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Friday, August 23, 2013

What's Fun for You?

Battle of the Bands (video game)
Battle of the Bands (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
       Can you believe another summer is almost gone?   I've had a great one for the most part and I hope yours has been good as well.

        I've had fun doing some traveling this year.   Road tripping is one of my favorite fun things to do.  But I do have fun just staying home doing things on the internet, watching movies on television, or just hanging out.  Gotta have fun sometimes.

Here's Something Fun

        Two of my good blogging friends have started a bi-monthly (as in twice a month) event called Battle of the Bands.  Usually on the first and the fifteenth of each month, they face off two versions of the same song for readers to vote on to decide which artist made the best recording.  They also have a giveaway as a part of the fun.   Read more about this event at their sites Far Away Series and Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends.  You can track back through their posts to see the two battles that have already taken place.   Next battle will actually be posted on August 30th due to Labor Day weekend.   Be sure to keep up with the battles to come.

        And guess who is going to join them in this.  If you guessed me then you'd be right.  How can I resist something like this?   Me and my passion about music and all.  I've got some interesting picks lined up.  You may know how obscure I can get.  Well, I can promise some picks that are rather out there, but I'll have some mainstream stuff as well.   Join me next Friday August 30 to see who will be battling in my first round.

         If you want to join in the fun then you can do your own battle on your blog.  Please be sure to link to Faraway and Stephen T. McCarthy and Tossing It Out of course.  Leave us all a comment to let us know that you've added your own band battle so we can check out your picks.   It's all pretty informal and unofficial and all.  Kind of a blogfest without a Linky List.  And most of all, it's fun!  Next Friday!

         What do you like to do for fun?   What fun things have you been doing this summer?   Would you like to match up your own song versions to do battle?

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  1. You're going to join them? Very cool! I haven't visited Stephen's site, but I voted on Faraway's site. That would be fun to find two different versions of a song. Bummer I'm not posting Fridays right now or I'd join you. Although I do have a song in mind...

  2. That sounds like fun. I think I could join you.

    No roller coasters for me this summer, but we are going to Disney World this fall, so I will get my fix.

  3. that is awesome... great fun for you... i think fun is making art, finding that thing deep in my head and bringing it out to paper, screen or book.

  4. This looks cool, Lee. It will be fun to find two different versions of a song :)

  5. I can't believe it's nearly September already! Summer always flies by. Nooooo!! Well, there's still a month of summer left officially. So I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest! I like the beach, pool, miniature golf, and picnics in the summer. I just like doing anything outside in the sun!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  6. Alex -- I'll bet you could think of a lot of good ones.

    L.Diane -- If you join the fun then let us know when your post goes up. Disney World in fall sounds fun. Shouldn't be as long of lines.

    Karen -- You've got a lot of fun going on from the sound of it.

    Jeremy -- It's fun to be creative and see others enjoying and having fun with what you've created.

    Rachna--- I've always liked comparing cover versions.

    Laura -- That last month of official summer doesn't really seem like summer especially if you're in school or have kids in school. Now that my wife is back in her classroom it seems like our summer is done.


  7. I'm already participating in both of those blogs BOTBs. (Faraways' first, and Stephen's last time). It's a good test of what I know or remember. (what I don't recall - hubs does).

    So, I'll drop by here too and see what you come up with!

  8. I am already participating in the BOTB on both sites, so I am happy to add you to the list. Have fun with it, Lee!

  9. I really like the battle of the bands idea Lee because there's always a lot of debate about how certain covers are better than the originals and often it varies so there's loads of options for it, thanks for informing me about it.

  10. This sounds like major fun. Go enjoy yourself.

  11. Ooh, the Battle of the Bands sounds fun. The most fun thing I did all summer was quit my day job. I'm writing full time and loving every second of it.

  12. DG -- Hope you enjoy my choices.

    Robin -- I always have fun with music games.

    Yeamie -- I'll probably be picking a lot of oldies that you may not be familiar with.

    Sheena-kay-- I've already started my music posts.

    Kelly -- Not working has been fun for me, but not having a guaranteed income not so much fun.


  13. Does this mean there have to be THREE versions of the song?

    Better be careful or soon the only song that will qualify will be "Yesterday..."


  14. The battling bands sounds like a fun idea. Everyone has fave versions of particular songs. Go for it. Fun? Hm. If I have to think about it, reckon I've been having enough? I like road trips, moseying along on back roads and seeing the sights, or better yet walking along them to hear and feel and smell too.


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