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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Is the River Too Wide? ( # BOTB Results)

      Is the river too wide?  Are the waters too deep?  Is it worth it getting to the other side?   Or is it better to fade into oblivious sleep?

There was something I wanted to say, but it's something that has been already said.   Perhaps silence is a better way.   For now thoughts will stay in my head.

...but then of course I still have Twitter and Facebook...

I think there are times when we all need to just scream even if without a sound...

For now I give you--

Battle of the Bands Results

         In my most recent Battle I offered up two songs about crossing expanses of water as performed by the Kentucky duo The Other Years and British singer/songwriter Gaz Brookfield. While Gaz came up with the win in this Battle, the Other Years made a respectable showing.

        After reading my BOTB post some of you might have determined that my favorite in this contest was The Other Years.  After all, this duo was the initial inspiration for this Battle.  I thought Gaz Brookfield's song was pleasant enough with a decent performance, but I didn't find it to be exceptionally unique.  On the other hand, to me the song "Bridges" was more poetic with a deeper thought behind the message. The melody was haunting, evoking memory and contemplation.  I thought the hollow resonance of the recording location added to the feel.  I was captivated by the performance of the song "Bridges" and it has been echoing in my mind for weeks now.  I had to vote for The Other Years in this match-up.

        Then there was this comment from BOTB founder and mentor Stephen T. McCarthy:

     This is going to seem mean but... I'm being honest:
While watching the video of the female duo, I just couldn't shake from my mind the mental image of that boy in the "dueling banjos" scene from the movie 'Deliverance'. Uhm... is that singer his daughter? Sister? Mother? Kissing cousin?

     To which I replied:

STMcC, funny you should say this about Deliverance. In the PBS show I watched, the blond to whom you refer actually plays banjo much of the time and your connection was the first thing that struck me. I think she's kind of like the cute sister of the Deliverance guy--or the daughter.

      If you're not familiar with Deliverance and the Banjo Boy, here are some comparatives:so you can decide for yourself if you agree:

Banjo Boy
Billy Redden "Banjo Boy" from Deliverance
        (If you're missing the reference then you can watch the clip from the movie here)

          More songs from The Other Years featuring Heather Summers on banjo:


        I do see some resemblance, but I also think Heather is beautiful in her appearance as well as her musicality.  Keep on playing your wonderful music, Heather Summers.

Final Vote Tally

The Other Years          5 votes

Gaz Brookfield           8 votes

Next Battle on Saturday August 1

         Maybe I'll have more to say on that day or maybe nothing but music...


  1. Just wanted to comment about "Banjo Boy". About a decade ago or so, when Jeff Foxworthy had his comedy show on NBC (I believe), they had him on to play the closing credits. Still had that same boyish face.

    1. GB, seems he got caught up in typecasting maybe?


  2. I loved that Deliverance Tune Lee, thanks for bringing it to our attention.
    Stay safe.

  3. Lee,

    I sided with the winner in this round. I really like The Other Years sound. I appreciated another fine sample of their mewsic. Now to high tail over to YT to listen to more of their stuff. Have a good day. Stay safe & be well, my friend!

    1. Cathy, there's not much by Other Years, but a few things as well as recordings by Heather Summers alone and with others.


    2. Lee, thanks for letting me know. I forgot to go over to YT, so I'm heading there now. I promise! :)

  4. This one went well, I would say.

  5. The river is too wide or too deep when you end up dead trying to cross it

    1. Jo-Anne, I don't think I'll be trying to cross any rivers on my own without a bridge or some other means.


  6. Ha!-Ha!

    This whole thing *still* makes me chuckle. Great post, LEE! I love being able to see both of their faces simultaneously, and it only reconfirms for me that we were both on the money in the connection we made.

    There are points in The Other Years' video where, if I pause it on a good close-up of Heather, I'd almost bet money that she and Billy "Banjo Boy" absolutely MUST be related! (Either that, or maybe the same person after a transgender operation.)

    Excellent Battle, as the very close outcome proves.

    See ya in the Band Battlefields 'round August 1st.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. STMcC, the banjo playing did it for me, otherwise that Deliverance connection might have never come up for me.

      The outcome was better than it seemed like it was going to go at the start of the voting.



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