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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Did the Best Monster Win? ( #BOTB Results )

The monsters of our imagination can never be as bad as the real life monsters we have to deal with everyday, but then they are mere chimeric fairy tales that serve to distract us from real life horrors...

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Some of the Aurora models of classic movie monsters 

Image result for aurora monster model kits
Cover art from the Aurora monster model boxes

Me and My Monsters

       During my middle school years I immersed myself in model building.  Though I did build some model cars, planes, and even some ships, my primary focus was assembling and painting the monster model kits from the Aurora Company.  Over that period of two or three years I acquired nearly all of the monsters in the series--or that is, any of the kits available before 1966.  That's when I stopped building models and burned most of them.  It was a dumb thing to do, but it was just one of those adolescent stupid things like most of us probably do at some time.

        Still, those were some fun years sitting on my bedroom floor building models and listening to records by the Beatles and Tijuana Brass.  I was so into monsters back then--not only the model kits, but also the magazines like Famous Monsters which I faithfully bought whenever new issues appeared.

         It's really no surprise since I had loved monsters from early childhood.  Perhaps I was born with a familiarity with the Frankenstein monster--at least I seemed to have known that one since my earliest memories. However it was Godzilla that captured my imagination and often visited me in my dream life. 

          My parents took me to see the American version of the Japanese original film Godzilla: King of the Monsters! when it was first released in 1956.  I would have been five years old at the time, but I loved that film.  Where Frankenstein had more philosophical implications, Godzilla was an indictment as well as a bit of prophecy or warning to humankind.  Godzilla was not as scary to me as it was awe-inspiring as well as evocative to some innate sense of unseen powers. 

          Of all the monsters I think Godzilla is my favorite though I do think the Frankenstein movies have more thought-provoking stories and more interesting acting.  No matter what though, I enjoy a good monster.  Not bad monsters like we get in the real world...

Battle of the Monsters Results

Monster Songs

      In this latest Battle I presented "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter Group and "Godzilla" by Blue Oyster Cult.  I'll admit that going into this Battle I had already decided that Blue Oyster Cult would get my vote. I've listened to them ever since the seventies where I'd mostly ignored Edgar Winter.  I do remember when their hit "Frankenstein" was getting a lot of airplay, but I didn't care for the song back then.

     As sometimes happens, I began listening to the Winter song and realized what a dynamite performance it really is.  As much as I like "Godzilla" the song, I've got to say the "Frankenstein" piece is a flashy display of virtuosity in a catchy musical package.  And that's why after the past week of listening I changed my vote to Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein".  What a great piece of music.

      After the actual voting opened I began to think there was going to be a landslide in favor of "Godzilla" but then the Frankie Fans showed up and stomped the big boy.  Still it was a pretty close Battle.  Not bad fellas...

Final Vote Tally

Edgar Winter Group            9 votes

Blue Oyster Cult                 7 votes

Next Battle on Saturday February 1st

         That will be a few days after my birthday--don't even want to think about how old I'll be.  But my wife and I will probably go away for an overnight stay somewhere nearby to celebrate.  It will be a pretty subdued celebration to my estimation.

       Did you ever build any kinds of models?  Do you remember the Aurora monster model series?  Have you ever destroyed something that you had previously put great time and effort into creating? 


  1. It would've been a tie otherwise. Shame.

  2. Lee,

    Close race! I went with Blue Oyster Cult. Too bad they didn't win. Great battle!

    I don't believe I've ever built a model but I do recall helping or at the very least watching my uncles. One or more of them were into the monster cars. I thought it was cool to put all those tiny pieces into place with a dab of clue and then painting it to look nice. Oh, I'm sure I've destroyed something that I've put a lot of time and effort into but at the moment I can't recall what. I assure you it would've been purely accidental, though. Those things happen. See ya around. Thanks for sharing the outcome of your last battle!

  3. Good battle! I was torn as well, but went for Godzilla, in the end.

  4. I put together a pretty good model of the Batmobile, and of "Captain Action," who was a toy that you could turn into Superman, Batman, and a few other -mans. I think there were a couple of cars and one of the Weird-ohs, Francis the Foul (a way-out basketball player). Don't know what happened to any of them.

    I read a review once that said "Frankenstein" was a showcase piece for Edgar Winter, who played a bunch of instruments. Rick Derringer has recently done a smooth-jazz version of "Frankenstein" that's nowhere near as good.

  5. Excellent Battle concept, LEE, and excellent outcome, too!! (Still wishing I had thought of this match-up.)

    I think the only models I ever put together were also monsters. I was really into that also, and probably right around the same time you were. My favorite back then was The Creature from The Black Lagoon.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  6. This one was oh. so. close, Mister Lee.

    Enjoy your Birthday, Sir!

  7. I do not have a favorite monster. As a matter of fact, I avoid monsters whenever possible. Or music about monsters. I'm not even fond of the images conjured up by a purple people-eater.

  8. Sorry I missed this one Lee, hopefully all faults with my landline phone will be corrested within days.

  9. This would've been a fun one to participate in. :)

    I don't think I was ever into monster and models. I was more of a magical-girl child, pretending I had powers of my own.


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