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Friday, January 31, 2014

What Is the Scariest Kind of Storyline?

The Hitcher (1986 film)
The Hitcher (1986 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     There are plenty of storylines that can give us the creeps.  Monsters, zombies, and creatures of the night can give us chills and may make us a bit jumpy in the dark after having seen one of these kinds of films.  Stories about hauntings and demonic possessions have provided some very edgy plots.  Dark crimes or stories that delve into the essence of evil might make us want to leave the lights on before going to sleep.   It's kind of fun to be scared by a well told horror story or a movie that makes us a bit jittery.  That's probably why scary stories are so popular.

       Truth often being stranger--and scarier--than fiction, one of the genres I find to be the creepiest of all is the good old stalker stories.   Out of control obsession can drive humans to do some truly bizarre things.  We've seen the stories in the news.   There have also been many fine films with the obsession theme.  I'm sure you can name many favorite.

        Alfred Hitchcock was a master of films about obsessions.  He could tap into the darker or curious side of human emotions that may make us obsess upon an idea.  There have also been the films such as Cape Fear, Fatal Attraction, The Fan, or One Hour Photo.   Then what about the over the top films like The Hitcher or Jeepers Creepers.  Those will make you grip your seat.

      When it's a story that can really happen to any of us, it's a story that can be pretty scary and make you double check who's behind you or why that creepy fellow across the street always seems to be looking at your house all the time.  What's in that guy's (or gal's) bedroom anyway?   Pictures of you on the walls?

       What story genre frightens you the most?    Have you ever been stalked?   Does online visibility ever make you a bit wary about your vulnerability to obsessive creeps?

        Tomorrow Saturday February 1st will be a special Battle of the Bands post.  The above post is a clue to the song I've chosen.   Can you guess the song?  It's a somewhat obscure one that was covered by a group at least of few of you are fans of.  

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  1. Why do you think I keep my private life private?
    Movies that are real-life based are scarier than any monster, but it's still just a movie. Real life scares me more than any film.

  2. I am not a film goer Lee, but what scares me is waiting for the results of hospital tests.

    Have a good day.

  3. I was followed once, I'm sure the guy wanted to rob me. I was able to lose him long enough to get on the second floor of a mall, I watched from over the railing to see a pair of shoes stop where I should've been and circle for a bit and wait. Then he walked away. Never forgot who scared I felt. Real stories or ones that feel real are among the scariest. Also dark fantasy involving freaky things you know can't happen. Or can't they?

  4. I definitely see your reasoning here, though I'm still a bit squeamish with scary movies. However, I do indulge in occasional scary books and t.v. series tend to capture my attention. I'm thinking it's because I can take a break between chapters and episodes, allowing me to catch my breath before indulging some more.

  5. Not big on fear. The Blob when I was little was quite enough. Dennis Weaver in Duel finished me off. And let's not even get into zombies...

  6. I am not a big fan of scary movies. Of course, some of the movies that I won't watch (like all of the Friday the 13ths, etc.) others say are so ridiculous that they aren't scary. And some of the things that I do watch (which are more plausible) as suspense films are actually more scary. I find that I am watching less and less of those as I don't enjoy staying awake at night wondering who is lurking outside.

    The 80s had quite a few stalker songs, but that isn't really your time period... so I don't know about your song.

  7. As a young woman I saw Them which was about mutated giant ants, scared the pants off me. I also used to read stories by Dennis Wheatley, black magic. I started having bad dreams so I quit the whole horror scene. But I do agree stalker stories, things that can really happen, are the most scary of all.

  8. 'CAPE FEAR' is a classic. Unfortunately, BOIDMAN, methinks you linked to the wrong one.

    Robert Mitchum in the original is one of my all-time favorite film villains. He was frightening because he underplayed his rage, so the viewer could sense it and smell it boiling just below the surface while he was putting on a false calm face.

    In the later version, Robert De Niro just came off like a cartoon character in my opinion. He overplayed the part so badly that I consider it amongst Hollywood's all-time worst remakes.

    In other words, the two actors pretty much tackled the part from 180-degree different angles. And it's true, "sometimes less is more" (i.e., Mitchum was mo' scary 'cause he raved less).

