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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Uncertainty Ahead

           The past week on Tossing It Out has been a highlight week for this blog to date. At least, that is how I look at it.  The focus was on the exceptional author Athol Dickson and a review of his current book LOST MISSIONI hope everyone had an opportunity to read these entries and if not I hope you will click on the links above and check them out.  Quality authors like Athol Dickson deserve recognition from those of us who call ourselves writers and we should let our non-writer friends know about some of the truly fine literature that is currently on the market.

           Speaking of recognition, I raised some questions in my Friday blog post about bloggers and blogging and also gave some recognition to some bloggers of note.  I hope some of you will go to some of these recommended blogs and recognize them.  As Sig at BeadedBear pointed out in her post on Thursday , most of us bloggers are not writing just for ourselves, we hope that somebody is reading, and just a little note to say you stopped by is encouraging.  But I guess I don't have to tell you that. On Monday I will have some more things to say about blogging and some hints that I've found helpful.

           On Sunday, I will continue discussing the importance of Christians becoming involved in a "community" of other believers.  This goes back to my thought in the previous paragraph.  We are part of a blog community and it's pretty nifty when one blogger gives another encouragement and support.  I've been seeing a lot of this lately, especially with the 12 days of community promotional effort.  A strong, supportive community helps all of us.

           Now, let's see--Sunday, Monday-- got those covered.  Here's where the uncertainty comes into play.  I'm sure many of you are in my situation.  With the holidays many of us are travelling, spending time with families, or just doing things that come this time of year.  I am no exception. I've noticed some blogs essentially shutting down until after the first of the year and others expressing uncertainty.  You can put me in the uncertainty crowd.

           While I hope to make every effort to post each day, I'm not going to make any promises.  I'm trying to prepare articles ahead of time that will be scheduled to post automatically, but I don't know if I'm going to get nearly 20 articles prepared between now and Wednesday.  So I'll be winging it I guess and if I disappear for a while don't forget about me.  I plan to be back full strength after January 2, 2010.

             In the meantime wish me well.  One of my daughters is getting married in New Jersey next weekend.  Then I'll be visiting my son in Virginia the following weekend. I'll wrap up my trip visiting my mother and other family members in East Tennessee.  And poor ol' me still doesn't have a laptop.  If anyone is looking for something to get me for Christmas, a nice laptop will do.

            Maybe some time away from computers is not so bad though.  Some of the other bloggers have mentioned that they plan to take a hiatus from their computers.  I don't know about that.  I was feeling for Stephen Tremp of Breakthrough Blogs when his computer was down for several days.  You get kind of used to the darn thing and kind of feel lost without it. 

             So how about the rest of you.  Has anybody looked at any of the blogs I suggested?  Have you been promoting anyone elses blogs?  Has someone else's promotion of your blog had any kind of effect on your following or comments?    Are you travelling for the holdays?  Are there any loved ones that you usually only get to see a few times of year?  Is anyone else planning a break from their computers?

            Now there's some questions that should keep you busy.  I'm just tossing it out to you.


  1. Thanks for shouting out about so many other blogs! What an encouraging way to support others. And as you mentioned blog comments are too. I had two other posts last week about blog comments. The first was "Do Blog Comments Really Matter?" It generated a bit of discussion. And then the next post was "The Best Way to Increase Blog Comments." Not sure if you saw those posts. But they expressed my thoughts regarding blogging!

  2. Promoting other blogs is a wonderful thing to do. I enjoy the sense of community more than I can tell.

  3. Every time I get one of those fun blog awards I get the chance to promote a friend's blog. It's nice to take that opportunity from time to time.

    I should make that a monthly feature, instead of waiting for awards. Who needs an excuse to cross-promote?

    Make the most of your hiatus, good sir. You'll likely come back bursting with new ideas.

  4. It's a busy month for me so I don't haven't much time to check out new blogs, but I've kept a list :)

    I'll just play the blogging thing by ear - the way I usually do - it seems to work out well that way!

