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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dynamic Flow: A Guest Post by Halina Goldstein

           For those who haven't noticed, I have a blog about dreams called A Faraway View.   A while back I had a dream about a concept called "Dynamic Flow".   According to the information that I received in this dream,  Dynamic Flow is the theory that states:  Outward movement of money will result in an incoming flow of money.

             I will be blogging about this dream on A Faraway View tomorrow.  However as I was preparing that post I began to wonder if the concept delivered to me in my dream was original.   When I googled the term I found various entries that used the term, but one in particular caught my eye.   

            I have invited the author of that Google entry to Tossing It Out to provide her explanation of Dynamic Flow.  You may want to save this post for deeper contemplation since it does invite some thought, but do give it a read through now and let us know what you think.    I am honored to introduce you to Halina Goldstein:

Money is, without doubt, one of the most interesting aspects of our lives, and as such it is surrounded by excitement and fear, desire and frustration, and last but not least: mystery. Even if the subject has been explored in depth in countless ways already, there doesn't seem to be any universal trick or ultimate solution to the money challenge. No matter how evolved our philosophy around life, spirituality and money may be, and regardless whether we choose to live a simple life or strive for wealth, our day-to-day experience most often reveals a complicated and often difficult relationship with money.

So here's another perspective on money, and, as you will see, a somewhat unconventional one:

       In most relationships, much of the difficulty stems from lacking ability or willingness to understand and accept the other person as is, unconditionally. Approaching another person with hopes, fears or expectations  which most people tend to do much of the time - equals inviting complications, pain and dissatisfaction into the relationship.

       In that respect our relationship with money is no different than our relationship with people. Much of the difficulty is due to our limited understanding of money as such and hence a tendency to approach money as merely "a thing".    A thing that we earn and then use to buy other things, or a thing that we use to fulfill our needs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, including the need for safety and freedom.

       Money affects every aspect of our life, sometimes in big and visible ways, and sometimes in equally big yet subtle ways. In any case, because of the key role money plays in our lives, transforming our relationship with money can lead to a transformation of our life as such, and not just our finances. But how can we transform this relationship?

        One such way is to approach money -- and everything else by the way - as a flow -- as energy flowing.
         From that perspective, money is not a thing but a flow. Not just as in "cash flow" (although that is a very important part of it), but in the sense that the entire experience of money is a flow: a flow that involves all aspects of our life (spirituality, personality, emotions, thoughts, vocation, calling, relationships and creativity) in a way that is meaningful and purposeful.

         As I experience it, money flow (like all flow) is dynamic by nature. Dynamic in the sense that it changes, and that these changes are meaningful and in no way coincidental.

        How can that knowledge help us create a more harmonious relationship with money, and from there in fact a more harmonious and joyful relationship with ourselves and our world?

        First of all, knowing that money is a meaningful, dynamic flow we can choose to go with it rather than fight against it. Experience shows us that when we follow it, in other words, when we are willing to learn from our money flow, it supports us on our unique life journey and leads eventually to more freedom and lightness. And the other way round: when we fight against it, it often leads to stagnation or crisis.

       To learn from your money flow is to be willing to look at money with fresh eyes. It is to learn from your financial biography (which also is an emotional and spiritual biography), and also to be willing to learn about the money dynamic as such: how it reflects your energy, your receptivity, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with other people and the world as a whole, your purpose -- and also how it by itself shapes your journey and thus helps you move in the direction that you are meant to move in.

       The latter is often being overlooked by the way: Money has a very specific transformational role in your life, and if you don't understand that dynamic you may find yourself struggling in one or more aspects of your finances even if it looks like you're doing everything you're supposed to do. You may for example be applying all the best advice to your business yet nothing seems to work.

        As you learn to relate to money as a flow, without clinging to it, as you learn to be receptive to the way that flow supports you you realize that money, like everything else, is here to help and support you. As you open to that support you may be surprised by the way money can show you your way to freedom, joy, and purpose.

This article is written by Halina Goldstein, coach, teacher, writer and the creator of the Flow~Integration Approach-- a fresh approach to living with flow, joy and purpose. Visit Halina's Flow blog here and download a map for your Flow Journey plus a beautiful Flow Contemplation and Music mp3. (no money will be required. :-))

         Thank you Halina!   And be sure to check back tomorrow on A Faraway View for my thoughts on this dream "message".

         Also, don't miss the big announcement on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge Blog.



