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Monday, October 28, 2013

My Brain Is a Blog

      This post contains several clues.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, read through the post keeping in mind that there are clues and I will explain more near the end of this post.
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My Brain is a Blog

        Maybe I should be afraid.  Things have changed for me over the past four years in the way my mind works.  It might not be a totally bad thing.  You might call it a form of mental organization.  Or perhaps I merely have a different sort of perception than I used to have.  Then again it might be a cause of concern.  But I will explain and you can give me your opinions.

       I think in terms of blogs.   Everywhere I look, everything I read, hear, or see becomes a blog post in my head.   My mental life is a series of blog posts.   Ideas for new blog posts assault me from all sides.  Not only on my desk, but in other places throughout my house I have newspaper clippings, magazine issues, scribbled notes, and books that contain ideas for things I want to blog about.

        At times when I'm at my computer and think up a new idea for a post, I'll go to one of my blogs and add another outline for a future blog post to the line-up of  other blog posts waiting to be written or others waiting to be posted.  Yes, I said one of my blogs.  I have more than one in case you haven't noticed.

         You see, a couple years back I decided to scale back from seven days to only three days.  That's right--when I started blogging I was posting daily.  I even had blog posts going up on the Sabbath.  I decided I was blogging too much.

         Yet the ideas kept flooding my head so I came to the conclusion that six days on four blogs might make things better.  In a way my blogging life became less hectic--or so it seemed.  I suppose it was an illusion.  I wasn't necessarily blogging less, but I was dividing my blogs into separate compartments of my brain.  More ideas flooding my head.  More new blog posts to come up with.

        Have I lost my mind?

         Or am I stretching my blog brain capacity to accommodate more thinking?   If you are talking to me I am wondering how I can turn our conversation into a blog post.  I derive blog posts from the comments you leave on my site and the comments I might leave on some of your sites.  I'm building brain power, that's what I'm doing.

        In some ways I'm like a superhero with two identities. There is the blogging me and there's the guy you might meet and never suspect that I am blogging you up and down.   I don't hide these identities for the most part, but I'm incognito if I'm not on my blog or not talking about my blogging.  I've been doing my best to avoid talking about my blogs, but I can't help it.  Blogging has become of passion of mine.  Some people might tolerate my blog talk while others adeptly maneuver our encounters away from the subject of blogging.

       I do believe there is something darker here.  There is a prevailing atmosphere of computer takeover of the world.  The future of a machine ruled world as predicted in the Terminator film series is coming.  The stark reality is that computers are already taking over.  One day we'll have computers implanted into us.  This may be the fate for the future of mankind.

        Before that happens, I want to become the ultimate blog superhero--BlogMan.   I will be able to suck thoughts out of your head in order to turn them into blog posts to transport psychopathically onto my blog.  My bloggy power will compose posts on your blog site without your knowing it.   As BlogMan I will rule the world of blogging and whip out viral blog posts whenever I want.  The President of the United States and all the leaders of the world will turn to me for my great blog knowledge.

         My brain is a blog.  I am BlogMan!

And Now for Something Somewhat Different

         Sorry for the silly rant but I couldn't help myself.  It somewhat annoys me whenever I read a post about writer's block or someone saying they don't know what to write about on their blogs.  Ideas are everywhere.  How can anyone say they don't know what to write about?   I've got an idea--not original by any means--but next time you think you have writer's block why not just admit you don't feel like writing.  You can always take a break to do something else until you get your writing energy back.

         Stuck for some blog ideas?  You can always join in for the Battle of the Bands which happens on the 1st and 15th of each month.    This is the blog event where each of the participants pits two versions of one song against each other and readers vote on their favorite version.  And even if you don't post your own battle I hope you will join me for mine this coming Friday.  If you do plan on participating then let me know in the comments and I'll add your name to the list that I put on my site on Friday.

          This is not a Blogfest and there's no Linky list.  Battle of the Bands is an event that was started by the bloggers at Far Away Series and Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends.  A few others have been joining in as well. And so can you!

