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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Battle of the Bands: Rockin' Chair

  Welcome Music Fans! 

        It's another special Saturday edition of Battle of the Bands, the feature started by the bloggers at Far Away Series and Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends.  We each present two (and sometimes more) versions of one song and you vote for your favorite.  There might be more participants as well.  You can find the list at the end of this post.

         My last Battle offering, "Gonna Get Close to You", didn't seem to go over so well with some of you.  I liked the song, but a few of you ran away, hands over your ears, screaming in pain.  Or maybe a few others just didn't care for music from that era (the 80's).  Yer all just a bunch of ol' fogeys dagnabit!  Well, I guess I know how you feel.  If you've been reading my blog over the past few weeks you know I've been leaning in a bit of a geriatric direction of late.

         So in deference to youse old folks still stuck in the first half of the last century I present an oldie that's really a goodie by my view of things.   Like Faraway Eyes in the last contest, I've chosen another Hoagy Carmichael tune.  I'm most familiar with the version of "Rockin' Chair" done by Louis Armstrong--that's the one I grew up listening to.   So as not to take this match-up past two entries, I'm going to bypass Satchmo in favor of two other commendable versions.

Rockin' Chair by Eric Clapton (2010)

       Since this song has such a bluesy feel to it, Eric Clapton is well suited to take it on.  I think he does quite nicely in covering it.  He gives the tune a laid back feel and his voice has a sort of tired old guy feel to it.  It's a sweet version quite different that what Armstrong put into it.   Some tasty guitar licks as well.  Listen and see what you think.

Rockin' Chair by Hoagie Carmichael & His Orchestra (1930)

       In this version the composer takes the song in a completely direction.  It's a musical vignette that becomes more of a dialogue than a delivered song.  And listen to that hot jazzy fiddle by Joe Venuti.  This version is funny, yet poignant and so true.   How do you like this version?    Keep in mind when this was recorded.

   Voting Is Now Open

              It's your turn.  Two versions of  "Rockin' Chair" as different as they can be.  Which one do you like the best?  Go to the comments to tell us which version you prefer and tell us why.   Then visit the other participants and vote there.   Come on and play.  Don't be a crappy old spoilsport.

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    Well, I grew up in the late 1960s / and throughout the '70s, so I was raised on what's now called "Classic Rock".

    But as I'm sure you know, about 1984 or '85 I began shifting musical gears, turning into a Bluesman and then a Jazzman. So I'll tell you right up front that I'm voting for Hoagy and Bix.

    But... that Clapton version was better than I expected. He has become a MUCH better, more expressive singer as he's aged. (He never really was this planet's "guitar god", but he was the best the Brits had to offer at one point.)

    I liked the Clapton version; I liked the Hoagy/Bix version even better. I'm fond of the Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong version MOST OF ALL and wish you had offered THAT as a voting option. That too is the version I know best (and enjoy most).

    Better BOTB blog bit, Brother Bird! (How wuz that for alliteration?)

    This one almost makes up for the last one.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. These versions were VERY different and I liked them both... much better than the last battle!!!

    I am going to vote with Clapton because it was something I could listen to again and again. Plus, I see that StMc voted for Hoagy, so that keeps this race tight!

  3. Well I'm going with Gwen McCrea's 1975 'Rockin Chair' which I'm sure isn't the same as these.

  4. I think I'm more inclined to like Eric Clapton. I know I'm older than many but grew up in The Clapton era.


  5. I like the Hoagie Carmichael version. I love that era so much. This song sounds like it belongs in a speakeasy.

  6. Like Mr. McCarthy, I grew up on classic rock, and the classic rocker gets my vote.

    Louis Armstrong would have taken it if he was an option.


  7. I do love Jazz so I will go for Hoagie Carmichael . . . . .

    I bet you did not expect that

  8. StMc -- I purposely did not include Satch because he's been running away with too many honors lately. And I liked the idea of going with the original and a more recent version.

    Robin -- Clapton's version is very listenable for sure.

    JoJo - A write in for Gwen McCrea with whom I am not familiar.

    Yvonne -- Clapton's been on the music scene for a long time now having played in many great bands and on his own.

    Kelly -- It was a great era for music and the arts in general.

    Larry -- This is a real horse race.

    Rob -- Actually I'm not all that surprised by your pick since Hoagie's version is pretty quirky.


  9. This is a tough one. I really like both. But I'm gong with Eric's because I think Hoagie would approve of how sweetly bluesy it is.

  10. First, I think I'd say you should pick the songs and era you want to. It's your blog, and as Rick Nelson said, if you can't please everyone, you gotta please yourself.

    (Even though I was one of the ones who ran screaming in pain, lol)

    Second, I think Clapton excels at songs like this. In a Bocephus, "Ain't Misbehavin'" sort of way.

    Although I enjoyed both, I'll give this one to Slowhand.

  11. Not a genre I enjoy, but Clapton definitely gets my vote.

  12. Bish -- I does have a sweetness to it with the blues kind of a sidenote.

    Damyanti -- Another Clapton vote.

    CW -- No pain this week and a gain for Clapton.

    Alex -- This is a great genre of music! But another vote for Clapton.


  13. Computer problems are forcing me to comment from my phone.

    I'll need to be brief. I love this BATTLE. Two great and very different version of a really good song.

    I do like the 'hot jazz' in Hogey's version, but the novelty lyrics, not so much.

    Like many of your other guests. My musical tastes have changed over the years. I have always been a Clapton fan and his ability to keep reinventing himself has enabled me to stay a fan.

    Make mine another vote for Clapton.

    THANKS a lot, for your help.

  14. Hoagie's version really drew me in, I listened to Eric's for less than thirty seconds and got bored. So Joagie's amazing Jazz gets my vote.

  15. I also enjoyed them both, but I have to go with Hoagie's original version. Sometimes you just shouldn't mess with a classic!


  16. Hoagy and Bix for my vote! I know Eric has gotten into more blues and does it well, but the original is better suited to my taste.
    I like my jazz and my blues. . .


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