  1. A wonderful post Halina, excellently penned and a joy to read.
    Thanks Lee for having Halina on your blog.


  2. Thought provoking article.

    I believe very much in the concept - whatever heading it goes by - of "you get what you give". It doesn't always happen right away, and it might not be in kind, but I believe that one way or another goodness flows along positive lines.

  3. Its great to meet you Halina. I totally believe this. Reap what you sow. I try to do something every day as a lifestyle, understanding that's what i'll receive back in some form or another.

  4. Very interesting post. I really never have looked at money in that way. Money to me has always been something I have struggled to earn just to turn around and throw away. I like this approach alot. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really do love this post. I'm definitely going to need to check out Halina's blog, she really does have a unique style of writing that I'd enjoy to read more off.

  6. I've heard of flow but never thought of money in that way before. Has made me think a little differently, thank you :)

  7. Very well written and thought-provoking post, Halina. I concur with all you say about the flow of "money". Money is a very abstract concept, and is a direct product of our belief sets. In LOA terms, we actually 'produce' our flow of money with our beliefs, desires, etc. I once had a wise old man ( I was young at the time) ask me, "What IS money, really?" I tried several attempts at explaining what money IS, which he shook his head and said, "no, that's not it" to each. I finally gave up and asked him what money really is, then?

    He said, "Money is God in action." And that hit me as a quintessential truth that explains a great deal about how people act and react to money.

    Appreciate this worthy post - thanks for sharing today, and Lee, thanks for having Halina on as guest!

    Marvin D Wilson

  8. Thank you all for your thoughtful and personal comments! Flow is everywhere - and it is certainly also between people, connecting us in magical and beautiful ways. Thank you Lee for reaching out and creating the connection - and thank you all for being here!

    In joy and appreciation


    PS: There's a Flow~Integration gift waiting for you here

  9. Live within your flow, not outside of it.

  10. I have copied and pasted this, as you are correct---I need to re-read it.
    Alex, too, is correct: Live with your flow. Lessons like that need to be learned and followed.

  11. Hate to be a contrarian, but I don't want money to be a part of all aspects of my life --especially spiritual! Early cultures thrived without it. I'd like to work to give it less power in my life rather than more. While I can't escape society's use of it, I can be less dependent on it in some ways. I believe in the interconnectedeness of certain things, sure, but I don't include money as part of that.

  12. Money is energetic because our perception shifts depending on how much we have. (For most of us, anyway.)

  13. Halina, nice to meet you and thanks Lee for the introduction. Flow is yes a conscious transportation we must not over look and gather knowledge along the way. I'll have to come back and read this again. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  14. I've heard of flow, but I've never thought of money that way. Great post.

  15. I am not sure that money is that important.

    I prefer to think of it as slush. I.e. slush fund. The word comes from the congealed fat in a boiling copper. Now, Navy cooks in Nelsons time would get ration bags from a mess with salt beef or pork or whatever.

    They would then cook this in these pots for the messes of sailors. The cook got to keep the fat that congealed on the top. He would then sell it back to the messes and accumulate this in his personal slush fund.

    I see money then as symbiotic. It also helps to have a fixed retirement income. Then flow is nothing unless of course it stops and then you have to take up robbing banks.

  16. Lovely post...this a whole new interesting perspective!

  17. MR. LEE ~
    If your guest would like my P.O. Box number so she can flow some of her money to me (and thereby make room for more money to flow back to her), I'll be more than happy to provide it!

    [What does that Good Book say again about tithing and casting your "bread" upon the waters? I'm certainly willing to be anyone's tithee and waters.]

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  18. Thanks for pointing this out. I started scribbling my thoughts in a gEdit window and, when it got a little long, decided to instead write a post to my blog at ‎

    Basically it summaries some of my own ideas about the flow of money and resources.


  19. Once again, thank you all for all the comments!

    While I'm not able to go into detail here, just one short reminder: Flow and its dynamics are created by the same intelligence that creates everything else. Which is why these dynamics are both wise, purposeful, subtle and creative (as opposed to mechanical or simplistic :-)).

    Learning to live in alignment with Flow (including in terms of money) is a profound process and a journey.

    I am preparing additional support for the journey just now -- there'll be more about that on my blog soon, should you be interested.

    Wishing you all the best -



  20. Money as a flow. Interesting concept. The world might be a better place if more people adopted this. Many of us chase, hoard, sacrifice, and sometimes steal just to get this elusive object!


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