)

    1. Michael, I can see that. Not me skating as my last skating attempts will remain my last, but the visual of skaters going around the rink to the sound of organ music.

      Do you have a updated blog anywhere, or just the poetry blog that hasn't had a post since early this year?


    2. All I have is the poetry blog. I try to post at least once per year.

  3. LEE ~

    Yeah, this outcome was - I'm sorry to say - pretty predictable. Of course there's nuttin' wrong with that, if your primary goal is to introduce viewers to new (or new old) music that they're not familiar with.

    If, however, the primary goal is to create close contests (as is usually the case with my BOTB matchups) then steering clear of big radio hits is pretty much a must... unless one is going to put two big radio hits up against each other.

    My last three Battles (which ultimately ended in a tie, as you know) featured 4 famous songs that had all been Billboard Top 40 radio hits. Well, actually, 'James Dean' by The Eagles was NOT a Billboard hit, but everyone knows it from all the FM radio play.

    But I always eventually come back to the real heart of BOTB's beginning: using two different recordings of the same song. And that's what I'll be doing again in my December 1st Battle.

    See ya then!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  4. Not a surprising result, in my opinion. AND didn't resonate with me from a musical standpoint, but I always enjoy the introduction to unknown recordings.

  5. Lee,

    I apologize for not visiting before now. This has been a busier than usual November with our staycation and now the holidays. Anywho, Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! May the Lord bless you and yours this day and always. I'm grateful for our friendship. It has meant so much to me, more than I can ever say. Enjoy your time gathered with friends and family. Be safe and well!


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