           My last Battle of the Bands song was "Respect" and that post yielded two weeks worth of posts on my blog based on that song post.   I don't know if I can manage that for the next battle's song, but today's post contains several clues to what song I'll be using.   Can you guess the song?

           Do you find yourself thinking in blog format?   Are you starting to use "Blogspeak" when you communicate?   Are the machines taking over?

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  1. You had me worried there for a moment. Thought you'd gone over the edge!
    Don't know what to blog about? That concept is foreign to me!
    As for the song... Your tastes in music are very different from mine, and you tend to go back further. So I'm afraid I have no idea. Unless it's Iron Man!

  2. I used to blog every day--back when I had a large readership. Those were the MySpace blogging that tells you it was a while ago! When you know your blog will get hundreds of comments, you feel inspired! With only a few readers, you think, "What's the point? Nobody cares what I think!" I think the more you blog, the more you see ideas for blogs all around you. It feeds on itself.

  3. You are a blogging machine, no doubt about it. But I have to admit, that sometimes I will be going about my everyday life and all of a sudden something will happen and I'll think: "This will make a great blog post!" And yes, to some extent, machines have already taken over the world. And not always for the better.

  4. I blogged every day for a while. It's just too much to maintain over a long stretch of time though. Add the social aspect of blogging, and it can be very time consuming.

  5. I admit I may do some of those things, Lee, about formulating a blog post while something else is going on. Taking photos in Paris I knew I was going to blog about made a difference in how I took photos - I wanted an underlayer beneath the tourist Paris, so I noticed little things - like what I wrote about in my Cafe Pages, or outside the Cafe, etc.

    I agree - I observe - therefore inspiration is everywhere.

    I try to make my choices at the battles of the bands since it's fun. Have a good Monday, Lee.

  6. I cringe when I read about people not knowing what to blog about. I rather they just not blog that day.

    Anyway, yes, you are possibly crazy. I think your brain is still working as hard as ever, but it doesn't feel like it 'cause you've spread out your posts over various blogs!

  7. The only time I blogged daily was back when I first started my blog. I had VERY FEW friends, didn't read as many blogs, so it was much easier. Now, I read so many blogs that just keeping up with the postings of other people and commenting consistently is a lot of work. Writing something a few times a week, getting out that weekly Thursday post, and participating in Battle of the Bands is all I can do.

    As for your post about blog ideas constantly being on the brain... I used to always be percolating something in my brain for my blog back when I was doing it daily. Now, I just blog on whatever moves me on my blogging days. I will admit that my topic matter is sometimes inspired by other people and what they are writing about on their blogs:)

    FYI: The 1st falls on a Thursday this week. So, I am going to post my BOTB tomorrow (Tuesday) - two days early - so that it has some exposure before being covered up by the Thursday post.

  8. I do sometimes get stuck for blogging ideas, since my creative mind's been stuck on novel ideas lately.

    Which is great for me, but not for my blog. You won't find me complaining, though.

    One thing I can say about my blog tour, though, it's stretched me a lot, since I had to come up with a slew of posts (sometimes more than one a day) in order to fulfill my obligations towards the people who so generously offered to help me.

    I even wrote humor. O_O

    Goes to show you that everything's possible if you put some focus into it.

  9. A great post Lee, made excellent reading though a bit confusing, whose brain isn't confused these days? as for the song no idea....had a senior moment on that one.


  10. I must be odd because I never run out of things to blog about. Sometimes I combine a couple of blog hops together on one post, just for kicks and giggles.

  11. Lee-

    I am a little worried that the machines may have taken over YOU!


  12. I am totally with you on the writer's block thing. It's what happens when you tie your writing in with your emotions, something I think is a bad idea anyway.

    I have such a backlog of post notes and ideas. Some of them will never get written, I'm sure, since that list grows faster than I use it.

  13. I do know exactly what you mean, my blog is my diary (sort of)and until I reach post 1000 (about two weeks to go) I post every day.

