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Friday, November 21, 2014

BOTB Results: Watertown

      I'll be keeping today's post brief as I am still dealing with my mother's illness.   As indicated on my previous post, I'll be blogging sporadically until further notice.

  Battle of the Bands results:

       In my latest round of Battle of the Bands I offered Frank Sinatra's version of "What's Now Is Now" against the version of the same song as done by the group Cake.   The song comes from Sinatra's little known album Watertown.

       As I had indicated in my posts in regard to the BOTB, I have a longstanding appreciation of Sinatra as an artist and Watertown is among my all time favorite albums.  I think Sinatra does a tremendous job with my song choice.  For these reasons you might expect my preferred version to be the one by Sinatra.  However upon hearing Cake's version I was impacted by how much they demonstrated the rock nature of this song.   They pull it off with a convincing sincerity.   I especially like the guitar work in their presentation.   Simple, steady, and altogether pleasing to my ears.

        I was surprised to find that I was not alone in my preference for the Cake version.  Sinatra still squeaked by with a win.,

Final tally:

Cake      14

Sinatra   15

Thanks to all for your votes.  Next Battle of the Bands post will appear December 1st.


  1. LEE ~
    Your vote surprised me.

    I hope you're feeling the prayer vibrations there.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Continuing to pray for your mother.
    And that was one close vote.

  3. I'm surprised by the outcome AND your vote.

    Still sending prayers your way.

  4. Hang in there, Lee.

    Ol' Blue Eyes is STILL The Chairman Of The Board!

  5. It was a close vote. My very best wishes to your mother, and you.

  6. I enjoyed cake too(more ways than one). This is never an easy time and my heart goes out to you and your family. If you can find moments, here and there, to charge your batteries, I hope you do. Thinking of you

  7. Keeping your family and your mother in my prayers.

  8. Hoping and praying everything is going well with you and your family!!!

    I am surprised that Cake got so many votes! I really liked their version, but I figured I would be one of the few to vote for them and most people would easily vote for Sinatra.

  9. Wishing you strength and fortitude Lee in this time ...all best to you all

  10. Prayers for your mother and family.
    Take care.

  11. I didn't realize it would be such a close race.
    Lee, I'm sending lots of good thoughts and prayers to your mom. Take care of yourself too.



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