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Monday, November 3, 2014

Zombie Acropolis

English: The Acropolis in Athens
The Acropolis in Athens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

          It's not necessarily Greek to me why the zombie genre is so popular in modern culture.  Humans have long been interested in reanimation and resurrection as well as the supernatural aspects of the living dead.  We're scared and yet morbidly fascinated with the concept of zombies.   I'll give you my theory about the popularity of zombies this coming Friday November 7th.

          This post today is not a real post, or at least not in the sense you might expect.  If anything this post is more related to what Alex J. Cavanaugh was talking about in his post that asked the question "Have authors killed blogging?"    In short Alex was wondering if blogging has been hurt by too much promotion by authors.

          I'm not trying to sell anything, but my post today is all about promotion.   The "Zombie Acropolis" title is merely a come-on somewhat related to my most recent topics.  As you might know, blogging experts recommend a catchy title to lure visitors to your posts.  If for no other reason, I figured that my chosen title might lure a few folks to chide me for misspelling "apocalypse".   And since zombies are an attraction of themselves I thought some zombie fans might stop by as well.

         I don't mean to disappoint anyone, but count this as another blog experiment--like maybe Dr. Frankenstein might come up if he had been a blogger.  Besides I've had this title sitting in my to-go queue since spring when I was developing my short blog posts for the summer vacation season.

         By the way, on the subject of attention getting blog titles, there has only been one stand-out post traffic wise on Tossing It Out of late.   For the most part traffic here is adequate, but not overwhelmingly amazing.  Not viral.  The posts where I've taken part in some fest or interactive event usually get the most visits.   However the biggest surge on this blog in the past several months was the post with the title "That Wasn't Very Nice".   I'm guessing that a lot of visitors were expecting some real dirt about something bad that happened.   Instead they found a post about ballet and Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.  I thought that the topic was very interesting, but judging from the relatively small number of comments compared to the high number of visits on that day I'm guessing that most visitors were not particularly interested in the topic I was presenting.   I suppose that some might have thought I was not very nice in insinuating that they were going to get to read about something not very nice and they found a story on The Rite of Spring instead.

          Still, I'm going to promote a few things right now.  First don't forget the Wednesday  Insecure Writer's Support Group monthly meeting to be held at hundreds of blogs including my own.  My post will be staying kind of on topic with death, zombies, and whatever comes to my mind between now and then.   Coming on Friday, as I mentioned earlier, I'll be divulging my zombie theory and announcing the winner of my most recent Battle of the Bands vote.

          And speaking of voting, U.S. citizens don't forget to vote tomorrow Tuesday November 4th.  Let's vote the old bums out and bring the new bums in.   It's a pain in the bum, I know, but someone's got to stir the political pot now and then and that someone is us.

         But whether you're voting in the political elections or not, don't forget the really important vote!  If you haven't voted on your favorite song version in my Battle of the Bands please do so as soon as you've finished reading this outlandish post I've put up today.   Please!

         Aren't you glad I don't have a book to promote!   Can you imagine?

          Are you a fan of the zombie genre?   What type of blog promotion annoys you the most?    Is there anything that's keeping you from voting in the Battle of the Bands (and don't say you don't know anything about the music--you don't have to know anything, just listen)?

         Now go vote at When I'm Dead and Gone.


  1. Sneaky!
    It's interesting what blog titles will draw the crowds. One of my biggest was revealing the latest Thor movie poster. The comments were the same but the visits were almost ten times the normal.

  2. Hi Lee - I've no idea what brings people to my blog ... somehow they arrive and for that I'm grateful. I do try and make my titles enticing ... they're definitely not always what I think I should call the post.

    Cheers Hilary

  3. I like zombies! I like good blog titles too, but they are tricky to craft. It's like I know a good one when I read it, but coming up with it myself is a whole different matter.

  4. This type of promotional post bothers me most: "Help promote my new book and I'll do you a solid by allowing you to appear as a guest on my blog, but I'm too busy with more important things. It'll have to wait until 2016. First, edit my book typos - you lucky b*stard. I'll even give you a free e-book too! Because I am that special but you aren't!"

    My latest post, with "erotica" in the title, isn't generating more traffic than the others. You just never know, do ya, Arlee?

    Be well. Thanks for visiting. I'll go check out the battle.

  5. Hi Lee, most interesting what you are saying, I'm not into Zombies unless you call Daniel O Donnell
    I am all for living, some don't get the chance to see their families grow up. For example my dad died when I was three yrs of age and my husband just 57 , he lived just to see his first grandchild born two months before his passing. So all this death talk to me is morbid as everyday you're alive it's a privilege. still everyone has their own opinions and views which I respect.

    I try to make my poetry titles as good as I can get them. I do miss my music but can't get Hypster any longer which I used to enjoy doing.


  6. The title got me! Not because of zombies, which unlike the rest of America I cannot stand, but because it was frickin' clever, and could well make a great short story in the right hands. Mine are NOT those hands. If I wanted a bunch of dead Greeks all over me, I'd try out for a part in the next production of The Illiad.

  7. Alex-- I'm trying to lure more visitors to vote on my BOTB post so today is Blog Doodle Day for me.

    Hilary -- Do you think most of your visitors are a result of the visiting you've done and comments you've left. Mostly I think that's what does it for my posts.

    HR-- I've heard that titles that have something to do with lists are among the strongest.

    Robyn-- Yeah, that's an annoying offer--one that I can refuse. I've experimented with the sex titles but they have seemed to get less traffic.

