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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Battle of the Bands: Respect

       BOTB Time Again!

         It's time for another Battle of the Bands!   Once again I'm joining Far Away Series and Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends to present faceoffs between two versions of songs that you may or may not know.  After you've voted on my site visit the other sites to leave your votes on theirs as well so you can increase your chances of winning a prize.  Yes there will be a prize awarded!  You can find out more at Stephen T. McCarthy's site.

        Since the Battle of the Bands (BOTB) posts are supposed to appear on the 1st and 15th of each month, today's post is a special post on a day when I normally do not show up on this space.  My future participation in this blog event will most likely mean I will sometimes post on off days when the BOTB falls on them.

         And now for today's contest.

          If you didn't guess the song from the hints I left in my post yesterday then this song must be a new one for you.  If you are familiar with this song then you most likely know Aretha Franklin's hit version.  In today's battle Aretha is not in the running.  Please don't vote for Aretha!  Vote between the two versions that are doing battle.

       Otis Redding wrote and recorded it first, but Aretha made it hers.  Otis hit the charts with the song in 1965 when it peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Top 100.   Aretha's less gritty but still full of soul version charted at number one in the United States and became a hit worldwide.  This is the song most commonly associated with Aretha.

        The version by Otis features the signature Muscle Shoals sound with a prominent horn section, solid rhythm section, and no backup vocalists like Aretha used in her version.  Starting off the battle I give you Otis Redding:
Otis Redding "Respect" (1965)

         And now taking a completely different spin on Redding's classic is the song bending group Rotary Connection.  This group was known for taking familiar hits songs and giving them a very different sound with complex vocals and intricate orchestrations woven into a psychedelic musical tapestry.

         Rotary Connection featured the vocals of Minnie Ripperton who later had a successful solo career that was cut short when she died from breast cancer.  Ripperton was a major influence on Mariah Carey's vocal style.

        So now experience the psychedelic soul of Rotary Connection:

Rotary Connection "Respect"  (1969)

           What's your preference between these two choices?   The original by Otis Redding or the unusual take by Rotary Connection?   Did you know that this was originally Redding's song?    Are you familiar with the music of Rotary Connection?

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   If you've done your own BOTB entry please let me know so I can add it to my list.

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  1. Did you get your post to go viral yesterday?
    The difference between the two is so great, it's difficult to choose. I appreciate the version by Rotary Connection, although it's almost impossible to recognize the song. Singer has a great voice.
    I guess I'll go with Redding as that version is just familiar to me.

  2. I think I prefer The Otis Reading version. Why? perhaps it's because it's the version I am used to.
    Great post Lee.

  3. I think I prefer the Rotary Connection version because it is so unique. They took the song and made it their own and I totally respect that!

  4. Whoa! Nobody's second cousin this time. I actually know and like Rotary Connection. BUT, in this particular song I gotta go with Otis.

  5. I did not know that Respect was Otis' song. Thanks for that info :). While his version is the most recognizable and familiar, I'm going to vote for Rotary Connection. It's so groovy! I really like it. Thanks for introducing me to them :)

  6. Otis Redding is my vote. The other version is just a bit to groovy for me on this classic song.

  7. Alex -- I answer your question about my Monday post on Friday.

    Yvonne -- The Rotary Connection version if very different.

    Cestlavie -- They did change it up.

    Faraway -- I'm glad somebody knows this great group.

    Jen -- "Groovy"--they were of that generation.


  8. Luckymama-- I guess "groovy" doesn't work for everyone.


  9. Aretha! J/K

    Actually, I am only mildly kidding. I did know that Otis recorded the song first, but it had been a while since I heard it. Listening again, my overwhelming thought was, "No one wonder Aretha ran away with it." So, I was prepared to like Rotary Connection (unheard) over the Otis version. Until I heard the Rotary Connection. I didn't like it at all.

    So, by default I am choosing Otis. However, I can't say that I am all that impressed with his version either. Maybe if I'd never heard Aretha...

  10. "No wonder Aretha ran away with it."

    I come up with crazy sentences when I am thinking about how to phrase something. It ends up being gibberish sometimes.

  11. Otis gets my vote. but he's second best. (Aretha has the 'shoop-shoop' girls behind her. She's the best on Respect).

    Some covers just don't improve on the original.

  12. I'd never heard of Rotary Connection. Lee, this is a very cool idea for a series of blog posts--fun stuff!

    I'm gonna go with Otis. RC shoulda just recorded a whole 'nother song. :D

  13. I do kind of like the trippy vibe rotary Connection has in their version and Minnie Ripperton's vocals are great, but the guitar is kind of pedestrian and too up front in the mix, and overall, the song loses a lot of its impact.

    But within ten seconds of listening to Otis, you're tappin' your foot. The band is tight, the rhythm's kickin', and Otis's vocals are filled with power and soul. That's the real deal, right there!

    So it isn't even close -- Otis for sure.

