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Monday, July 22, 2019

A Hot Race for a Hot Season ( #BOTB Results )

Summer is a-sizzlin' here in New Jersey.  If I could have brought my California weather here this would be darn nice weather-wise.  Otherwise it's still nice here with family...

Still on Vacation

      Maybe it sounds weird for a retired person to talk about being on vacation since it always seems like I'm on a bit of a vacation.  I guess it's just the different routine that makes it seem like vacation.  That and the traveling and the difference of scenery and people I'm around.  So I guess this is a vacation.

        Having a wonderful time!

Battle of the Bands Results

The "Fly Like an Eagle" Battle

         Keeping it quick so I can fly like an eagle myself, here are the results of my recent Battle between old artist Trini Lopez and newer artist Rus Reppert.   This was a neck and neck Battle right to the end.  It was a nicely matched fun Battle.

          I went back and forth with my thinking on who I preferred, but I kept going back to the version by Trini Lopez.  It was interesting to see this artist presenting his updated take on the song, which is pretty good for a guy who is now past 80 years old.   Trini's version had more going for it production-wise with more variety.  My vote goes to Trini.   What a race it was!

Final Vote Tally

Trini Lopez        8 votes 

Rus Reppert       10 votes

Next Battle on Thursday August 1st

       I'll be back on the road for this next Battle so I hope I can keep up okay.  I'll manage I'm sure, but I might be late making rounds.  Hope you're having a great summer without getting overly heated.

        Do you think of retirement as a sort of  extended ongoing vacation?   If you're not working in an employment sense, do you like to keep busy doing stuff?   What are your favorite things to do during summer?


  1. One of my last posts is about retirement.

    Retiring was the best decision made (in the past 8 years).

  2. "A change is as good as a rest", they say. ☺ And, to be visiting family must be a lovely vacation! That was a good, tight battle. Too bad I was on the losing side, but at least it was close. We had similar scorching weather, but yesterday and today it has cooled down nicely. Wishing you the same.

  3. Yours was a good Battle, LEE. Two very different approaches to the song and both were very nearly equally appreciated according to that vote tally.

    Nicely done! It seems that most of us had mismatched contestants this time, resulting in numerous blowouts, but not you!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  4. Lee,

    Looks like I went with the winner in this round. Yay, me! I took retirement many years ago to be a full time mom. In those early years retirment did not feel at all like on thinks of that word. There was nothing restful or peaceful about it but I wouldn't trade it for the world. These days, it feels more like what I envisioned my retirement years would be like enjoying what I love which is anything creative. For the most part, I love to doodle to pass my time. This is a constant source of happy relaxation for me. Our favorte thing to do in the summer is take day trips to the western North Carolina mountains or to visit the upper elevations of the Smoky's to bet the heat here in the Tennessee Valley. It's a grat way to unwind in a beautiful place, take some pictures, have a picnic, and let our cares melt away. :) Thanks for sharing the results in your last battle. Have a good week...what's left of it. Can you believe July is almost gone?

  5. I love going swimming during the summer, and now really miss going to the beach every year. As I got older, I became sick of always going to Cape Cod, and stayed home the last time I remember my parents and little brother going there in 2002. Now I really miss it and want to experience it as an adult and on my own schedule and itinerary.

  6. Yeah, last weekend was a record-breaker with the heat and humidity in my part of PA, which is a stone's throw from Jersey. (Seriously, Easton throws rocks at Jersey all the time. Ha ha ha. Okay, enough about Crayola city.)

    I hope your summer is going well. And I hope you brought a boat because when it's not blazing hot, it rains, and everything floods. I saw a few days that neither happened and ran off to the woods.

  7. Hi,thanks for sharing your thought. I think it must be your last post and going through your post I get to go a feel that you are planning before retirement.


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