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Monday, August 10, 2020

Did the Best Man Win? ( #BOTB Results )

I'm not much for saying whether something is "the best" because that's an opinion. I might be able to say what's best according to my taste and even then that can change from one moment to the next...

Anybody playing games during these China Virus days?  

Battle of the Bands Results

        My most recent Battle included recordings of three different songs by three different groups.  All songs were statements regarding being a man.  Two are pretty much rock classics while the other is by a group with which most of you were unfamiliar.  The two more familiar songs both carried the title "I'm a Man" and were performed by The Yardbirds and Spencer Davis Group.  The third by a mostly unknown group called The Illusion was a song that I had always mistakenly thought was called "I'm a Man" though the actual title is just "Man".  Since I've owned their album on vinyl since 1970 I probably should have realized my mistake, but I guess I just never paid attention to what is on the album cover.

         My inspiration for this Battle was because I wanted to introduce readers to this latter group which I think is quite good.  I only base my opinion on this one album since I've never heard their two earlier albums.  The Illusion album If It's So is just that good in my opinion and opinions are what these BOTB installments are all about. 

          Considering my inspiration for the Battle I think it's probably pretty easy for you to discern that my choice in this Battle was the song by The Illusion.  I like all three songs a great deal, but I just think The Illusion's "Man" is a bit of a rock and roll tour de force. Stephen suggest that  their song was "self-indulgent...overly long and jammy" but that's part of why I like it.  As always, and as it's meant to be, BOTB is an exercise in musical preferences and opinions.  That's what makes it tick!

         If The Illusion hadn't been in the mix then I'd have chosen The Yardbirds with it's psychedelic rave sound.  Still, the Spencer Davis Group song is a good one in my book.  Aside from a low showing of support for The Yardbirds, this contest was a tight race.  That's the kind of Battle I like to see.

Final Vote Tally

The Yardbirds                    2 votes

Spencer Davis Group        6 votes

The Illusion                       8 votes

Next Battle on Saturday August 15th

         Hope you stop by to vote for that one.   Weather has cooled down a bit recently here in Los Angeles which is good for my A/C bill.  And since about all we do is stay home, it's nice to be comfortable and not sweltering.   Now if I could only go places and not have to wear a ridiculous mask.   I'll just leave it at that, but you are welcome to leave your thoughts if you want to.  Hey, a lot of us don't have much else to do these days but sit around and think...


  1. I chose Spencer Davis so I'm in the middle.
    Look forward to the next BOTB.
    Have a good week Lee.

  2. Lee,

    I can't believe it, I'm on the winning side this time. Yay, me!! I hear you about the mask thingy. I don't like wearing one, either. I'm just glad that I don't have to be out much. I find it difficult to breathe with one on for too long. Unfortunately,it is what it is but and this will all pass soon enough. Of course, soon enough can't get here quick enough, right? :) Take care, stay cool, and be well, my friend!

  3. Close Battle, LEE.

    I'm kind of surprised that The Illusion won, but BOTB has *ALWAYS* been full of surprises which, of course, is what has kept it interesting after more than 6 years.

    >>... Hey, a lot of us don't have much else to do these days but sit around and think...

    ...Or sit around and drink.

    See ya again at yer next Battle.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  4. Sooooo close for Spencer Davis! LOL. Your post made me go back and listen to Steve Winwood...a lot!

    Stay well, be safe, and be careful out there...the world is a little bit nuts lately.

    Love, Cherdo


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