  14. Love Minnie, but gotta hand it to Otis. Like Aretha, he sounds like he's DEMANDING respect, rather than merely asking for it.

  15. Otis Redding has both my vote, and... my R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  16. Robin -- Big thumbs down for Rotary C.

    DG -- I guess it's a matter of taste when it comes to picking what's best.

    Suze --Yeah, this is the sort of thing I dig. RC's version almost does sound like a different song.

    Chris -- RC was definitely a vocal showcase band. The instruments are just there for the background.

    Kelly -- Otis does put in the power of his plea.

    Beer-- Gotta respect Otis. He had some great songs.


  17. Very different sounds. It's hard to believe that's the same song. I vote for Rotary Connection. It's a lot more soothing. Otis is too raspy for my taste.


  18. Ottis Reading's version is my favourite because I'd actually heard it before this post! Very good stuff Lee!

  19. I'll be honest with you- I cannot stand Aretha Franklin. Listening to Otis you can see the difference between a good arrangement and instruments set up to show off Aretha's caterwalling screech. But as we listen to RC, Laurie's shaking her head no. Otis gets this one.

  20. Robyn -- the extreme difference in the versions is why I chose them.

    Yeamie -- Otis is a legend for sure.

    CW -- Okay another one for Otis.


  21. I have to pick Rotary Connection, love their unique sound. I'm most familiar with Aretha's version so it's nice to hear others.

  22. I have to say it is a tough choice. I like both versions. But if I have to choose one, it would be my man Otis! (Little props to Animal House).

    I listened to Otis Redding a lot growing up and it still sounds good today.

  23. This is a hard one. I agree with what others are saying that they're so different. I'm going to go with Redding's version.

  24. I'll go with Otis. (But I still like that version we can't vote for best.)

  25. I guess I have to go with Redding. I wasn't familiar with Rotary Connection, and they do have a lovely sound, but it's just not right for Respect.

  26. Sheena-kay-- Rotary Connection gives a unique change to the song.

    Chuck -- The music of Otis will likely be around for years to come.

    Christine -- Otis it is.

    LD -- I know, but the familiarity is why I didn't include Aretha's version.

    Patricia -- Not enough respect for Rotary you say.


  27. My answer to both questions (which version, did I know it was an Otis song)....

    I have the two disc deluxe edition of Otis Blue.

    Great album.

    When you started, I thought you would make me choose between Otis and Aretha, and I do not know if I could.

    But this is a no brainer...."Otis my man!"

    (bonus points to anyone who knows where that quote comes from!)


  28. BOIDMAN ~
    Although I didn't say so when I posted a comment on your blog yesterday, I did suspect that your 'BOTB' song for today would be either "RESPECT" (probably including Aretha Franklin's version) or else "RESPECT YOURSELF" by The Staples Singers. (But I didn't know who you would pit the latter against, as I'm unaware of another version of that great Staples Singers song.)

    Yes, I knew that Otis had recorded "RESPECT" because as a teenager I had the double-LP album 'The Best Of Otis Redding' which included "Respect".

    Also, I was aware of Rotary Connection, but I did NOT know they had recorded a version of the song.

    With apologies to Steely Dan, I have to agree with CW Martin (above)... I never could stand Aretha Franklin! In my opinion, that is one A-list overrated singer, so I'm glad you did not include her here with her "signature song".

    (I have always felt that Aretha Franklin was nothing more than the very, Very, VERY poor man's version of her musical mentor, Mahalia Jackson. And I'd take one Mahalia over 100 Arethas!)

    In this contest, I DO like BOTH versions of the song, but... I am pretty soulful for a White dude and you KNOW what that means...

    Chalk another vote up for the more Soulful version. Do I need to spell it out for ya? O... T... I...

    In response to DiscConnected's challenge: I do know where that quote comes from, but I don't like the movie. IMO, Belushi was as overrated a comedian as Aretha was overrated as a singer. Actually, he was even MORE overrated than Aretha.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  29. Larry -- Got you down for Otis.

    StMc -- Otis for you too. I've never been an Aretha fan but I'm no Mahalia fan either. I just don't like that particular singing style. Maybe if I listened to more of both of their music I might have a different opinion.


  30. I'm so used to Aretha's version that it's hard for anyone to come close. I'll vote for Otis, as Rotary Connection veered too far off from the original.


  31. Too bad Aretha's version wasn't a choice, because that's who I'd pick.

    I'll go with Otis Redding's version.

  32. Julie -- So don't tamper with the original? Okay another vote for Otis.

    Susanne -- I'm trying not to be too obvious when one artists version would be sure to carry the votes. Otis is close to Aretha and he wrote the song and did it first.


  33. I was not familiar with Rotary Connection, and am not a fan. I knew Minnie R. as a solo artist and didn't like her much either.

    Otis Redding, on the other hand: had some of his albums at the time and thought he had a great soulful voice. He an Lou Rawls had a great raspy quality that sounds great to me.

    So, another vote for Otis.

  34. Sheboygan -- Otis there you are.



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