    I do sometime have a bit of a writers block some days trying to fit the day to the style of the blog, but that is more to do with the fact I am not a natural writer really. Having to leave school at 15 means my knowledge of, versatility and dexterity with words is limited, but I do my best.

    And I can think of no one better to be BlogMan Keep up the good work.

  14. A couple of years ago, I had started talking in terms of blogging. I used to say that I shall blog about this and then by the end of the day I would be tired. However I would blog ( and still do) if I am compelled by an issue that really bothers me. I started blogging because I want to make this Earth a better place than it is. If I think about blogging and don't blog about a subject it is only because I do not want to offend a person or a community.

  15. Alex -- Not bad!

    Stephanie -- I agree with all that you've said. Comments feed my blogging energy.

    Kim -- I am some kind of a machine, but I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing.

    L.Diane-- Yes, very time consuming.

    DG -- Vacations can provide great blog fodder.

    Southpaw -- Or maybe doesn't feel like I'm working as hard because I'm more used to the work my brain is doing.

    Robin -- I'll watch for the BOTB post. And the first actually this Friday, but maybe that's what you really meant.

    Misha -- Ideas for novels are more excusable, but blog posts I don't see how anyone can say there is not always something to write about.

    Yvonne -- I was kind of writing in a stream of consciousness thing and I guess my thoughts can be difficult to understand sometimes.

    Tami -- Ideas are everywhere!

    Larry - Maybe you should be more worried that you might be next if it hasn't already.

    Andrew -- I don't know if I'll ever use all mine either since I keep adding ideas to the queue as well.

    Rob -- I should have post number 1000 coming soon, but I'll probably miss it.

    Munir -- It would be nice to change the world for the better through a blog, but more readers would be needed to have much effect. I to avoid certain issues.


  16. I find it pretty interesting that your brain works in that way buddy, it's actually something that strikes me as something that'll be only beneficial and helpful but it's pretty crazy how it's happened over the years at the same time!

  17. I do think in blog format and FB status format. My best ideas usually come as I'm in bed...too lazy to get up and write them down then the next day I can't remember them.

    As for ideas....just write about nothing. It worked for Seinfeld for several seasons.

  18. Comment #1- A lot of my walks with Scrappy become rolling blog posts. Beats several verses of "This Land Is Your Land..."

    #2- Once you typed the phrase "Blog Man" all I could hear was, "Yeah, I'm the tax maa-an"... and I doubt that's it.

  19. I'm reading along and thinking 'what the...has Arlee lost his mind. I should have known that you were leading up to something BIG (BOTB). I have the melody of a song running through my brain, but I can't nail down the title, I'm sure it's going to be your Battle this week. I'll let you know if it ever comes to me more distinctly.

    On the matter of no knowing what to blog about. That happens to me A LOT. It's not that I don't have blog ideas; heck, I even have several posts written and ready to go in my word file. It's just that after I read it over and let it percolate for a little while I often think...'oooh, I don't want to tell everyone that.'

    As far as blogging regularly...well, you know me.

  20. To be Blogman you need a proper cape. Also that picture of you in the floppy hat and colored glasses, displaying a grandfather's tolerant look has to go. I'd suggest that you stand on a stool in a form-fitting, one-piece outfit with the letter B covering most of the chest. Your right arm should be extended, holding a Kindle or laptop and you should have a fan, operating from the floor, to give a ruffle to the cape. The camera should be above the fan, shooting upward to pick up Blogman's stern but benevolent appearance.

    I'd do it, but I haven't been blogging long enough to earn the status. Also, I look too old.

  21. Saw a thing on the news about how many toddlers have used smartphones to play games before they can speak in full sentences. The computers have already taken over.
    I'm always thinking about using things for blog posts but I couldn't compete for the blogman title. You own that.

