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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Owen Fiddler: A Review

You can find this book on Amazon
            On October 28, 2010, I reviewed Marvin D. Wilson's Beware the Devil's Hug and generally liked it, but with some reservations due to graphic language and sex.   If this part doesn't bother you, then I recommend reading Hug. 

          After Marvin's blog tour I won a copy of Hug, but since I had already read that one I was sent another earlier book by him.  This book is Owen Fiddler.  This modern allegory is a short easy read of about 200 pages.  It comes with the same caveat as Beware the Devil's Hug--if you are easily offended by, or prefer not to read, some profanity or sex scenes you should be forewarned that this book contains both.  It is not excessively used, but it is there.

             If you're past that, then you're ready to delve into this earthy earthly morality tale that's got one eye heavenward bound and the other studying things here at home.   Owen Fiddler is a guy who feels misunderstood and may be misunderstood at times.   He feels that he has been dealt a bad hand in life so he doesn't feel compelled to play life's game by the rules. 

            Owen goes through life with one mistake leading to another.  Even when good things come his way he manages to screw things up.  When it looks like Owen's life has really started going down the toilet, an amazing series of events occur as fate, or perhaps even the hand of God, step in to confront Owen with the man he has been, the man he is now, and the man he can be.  Will he make the right decisions?    Can he become a truly changed man?

            The book brings up important issues in a sometimes controversial way.  The characters are much like people you know or live in your own neighborhood.  The incidents are like things that could really happen.  The story is nicely told with a fast pace that keeps things moving.  There were times when I wanted more details about certain things, but the author has wisely chosen to keep the story compact and focused on the message.

             And there is a message.  However, this message is delivered carefully and with affection.  The story leaves you with a smile and a ray of hope for all of us.  There were a few theological cringes in the telling of this tale, but nothing that detracted from the ultimate lesson that is being taught.

              In all, I liked the story.   It has stayed with me in a good way and it made me think.  I also liked the characters--even that scummy Owen Fiddler.   Marvin's portrayal of his main character shows what a dirtbag Owen can be, but also takes us into Owen's mind  far enough to feel empathy for what he is going through.  This book is a careful literary balancing act that left me satisfied with the reading experience.

               You can visit Marvin D. Wilson's blog at The Old Silly.   Stop in and tell him hello and let him know that you saw this review.   Thanks for reading!

I won this book as a prize during a blog tour.  I have decided to review this book on my own accord and what I say here is my opinion.     --AB


  1. there is graphic sex in it? Oh, I must read it then :P
    Nice, review, Lee!

  2. Hi Lee .. I like the sound of the book - one day I shall have a good read of both .. I can skip certain bits if I feel a little flaky! Mind you it's good to know how the other half live?!

    Cheers and glad Marvin sent you Owen Fiddler - so we see a review .. Hilary

  3. A very thorough review, Lee - you've made me interested in the book now! Another one to add to the list.

  4. Lee, thanks for this candid and thorough review and for posting it here and also on Amazon. I had to smile, because - knowing what I do of you by now, I could have almost written this review for you, lol. I was not surprised at all by any of your impressions, warnings, accolades and observations, but definitely grateful that you took the time to take the Owen Fiddler Experience and came away from it feeling as though you had had a "satisfied reading experience," and giving your readers a (albeit qualified) overall positive endorsement. Thank you!

    Your Friend,
    Marvin D Wilson

  5. You give the most honest reviews, Arlee!

  6. A good review Lee I don't read as much as I should so would probably not read Marvins book.
    I am not adversed to bad language or sex in a
    book but my time is very busy with family and blogging, I rarely sit down and read. I did make an exception with Alex's CassaStar.

    Have a good day.

  7. Owen sounds like a lot of people we know in life.
    Oh, and thanks Yvonne - I feel so honored!

  8. It sounds very interesting! Thanks for the review...

  9. Will have to check this writer out. :)

  10. Sounds like one of those books that are hard to read...but you HAVE to keep reading to see what happens. I'll look for it.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  11. Dezmond -- Actually it's not that graphic. It's actually pretty moderate by many standards.

    Hilary -- I'm sure you would be able to handle this book. It's not something you and I haven't been exposed to before I'm sure.

    Talli -- You might enjoy this one.

    Marvin -- I call 'em as I see 'em. And it's good to give blog friends my support.

    Diane -- It makes me feel honored to hear this coming from you.

    Yvonne -- I know what you mean. It's difficult to find time for everything.

    Alex -- I have known a few "Owens" in my life.

    Pat -- It's a thoughtful read.

    M Pax -- By all means and make sure you visit his blog.

    Golden Eagle -- I read slow, but I like to review the books I read.

    Raquel -- Actually it's a very easy read. The prose flows. The subject matter may be difficult for some, but not most of us.

  12. I feel this is an honest review Lee. I like to read fast and furious so maybe I'd find it a bit slow. Maybe not...

    BTW I haven't seen you at my Publication Party! It's been underway for 2 weeks now. New session starts Wednesday with Alex J Cavanaugh. There's great stories about publication, great champagne, great writer friends, and great prizes. Did I overdo the great?? Hope you can pop in this week. I'm all agog to see what you've got up your sleeve for Wednesday. I'll be back Lee!


  13. Thanks for posting this review. I'm impressed. Writing reviews is not something I usually do on my Blog. Maybe I should give it a go?

  14. Sounds like it would make a good screenplay.


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