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Friday, February 28, 2014

We Want a Messiah! Especially One Who Sings...

Cover of "Pink Floyd The Wall"
Cover of Pink Floyd The Wall

           Before The Who's Tommy, Pink Floyd's The Wall, and The Hunger Games there was Privilege.   This dystopian British film was made in 1967 and though not particularly well known, this film has influenced many films that followed it.

Here's the premise:

           The story takes place "sometime in the near future" in a Britain ruled by a totalitarian government.  Pop singer Steven Shorter (played by Paul Jones) is the most popular star in Britain and perhaps the world.  He's greater than Elvis, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, or any entertainer who has ever taken the stage.  Everyone of all ages adores him.  The marketing machine that drives his fame has turned him into an industry that includes stores, restaurants, dance clubs, and a seeming endless array of products.  He wields a tremendous amount of influence and power.

           The ruling powers can see the power in the pop star and use him to further their agenda of Nationalism and to subdue the restless youth bringing them to a state of "fruitful conformity".   A triumvirate styled government consisting of ruling administrators, corporations, and the church molds Steven Shorter into the image they want him to be.  He becomes their puppet and spokesperson to lead the people into a complacent happy society that lacks individualism.

 Here are the possibilities:

          So many people are looking for their messiah.  People want someone to show them the way to paradise.   Barack Obama has been touted by many to be the messiah they'd been waiting for.   So far we've haven't seen much saving grace from him.

          We've seen men and women alike pick their heroes, their stars, their saviors, in the form of entertainers, politicians, sports figures, and other celebrities.  People want a messiah.  They need a messiah.
What human can fulfill that role?   Many have tried and all have failed.

           What if there were a talented entertainer--one who could sing, dance, and smile with blinding radiance--whom the whole world loved?  The entertainer could be marketed like popular entertainers usually are.   This entertainer's visage would be everywhere so he would be recognized by everyone.   The love and adulation of his universal fans would give him power--a world changing power that would bring peace, harmony, and fulfillment to the entire world.

           Does this sound like the messiah the world is waiting for?

Cover of "Privilege"
Cover of Privilege
Here's the Movie:

           The film Privilege might be seen as a bit of a relic from 1967.  Many today might find it very dated since it is very 60's.  But it is a classic film with a cult status.   The ideas presented might make you think and the music is an interesting taste of its era.  Privilege is presented in mockumentary style for the most part.  At times it has the appearance of a news report and at other times it's staged concert performances.   There are also dramatized scenes.

           The film's director was greatly influenced by a 1962 documentary about Paul Anka called Lonely Boy.  This short film looks at Anka's career and follows him through a few concert appearances.  One segment of dialogue in the documentary is taken verbatim and used in Privilege.  Lonely Boy is included on the DVD release of Privilege and also makes for some interesting viewing

          Privilege is highly regarded by many critics.  I liked it and you might too if you like the sort of thing that I've just described in this post.

Here's the Deal:

       This post contains clues about the song I'll be presenting in my Battle of the Bands post that will appear on this blog tomorrow.   Hope you'll return for the Battle.

        Have you seen the film Privilege?    Do you think people are looking for some sort of messiah to free them from the drudgery and pain of life?    Would you be surprised to see a popular entertainment figure used by a government to help control people?   Any idea about the song I've chosen for Battle of the Bands?

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  1. Hi Arlee,
    Yet another interesting post.
    Yes, the world is looking for such a Messiah!! But sad to say that all will be sad or frustrate by the outcome! Though at the end time such people will come and claim as Messiah, but those will be false ones. It is very clear that no such person will come as the true Messiah as they think. The Lord Jesus The real Messiah said this: At the end times many will come in my name but...
    He meant about the false messiahs.
    The film I haven't seen so no comments :-)
    Do Have a Good Time ahead!
    Happy weekend

  2. Yes! The world is looking for a Messiah, for an answer. Even the atheists seek one. Everyone is seeking something or someone.
    (And like Phil, my search is over!)
    I've heard of Privilege, but I've never seen it.
    Still no idea on the song.

  3. I've always wanted to see that film.

    People always be looking for a messiah whether they admit it or not. Like Phil and Alex, I found mine in Jesus.

  4. There were quite a few Deadheads who though Jerry Garcia was a godlike being & they were hearing the voice of god in his playing. They were called the Spinners and they'd twirl and twirl, much like the Sufi Dervishes, at shows. It made Jerry very uncomfortable when he was approached by people like that. He just wanted to play music and didn't want to be thought of as the messiah.

  5. >>... Barack Obama has been touted by many to be the messiah they'd been waiting for. So far we've haven't seen much saving grace from him.

    Yeah, but that's ONLY because George W. Bush left such a mess behind that Obama has had to try and clean up.

    The song... Hmmm... Something from the soundtrack of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. Ooooh... I hope Steven is right and it is something from Jesus Christ Superstar. I love it. I was in that play back in the 9th grade with the local community theatre. One of the best experiences of my young life!!!!