    Yvonne -- I plan to live to 156 years old and I hope I'm not fantasizing this. I really enjoy life and not a big fan of death. But it does provide interesting discussion and it's a aspect of most fiction plots. In other words it's just another part of life whether we like it or not.


  8. I did my own post on why I think zombies are so popular quite a while ago. I think it's still valid, maybe even more so, now.

  9. I am sick of the zombie cycle. I actually think they all come from Wal-Mart. I would rather watch the old movies like "I walked With a Zombie" than watch zombies all grossed out wanting to eat human flesh. People have always been interested in death and the ghoulish things. Back in medieval times they were really preoccupied with death. The plague was raging, they believed in witches etc... and so art and architecture gravitated to death. Bosch was one wild guy when you see his paintings. The grotesques on the great cathedrals had so many meanings. I will love to read your thoughts. I don't get too bothered by blogs, if I don't like it, I don't look at it. As for viewing my blog, I am happy when anyone comments:) If only 2 people comment, makes my day. There is too many other things to get me bothered or sad or whatever...Oh well my 2 cents worth-I enjoy your blog and your battle of the bands as you find really interesting music pieces-love it!

  10. Andrew- Would that be your post on "Zombies: A Cultural Metaphor"? That's the one I found. I'll link to that in my post. You come up with a different conclusion than my main premise, though I think there are different reasons and the one you suggest is definitely a valid one.

    Brigit-- I like those mad works such as Bosch and others. I prefer the older zombie films to the more graphic ones they come out with now. Some have been somewhat interesting.


  11. Not a fan of the zombie thing at all, esp. people who think it can or will really happen. The only blog promotion that really bugs me is when there's a GoFundMe link on it. I feel guilty b/c I just don't have the money.

  12. For me and zombies - it's a 'nevermind'... but pirates, space trekkers, minions, Bruce Willis (always dying hard) - sheer delight. And you might remember "Day of the Triffids" - crazy space plants -circa 1965(!).

    I enjoy tapping on the keys; might even tell a tall tale. And I'm grateful if someone comes along and leaves a comment. Simple as that for me.

    Promotional stuff? I like to spread my favorite reads around. One in a while introduce whoever is reading to another blog I love. Not everyone is into poetry, gaming, crafting, painting, or music fetishes... but sharing what other folks are doing in their lives is a big joy for me. Got one coming up on a gamer-friend of mine. I'm not into gaming but I love his artistry of painting those tiny little figures!

    Catch you later Blogman; I'll be waiting on your zombie take!

  13. I had a blog title once that had all the characteristics of click bait, but I don't think it worked well for me. LOL! I was on topic for it though and it was a good post.

  14. I dream of a world where I can go a day without hearing about zombies. Or teenage girls dating vampires. Or teenage vampires dating zombie girls.

    But the title was a clever play on words.

    A few years ago, a real magazine (it may have been Business Week) had an article about surviving a zombie attack.

    As I read it, it was unclear whether the writer or the editor were aware that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ZOMBIES!!!!!

    And that scared me.


  15. JoJo-- I understand about the money thing. Sometimes I wish I were infinitely wealthy so I could buy all the books bloggers are promoting and donate to all the causes, but then again if I were that wealthy I might be too busy to be blogging much.

    Dixie -- I enjoy reading about the bloggers, but it's nice to know about what they're promoting so long as the promotion is not a constant thing.

    Patricia-- I've had a few of those myself. And then I've had the posts that just seemed like throw-aways that get huge traffic. Never can figure what really works.

    Larry -- Maybe after my Friday post you will believe there is such a thing a zombies.


  16. The Acropolis drew me into this one although I mostly tend to read the same bloggers all the time.

    I visited the Acropolis many years ago and thought you were going to write about it so you did it again Lee.

    As for what draws people, I never get many readers and even less commenters, but I basically write what I am thinking about at the time and hope people will read it.

  17. The promotions that annoy me are too long and boring ones. Tricky titles might someone to come but if they don't like what they're reading they will disappear. BOTB isn't regularly voted on by me because of lack of time. When I blog I have my blogging list that I go through and if I miss a day or more I miss that post. Hugs and cheek kisses Arlee. And yes I'll go vote right now. BOTB only though since I live in Jamaica.

  18. It is hard to get readers to your blog posts and even harder to think up different strategies', I find. I guess you just have to build up a dependable readership that enjoys reading your posts. Having something in common helps too...

  19. Jo-- So "Acropolis" worked for you in the literal sense.

    Sheena-kay-- Long and boring is especially bad when it's a promotion.

    Pat-- I'm thankful for my regulars, but it would be nice to get new ones too. I've tried a lot of tactics, but few work well.


  20. I am a fan of the zombie genre!
    In a general sense, I sometimes get annoyed at blog promotions by "hope to be" authors, that are blatantly self promoting. Especially when I followed them "back in the day" when they weren't really even into that.
    The only thing keeping me from regularly voting in the BOTB is time...

  21. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say that the title of this post, is one of the cleverest EVER...

  22. I hadn't thought about the titles of my blogs very much. I should pay more attention.
    I would have stayed away from this one as I am soooooo over all things paranormal and have always hated zombies.

    Nice PSA reminding people to vote. A freedom we are lucky to have and a right we should always exercise.

  23. Pat-- I've noticed some of those promoting bloggers as well. Of course I'm almost always promoting my blog posts or stuff for other people. Thanks for the compliment about my title.

    Kat-- I frequently hear the advice about well-crafted blog titles. I think it's the same for book titles, story titles, or any other titles that you want to use to attract attention and that's what we should be doing.



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