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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Roller Coaster Ride Continues: a review of Stephen Tremp's OPENING

         Today I'm guesting at Stephen Tremp's Breakthrough Blog so make sure you visit there, but while he's busy hosting me I thought I might tell you my opinion of this new book Stephen Tremp is touting.

        Even if you missed my Monday post where Stephen was my guest, most of you probably are aware that he has begun a blog tour to kick off the release of his new book Opening.  I had an advanced reader copy of Opening so I've already read it.    So while Stephen's busy and can't hear me, let me tell you what I really think about his book:

       I am a big fan of BREAKTHROUGH, the first book of the Chase Manhattan series, so I was looking forward to OPENING.  Author Stephen Tremp has not only not disappointed with the the new installment, but also raised the bar in OPENING, providing a slick complex action thriller.

      The story continues where the previous book left off. The struggle between opposing factions of scientists trying to gain control of briefcases that contain what could be the fate of the world expands on a worldwide scale as statesmen and nations become involved in a tense standoff.  Powers and principalities may be leading the world toward a potential Armageddon.

     The scope of the story is breathtaking and the action is non-stop. Along the way I started to become concerned that Tremp was losing control of the story with too many things happening too quickly.  However, skillfully the pieces of the story are brought together into a climax that left me excited for the next installment of the series.

      All of our favorite characters from the first book are back in fine form as we are introduced to new and equally memorable players in the story.  The events are so plausible that at times I was nodding in agreement thinking, "Yeah, that could happen."  The story is cued directly from current world events and scientific breakthroughs.   There's nothing overly difficult to understand here since the technology comes across as clear and realistic.

      Although this book is written in such a way that it will stand alone, I would recommend readers who haven't read the first book to start with BREAKTHROUGH before reading this.  It's not a necessity, but starting with OPENINGS is something akin to climbing aboard a roller coaster in the middle of the ride--you'll miss a lot of fun.  The two books together provide a great ride, but on it's own OPENING is an entirely satisfying reading experience.

       I'll definitely be on board when the next book, ESCALATION, comes around. I think once you've read OPENING you will too.

        Don't tell Stephen I told you this.   Just go buy his books.

       Stephen Tremp is author of the recently released suspense thriller OPENING, the second book in the BREAKTHROUGH series. You can visit Stephen at Breakthrough Blogs For $1.99 Opening is available for download at:

Amazon for $1.99
Smashwords for $1.99

         Have you read Breakthrough yet?   Have you ordered a copy of Opening?  

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  1. Wow, Opening is really cheap for something that sounds pretty damn good. I have to admit I want it Lee.

  2. If Arlee says its good, it must be? Is he an Indie? If so, I want the books.

  3. It looks like Stephen has a winner here.

    I tried to read Stephen's blog but his post and comments are all intermingled and couldn't read it.

    Thanks for hosting Stephen,

  4. Wow, it sounds fantastic! I guess I have to order a copy:)

  5. Thanks again Lee for the post and review. This is how a review should look! Not thrown together with typos like some reviews I see. You took the time to pen a real winner!

    And I think I fixed the formatting problem with Blogger on my end for your guest post. Blogger can be tempermental but it looks good right now.

  6. Congrats to Stephen for his newest release! I haven't read Breakthrough yet, but I do plan to. :)

  7. Matthew -- I found both of Tremp's books to be exciting reads.

    Shelly -- Stephen Tremp is an Indie so do support him. Personally I think a big publisher should snatch this series up.

    Yvonne -- Don't know what you saw on Stephen's site. It looked fine to me when I looked at it.

    Teresa -- Thanks!

    Emily - If you like action and adventure I think you might enjoy this book.

    Stephen Tremp-- You weren't supposed to see this--What are you doing here? I feel like I've received a review about my review. I'm glad you dealt with the formatting problem. I think I know why it happened but I didn't want to retype the post.