  22. I like the idea of a Blog-Man. He should swoop in with some how-to's and save bloggers from themselves.

    Thanks for your good wishes on Klahanie's (and other) blog about my cover reveal. You mentioned that reveals are like blog-fests, but I think blog-fests are far more interesting. Reveals are boring, but promo-ing is a must, so I tried to be a bit entertaining. That's why I write, after all, to entertain. I'm sure Blog-man will understand! :-)

  23. Yeamie -- I think it's something that happens if we do anything a lot.

    JoJo -- I get those bedtime blog idea moments where I don't want to get up and I forget them. A few times I've gotten up in the middle of the night with an idea and will jot down some notes so I'll remember my idea.

    CW -- "This Land Is Your Land" would drive me nuts. "Tax Man" is a good guess.

    Faraway -- You'll have another shot with more clues on my Wednesday post. Tell us! Tell us all the angst and low down. But, yeah, I know what you're saying.

    Jack- I like the image. And I should have more of a superhero persona. However blogging does leave one rather sedate and bloggy-eyed.

    Susan GK-- I've already seen my granddaughter and niece doing the smartphone thing. In fact, my granddaughter took my wife's dumbphone and was befuddled that it didn't do the same as her mom's smartphone. Will I be respected as Blogman?


  24. Lexa -- Now I'm starting to feel like Blog Man. I like your suggestions. By the way, my blogfest comment was kind of a joke for Gary since I know he dislikes blogfests. Thought I'd rib him a bit.
    Thanks for stopping by.


  25. All respect to you Arlee for this post. Yeah, when I read the papers over a coffee, I often save snippets for blog ideas. Never get time to use them all sad to say, but like you, how can anyone ever be stuck for ideas of what to blog about? Blogging every day is strictly for the foolish though; even if you've got something to sell, who is going to come by each day? (And, no, I don't do the A-Z anymore for that very reason after doing it for 3 or 4 years - where's the quality time to do anything else?) But I happily join NaNo every year to write my brains out for 30 days. That's different to me.


  26. Ha, yeah, I used to blog every day when I first started. I kept that up for a long while, then I went to three days and now I post only once a week, with the occasional twice a week, because I can ;)

  27. Denise --I'll stand by A to Z for the platform building potential and the fact that blog writing is different then novel or book writing. I may eventually do NaNo again, but right now it's not a good fit for me. The social aspects of either are what eats into the time. It's vital to do to an extent, but easy to fall into doing to much of it.

    Lynda -- I think about going to one or two days a week. But then I think about all the post ideas I have.


  28. BOIDMAN-- er... I mean, BLOGMAN ~

    It's funny that you told me you thought you'd maybe given too many obvious clues away this time about what song you intend to use in the next 'BOTB'. Funny because this time I don't know which song you'll use, but in the past, it was obvious to me.

    I can think of a couple possibilities, but nothing really jumps out at me.

    As far as thinking in terms of "blog bits" goes, I probably did that more often in my earlier years of blogging, but not anymore.

    Now, the only times I find myself "composing a blog bit in my mind" while in the midst of living my life are those rare occasions when I'm on vacation.

    My vacation or "travelogue" posts have always been favorites for a few of my readers, so sometimes while on a trip, I will be actively making mental notes (not physical ones) - sort of composing a possible blog bit in my head as the vacation is playing out in "real time".

    However, the last trip I took - over Labor Day Weekend - still hasn't manifested as a blog bit and probably won't, at this point (even though SigToo asked me if I would be writing about it, shortly after it occurred). So maybe even my mental "vacation" blogging notes have come to an end now, also.

    I do sometimes get blog bit ideas and jot down some notes in a Word File for future reference, but this isn't something that is regularly happening, like it used to.

    Truthfully, I guess I'm just kind of burned out on bloggin'. I'd probably stop except that I like the 'Battle Of The Bands' thing too much to stop now.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  29. StMc-- The most obvious aspect of my song clues is that I've actually used snippets of lyrics incorporated into the post as well as a few fairly strong clue words. Of course one would probably have to read pretty closely to realize these clues and if you don't know the song to begin with then it would be more difficult.

