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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Perils of Writing While Traveling

        When you're laptopless like I am, writing and especially blogging become a challenge.  Sometimes I have a hard enough time when I'm at home with my own computer, but when days are filled with driving and visiting it becomes doubly difficult to fit in the time I manage for the computer when I'm living my regular old life.  It all gives me a greater appreciation for those of you who work regular jobs and manage to squeeze in time for blogging and writing.

          The composition book that I brought with me on my trip remains blank as my mind overflows with ideas for future writing projects and blog posts.  A small voice recorder could be a workable solution for me while driving, but it also might become annoying to my wife who would have to listen to my prattle.  Besides, my past attempts at saving ideas on a recorder rarely have been productive.

           Then there are the borrrowed computers.  Forget actual writing projects.  Blogging is possible, but can be very difficult.  Sorry that I haven't been commenting on many of your blogs of late.  I try to hop on hotel computers or borrow those of family members.  Thirty minute doses of computing get something done, but my 200 or so new email messages each day make me feel like it's a losing battle at times.

           I can certainly see some value in blog vacationing when I'm away.  And I still need to get my own laptop someday.

Any suggestions about making blogging and writing work better when you're away?   Do you try to keep up your writing work during vacation times or do you just leave it at home?


  1. I have a laptop and my iPad, so blogging can follow me. Of course, I rarely go anywhere, so it's not an issue! And I'm fortunate that I can blog and write at work during down times.

  2. Personally I just take time off from blogging when I'm on vacation. I'm lucky that I can get away with blogging from work though.

  3. Well Arlee I haven't been on line in three days or more until yesterday. I spent two hours last night and one hour so far this morning just catching up on others blogs! I may post soon myself I don't know. But I feel guilty if I don't visit everybody so I try to do that first. Sometimes though there just isn't enough time and you should be enjoying your vacation! Happy New Year to you!!!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Working on my wip is almost impossible for me when I'm traveling. I always have my laptop, but hubby usually keeps me too busy to work. It would be different if I had a deadline, as he respects those. I always have pen and paper, too.

  5. More and more, I'm finding that it's better for me (i.e., less stressful) to just let go of blogging while traveling. Even with a laptop. An Ipad might make a difference, but it's expensive to purchase just for that purpose. I'm working on letting go a little, sigh!

  6. When I go on vacation, it is vacation. I do however, take photos to remind me of thoughts ans yes I do use the good composition book. Mine is only part empty :) Don't forget public libraries.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. When I'm out of town, I try to not even think about blogging. BUT, I have a android phone that allows me to easily keep up with my emails and comments....

  8. I think it is best to relax and just stay on vacation.

  9. What's a vacation?
    I've learned to just leave it at home.

  10. It's good to take a break from time to time. I just took one. We didn't take a vacation in 2010 and seriosuly need one. Enjoy yours!

  11. Alex -- You are fortunate with your job situation. Heck! You are fortunate to have a job!

    Matthew -- Sounds like you are in the same fortunate position as Alex.

    Diana -- I have found it to be rather difficult to keep up with other blogs like I usually do, but you're right about needing to enjoy vacation time and I am doing just that.

    Carol--I haven't tried to do any WIP type writing, but I guess I could eventually adapt to that with my own laptop. I've been doing more reading than I normally do and that's good too.

    Karen -- Letting go can certainly be a good thing sometimes.

  12. Jules -- Taking photos is a great thing. I usually forget to do it and regret it later.

    Pat -- You're doing it the right way I think.

    Holly -- I'm with you on the relaxation part. That's why I like to bring lots of books. I do end up with a lot of down time that's free and would like to keep up with blogging activities though.

    L. Diane -- Actually I've been feeling like I've been on an unpaid vacation for quite a while.

    Stephen Tremp -- Vacations can be a welcome respite and they don't even have to be elaborate or expensive. I've been having a great time the past few weeks.

  13. I have a laptop Lee but find it difficult when travelling abroad. I go to the internet shops usually and catch up that way.Hope they have some in Nashville.
    Welcome back/

  14. My laptop died and my daughter had an extra one she has lent me. Having said that, I take it when I go out of town on business (no business trips since I have been laid off) vacation, day trips, etc. I try and keep up with emails and the blog regularly.

  15. I hear you, Lee! Don't stress while you are traveling! Try to jot in the notebook, but I wouldn't worry about the WiP or the blogs until you are back on land, so to speak...

  16. If I don't have my laptop at hand, I usually just leave everything behind until I get back.

    With my blog, though, I like to pre-schedule posts and line up guest bloggers.

  17. I can't imagine trying to blog and write and catch up on blogs while vacationing. I'd say take the time off completely and come back chock full of bright shiny ideas when you're back! Enjoy :)

  18. I'd say you're first problem to tackle is cutting down the number of e-mails you must address. Do you subscribe to too many newsletters or other sites? Do people send you numerous forwards? I have a couple of friends that do that. I just click 'delete', 'delete', 'delete'... If it's not a forward, I take the time to read it.

    Those small laptops are great for travel if you want to be able to work on your MS or blog. But if your desktop isn't that new, go ahead and splurge on a nice laptop. You can get a really great one for less than $500. Just do your homework and watch for sales.

    I was just checking my contest spreadsheet... I've had several visitors and comments, but no entries! Somehow (probably operator error) my contest form disappeared. It's back now. If you tried to enter my give-away, please give it another shot.


  19. Lee, you definitely need a laptop... For writers and bloggers with almost 500 followers like you, a laptop is a necessity!

    Happy New Year!


  20. Yvonne-- I'm finding that nearly every major hotel chain and decent hotel has a computer for guests. I'll bet you're getting excited about your Nashville trip.

    Gregg -- There can be definite advantages to having a laptop when away from home.

    Hart -- Mostly doing that, but still I like to keep up with the blog life.

    Karen -- Prescheduling works great for me.

    Jemi -- Keeping up and catching up can be done to a certain extent, but you just can't do it completely and have a great vacation time.

    Lily -- I do all those things. Just can't help myself I guess. I did see about your contest, but I'll have to go back again and check out the details I guess.

    Doris -- I agree with you and, well, my Tuesday post will tell the updated story.

  21. Hi Lee - a good problem to have .. but the guilt does set in?! Not answering is not really an option - but the overwhelm becomes too much .. perhaps you've bought a laptop now?! -seeing your comment to Doris ...

    Happy New Year anyway .. I think a blog vacation is the thing - by the sound of it .. Hilary

  22. Omg! Take a break while you're on vacation! Well, at least that's my opinion anyway. As for laptops I can not recommend Asus enough. LOVE mine. I actually kind of miss having a desktop at times, but this little laptop is a far superior machine to any I called my own previously. Relax, breathe, and enjoy your journeys. Happy New Year, Lee.

  23. Hilary -- I think I found a satisfactory mix on my vacation. And yes, now I have my laptop for the next excursion away from home.

    Kimberly -- I really prefer my desktop, but I think I will get used to a laptop just fine. Believe me--I had plenty of enjoyment time on my vacation. It was great!


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