    Cherie -- Start with Breakthrough and immediately continue through Opening. Fun ride!


  8. Better than getting off a coaster in the middle of a ride though!

  9. This sounds like a great plot. I'm not familiar with the books but will try to check them out.

    Congratulations, Stephen. Good luck.

  10. It sounds like a good book. I'll have to check it out.

  11. Lee, I know how much you love time travelling and parallel dimensions :)

  12. I did read Breakthrough and will be ordering Opening soon. Stephen picks great titles for his books.

  13. Haven't heard about these. Thank you for introducing me to the series. It sounds like a lot of tension and conflict maintained through the story, which is something I definitely am trying to work on in my writing ;) I almost never start mid-series, so I think I'll take the dive at the beginning, as you suggest. BTW, I love his cover art! Something about it reminds me of Gini Koch's books (and those are some of my favs).

  14. Alex -- Yeah, getting off the coaster in the middle of the ride can hurt and you don't get to experience the ending.

    Beverly -- The Breakthrough series is just my cup of tea. Touches upon current events to make it seem realistic.

    Kirsten -- It may not be for everyone, but I loved Opening and anxious for the next book in the series.

    Dezmond -- You are so right. I wish I could go back in time or through wormholes to visit my family faraway. I could even go to Serbia and join you for some cake and coffee--provided you baked the cake.

    Susan -- The books are appropriately named with nice and simple titles.

    Angela -- I highly recommend starting at the beginning. The tension and excitement kept me reading both books.


  15. Looks like a good series. I'll have to read these books.

  16. What a great review of Opening. It's not always easy to raise the bar in the second novel.

  17. Great review... and considering the low price, I might just have to get myself a copy:)

  18. The trilogy is one story separated into three books at a place where there is a natural transition to escalation of events. Kind of like Kill Bill. One story. Two movies.

    I think its easier to outline the entire story then fill it out rather than write one book at a time. I think the story flows much better this way as I know the ending from the beginning.

  19. I've read Breakthrough. Now I see that I need to go get Opening!

    Helen Ginger

  20. Super cool!

    Hey, I'm addressing your question about PTSD on my blog this upcoming Monday, 1/30. ;)

  21. I have both books, but haven't read them yet. They sound amazing.

  22. No, not yet. But I definitely want to, after all the buzz over Stephen's books! :)

  23. Thanks Lee again for the awesome kickoff to the grand OPENING Tour! I met some new people, sold some books, and had a great time. I'll post your review on my blog too. Thanks again!

  24. SherryE -- It's worth a try.

    Lynda -- The scope of the second novel is so much bigger than the first and the stakes are much higher.

    TF -- If you get it let us know what you thought.

    Helen -- If you've already read Breakthrough then Opening is a must.

    IBD-- Thank you for addressing PTSD. I'll check out your post on Monday.

    Carol -- Thanks!

    Medeia --They're fast reads. You'll finish them in no time.

    Golden -- I think you'll appreciate the science aspect.

    Stephen -- Thanks for starting your tour with my blog. And your book was well deserving of the review I gave. I'm ready for the next book now.


  25. Great review, thanks! I haven't read them yet, but have Stephen's and Alex's first books on my wishlist for my next order. Can't wait!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the A-to-Z; we're gearing up for the upcoming 2012 A to Z Challenge!

  26. I am putting both Breakthrough and Opening at the top of my list, can't wait to read this series. Thanks for sharing your review!

  27. Shannon -- Read the books by both your A to Z co-hosts and get to know them better.

    Julie -- I think reading both of Stephen's books together sequentially is best to keep up the momentum. I had to wait nearly two years between them and I was so anxious to get to the second installment.


  28. Hi Lee - Breakthrough was a stimulating rip roaring read .. and I'm looking forward to getting Opening - waiting for the print version ...

    I'm sure Stephen's 2nd book will lead us happily on to the third in the trilogy .. he's a great story teller ..

    Cheers - Hilary


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