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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Expanding Blog Monster: Another Halloween Horror Story

        At first the blog seemed benign.  An innocuous presence in the peaceful blog community, the blog stopped in daily to chat about this or that with a congenial group of visitors.  The other bloggers became comfortable with the blog and became friends.

         And then one day, quietly, the solitary blog spawned a new blog, subdividing like a traitorous amoeba under the apprehensive eyes watching through a microscope. Some of the other bloggers grimaced with suspicion, while others calmly accepted the new blog on the block. The division passed as the new blog settled into the digital domain

          But then an insidious thing occurred.  Like a mad scientist working in his lab, the blog owner created another and another blog.  They kept coming uncontrollably.  This demented blogger had surely lost his mind and allowed his blog to go out of control.


        Okay, it's really not all that bad.  It's true that I have started some new blogs and anyone is perfectly welcome to view them, but I will totally understand if you think it's too much and choose not to.  This is my little bit of experimentation and you can certainly choose to ignore it.  I know I have done this in many cases where I have run across multiple blogs under one blogger's umbrella.

          I find it annoying when I go to a blogger profile to find a list of blogs and I don't know which is which.  As I have indicated in the past, I will sometimes just turn around and leave rather than try to figure out which blog is the main blog or the blog that pertains to my interests.  I hope that I have not done that.

         On my profile page I link Tossing It Out as my webpage.  In my about me bio I have left a description of each blog in order to guide visitors to the blog that might be of greatest interest to them.  Tossing It Out will continue to be my primary blog.   As a rule, I will only post once a week on the other blogs unless some event--like the A to Z Challenge--makes more posting appropriate.

          This is only my experiment.  Do not be alarmed.  I have been in my laboratory testing with blog ideas that suit me and now I've put them into operation. There are no devious plans afoot here, only my curiosity to see what works and what doesn't.   After all, I am a blog scientist and the science of blogging is one of my fields of interest.

           Now let me introduce you to my new blogs:

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Blog is one that many of you have already met and some are now following.  I would recommend that anyone who has any interest in the A to Z Challenge follow this blog for updates and information about the Challenge.

           A Faraway View is a blog about dreams, subconscious mind, and creative mental processes.  This is currently my pet project.   This blog features the imaginative art of Ada Zdanowicz.  Be sure to watch for a special guest post from Yvonne Lewis of Welcome to My World of Poetry on November 10.

          A Few Words: Ecclesiastes 5:2 is contemplative Sunday blog that will focus on selected verses of Psalms.  It's similar to my early Bible study posts except with much shorter entries.

           Wrote By Rote is a blog about writing memoirs and will include various life stories about me and others.  I hope to get a lot of guest posts on this one.  This one could turn into a real focus of attention for me eventually.

            There you have it.  I guess that has me back at seven days a week again, but I will be making a real effort at producing mostly shorter posts.   Don't feel any obligation to keep up with all of these because I completely understand if you don't.  However, I would appreciate seeing your happy little heads smiling back at me from each of these if you would be willing to follow--you know to make the follow box look good.   But only read what interests you--I know you have a lot of other blogs to read.

             Like I've already said, this is my little blogging experiment.  I felt it might be better to expand into more blogs than more posts on Tossing It Out.  I've been that route before.  I heartily welcome and strongly encourage guest posts from anyone who has something of interest on any of these topics.

           Finally I want to extend a big thanks to Alex J Cavanaugh and Matthew MacNish for their immensely successful Pay It Forward blogfest.  I do hope some of you will still check out the blogs I recommended--they are very good ones.  And if you missed my guest post on Friday please be sure to visit So You Want To Be A Writer? and leave a comment.

            Have I overdone it with the blogs?   Have I made it clear about which blog is the main blog to visit?  If you have multiple blogs, how has it worked for you?



  1. I don't know how you do it Lee. I can hardly keep up with one, let alone four. You will be busy blogging, that's for sure.

  2. Well, you must be doing something right because I'm following the A-Z blog which I wasn't doing five minutes ago :-)

  3. I know what you mean. I have a paltry TWO blogs, and some evenings I strain to come up with something to post on each. Maybe I shouldn't try to post daily. I keep mine separate. Only a couple of folks know of my first blog, now six years old and a very well-kept secret. I need the deep cover of anonymity to blog freely.

    I will definitely check out your memoir blog.

  4. Seems like a lot of logistics to deal with so I'll be interested to see how it works out, if splitting things up makes them easier to attend to or not. Certainly can't fault you for not being adventurous. Good luck.


    Moody Writing

  5. you really must add ADD SENSE to these blogs and earn some money, Lee :)

  6. Dang, and I'm having trouble keeping up with one blog. Hope you have a great Monday! :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. Miranda-- Keeping posts short and minimizing posting days should help.