  5. rLEE-b ~
    First and foremost, you have a WONDERFUL and SAFE trip, my friend. My Blogs r-a-gonna miss ya while u b gone.

    What will you b missing? Well, I have something I'll be posting on "STUFFS" about this little tree in the middle of a highway in the middle of nowhere that mysteriously gets decorated for Christmas every year. An' I gots pictures to include.

    And in the next week or so, I'll be posting something on "FERRET-FACED FASCIST FRIENDS" that I think you might find particularly interesting because (correct me if I'm wrong) you b livin' in da Los Angeles area. This Blog Bit will be about The Santa Monica Nativity Scenes that they put up every year along the Palisades bluffs. If you are indeed in the L.A. area then I know ya know whats I'm yakkin' 'bout 'cause it be famous. This is going on F-FFF because it has a Bit O'Political undertone to it. (The P.C. crowd wanted to see it discontinued because of that Separation Of Church And State malarkey. But I wrote some letters and they backed off. Yeah, I wield dat Kind O'Power. Ha!-Ha!)

    But these things will still be up upon yer return next year.

    IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please don't fergit to "Make A Wish For Tiny Tim" on Christmas Day! Just a penny in a glass of water will do if ya ain't near any "real" H2O.

    And... you weren't following my "STUFFS" at this time last year, so you don't know about this other tradition. But I'm lettin' ya know now: New Years Day is actually known on my Blog as "Margarita Day." It has its own theme song (penned by Yours Truly) and everything. The tradition goes back to 1986, and it is very complicated. It goes like this: Yer supposed to drink a Margarita on January 1st. Think ya can handle dat? (As with the Martini Episode, just tell yer wife that "Stephen made me do it!" Ha!)

    Yeah, rLEE, I'm full of it. Uhm... "traditions", I mean!

    Thanks again for yesterday's promotion. A couple of yer readers actually did leave a comment or two on one of my Blogs. I hope it doesn't cost me my METIBA certificate!

    Stay safe, Buddy, and we'll Yak Later. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Margarita Day!
    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen

  6. Jody-- I read the posts you mentioned and then immediately added my name as a follower of your blog --- a lot of good material is in your archives. And I want to also go back to check out the comments as the ones for the two mentioned posts also look good. That's what I strive for -- good comments that are informative or constructively critical.

    Lori -- thank you for your encouragement

    Simon -- sounds like a good idea to cross promote whenever you can. I think you do a pretty good job already and the comments you get often make me go to the blogs of those who left their comments.


  7. I've made some rounds thanks to alot of your recommendations and hopping around from seeing new faces when I comment.

    I don't plan on taking too much of a break from blogging. I accept that I'm addicted.

  8. Yes Lee, I've checked out several of the blogs you've listed and became a follower of a few. I'm just now getting my routine back to blogging after my Dec 1st episode. For about a week, I'd lost some of my routine stamina, but I'm beginning to want to pick up the pen again, so to speak. Looking forward to tomorrow's post. I enjoyed your author interview this week. Interesting man! I do want to read some of his books! Found a new author!

  9. Tamika-- I'm addicted too. I'm going to miss my blog fixes over the holiday. I'm setting things up to post automatically while I'm off-- hope it works. Then I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do when I get home.

    Judy-- Glad you've became a follower of some and at least checked the blogs out. I try to encourage the ones starting out cause I know what it's like. I hate to see burgeoning talent get discouraged and quit. You've done an amazing comeback having dealt with what you experienced. But I guess that's really the best way to do it.

  10. Supporting one another, lifting each other up, giving constructive observation is what it's all about. Thanks for the blog promos, without it I would not have known about the diverse talents that live here in blogville. I believe in the power of reciprocity.

    As far as taking a break, it's good to get away from the computer every once in a while and get some fresh air. Enjoy your time with your wonderful children and family.


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