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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ask Arlee: Answering Some Questions

English: Rear of the Clover Hill Mill in Maryv...
English: Rear of the Clover Hill Mill in Maryville, Tennessee, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
      Today I'm going to answer some questions posed at L.D. Masterson's blog L.D. Masterson.  It was all part of an award, but I left the award at her blog since I already got one of those some time back.  But I'll answer the questions to fill up my space today.

        The problem here is the questions are about favorites.  I usually have a tough time playing favorites because the choice can often depend on time, place, occasion, or whatever.  Ask me a favorite and I'll come up with a list.  My favorite today may be different tomorrow or next week.  I'll play along by naming what comes to mind first or what I'm leaning toward for the moment.

1. Favorite color --Blue.  No green.  Wait--blue.  Green.  Blue green?

2. Favorite animal--Elephant.  I used to like to draw elephants when I was a kid and I thought I did a pretty good job at that.

3. Favorite number-- 7

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink--Chocolate milk.  Yeah, that's healthy.  I have gotten better than I used to be at drinking more water.

5. Favorite alcoholic drink--Brandy mixed with Grand Marnier

6. Facebook or Twitter?--I use Twitter the most, but I find Facebook to be more interesting and functional.  

7. Passions--Writing, music, movies.

8. Prefer getting or giving presents?--I hate shopping but I enjoy making people happy by giving them something they like.

9. Favorite City--I could probably live just about anywhere because I can usually find something good about wherever I am.   In the U.S. I'd probably opt for Maryville, Tennessee.  Outside the U.S. borders I am mighty partial towards the Canadian city of Toronto--I've always loved being there.

10. Favorite TV Shows--I tend to prefer the classics I grew up with like "Twilight Zone", "The Ed Sullivan Show", or "The Jack Benny Show".   I have a post planned about television and I'll have more to say about modern TV at that time.

         Do you think posts like this are just trivial space fillers?   Do you have a hard time playing favorites?   Do you want to share any of your own answers (here or on your own blog if you need to fill some space)?   Do you have any new questions for future ASK ARLEE posts?

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  1. Not filler - interesting. Didn't know you liked elephants. And I remember when someone wasn't even on Twitter!
    Favorite color - black. Hey, what do you mean black isn't a color...?

  2. Hi, Arlee! I don't look at these kind of posts as filler. They give the reader a chance to learn new things about the blogger that otherwise wouldn't come up in regular postings. : )

  3. Filler, maybe - but oh so much fun to learn something new! You are a very interesting character Mr. Lee!

    Brandy mixed with Grand Marnier - smooth!

  4. I love seeing what makes other writers tick.

  5. I find them interesting, it helps me know people better. If I get tagged, I'll participate (me being tagged is rare.) And I am horrible when it comes to favorites...should I pick this? Or this? Or this or this or this? That's me!

  6. I like elephants too. And number seven is my favourite number. So two similarities, wait, I like chocolate milk also :)

  7. I don't think these are just fillers either. Always learn something interesting about the blogger - like the elephant thing. Me, too. I'm going to get to ride on one in September in South Africa. Can't wait!

  8. I've never tried Grand Mariner before but if you recommend it I'd like to try it too. Great post Lee, loved your answer to these questions.

  9. Alex -- Part of my appreciation of elephants probably can be related to my love of circus.

    Susanne -- Doing posts like these are a nice diversion for the blogger doing them too.

    Yolanda -- Unfortunately since Grand Marnier is kind of pricey I usually use Amaretto instead. It's still good.

    Em -- I'm nosey like that too. It's fun to learn about others.

    Ice Girl -- Everyone is tagged with this. Let's hear some of your favorites. I understand your dilemma.

    Rachna -- If we ever meet up we can hang out to chat and drink chocolate milk.

    Karen -- I don't know about riding an elephant. I'll stick to drawing them. Hope you have a great experience with your African adventure. I'm sure you will.

    Yeamie -- My wife loves to sip Grand Marnier straight. It's rich and powerful stuff made for sipping in small doses. So good!


  10. I don't really do the favorites thing, which is why I don't have a tab for that on my blog. Interestingly, John Scalzi did a post within the last week or so about why he doesn't do the favorite thing.

  11. I don't think posts like these are fillers. I think they're fun (and they give you a break from having to figure out what to blog about!). But I'm like you; my favorite things change depending on which day it is. My answers to these questions could change at any given time!

