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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

          The Christmas decorations are up in the neighborhood and Santa's at the mall.  I was in a local mall the other morning and Santa wasn't very busy and neither were the stores.  Granted it was midweek and somewhat early in the day--but hopefully that's not a bad sign. I don't plan to do any shopping this year. But the last few years I haven't shopped like I used to. It's not that I'm a scrooge or anything.  Well, maybe I am when it comes to shopping.

          It just doesn't feel very Christmasy yet to me.  We're not putting up a tree for the second year in a row.  My wife put up the wreaths on the door and the Christmas candle centerpiece on the table, but we still haven't gotten all of the dancing Santas out on display.  The snowman figure is out though, but he stays out all year like the angels on our fireplace mantle. So Christmas is gradually enveloping our home, but in a way it never totally leaves.

          Some of the blogs are starting to get in the Christmas spirit and mine has been no exception. This past week's debate topic was a hot one:  Christmas trees--real or fake?  I was surprised by the general consensus that fake was the way most of us go now.  I thought for sure I would be alone in that department but seems like we all have similar ideas about the fake trees. Idealistically speaking most of us probably dream of a white Christmas and a real tree, but in the real practical world it's fake trees and no precipitation.  Personally this year I'm dreaming of 70 degrees and sunny from December 16 until January 2.  After that I don't care too much.

       This Thursday I guess I'll stick to another holly jolly debate topic and keep it all light. Tomorrow I will be discussing the importance of spiritual community.  How important is it for believers to be a part of a church body?  On Monday I'll be pondering some final NaNo thoughts and looking at where the novels go from here.  Also for the sake of the non-NaNo'ers, I'll be looking at projects in life and how we follow through with them.  Then on Friday I'll have another mystery and like yesterday it won't necessarily be scary, just something to think about.

           Tuesday and Wednesday are days that I am particularly excited about this week.  On Tuesday I am going to be reviewing a novel that I just finished reading.  The book is LOST MISSION by acclaimed author Athol Dickson.  Then on Wednesday I'll be posting my interview with the author Athol Dickson.  So I hope you will definitely be here to see what Mr. Dickson has to say about his new book and writing in general.

           In the weeks to come I know some of the blogs may be taking time off or be sporadic in their postings and I can certainly understand why.  I hope that I can continue to post everyday, but if some days it doesn't happen I know you'll understand.  But this coming week I'll be here and it should be good.

           How about you?  Are the holidays going to be affecting your blog schedule?  Are you going to be reading the blog posts as much as you do now?  How are you celebrating the holidays this year?  How do you think the current economy is going to be affecting everyone's Christmas?

       I'm hoping for the best for us all.  I may be a scrooge about shopping, but I take seeing friends and family pretty darn serious.  That's what I like best about the Christmas season.


  1. I don't think Christmas will affect my blog schedule too much. I write posts as they come to me and save them so I actually have about ten up my sleeve that I can post if I don't have anything for a day or I am just too busy. Blogging actually inspires a fair bit of my writing so I will be on blogs as much as I can. I need the inspiration :)

  2. We had one green Christmas about 10 years ago. We all hated it. Thankfully, it doesn't look like we'll have that problem this year. I'm a huge fan of Christmas and all the accompanying craziness.

  3. Your comment about the snowman on the fireplace mantle caught my eye since I am writing this within arm's length of my own mantle with approximately 35 items which reside there on a more or less permanent basis. They are almost entirely the selections of my wife although we both derive support from them Since the woman has traditionally been the keeper of the hearth, this seems appropriate.

    It is quite a mix and reflects our personalities well. The highlights, from left to right, include a small kaleidoscope for when a new look at the universe is needed; a tiny laughing Buddha for when one needs a perspective as well; a bear totem for when strength is needed; an old watercolor of pansies for beauty; a collection of bird feathers gathered over the years as a link to nature; a large silver star resting upon another small bear which, being in the center of the display, links the whole to the Godhead; an angel bearing gifts; two photos of her parents ho are still here in spirit; numerous butterflies ( her Mom's symbolic signature)received as evidence of that; and, marking the right hand end, a small snowman with a big grin which I just realized is a perfect reflection of the Buddha that began this short tour, both in size and temperament. A life on four feet of wood, beginning with joy, passing through a spectrum of happiness and sorrow, and ending again in a state of happiness.

  4. As far as blog posting, that's a good question. I hadn't really thought about it, but since I'm traveling to my daughters for Christmas, I may not be posting as much! The comments on the fake tree posting was interesting! I'm like you, I haven't quite gotten into the holiday mood yet!

  5. Christmas shouldn't affect my blog schedule much. I still plan to visit other blogs as usual too. This is one community it's hard to slip away from.

    The holidays are a wonderful time to be surrounded by family and friends- even in the blogsphere.

  6. Blog posting will probably suffer during the season. Even more sad, my fiction writing will probably tail off a bit until the new year, which will leave me itching to get back to it come Jan. 2nd. Gah! Where's the support group for people addicted to writing?

  7. yes, i will take a couple of days off from bloggin, but will, like TB, post a couple in advance so if someone needs something to read they can. For me I need to take a couple of days where I am focused on the season itself. I have to do it that way because, like Simon, I am addicted to writing and will have to "make myself" turn my focus elsewhere. If that makes any sense at all.

  8. This year, Christmas shopping/gifts are at my all time low. In part because of the economy (I am a 3 day per month furloughed State Employee) and in part because my small family has agreed to keep it light.

    Infact, I am DONE shopping. I just have to mail off my 3 packages.

    So, for me, I am not any busier than "normal" although keeping up with what I tasked myself to keep up with is tough!

    This is about the ONLY part of the year I miss upstate NY. Snow for about 7 days around Christmas would be nice...but if I REALLY wanted it, the Sierras are only about 2 hours from me!


  9. Food and family...

    I have no desire to acquire material objects much anymore...just more to insure...or dust...

    Nope, food and family, and not necessarily in that order...or maybe!
    (tee hee)

    High Chief Mucky Muck of B3 & TLB2

  10. All ready I don't seem to have time to visit all that I like to visit. I don't know what the problem is, just seems I have been busier, but at what, not sure. LOL Then again, perhaps it's just the fact I am older and it takes longer to get things done. Well off to pop some corn for the family, I know they are waiting to smell it in the air. Makes me wish I
    could smell again.

    We put up a small tree, but we don't decorate much,, nothing outside, and since the daughter, granddaughter and the cat are still here, I can't put much on our bow window ledge, the cat would knock it off. I normally set out Santa's on the ledge. But most are breakable.


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