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Monday, July 30, 2012

Arlee Needs To Eat : A Hijacker who takes hijacking seriously--Anna Smith

Photo         At left you can see a recent photograph of Anna Smith who is hijacking this post of my blog.  She must have a strange camera in that the images produced are rather, shall we say, unusual.  You can see what I'm saying in the photograph of me that you see in this post.   It's a pretty accurate image, though the surroundings are perhaps a bit more colorful than I recall at the time when the photograph was taken.   When you are done with this post, make sure you go on over to Anna's blog Universal Gibberish for further instructions.


         Now, I know Arlee said he is away on holiday for a couple of weeks, but that's not completely true.  You see, in order for me to hijack his blog, I had to take him, and put him in my non-existent attic.  It's true, he is up there right now keeping my zombie and alien company.  I have proof...

See, it's obviously true!
        He seems to be keeping his distance from the zombie and alien, but he has nothing to fear, they are very friendly.  In fact they are two of my best friends, they keep me company all the time. They are also fixing my old rust bucket of a time machine for me!  How sweet.  I think they are under the impression I will take them with me when it's fixed.  Lets not tell them there's only room for one eh?

        I do have a slight problem though and I need your help.  Because I now have a third guest in my attic I need more food.  The zombie and alien are OK, but Arlee requires real food, and there is a lack of that around here.  Has nothing to do with me eating it all, I swear!

       Arlee is going to starve if he doesn't get fed.  Poor guy.  So I was thinking we could set up some sort of campaign to help him get the food he needs.  We could call it the Arlee Needs To Eat campaign, or ANTE for short.  All you have to do is pop over to my blog and donate some food.  He tells me he is quite partial to chocolate cake and ice-cream!  It's completely true; I haven't made it up to try and get peeps to give me free cake.  I would never do such a thing!

Now available on Amazon 

Here's what evolved from Anna's Blogging from A to Z entries--a book! Alphabet Wishes is now available on Kindle at the following links:

Amazon U.S. - Alphabet Wishes
Amazon U.K. - Alphabet Wishes

Book Description:
'I wish the world was filled with angels'. What do you wish for? Alphabet Wishes is a collection of twenty-six poems; one for each letter of the alphabet. From inspirational, to funny, to powerful; there is a poem here for everybody.

Please buy a copy of her book now. Anna's promised to release me from her imaginary attic once she sells a million copies of her book. I'm getting anxious to get out of here. The zombie is starting to have a look of brain lust in his eyes and the alien is threatening to permanently hijack my blog once he gets freed. Besides, I've got to go to the bathroom and there's no plumbing up here.

And don't forget to visit Universal Gibberish and bring some food.
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  1. hey i hear a slight scream coming from the attic... great post, can i be a ghost up there?

  2. I won't lie, after reading this funny, quirky post I really want to read Alphabet Wishes right now. It seems like I'd be getting a seriously good read and helping bring Arlee one bit closer to freedom at the same time! I've got to check out your blog now Anna so I can make a donation!

  3. I'll send a wormhole your way for you to escape! At least it could suck the zombie off into another dimension until the millions books are sold.

  4. Thanks again for having me Lee, I'm glad the pic of you is accurate! Can't believe I forgot to put a toilet in, I wondered what that smell was. Now I know!

    Retro - Yes if you bring cake? :)

    Yeamie - Ooh thank you. Chocolate is my fave...wait, Arlee's fave! :)

    Alex - Cute things can't be eaten. They have no nutrition anyway! :)

    Stephen - Get that wormhole out of my attic! :P

  5. Anna you book sounds sweet! The cover is lovely.

    Funny post. I never thought about kidnapping a blogger and hiding him/her in my attic so I could hijack their site. Great advice.

  6. ANNA ~
    Hold the chocolate cake and ice cream... what I want is some of what you're smoking. You're having too much fun for one person, so please blow some secondhand smoke my way.

    This was a fun blog bit!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. i suddenly had this image of Arlee playing poker with your zombie and alien. wonder who's winning...

  8. Since today is National Cheesecake Day he shall have cheesecake. :) j/k
    Great posting today, enjoyed reading!

  9. Having met Arlee personally in LA eariler this year I don't think Arlee will starve.


  10. You made your A to Z blogs a book? What a great idea! I wish I'd thought of it.

  11. Jeanette Andersen has nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. Go to for the “rules” and to snag the badge to post on your website.


  12. I think Alex should send a ship to save Lee.
    Great blog and cover. :)

  13. Scribbles - Thank you. It's a good idea to get them out the way so you can start your takeover properly :P

    Stephen - Hehe I don't smoke. Think it might be something in the cake! :P

    Nutschell - Ooh I'll go up and check! :)

    Gossip - Ooh cheesecake is good, and there is a whole day dedicated to it, nice! :)

    Yvonne - Haha, so I don't have to feed him then? :P

    Jen - I think someone had done it and I got the idea from them, can't remember who though :)

    Ciara - Thanks you, and nooo don't send a ship! :)

  14. I woke up this morning back in my own bed. It was a night of crazy dreams--not so unusual.

    Thanks Anna for this fun post and thanks to all of you readers for playing along.


  15. How about some marshmallows?

    I love your artwork, Anna.


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