    Sarah -- I appreciate any support you can give.

    Val-- The memoir blog alone could keep me busy with more than one day a week. And I've got ideas to use on the other ones that will be experimentation that I wouldn't want to bog down Tossing It Out with.

    Mood -- I'm hoping the logistics and keeping things organized will help me more than hinder me, but I guess I'll find out..

    Dezmond -- That is part of the experiment. They all have Ads now so we'll see what happens in that department.


  8. Jules -- I hope I don't became all bogged and boggled by blogs.


  9. A-Z, dreams and memoirs....all stuff I like.

  10. Yeah, the blogfest was overwhelmingly successful!
    That is a lot of blogs. I have one and it's also listed as my website, just in case. Think it's all I will ever be able to handle.

  11. All your blogs are excellent. I hope your continued success never falters.

  12. To be honest, many of them seem of interest to me. I shall be checking each out. Thanks!

  13. I'm definitely going to check out the memoir blog. Personal essays are my favorite thing to write, though my Smithsonian piece is the only one I've had any luck getting anyone else interested in. It inspired me to write more old family stories, though.

  14. Whew! I have one blog and I will be a co-admin on another one in 2012. I think that's about my limit. :)

    I'm following this one of yours and the April A-Z Challenge - never participated in it before but I'm looking forward to it.

  15. Every time I think I should make a new blog I just take it onto my current on and turn it into like, a story arc of posts.

    Also, I just clicked "my webpage" on your profile to find your active blog. :P

  16. This is all eminently clear. I find multiple blogs confusing but yours aren't, so well done:-)
    I will visit (some of) your others from time to time but seem to be short of hours in the day at present.

  17. They all sound interesting so I'm going to have to go check them out.

  18. i just opened my second blog, and im already having problems to keep both going at full speed haha

  19. This is great, Lee! You are an inspiring blogger!!!


  20. The only person who can decide if it's too much to handle is you. If you can keep the pace going, then by all means more power to you, Arlee!

  21. Wow, I am struggling to keep one blog going, life is just so packed at the moment - you have my admiration. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Will visit here again. :)

  22. Delores -- I'm glad you like them. Thank you for your support.

    Alex -- Yes, it's a lot of blogs, but I am experimenting. If it gets overwhelming I'll have to slack off.

    Yeamie -- Appreciate your support.

    Suze -- You have been a big help in helping me kick these off. Thank you.

    Kelly -- I really enjoy writing and reading memoir. I hope to get some good interaction going on the Wrote By Rote site.

    Madeline -- Hope you find the A to Z Challenge fun and rewarding.

    DWei -- I resisted multiple blogs for a long time, but now I do see a benefit. The real point is to keep them active.

    Janice -- Clarity is my goal. Glad that you see it that way.


  23. Bish --- Thank you. I appreciate the support.

    Tony -- Keeping more than one blog is the trick. Having posted 7 days per week on this blog has prepared me for the extra work of additional blogs. It may be a problem if I decide to post more than one day per week on any of them.

    Ana -- Thank you. I hope to inspire, but I hope to understand some more concepts of blogging so I can pass my findings on to my readers.

    Jeffrey -- Exactly. It comes down to organizing my schedule to accommodate the additional blogs in addition to the other responsibilities in my life. We'll see where this goes.

    Pauline -- Glad to have you stop by any of my blogs any time.


  24. I wish you luck juggling all these blogs. Oh wait... juggling. Not a problem for you.

  25. I'm on board. I do follow a lot of blogs; I've found that limiting my comments saves a few secs, so even though I may not comment on every single post, I'll be reading.

    (Gee, that sounds kinda like a threat...) :-))

  26. I like that you have linked your main blog to your website link and in your profile you explain each. That make a huge difference. I wish other people did that too.

  27. Currently I only have two, Journaling Woman and the Ruralhood. I need to post on it again.

    Off now to check out your new ones.

  28. I have had it suggested I should not branch out into as many separate blogs as I do, but I can't help it. I just have a lot of different ideas I like to share. I don't think I should potentially "bore" (and thereby lose) some readers of one topic with posts related to another topic I have other readers for and vice versa. My "Toddling..." series is divided up by location, so parents of toddlers can read what interests them by where they live or where they visit, either often or simply going on vacation once. As long as the divisions are logical and clear, GO FOR IT!

  29. Thanks to D.G. Hudson and the recent blogfest, I have come on board your blog (and even your new blogs of interest to me: A-Z Challenge, A Few Words, Wrote by Rote). Check out my profile for my blogs. I also write an e-mail devotional, The eDevo, and feature reader-indicated favorites at

  30. LD -- I've been getting a little rusty on my juggling of late so it's about time I started again.

    Li -- So will you be stalking me? Oh well, I guess I can live with that.

