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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Hijacker Gets Hijacked! Michael Pierce Guest Post

My Photo                  Today I welcome guest hijacker Michael Pierce from Michael Pierce Blog.  He has a book series that you may want to check out.  He'll tell you more about that later.  But for now it looks like Michael's hijacking post has been in turn hijacked by one of his characters--a strange twist of events.

      Thank you, Arlee, for the opportunity to hijack your blog. Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. I had planned to tell a scary story in honor of this superstitious day, but felt compelled to turn my post over to Cdre. Chaos. He has an important message, so I’ll let him take it away…

Citizens of Greater Meric, a storm is coming. The Lorne family is not made up of benevolent saviors as they’ve spellbound so many into thinking. For everything they’ve given our society, they’ve taken far more for themselves. They walk amongst us like gods. Above the government. Above the law. Above reproach. What they do is not for the greater good and thus do not deserve our thanks and humble obedience.

The Lornes have plagued us like vampires for too long. In some regions they’re regarded as royalty and in others, ingenious entrepreneurs. Look back at their ancestors and notice the remarkable similarities. Coincidence, or have they long lived past their natural welcome.

There is a new threat out there, especially to those reading what I’ve written over the past few years. I don’t tell you this to insight fear, but to urge you to beware the wolf-head tattoo. There are citizens disappearing. I know what you’re thinking, but we all know better than to wander into the symmetric plane. We’ve been told this since childhood. Instead, it’s a sinister plot orchestrated by the Lorne family themselves for anyone raising a voice against them. For us, they’ve built a cozy new home called SUSY Asylum.

If you’re finding this post, then I thank you as always. I know I’m often hard to find on the interlanet. But I continue fighting to get my message to you, no matter how much I’m threatened. I assure you, I’m in a safe place for now, but I must keep moving. But if my absence is uncharacteristically prolonged, then you’ll know where to find me. SUSY Asylum.

We can’t allow this to continue! Please stand with me against the storm.

        The second book in The Lorne Family Vault Series has finally turned from a WIP to a finished draft! And as promised, I am announcing the title right here and now: SUSY Asylum.

        The first book in the series, Provex City, is currently available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook and in paperback.  Visit me on my blog to chat and find out more about the series.

      Thank you, Arlee, and to everyone reading. Have a spooky and spectacular weekend!

            Anyone out there read Provex City yet?  Want to tell us about it?  

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  1. Hey, that's good stuff about the second book!!

  2. Thanks Arlee and Michael great post to read.

    Have a wonderful week-end.

  3. I love the way this post is written, great hijack man, your book seems awesome.

  4. congrats to Michael on his books! And lots of luck with the freshly finished draft!

  5. *Cheers* to ya, Michael! Love that your character hijacked the blog post. :)

    Thanks for surrendering your blog, Arlee!

  6. I read Provex City and loved it, and now can't wait to read SUSY Asylum. Great title! Congrats on the finished draft, Michael!

    Thanks for sharing this great post, Lee.

  7. Thanks, guys, for the positive comments. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this nervous infact that I needed someone to hijack it from me. Kidding...but I dodn't know how it would be received. Time to start my workday. :)

  8. Okay, that's just weird. I was dreaming up character names yesterday and Michael Pierce was one of them!

  9. I will have to give your book a look in. Interesting post.

  10. Okay, you hooked me. Great post.

  11. Love it when a character takes over and hijacks a blog. Super job.

    Your books sound like seriously good reads. Will have to check them out.

  12. I'm pretty sure I have that one sitting on my Kindle app, but I haven't had time to get to it.

  13. I stopping in on my lunch and wanted to say thank you to the new commentors! :)

    Suze, that is weird. But there are a lot of Michael Pierces running around out there. haha.

    Andrew, thanks for the download. I hope you enjoy it when it does make its way to the top of your TBR list.

    I hope everyone's having a Friday the 13th day of good luck!

  14. Love the vibe I got from the blurb there... sounds fantastic, Michael! :D

  15. Oo, what great titles! Well done, Michael. :D

  16. Awesome hijack. SUSY Asylum is going to be great.

  17. SUSY Asylum! Love it. Sounds great, Michael. Awesome post.

  18. Thank you again for the support! I hope you've all had a great Friday the 13th! The weekend awaits. :)

  19. Ok, I'm intrigued.


  20. Fantastic piece. What a great teaser for his series.

  21. I am so confused. At first, I thought this post was about Lorne Michaels.

  22. Gripping read. A blog's hijack gets hijacked by his own character. This has turned into a new art form. Nice work!

  23. Exciting insight into your books' world. I need to check this series out!

  24. Provex City is high on my TBR pile. I can't wait. Congrats on the final draft. I'm sorry it took so long to leave a comment, I've been away. Good luck with book II!


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