    -->>>>Would you be surprised to see a popular entertainment figure used by a government to help control people? Bwahahahaha. Don't they do that ALL OF THE TIME? How many celebs have we seen trying to promote the latest agenda in "infomercial" style. I can think of guns when the gun debate was in full swing. Now I run into one all of the time trying to tell me what a rousing success ObamaCare is. Hahahaha. They only like it because they don't NEED it. Hahahaha. Yeah, I am afraid that we are already there.

  7. PV -- So many people find the wrong Messiah to follow and get let down in the end. The true Messiah shines like the sun and is obvious to those who know what they should be looking for.

    Alex -- People are often looking for the wrong things in their messiahs.

    L.Diane -- I noticed that Privilege is on YouTube. I got it through Netflix and watched it this past week.

    JoJo -- The scary part is when the stars start believing the hype and proclaim themselves to be "Kings" and such. That's when the music and the image can get way off track.

    StMc -- So you think B.O. might still pull off salvation for us all? Personally I smell something stinky. A song from Jesus Christ, Superstar is way too obvious. In fact I've gone way more obscure, yet my clues have made my choice extremely obvious to anyone who recognizes it.

    Robin -- I still don't think we've seen the power of celebrity used to its maximum potential. The puppet show has long been part of the political circus, but we still need to see the puppet who appears to be in control of everything.


  8. I agree with Stephen's comment today - re:
    "Yeah, but that's ONLY because George W. Bush left such a mess behind that Obama has had to try and clean up."

    Will be back Sat to see what the song is!

  9. One worth to put on the TBW list.

    Haven't we had some musical figures who try to influence and control the public? Have to think about that.

  10. I'm guessing your song is something from "Tommy," maybe "Pinball Wizard?"

    The Who versus Elton John...

    It is a sad truth that people look to celebrities for their inspiration.

    I love music. LOVE it. But I have never confused the musicians I like, even the ones with powerful positive spiritual lyrics (I count Todd Rundgren there, as well as Neal Morse and Michael Sweet) for a messiah.

    We already have a Messiah.

    We already have all of the rules we need (there are only ten of them, plus the Golden Rule) to have a better society.

    Even if Obama had lived up to the hype, there are people in each of our everyday lives that we can, and should, look to for inspiration.

    Each of us can make the world a little better right now-today.

    When you drive to or from work today and you feel the need to cut someone off, not let someone merge, or use your horn, do the opposite.

    Hold the door for someone who is following you.

    Give your pocket change to a homeless person.

    Or just simply smile and say hello to people.

    In other words, do what the Messiah who was already here told you to do.


  11. I will look out for the film. I haven't seen it but it sounds interesting, thanks Anne

  12. I haven't seen that movie. I have such a suspicious nature about entertainers and their involvement in anything political. I don't think any singer or actor could influence my decisions.

  13. DG --Not sure if you and he are seeing this the same way or not.

    Susan Kane-- You stumped me with the TBW acronym so I had to look it up. I hope you meant "To be written" and not "Tiny Brained Wiper" which the most common definition I found. We've had plenty of artists and celebs who have tried to influence and control the public and some who have succeeded to some extent.

    Larry --No not "Pinball Wizard". My song pick is much more obscure. You stated things well. Can't say much against that.

    Anne -- It's very 60's but I found it quite tolerable.

    Susan GK -- When entertainers get political that's when I become less interested in them.


  14. Hello again. came back to open my blog and I invite you to go to look at :)
    lovely blog as always and excellent material

  15. I though a messiah was supposed to save the world- not just his preferred part of it.

  16. I'd be happy with wise, honorable people who aspired to making the world better for all and not only for themselves.

    Haven't seen Privilege, but I love the phrase, "fruitful conformity." That presages all kinds of big brother events.

  17. Sadly, there have been many man-made Messiahs. Wasn't it John Lennon who said the Beatles were more powerful than Jesus Christ? (I loved the Beatles but kept Jesus as my Messiah.)

    By the way, did you really include Elvis and Justin Beiber in the same sentence? Now that's sacrilege.

  18. Holy carp! Now I'm really confused.

  19. Damon-- Thanks for stopping by.

    CW -- I guess people are selective about their messiahs as well.

    C.Lee -- "Fruitful conformity" is one of the more famous expressions from this film and it does sound a bit ominous.

    LD -- Elvis and Justin both had mobs of screaming girls at their feet. Justin is possibly closer to the character portrayed in the film.

    Faraway-- Maybe not so much carp as red herrings. I'm trying to be a bit confusing while putting the clues right out in the open.


  20. A change of the subject, but was hoping all was going well and am happy for your hard work in all you do with your blog, etc.

  21. Not seen the movie. Used to see movies in the UK more often but never heard of this one.

    No clue about the bands.

  22. Neat, I never heard of this film.

    Song guess: "Jesus Christ, Superstar?"

  23. Jeanette -- Thank you for the visit. I hope we both become more diligent with our writing.

    Jo -- A 60's movie with the spirit of the 60's. Taps into Orwellianism as well.

    Kelly -- I think you would appreciate this film. Songs are up now so you can see what it is.



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