    Southpaw -- Blog confusion is something that has bugged me and I don't want to be a part of that.

    Teresa -- I was reading The Ruralhood blog, but I'll have to check the other one.

    J.B. -- It's like a compulsion! I've been hearing that filling a niche is good so I thought I'd give it a shot.


  31. At least you tell me what you are doing. I too have went and seen a list of sites/blogs and just finally went home. Too many choices.

    I only have one blog and one book website. I do have friends with multiples...I think as long as they are clearly different then it works. People will just go to the one it applies---but then you split your readership.

    But my blog is rather a hodge podge of my interests.


  32. Wow, you've been very busy. I just copy my main blog onto my web page, and find that a bit much sometimes.

  33. Wow Arlee! That sounds like a lot of work--and actually sounds like a lot of fun too! It'll certainly increase your writing skills. After all, the more you write, the better you get. :PGood luck! Will check out your other blogs soon.


  34. Some great blogs. I'll check some of them out.

  35. i love when people have more then one blog i just don't know how you do it. I have trouble keeping up with one much less 2 or 3

  36. I have three blogs.

    Wait. Four.

    No five, or is it six, or seven ... I forgot about a slew of 'em that come with various other websites I've joined, like my taekwondo blog, my Red Room blog, I think I have a Team Sugar blog somewhere, there might be a LiveJournal blog I started once ...

    I don't count those as "blogs" though; I count them as "assignments."

    I have a super-secret blog that once was public, but now it's become my online diary, accessible only by me, from wherever I happen to be.

    I have a "project" blog that I started last year after a car accident, when I was sitting around a lot. I may pull that out and turn it into a blog hop someday.

    I have a "writing" blog where I post drafts of WIP or bloghop writing assignments. For instance, I'm currently posting my Rule of Three entries there.

    And I have a "not-writing" blog where I post all my musings. That's my most public blog.

    You can feel free to visit them if you wish:

    Main blog:
    writing blog:
    project blog:

    Where it gets most confusing is when I want to post a comment on someone else's blog as clickerbug, but I'm already logged in as kellywrites, except if they click on the link they're taken to characterproject!

    ugh. Too much to figure out, sometimes. And it's all self-imposed!

  37. I have one blog, although four show up on my profile. I'm still trying to learn how to get rid of the other three. Good luck with yours! Tossing It Out will always be the one I visit!

  38. I have two blogs and two websites - that's more than enough!

  39. Mary -- I actually could be and should be busier.

    Nutschell -- It's an experiment and too much to subject to Tossing It Out.

    Clarissa -- I hope you do.

    becca -- I'm going to do it by just posting one day per week on four of the blogs. It's like posting everyday but I can focus more one same topics and do several posts in succession.

    Clicker -- You're all over the place. I have to check those out.

    Stephen Tremp -- Somewhere in your settings there is a place that allows you to cancel a blog. I don't go there much because I'm always afraid that I might actually delete one.

    L.Diane -- You've got plenty on your hands. Two websites sounds like a lot though I guess maybe you don't have to update them too much unless there is a lot of changing information on them.


  40. I could become a boggled blogger ;D
    I understand you are a Renaissance Man with so many interests! I think it is great~ I, also have a lot of interests and wonder does my blog confuse. Experiment and see where you voice really wants to be...have fun!

  41. YIKES! That's a lot to keep up with Lee. You are a blogging rock star!

  42. Ella -- I don't think think your blog confuses at all. Thanks for your words of confidence in me.

    Damon-- Thanks

    Sharon -- Hopefully I'll manage.


  43. Good for you! I barely have time for one blog, and I am always in awe of people that write more than one. Good luck!
    Blessings, Joanne

  44. I could have sworn that I posted some to this

    Blogs are like leads to another.

    And then you are a cat lady...or in this case a blog lady.


  45. Hi Lee .. thanks you have made it clear .. and wow - it will be interesting to watch your experimentation .. I like 3 of them .. but will check them all ..
    TIO, A-Z and Memoirs ..

    Now I'm vaguely with it - just glad I've got one!! Cheers Hilary

  46. Wow! You are busy! I'm going to head over and check out your memoir blog right now.

  47. ah ah! I like the idea of describing the blogs in your bio. I do wish however, that it was possible to insert a short description right next to the blog title itself.

    I'm trying to remember to make my signature link back to the blog I think best fits with where I've commented. (I only have two - obviously not trying hard enough!)

    I must remember to refer to the addictive nature of blogging when I give that conference presentation next year!

    cheers, Sue


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