    I'm glad you're at least hanging in with your blog for BOTB since I really like it as well and I'm having fun tying all of my other posts into my BOTB posts. Long live BOTB!


  30. Four words about having a Brain Blog: I FEEL THE SAME.

    The part when you wrote, "There is the blogging me and there's the guy you might meet and never suspect that I am blogging you up and down." I went, "ME TOO"

    Blogging is an act of its own. All the places I visit and all the people I meet are somehow put down in words, even if it's a few words. At times, those blog posts stay in the Drafts Folder or are just jotted down with a pen in my diary but they are there. And, I love it. I love how I have most of my memories written down as they tend to fade away.

    And the part where you wrote, "It somewhat annoys me whenever I read a post about writer's block or someone saying they don't know what to write about on their blogs. Ideas are everywhere." I went, "EXACTLY!"

    This is one of the most amazing blog posts I've read, Arlee!

  31. Great post, Lee. I don't wander around in Blog Fog all the time, but I often think,

    "Hey, I should blog about that real life Rapunzel whose hair is 25 feet long and weighs 39 pounds."

    But I think that's a trait that marks most writers ~ they're always watching the world to see how to use the information to spark inspiration and insight.

  32. Lubaina -- Your closing line really elevated me to another level and now I'm smiling. We're kindred spirits of blogging. It's great to hear I'm not alone, if not possibly a bit scary. You are good company.

    NRH-- I would imagine anyone with a creative mind tries to fit the rest of the world into their world. I guess that's a way we all adapt to the world we are in. Thanks for the show of affirmation.


  33. Now I'm more confused, because I think Alex may have also left some clues. I'll just have to take a deep breath, and watch what you have in store on Friday.


  34. Good post, as always! In fact I was thinking of sending you a dream blog post - we talked of that once. LOL

    I'm blogging to much, no where near you, but I need to get writing. It sort of becomes addictive! LOL

    You are the Master!

  35. Julie -- Just don't hold that breath. You've got Halloween coming!

    Yolanda -- Blogging is very addictive! I'm ready for the dream post. The guest posts give me a break.


  36. You Blogman.

    Me Tarzan.

    (Me also laugh a lot at the images of you running down your local high street wearing a cape... what? No cape...

    Blogman needs a cape, dude :)

    Oh...I just had an idea...

  37. LEE ~
    I just reread your post and still nothing really jumped out at me. Therefore, I strongly suspect I'm simply unfamiliar with whatever song it is you're planning to use.

    We'll see on Friday.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  38. Mark - Hunched over my keyboard blogging away, if I had a cape I might be using it to keep warm in the wintertime. Or maybe I'd drape it over one of my office windows when the sun shone through the blinds too brightly-that can be very bothersome. Blogman doesn't much like sunlight or the outdoors. I sound like a vampire more than a superhero!

    StMc -- You must not be very familiar with this song though you will recognize it when I tell you what it is. Some of the word clues are very blatant and I've used lines from the song in many places of what I've written. It's probably a song you don't like very much, but I could be wrong.


  39. Now Blogman needs a costume, don't you think? A big "B" across the chest, a b-shaped mask across the eyes and a b-scalloped cape. Happy Halloween.

  40. Jagoda -- A lot of people are telling me this. I guess I need to start formulating the BlogMan image. Maybe it could be a movie. A very boring movie by my estimation.


  41. Blog Man! I don't run several blogs, but I do find myself converting an event or news into a blog post, so you are not alone. My problem is since they cover many different aspects of life, some of my posts are all over the place. I try my best to tie things together to a central theme, but sometimes my post seems out of place. I totally agree about writer's block. Someone once told me, if you live you can blog as anything that happens to you can be a post. Unless you live in a cave, but like you alluded to, you can write about living in that cave. Thanks for making me think Blog Man!

  42. If I have writer's block, I simply just don't write, rather than blog about not blogging. But yes, I think as a blog.


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