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Friday, May 21, 2021

Trini versus Jane: Who won? ( #BOTB Results )


Just in case anyone wants to know, here is the final outcome of my most recent Battle of the Bands...

Battle of the Bands Results

          My most recent Battle of the Bands was a showdown between song stylists Trini Lopez and Jane Olivor with their renditions of the song "Lalena" by Donovan.  I think this is such a beautiful song, but not all agreed.  However there was a predominate consensus that Trini had the better version.

           After hearing Trini's version, which was new to me until putting this Battle together, I was blown away by his performance.  He certainly puts a pop touch to the song that makes it very listenable.  At first I thought I might be voting for his version, but after many more listens during the past few days I gravitated back to Jane Olivor's haunting version.  I hadn't listened to Olivor in many years and it was nice to hear the sound of her beautiful voice.  It's almost operatic--or classical--in sound and ultimately I prefer that.

          My vote goes to Jane Olivor which puts me in the minority of some good company of voters.  And I thank all those who voted for participating in this Battle.  You are all good company.

Final Vote Tally

Trini Lopez               9 votes

Jane Olivor               4 votes

Next Battle on Tuesday June 1st

            I think I'll do one more Battle before a summer break and at the same time I'll include my monthly contribution to the Insecure Writer's Support Group.  


  1. Sorry, I guess I missed that battle.
    Going to travel to see family this summer? Just don't plan on taking I-40 from Arkansas into Tennessee - bridge will be down for months.

  2. Oh...I voted for Trini( I liked him in The Dirty Dozen) but I really liked Jane as well. It was really tough for me and, maybe, on another day, I would have voted for her. You should find another song that she does or even showcase her on your blog. I’d like to know her more.

  3. Great battle! I enjoy all the new songs and artists you introduce ;-)

  4. Wonderful result, look forward to the next BOTB.


  5. Hi Lee missed the battle painful hands and a pc problem have prevented me from going on line.
    Take care.


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