  12. I like this kind of post. It's fun learning more about the bloggers I read.

    My favorite city in the US is my hometown, Plymouth, Wisconsin. Outside the US, probably Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where I spent five months!

    I don't drink (alcoholic beverages) very often. But I discovered that I really, really like amaretto sours.

    My favorite non-alcoholic drink is probably hot tea, of almost any variety.

    My favorite color is purple and has been for quite some time.

    I don't have a favorite number. What would make a number favorite? Having a special date associated with it? The meaning behind it? In that case, seeing as my birthday involves the numbers 7 and 3 and those are both very Biblically significant numbers, I could say they're my favorites. But I really don't feel differently about any other numbers (except 19. And other prime numbers. Something about them not being divisible by anything other than themselves and 1 annoys me for some reason.)

    Wow, am I rambling or what...

  13. Elephants are cool and Facebook is my choice. These are some good questions and my fave colour switches between pink and black or blue.

    David King and Michael lose Woven book deal:

  14. I actually enjoy posts like this on occasion. Makes me feel a little bit closer to my bloggy friends and often their answers surprise me.

  15. Where is your favorite vacation spot? What is the hardest lesson you have learned? What makes you laugh? Do you ever have to wait in line somewhere?

  16. It's always fun to learn new things about you!

  17. Andrew -- I like playing the favorites game when I'm feeling lazy about posting. I enjoy reading these posts on other blogs just to see what other people like. It's all pretty trivial for the most part though.

    Quanie-- Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

    Jamie -- No you're not rambling at all--maybe you should do a favorites post. Lest you get me wrong, I don't drink alcohol very often and usually it's when I don't feel well--it picks me up. One reason I like 7 is because according to the Bible it's the number of perfection.

    Sheena-kay-- I'm able to keep up with a lot of friends and relatives through Facebook when I there, which is not often.

    Susan GK - I'm with you on that.

    Susan Kane-- Good questions: I'm going to add those to my list of future topics.

    Robin -- My life is an open book! Maybe I say too much!!


  18. Very informative of the moment in your thoughts.

    I too favor the number 7 as I have won some money at the triple 7 slot machines in Vegas over the years.

    And recently the old Twilight Zone episodes were on one of the cable channels. I surfed on to it in time to record the first episode in '59 I think it was. I recorded and watched a few. Looking back and seeing the stars before they were stars playing cheesy parts(Shatner was on one) was pretty nostalgic.

  19. No, I don't think this kind of post is just filler, because it provides a glimpse into the person behind the blog, if you know what I mean. As for picking favorites, I'm awful at that, because I like too many things.

  20. jack benny - what a classic comedy! great pick

  21. Ooh, Brandy. That's a writer's drink. Just don't make the mistake of getting any ginger Brandy. That stuff is awful. (I bought it for a recipe, and thought I'd drink the rest. Bad idea.)

  22. Chuck -- Love the triple 7's!

    Susan -- I'm with you. I like hearing about what people like and what they are like.

    Tammy -- I used to watch the Jack Benny Show every week when I was a kid. The episodes I've seen in recent years are even funnier now.

    Kelly -- Don't know what recipe would use ginger brandy. Didn't even know there was a ginger brandy. Don't think I'd be tempted to buy it though.


  23. Hey Lee, I kind of like these favourites lists, but, like you my 'favourites' change, some of them often, some not so often. I have been sort of fascinated by elephants for a long time, even though I've never known one personally. Favourite colours and numbers I don't understand. I mean, I like a lot of colours,(not dusty rose though)..and numbers? WTF? Who has a favourite number?! Why does no one ever ask what your favourite letter is?...(mine's q...(lower case.))

  24. I enjoy these Q&A posts from the bloggers I know. If you have any of those elephant drawings from long ago, you should scan one and post it. That's all fun stuff, and these days, we need all the fun we can get.

  25. It was fun to learn a tad more about you this way. Elephants are at the top of my list of favorite mammals too. I usually have a hard time picking a favorite anything too--so much to like in this world.

  26. Eve -- During A to Z Challenge time we usually ask what everyone's favorite letter is. Yeah, favorites are kind of weird, but fun to just spout off the top of one's head.

    Patricia -- The elephant drawings are long gone. My guess is that they weren't anywhere near as good as I thought they were.

    Jagoda --That's me. I like just about everything for one reason or another.



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