    Looking forward to your BOTB tomorrow.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. Alex -- No one's life is truly private.

    Yvonne-- And when my hospital tests turn out okay it makes me worry about what is really wrong with me that made me go get the test.

    Sheena-Kay-- That would be a discomforting experience.

    MJ-- The reading experience is certainly more paced than watching something.

    CW -- I was fairly creeped out after seeing the first Night of the Living Dead. Zombies are freaky but now the genre is a bit over-saturated.

    Robin -- Well, I didn't live in a cave during the 80's. You may be surprised by my choice.

    Jo- When I was a kid I used to be nuts about the mutated creature movies. I still like them.

    StMc-- I agree that the original version of Cape Fear had a far greater subtlety which made it more realistically creepy. DeNiro's version was way over the top especially at the end. Still the movie theater scene is so classic and hilarious that the film is redeemed. For me both films are good in their own ways, but I agree that the original is the best.


  10. I'm a wicked chicken so I don't like scary, violent, gory films. I tried to watch 'The Cell' starring my fave actor Vincent D'Onofrio but I bailed after 20 minutes of hiding under my blanket. Yet I can watch true crime documentaries about real sickos like Ed Gein and not flinch.

    Last year I was being stalked by a former friend from high school. She went ballistic when I unfriended her on FB and she came after me using a fake profile, then she came after me on my google+ profile and Pinterest. She said some horrible things and I had to block her everywhere. Then she put up a status about me on her FB and my friends told me what a nut job she was. That's why I removed my email address from my blog b/c she got a little too close by finding me on google+.

  11. Things like Outbreak scare me, because it's the kind of thing there is no way I could protect my kids from.

  12. I agree that stalker films scare but more because I worry about my kids out on their own, especially my daughter in Boston.

  13. JoJo -- One of the dangers of social networking sites and having an open online presence. You have to kind of wonder about kooks like her.

    Andrew -- I agree that those broad scale disaster type films are scary. Things that could happen that leave us basically helpless for the most part.

    Susan GK-- Young people are often so easily conned by bad people and that is scary for us parents.


  14. any film that delves into evil, demonic, or satanic really really bothers me.

    When I was in college, we went to see Catch 22. The scene where the protagonist turns an alive wounded man over to check his wounds and the entire insides fall out...that lived with me for years.

  15. How about the "Hitchhike Baby", song by Marvin Gaye, 1962? (just guessing the song for your battle of the bands. . .)

    Will check back on Sat. Hope you're feeling better.

  16. I don't enjoy horror films anymore with monsters and devils, but a good psychological film can creep me out like nobody's business and I love them. Hitchcock was a master at this. Shutter Island based on Dennis Lehane's book was brilliant I thought.

  17. i think its weird how we can take a creepy act like stalking and put a funny spin on it - lots of people say, "stalk me" with social media. words are powerful and versatile!

    i don't like being scared so i try not to think about the bad possibilities - and you're right. if it's possible, it's even scarier!

    have a great weekend!

  18. Susan K.-- Satanic or demonic stories can be very scary. The Exorcist is a classic.

    DG -- I'm feeling better, but not 100% yet. And now my wife's got it. Hope hers doesn't last as long as mine since she's working. My song pick doesn't go back that far. What was the subject matter of the "Hitchhike Baby" song? I thought it was some kind of dance.

    Jagoda-- I'm not as big on the monsters and visual horror as I used to be when I was younger. The inference of horror stimulates the imagination and can be much scarier.

    Tara -- A lot of people tend to turn something creepy into humor. Maybe not so funny when it really happens.


  19. As a rule, I don't watch scary movies or stalker movies.

    I have been stalked/harassed by an ex-friend in the chat rooms and on FB years ago, and this was an ex-friend who used to be a confidant and wound up using what I told her against me.

    Don't know why she did what she did, but she's no longer on FB nor is she working for the same employer as I do. Haven't talked to her in three+ years and I'm satisfied with that.

  20. GB -- When friendships go wrong! That can end up in some nasty stuff when the ex-friend is a bit loopy.



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